January 7, 2019

DECODE 34 Manifestation in 15 steps

14-jan-2019 = mayan 8 day 125= 8th day of the karma-trek [10]
decode 33 + 7 days and
original pyramid + 24 years

These 2 visuals have been in the works for about 6 weeks or so. I tried a few times to engineer a 15-day interval but on both attempts i was thwarted by having decodes 32 and 33 get in the way. So i decided to make this decode the appropriate decode for the 24 year anniversary – since i started working on my first pyramid. This goes against the long-standing tradition of the unplanned godeau effect so let’s take a look at the unplanned aspect of it.

There are 9 numbers on the bottom of the original pyramid, 6 of these fit in nicely with the decode as follows 2 visuals, 15 rules, 7 days interval, 24 years interval, 5 emotional steps and 10 mental+3D steps. The 3, 6 and 9 also feature prominently on level 3 of the pyramid.

The hierarchy of rules fits nicely into the original pyramid as illustrated here..

this is a good start into gaining some more insights. The relative levels of each rule set does give a stong inication of the relative importance of the 6 mental rules on levels 2 and 3 and the astral and 3d rules on the bottom level.

Today’s mayan date also cooperates with the godeau effect as follows…today is day 125, the 8th day of trek 10 the 13-day trek of karma aspect. The three 5’s blend in with the 15 steps, the 8th day is the day of initiation and the 10th trek points to the 10 strings of every sub-atomic wark as well as 10 being the # denoting “a gift”. Indeed when we learn the process of manifestation we can put all this parts together.. the initiation of gelling all 15 steps into a coherent whole is such a gift to behold. Today is the first day i attempt such a syntheis and i expect results to depend on consistent practice .

As i write this version of “the mission” is playing… getting to grips with the 15 step process is indeed a challenging mission which is expected to take many lifetimes…

Visual one concentrates on the auric fields with a correspondance shown to the subatomic layout. The sequence goes 6 steps on the mental realm, 5 steps on the emotional followerd by the final 4 steps on the 3d realm. My strategy is to meditate on all 15 steps as a coherent whole and then progress to getting more information one step at a time. Then after i have become conversant with the 15 steps, i shall be in a position to try it out in real time with a real target in mind.

Visual 2 gives another insight into how the manifestation process ripples through the subatomic structure


see above

DECODE 33 nucleus-60-visual

7-jan-2019 = mayan 8 day 118 = 1st day of the karma-trek [10] decode 32 + 15 days

This visual is to clarify how the dimensions inter-penetrate each other. The key in this visual is as it is in most ideas … ie defining lucid terms for the concepts being discussed.. and in this case that means the new notation for the 3 variants of each nucleus.
[ n0 = 30, 40, 50, 60, … etc. nn= 31-36, 41-46, 51-56, 61-66, … etc. ]

here they are…

the n0 central wark = n0wark1 = 30.1, 40.1, 50.1, 60.1, etc
the inner n0 nucleus [n0:1-7] = central wark + 6 other n0 warks
the n0 nucleus [ n0:1-49] = inner n0 wark + other 42 n0 warks


I have been planning to post the 15 steps of the manifesdtation process and trying to synchronize the elapsed [gestation] time to be equal 15 days, but both attemps so far have failed cos decodes 32 and 33 have intercepted my good ntentions. Interesting it is that it’s been 8555 days since the pyramid of chakras, so that’s a good sign that i’m still on track, and the 24th anniversary of the pyramid of chakraas is coming up, and it remains to be seen if the manifestation steps can be manifested as decode 34…