January 7, 2019

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DECODE 42 human monad [12 globes and 4 globules

4-apr-2019 = decode 41 + 16 days

Here we have a visual of our human monad in its 3 modes cb1, cb2 and cb3. At incarnation, cb splits into cb1 and cb2. As we upgrade ourselves, the the light of cb1 waxes stronger while the light of cb2 stabilizes at its maximum [526]
The 12 labors of Hercules give us a roadmap of challenges we must meet on the way and here we map the 12 labors to 12 elements of the diagram.

1,2,3 [ram, bull, gemini] a in cb1 are mirrored by 7,8,9 [libra, scorpion, sagittarius] in cb2.
4 [scorpion] and 10 [capricorn] mirror each other as 4 is the attempt to regain our personal best and 10 is the attempt to go beyond it.
5 [leo] and 11[aquarious] mirror each other as follows: 5 is the lowest integrator body in cb1, 11 is the high integrator body as as cb1 waxes and cb2 stabilizes.
6 [virgo] and 12 [pices] mirror each other as they represent low and high grades of grade 51 the conduit of agap’e love from 6d


Well 16 days is very apt because of the globes amd globules involved in cb1 [causal body 1].

the central GLOBES relating to the 3 lower bodies are
30 the 3d realm, with 4 outer globes are 31,32,33
40 the 4d realm, with 6 outer globes are 41.42,43,44,45,46
53 the mental globe, with 3 outer globes are 54,55,56

our human self is centered in the subatomic GLOBULE 90 with outer globules 80,70,60,50

Adding the totals we get 3+3+6+4 =16

You might say what about the integrator body base on the 7th grade [526] of the spectrum 52 i.e 523, 524, 525, 526]. Well yes that’s actually .25 of the grade, so to be pedantic we could say the spectrum of the human-self in cb1 is 16.25 globes/globules. Let’s not be too finicky.

DECODE 41 GLOBES d30-d70 and k1-k7 [inner-round #4]

19-mar-2019 = decode 40 + 16 days.
Here we integrate the 5 lowest globes 3d to 7d with the 7 kingdoms that are chained together in the evolution process. The 7 outer rounds go from oround #1 to oround #7. The 8 inner rounds: iround #0 – #7 refer to transfers to and from the 7 kingdoms.
The first 3 kingdoms k1-k3 are all about building mostly robotic forms using the elementals of each of the 5 dimensions. We are now well underway along stage 4 of the process when matter and the mineral kingdom has already reached relative perfection and vegetable, animal and human kingdoms are starting to raise their consciousness in parallel with each other. See here for the chart:

You will see arrows indicated with the numbers 0-7, these apply to all 7 stages, even tough they are indicated just once per round-stage. Within oround #4, there are transfers in progress between each of the 7 kingdoms [globes k1-k7]. For ease of explanation, we will deal with just oround 4 for now.

Here is the next chart showing how the 7 kingdom-globes interact with the 5 dimensional globes dglobe30-70.

Level 336 contains the bluprints for the mineral kingdom
Level 335 contains the bluprints for the vegetable kingdom
Level 334 contains the bluprints for the animal kingdom
Level 333 contains the bluprints for us.

This chart shows how the mineral kingdom has a faint reach into the second lowest etheric realm [335],
the vegetable kingdom has a faint reach into the lowest emotional realm [466],
the animal kingdom has a faint reach into the lowest mental realm [566] and
we humans have a faint reach into the lowest causal realm [526]. All is symmetrical and all 4 kingdoms are busy working hard to improve themselves and ourselves.


This is pretty easy to see. 16 days since the last decode, and here we have a plethors of fours as follows:
1) we have been busily engaged in oround #4 for the past 300 million years.
2) the densest kingdom-globe is the 4th on the bottom of the diagram and now we are surely focussed on the matching densest 3d dimension.
3) The 4th lowest emotional level is 43 and that has been our main battlefield of engagement for the previous 2,600 year epoch up until 1949.
4) The 4th lowest 3d level is 33 and that continues to be our main battlefield of engagement, refining our 3d bodies so that we can achieve an upgrade to 4d and 5d consciousness. So there we have our 4 times 4 giving us the 16.

For completemess, we mention that the the 3rd battlefield we are currently engaged in, is on the 2nd and 3rd lowest mental levels, 55 and 54, the levels where we battle against cognitive dissonance and to discern what is true news from and what is fake news. This challenge has been hotting up since 2016 with BREXIT and the Trump win defying all attempts on the part of the mocking stream propaganda to stop them.


3-mar-2019 = decode 39 + 8 days

The pantheon just jumped to the round number #100 plus 3 false creators as follows:


This one is a little sketchy. The best I have at the moment is
3rd day of march
3rd month of the year
3 extra god-levels
3 minor-gods as before
8 days since last decode [the symbol of the infinite]
100 aka te perfect number


23-feb-2019 = decode 38 + 8 days

We have enumerated 63 types of consciousness. Closely related to this is 8 types of matter which can be called the 8 phases of the evolution of matter. Here is a summary.

phase 0: [unconscious matter]

phase 1: [poential consciousness] building the 1-wark-0, the smallest indivisible unit on gradient 1. Using this as a nucleus to build the central n-wark-0’s and their nuclei of the other outer 48 dimensions around it. [gradients 1 to g49 aka 52d to 3d]

phase 2: [potential consciousness] building the subdimensions around the 49 central wark-0’s created from the previous phase.
phase 3: [robotic matter] endowing the 49 dimensional nuclei already created – with spinning motion.

phase 4: [robotic matter] the spinning motion allows the subdimensional warks to aggregrate together forming involutionary matter which much further evolve outward towards the outermost 3d realm.

phase 5: [incipient self-conscious matter] triad matter comprising of 2 #0-wark-0’s and a subdimensional wark-n [where n= 1-6 for the 6 sub dimensions of the solar system] together with its associated robotic matter.

phase 6: [incipient self-conscious matter] similar to phase 5 after one of the top 5 animal species has graduated to have a human soul.

phase 7: [self conscious] some of the 5 human vehicles have been self-activated with self-consciousness.


This is one of the more obvious confirmations. 8 days to decode and 8 types of matter with 8 phases of the evolution of matter.
Since so far we have only 63 types of consciousness, that suggests we may be missing one type, so then we would arrive 64 types of consciousness.

Here are the pictures to illustrate this decode:

the first 4 phases of matter


15-feb-2019 = 8th day after decode 37

We associate the word atom with matter, so it takes a leap of imagination to break that indoctrinated association.
Here’s how.. first take a look at the smallest indivisible particle as sketched by Edwin Babbitt  in his “Principles of light and color” published first in 1878 with the 2nd edition in 1896. Here it is…

We see energy flowing in at the top. Imagine that to be in the 2 directions east -west and north-south, giving 2 types of motion to the wark, rotary and spiralic  .. from 2 types of energy, one of them being the energy of the 7 cosmic rays, the other probably from somewhere near the draco constellation.

Let’s imagine the wark-fluids flowing though the 10 cables and the up to 40 human ducts. We would be apt to call this fluid the matter aspect. However let’s be more precise. That fluid flowing through the tubes of the wark has 3 aspects as follows
a) the color or light quality [aspect #2]
Every increase in our ability to activate these fluids entails a corresponding increase in our capacity to increase our

b) will-power [chi-aspect #1] and our

c) self-consciousness [aspect #3]

So from this we can say all 3 aspects are the 3 aspects of the wark-flow through the cables and ducts of the wark in question.

aspect #2; the light-matter [lM]aspect: the light/ color quality of the flow through the wark in focus

aspect #1; the chi-aspect [cS]; the quality of purpose and direction of the xx-wark flow

Aspect #3; the self-conscious [sC]aspect; the quality of self-consciousness flowing through the 10 cables and 40 tubes.

To make our life easier let’s denote the stuff flowing the tubes as 3Z-stuff with its 3 qualities. 3Z = lM + cS + sC

We have a chart that shows us the human analogies. Here it is.


Today is the 15-feb 2019. the 8th day since the previous decode.
It’s the day 157, the first day of the thought-trek of the mayan calendar and 8808 days since the first pyramid-message. In 80 days it will be 8888 days. So what could all the 8’s signify?

8 is the # of initiation, and this pushes me to outline 8 of our human initiations as follows:
1) from 33-instinctive control to 4d control
2) from 43 to 42, transition to high emotion, with low mental 55/56
3) from 546 to 545, starting to practice 5d control over 4d
4) from 536 to 535, that control becomes persistent
5) from 531 to 530, a mental master
6) from 42 to 41 as a mental master with 6d contact
7) from 526 to 525, learning to pracice the causal connections
8) from 520 to 510 , becoming expert in agap’e

At this point, we can almost sense that mastery of the human realm is approaching!


8-feb-2019 = Decode 36 + 7 days
The Giza master builders  left us a handy chart how we can visualize our nZ levels. Here it is…

When we invert this chart, the obverse gives us the key to illustrating the upgrades Hecktor activated during his intitaition fron low to high emotional state. Here it is …

To get a feel for how the blend of emotional and mental grades blend into giving us the insights to overall progress, let’s take a closer snapshot of 2 of his lifetimes.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Hector was a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War. As the first-born son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, who was a descendant of Dardanus and Tros, the founder of Troy, he was a prince of the royal house and the heir apparent to his father’s throne.

First let’s look at the summary of the 4 snapshots in question. Here they are…

this Even though our 4 snapshots are hypothetical, they serve to illustrate how the emotional and mental IQ’s ebb and flow alternately to achieve a meaningful upward development.

Snap shot #1 shows how far Hektor got at the close of lifetime #1,000. He had been a devotee for the latter part of this lifetime devoted to the honouring his beloved sun-god. That dedication did not leave much time or energy to investigate the law of cause and effect and the nR. However his progress on the astral-emotional spectrum was impressive, as you can see  he was operating 90% on the highest ends of the highest emotional grades 42 and 41. This was enough for him to be able to achieve the initiation from 43 to 42 a most significant quantum leap in anyone’s development.

Because of this it was deemed there was no need to consolidate this achievement in the next life, but rather it was more pressing to put the emphasis on lifetime 1,001 on getting to work on the next quantum leap of 54 to 53. This entailed teh seeming retrograde step of having to downgrade much of the hard earned eIQ. The journey though 54 will be a long arduous one, the quest to gain control over those erstwhile all-consuming emotions.

 From snapshot #1, we can see that Hecktor had managed to get a toehold on the 54 ladder, just enough from which to use as a springboard for his next challenge.

Snapshot #2 is unremarkable as it indicates the robotic-type levels of nZ that a majority of us are initially endowed with and on top of which must recapitulate our previous successes.

Snapshot #3 shows us Hecktor’s progress after 21 years, much of it gained like most of us, via experimental trial and error. Here it is together with snapshot #4.

Hecktor must have landed in an environment extremely conducive to his ongoing mission, since in just 14 years he has chalked up impressive upgrades. It would appear that even though he has been navigating uncharted mental territories, he has been perhaps been able to atract to himself an able mentor to guide him through the maze helping to minimize the errors of judgement along the way.


1) today is day 150 of the 8th spin since the mayan calendar.
2) today is 8th day of Feb.
3) Spanning 8 days since the last decode
4) this evening, we are poised to enter day 151 ,the 8th day of the mayan trek called “seed”. i.e the festival of the sacred 260 day calendar  pyramid.
5) Today is 8801 days since the first pyramid message.

So all in all 5 pointers to #8, the number of initiation … in this case Hecktor’s initiation from low emotional grade to high emotional grade, paving the way for the next series of lives to tackle the more ticklish challenge of gaining mental control over emotions.

DECODE 36 pantheon of 100

1st feb 2019 = decode 32 + 40 days.
Here we are linking up the tetraktys of Pythagoras with the controllers of each of the 49 dimensions. This is the graphic, here it is …

The highest level is called “cosmic blueprints” aka the custodians and upgraders of the cosmic blueprints according to the cosmic body of law. Under this, we chart the 2 branches of evolution that we know about, called the angelic/ devic branch  and the human branch. We could consider that the angelic branch represents the agap’e and consciousness aspect of reality,  and the human branch to represent the motion and activity aspect of reality and supposedly, a 3rd branch would represent the power and force, the 3rd aspect of reality.

In the chart we see our 2 known branches giving us 48 Devic controllers and 48 controllers on the “human and formerly human”  branch. Notice in the human+ column realm we have an additional 3 false-gods aka gods who seek to stall or even decelerate the pace of evolution. They been been a formidable force in the mental realm 530 – 566, the astral-emotional realm 400 – 466 and the 3d realm 300 – 336. These are denoted in the chart as PTB53, PTB4 and PTB3. Thankfully in recent years their dominance is being steadily eroded due to the blossoming independent stream media supporting whistleblowers, truth and the aceleration of the pace of evolution.

This gives us a total pantheon of 1+ 48 + 48 + 3 = 100. As indicated in the chart we match this to the tetrakys where the pantheon of 100 is mapped to the top 189 stone courses. The remaining 21 stone courses at the bottom of the Giza pyramid, belong to the story of involution which describes how the solar systems are built in readiness to support the upcoming vegetable, animal and human lifeforms.   

1) 8 days since the previous decode and 40 days since we first proposed the graphic showing how the 49 dimensions fit into the layout of the 210 Giza stone course. The 40:60 ratio appears very prominent in our human dynamics, witness the Northern Ireland divide, catholic : protestant and palestinian : jewish divide in Israel /Palestine. We have 3 human dimensions out of a total of 7 of the solar system, also giving us the ratio within the solar system of mineral/vegetable/animal/human : divine 42%  : 58%. This is a ratio that forces us to confront conflict and to strive for harmony throughh the ensuing conflict. In the human realms, it’s a given that the 60% majority feel they must trample on the rights of the 40% in order to preserve their dominant status. This is often a recipe for disaster, as the embittered 40% minorities  will never willingly accept the endemic discrimination perpetrated and justified against them. Imagine how much easier it could be to achieve harmony, if the divide were to be 50-50 where no tribal god could convincingly claim to have the divine right to rule over the other 50%. One solution could be to engineer an artificial ratio of 50-50, by redrawing the border to create two distinct areas between the tribes. Region #1 would be divided to engineer a 50-50 divide, where a fair power sharing mechanism would be accepted, while region #2 would comprise a divide approximately 75:25, where the 25% would be more willing to accept their minority status knowing that they have the ability to transfer to region #1. Every 10 years, incentives would be given to effect population transfers if needed to maintain the 50-50 demographic balance in region #1.

2) Today is 13th day of the “Chuen” = Artisan = Monkey trek on the mayan calendar, the last day before the next trek called “seed”. In the Mayan languages, as well as in Nahua, the terms for writing and painting  were and are the same, the same artisans practiced both skills, and the patron deities of both skills were twin monkey/ artisan gods born on the day bearing a name translatable One Artisan.  In the books made under the patronage of these twin gods there is a dialectical relationship between the writing and the pictures:  

the writing often points to a corresponding picture and as for the pictures, they not only depict what they mean but have elements that can be read as words. When we say that  Mesoamerican writing is strongly ideographic relative to our own, this observation should be balanced with the realization that Mesoamerican painting is more conceptual than our own.  The alfo theory by flipping back and forth between narrative and pictures, adheres closely to this mayan convention.








DECODE 35 subgrade notation

24-jan-19 = decode34 + 10 days

I have been using 501 to denote the human self and now I’m extending that notation across each dimension. For example sub-dimension 53 divides into 530-1, 531-2, ……….536. 530 itself would divides into 7 spirallae when all spirallae are enabled, but so far we’re stuck in the 4th round which means we are stuck on the 4th spirallae. Currently we are approximately midway thru the 4th round of evolution and that means we are using up to the first 4 spirallae of each wark. 5314 means the 4th spirallae in the first division of sub-dimension 53, where the sequence goes like this … upward .. 5465, 5464 [max], 5301, 5302, 5303, 5304 [max] , 5311, 5312, 5313, 5314. We will have to wait until the 5th round before the 5th spirallae gets switched on.
I guess that each spirallae is again subdivided into 7 or 49 divisions. See this visual for for an example of the new notation.

the ups and downs of our human journey thru space


Well that familiar 10 crops up again, the building block of the sub-atomic wark and the calibration used on the interior of the giza pyramid. In the above we were focussed on the 4’s and sure enough today’s decode date and the previous decode date are both 4’s ie 14-jan-19 and 24-jan-19. Thank you, Godeau for such an easy confirmation.

DECODE 34 Manifestation in 15 steps

14-jan-2019 = mayan 8 day 125= 8th day of the karma-trek [10]
decode 33 + 7 days and
original pyramid + 24 years

These 2 visuals have been in the works for about 6 weeks or so. I tried a few times to engineer a 15-day interval but on both attempts i was thwarted by having decodes 32 and 33 get in the way. So i decided to make this decode the appropriate decode for the 24 year anniversary – since i started working on my first pyramid. This goes against the long-standing tradition of the unplanned godeau effect so let’s take a look at the unplanned aspect of it.

There are 9 numbers on the bottom of the original pyramid, 6 of these fit in nicely with the decode as follows 2 visuals, 15 rules, 7 days interval, 24 years interval, 5 emotional steps and 10 mental+3D steps. The 3, 6 and 9 also feature prominently on level 3 of the pyramid.

The hierarchy of rules fits nicely into the original pyramid as illustrated here..

this is a good start into gaining some more insights. The relative levels of each rule set does give a stong inication of the relative importance of the 6 mental rules on levels 2 and 3 and the astral and 3d rules on the bottom level.

Today’s mayan date also cooperates with the godeau effect as follows…today is day 125, the 8th day of trek 10 the 13-day trek of karma aspect. The three 5’s blend in with the 15 steps, the 8th day is the day of initiation and the 10th trek points to the 10 strings of every sub-atomic wark as well as 10 being the # denoting “a gift”. Indeed when we learn the process of manifestation we can put all this parts together.. the initiation of gelling all 15 steps into a coherent whole is such a gift to behold. Today is the first day i attempt such a syntheis and i expect results to depend on consistent practice .

As i write this version of “the mission” is playing… getting to grips with the 15 step process is indeed a challenging mission which is expected to take many lifetimes…

Visual one concentrates on the auric fields with a correspondance shown to the subatomic layout. The sequence goes 6 steps on the mental realm, 5 steps on the emotional followerd by the final 4 steps on the 3d realm. My strategy is to meditate on all 15 steps as a coherent whole and then progress to getting more information one step at a time. Then after i have become conversant with the 15 steps, i shall be in a position to try it out in real time with a real target in mind.

Visual 2 gives another insight into how the manifestation process ripples through the subatomic structure


see above

DECODE 33 nucleus-60-visual

7-jan-2019 = mayan 8 day 118 = 1st day of the karma-trek [10] decode 32 + 15 days

This visual is to clarify how the dimensions inter-penetrate each other. The key in this visual is as it is in most ideas … ie defining lucid terms for the concepts being discussed.. and in this case that means the new notation for the 3 variants of each nucleus.
[ n0 = 30, 40, 50, 60, … etc. nn= 31-36, 41-46, 51-56, 61-66, … etc. ]

here they are…

the n0 central wark = n0wark1 = 30.1, 40.1, 50.1, 60.1, etc
the inner n0 nucleus [n0:1-7] = central wark + 6 other n0 warks
the n0 nucleus [ n0:1-49] = inner n0 wark + other 42 n0 warks


I have been planning to post the 15 steps of the manifesdtation process and trying to synchronize the elapsed [gestation] time to be equal 15 days, but both attemps so far have failed cos decodes 32 and 33 have intercepted my good ntentions. Interesting it is that it’s been 8555 days since the pyramid of chakras, so that’s a good sign that i’m still on track, and the 24th anniversary of the pyramid of chakraas is coming up, and it remains to be seen if the manifestation steps can be manifested as decode 34…