March 22, 2021

ABOUT/DECODE/OVERVIEW 20121sa 2021ws 2020b 2020a 2019b 2019a 2018 2015-2017

88.32612-Apr-21CROSS-REFERENCE OF COSMIC RULESXREF of cosmic rules 
101610-Apr-21PLATO’S CHARIOT & STEEDSunruly / noble steeds
100504-Apr-21GREAT INVOCATIONevoke and invoke
99731-Mar-21NEZ LADDER STATUSround #4, subround #4
94.13630-Mar-21RATIO PDELS:ADELSaverage across 5 nations 61:39
98324-Mar-21COSMIC LAW X 3freedom-unity+causality+selves
97421-Mar-21VAL THOR’S RING OF FIRE3 years on Earth from 16-mar-1957
45.166917-Mar-21CHAKRAS X 31 heart in center of 3 solar chakras
76.222817-Mar-21PRECEPTS OF PYTHAGORAS the 71 golden verses 
88.25517-Mar-21COSMIC RULE BOOK X 31 new entry baha’I replaces torak entry 
96714-Mar-21CLIMATE CHANGE IN  4 PARTSATLANTIS  pre & post flood
951307-Mar-21PANTHEON OF 509 GODSgods, herogods, and false gods
93817-Feb-21TRIPOD RECTANGLE5 bodies
928 09-feb-21  TEMP TRIPOD 4 temp bodies
91101-Feb-21 SUBRACES X 65.0 – 5.6
909 31-jan-21 THEORY OF NEZ 3.101pedigree
891 22-jan-21 NOTATION 4/5d3.6 – 3.0 etc
88.1621-Jan-21COSMIC RULE BOOKRules x 31
80.112415-Jan-21Revised Walls of Persona5 steps coded
87205-Jan-21Expansion of Vocabangelgod
861303-Jan-21Evolution Overviewincl.  lower kingdoms