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This is the most opportune juncture to introduce you to the most sacred  symbol of the ancient world of the Greeks 2,720 years ago. On the Greek gematria  2720 shows up as kateuthunó  which means getting to the crux of the matter and here we are folks right at the crux of conference. Now let’s look at the famous oaths of Pythagoras – in its 3 versions.  In section 8 you will come across how it’s mentioned twice in verse 3 and again in verse 47 of the 71 golden verses. [my 3 versions are in today’s vernacular]

The verses are separated into the practical verses #1, #2 and #3 thru #46 and the comtemplative verse #48 thru 71. Verses 48 thru 71 are the contemplative verses and verses 3 and #47 4.0 are the verses outlining the versions #2 and #3 of the oath. First we practice on the first set of practical rules. Once these have been mastered, we can venture forth onto the more demanding contemplative verses. Usually after 260 days of daily attention is enough so that once the daily review of verses 40 thru 44 have been mastered for 260 consecutive days then we’ve got a good foundation to be successful when we venture forth onto making version #3 of the oath.


I swear by him who first brought the [Tetraktys] to our attention- from which all our wisdom springs and which contains Perennial Nature’s fountain, cause and root.

260.2= VERSION #2 – INITIATES AT 41Z & 51Z

In the presence of my dearest & dearest god 6.0g, each day, I swear to you dear world teacher Christos and Yashua and dear Pythagoras  the future world teacher who set up the foundations for western civilization with his team of 400 senior adepts, came back to witness the birth of Yashua as one of the Magi and returned in the late 1800’s to help with preparations for the Aquarian age to commence in 1950. I salute previous world teacher -Vyasa in central Asia, Hermes in Arabai and Egypt aka Zarathrustra, Orpheus in Greece and Buddha in India.

I swear to you Christos, Yashua and Pythagoras to do my utmost to adhere to the first 20 precepts and 46 verses of the 71 golden verses. I take this part 1 of the sacred oath with the eye of my soul inwardly focussed on the Tetraktys which I keep imprinted in my soul and revere always and from which springs all my power of goodwill, my agap’e-love and my understanding so far of cosmic law and which contains Perennial Nature’s fountain, cause and root.

260.3= VERSION #3 – INITIATES AT 41Z, 51Z & 522Z

In the presence of my dearest & dearest god g46.0, each morning and evening I renew my oath to you dearest world teacher – Christos[current] and Pythagoras [future world-teacher], you who have have  transmitted the Tetraktys into my soul – I swear to do my best to study and observe all of your 71 verses. I make this oath with the eye of my soul inwardly focussed on the Tetraktys which I revere always and from which springs all my power of goodwill, my agap’e-love and my understanding so far of cosmic law and which contains Perennial Nature’s fountain, cause and root.


We’ve taken these models from the sites called tetractysinstitute and shapeways.com 4.1 4.2

After unveiling the the most sacred symbol on the planet we’ve made a subjective decision about who’s got the best male singing voice on your respective planets. This is in deference to the power when uttering the oaths our loud with conviction and reverence.

For those of you from planet Earth the big O aka Roy Orbison is the selection, one of your illustrious surface dwellers from April 23, 1936 – until December 6, 1988. Like attracts like and we should not be surprised that Roy ended up in the same band as Jeff – the 13-year old who was inspired by Roy and our joint #1 rated agap’e-song-writer [George H] who was another of your illustrious surface dweller from 25 Feb 1943 until 29 Nov 2001.

262=4 3.2 3:3 SONG #12 YOU GOT IT BY ROY ORBISON

Considered even by Elvis to be the best male voice on the planet. In 1961 the 13-year Jeff Lynne was mesmerized by “only the lonely” despite his aunt and mother saying it was horrible. 27 years later Jeff helped Roy reinvent his career at age 52 with the collaboration of “you got it” and 17 days later Roy had achieved his mission of inspiring so many of the musical geniuses of the era notable George H, Jeff L, Paul McCartney #1 aka  Macca-1 1942-1966 and Tom Petty .  Here we’ve revamped it into the dialog between expert 60g and his/her  protégé 50j – trainee in 5d, 4d and 3d who has established a connection with his/her donated humansoul aka causal body.

When they were recording together and doing the video for “Handle With Care”, George Harrison said he would get tingles from Roy’s voice. You got it was written by Roy, Jeff L and Tom P in 1988 4.3.
Roy was one of the most distinctive and successful singers of the ’60s, came out of the limelight in the 70’s but came into the spotlight in the late ’80s with the support of a generation of musicians who drew on his influence not least his 4 fellow band mates of the Travelling Wilburys.
My paraphrases are in [] and we have the usual inner dialog going on.

50j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d
Every time I look out thru into your /our loving eyes
I see a love that money just can’t buy
One look
[contact]  from you, I drift away I pray that you are here to stay

60g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality:
 [ yep dear for your human journey forever entangled and beyond I’m sure..]
Anything you want, you got it   Anything you need, you got it
Anything at all, you got it Baby

50j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d
Every time I hold[contact]  you, I begin to understand

Everything about you tells me I’m your man
I live my life to be with you
[and your collective]
No one can do the things you do

60g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality:
[ it’s team work my dear I’m sovereign on 6d you are on 3d]
Anything you want, [for the greater good] you got it
Anything you need
[for the greater good], you got it
Anything at all, you got it
Baby Anything you want Anything you need Anything at all

50j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d
I’m glad to give my
[agap’e]  love to you
I know you feel the way I do

60g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality:
 [so true my love ]
Anything you want, [for the greater good] you got it
Anything you need, [for the greater good] you got it
Anything at all, you got it Baby

Anything you want, you got it Anything you need, you got it
Anything at all, you got it Baby
Anything at all Baby You got it

5.0j realizes that any request for resources and or insights made to his/her soul-donor will be gladly made available provided it’s consistent with 5.0j’s mission and for the greater good.

Now its time to splash up an extended version of the Tetraktys this time with an additionAL 7 points giving us a total of 17 points which ties into the one of kind “153” that we cover in section 17 5.3 3:6. Here is an esoteric version of the most revered symbol in this corner of the galaxy – the Tetractys of the Pythagoras aka Tetrad which means a group of 4 – in this case exoterically four rows of dots which forms the geometrical pattern of 2 concentric circle with a third implied by the hidden 7 points of the symbol. Here it is wonder of wonders in all its geometrical glory. I like to call it the blueprint for our universe.

263=4 3.2 3:4 BB#4 THE 17-POINTED TETRAKTYS

Please notice the section # as 32+32 [64] which just happens to be 4 x 4 x 4 in chapter 4. That’s called divine synchronicity and I love it when it happens unexpectedly. I always interpret that spontaneity  as an unsolicited gift from the universe. Thank you to our nearest and dearest god g46.0. Pythagoras had a certain reticense for #2 the symbol of duality but he certainly revered the #4 and had his students make an oath to sacred tetraktys comprising 10 points arranged in 4 rows.


In section 4 32 30 we saw a 3d-style sketch of the Tetraktys. Now we will show the other hidden points giving us a total of 17 steps that just happens to be the same # of steps on the giza pyramid before reaching the original entrance [offset 0]. Take a look at our 2 perspectives of the 17-pointed T.

The left and right hand sides of the picture are 2 perspectives of the same reality. Both perspectives are color coded so as we meditate on the picture let’s flit back and forth between the sides while connecting up the points and colors on both sides. The experts of substance and matter reside on 6d color-coded pink.  On the left we have the world of forms where 4d color coded in gold is central between outermost 3d in red and the innermost 5d in green

On the right hand side we have the subatomic worlds display where ther innermost 5d takes center stage, with 4d still central but this time 3d in red is outermost. Notice how the three circles in red, gold and green align to 3, 7 and 7 to match the 3d, 4d and 5d worlds.

The easiest way to get your head around  this is to consider the golden nucleus on the right to shrink way down in size so that it will not only fit inside the golden globe on the left but it will also fit in a tiny center blob at the core of the left hand pic, then u can IMAGINE

  • the NNERMOST [relative to 3d 4d 5d] green sphere on right is teh nucleus of the OUTERMOST [relative to 3d 4d 5d]  green globe on the left
  • the golden  circle  on right is teh nucleus of the 4d-golden globe on the left
  • the OUTERMOST red  sphere on right is teh  3d-nucleus of the INNERMOST red globe on the left

Let’s spend 4 minutes appreciating the master blueprint given to us by Pythagoras and we’ll keep the idea close to the original. So let’s enjoy for the next 4 mins as we flip back and forth between the microcosm and the macrocosm – two inseparable perspectives  of the same reality.

265=4 3.2 3:6 AFTER 4 MINS

Welcome back everyone, that was a challenge for those of you on your first attempt. How do we reconcile anticlockwise motion in the atomic sector and clockwise on the form sector. There are many possible solutions. For my part, on the right-hand side  I concentrated moving anticlockwise on the left as I powered my way outward through the sequence 17, 16, 15 etc mimmicing building stage sequence of the warks, while on the left- hand side I powered my way clockwise to again to mimic the build process sequence from outermost aura to innermost. On the left hand side the sequence goes like this innermost nucleus 17, outwards to the outer auras 16, 15,14,13,12,11 then back to the center at #10 colorcoded gold to visit the nucleus of the gold-colored aura, then back out the outermost gold and then I continue clockwise until reach #1 in the center.

Anyone else like to comment on a different approach?  //

/C~J: I moved anticlockwise from  #1 on the forms side and kept pace with the same #’s moving clockwise on the subatomic side. Then I also focussed on the 2 extremes of the spectrum red and pink, where the reds are in proximity and the pinks are furthest apart. I had my 5.0j-humon spinning around on the left side while I had my nearest and dearest god g46.0 spinning round anticlockwise on its special human domain of its 3 lowest dims #16 to #17. //

/f Thanks C~J that was most insightful way of getting your left and right hemispheres into harmony.//


/p  Here’s the aid to understand an unfamiliar concept. Most of us are not able to walk thru 3d-walls or solid objects, but those who are able have an easier time grasping the concept of two nuclei from different forms occupying the same space. Let’s hold that idea and this chart starts to make sense.

In the subatomic realms, life is trillion of times denser than our physics textbooks suggest. Let’s split the subatomic world up into logical chunks

267=4 3.2 4:1 THE 4 SYMBOLS FOR GOD

/p  Here’s the aid to understand an unfamiliar concept. Most of us are not able to walk thru 3d-walls or solid objects, but those who are able have an easier time grasping the concept of two nuclei from different forms occupying the same space. Let’s hold that idea and this chart starts to make sense.

In the subatomic realms, life is trillion of times denser than our physics textbooks suggest. Let’s split the subatomic world up into logical chunks


n1 – n42 the cosmic nuclei at the center of galactic space [each with 2 nuclei of their molecular spheres]
n43, n44 the solar nuclei at the center of solar space built around galactic nuclei with 2 and 6 molecular nuclei respectively
n45, n46 the planetary nuclei at the center of planetary space built around solar nuclei – each with their 6 nuclei of their molecular spheres
n47, n48, n49 the 3 human-related  nuclei at the center of human space built around the planetary nuclei – each with 6 nuclei of their molecular spheres.
That gives us a total of 171 nuclei on 49 elder and 122 younger dims.

21 concentric human-related  globes  built around their nucleus 5n
14 planetary globes built at intervals in solar space around nucleus 7n
10 solar globes encompassing  each planetary globe around n43
126 cosmic globes encompassing all the solar globes around nucleus n1 [42 * 3]
That gives us a total of 171 globes

Have a look back to the crop circle at the close of yesterday and notice how revealing are the 2 numeric names for god – the Pythagorean Tetraktys and Hebrew tetragrammaton.

The cumulative sumation of the tetraktys gives us 10 which points us to the 10 strings of the atem. Inside the atom they appear in this order 3 = divine; 1 = bridge between divine and human; 2 = upper 2 grades of forms; 4 = lower 4 grades of forms so that’s why we give the Pythagorean name as 3 1 2 4 when referring to the human aspect of god [god:human ratio = 6:4] with the emphasis on the lower 7 strings. The sequence 1, 2, 4, 3 more ably denotes the god-aspect of the string where the god:human ratio is more like 7:3 ie  will-power-aspect, aspect #2 & aspect #3, the higher 4 of the 7 [7] : the lower 3 of the 7.  So we’ve just given you 2 examples out of a possible 11 permutations of the 4 numbers. The configuration of angelgod 6.0g is 1-2-4-3 where the upper quaternary is in divine alignment compared with the lower triad which has been donated to its protégé to use as a human soul and g46.0 has to contend with his/her often unruly and human protégé – so often non-compliant with cosmic law.


The sacred hebrew name is YHVH translating into 10 * 56.5. 113 is the gematria for “פלג “ [peleg ] which means brook or rivulet. It comes from the root which means divide as in one river dividing into 2 rivers or the composite [androgynous] man dividing into its male and female counterparts. Knowing this we can recognize 56.5 as the female aspect which births the child aspect – male or female aspect. The character yod Y has the value of 10 and so when we see 10 * 56.5 it points to the child aspect [10] emanating from the female aspect where the resultant 565 divides into 5 parts symbolizing the 5-fold human with his/her 5 bodies. 113 is known as the measure of man.


Here’s a good place to summarize our pantheon of gods and show how easy it is to keep expanding our vocab as we did in chapter 0 section 0 6. The Egyptians, Indians [sub continent], yogis, Romans and Greeks were comfortable with a pantheon or hierarchy of gods but somehow the influence of the Hebrew bible being co-opted by the Vatican and paper-popes promoted the idea of one remote monolithic god and that concept has stuck right up to the present day. It’s time to revert back to the supervocab of the ancient Greeks who had 14 words for different shades of love.

We show the 3 branches of cosmic gods in adversorial combat with the 18 falsegods f3.6-3.0 f4.6-4.0 and f5.6-5.3.

When you see us using the generic term god please note we refer to the angelic branch or angelgods unless stated otherwise.

  • The angelic branch or anglegod branch specialize in the manifestation process of substance and in donating causal bodies to monads newly graduated on the human newbie spectrum 3.6-3.0, 4.6-3.0 and 5.6-5.3.
  • The formerlyhumon branch is more concerned with aspect #3 the nez aspect that flows through the tubes and spiralling ducts of the wark. Superheroes are on the 3 soullevels of 5.0z  thru 5.211z with motivation stoh. 5.3z gives sustained control over 4d-emotions, and on level 5.4z the heroes are striving to enhance their control over 4d. These heroes have made regular contact with the soul unlike their false adel counterparts who have deliberately severed contact with their angelic donor. The human spectrum that we are more familiar with stretches across the lowest 18 dimensions with the challenge of making contact with the 3 dims of the soul.  
  • The power branch is the enigmatic aspect #1 that gives perpetual motion to the wark and regulates the amount of will power that decides on what is the strongest motive. However we must confess this branch is outside our paygrade so we can only give you this flimsy outline.

269=4 3.2 4:3 SNOW WORDS X 180

In the two sunshine states FL, CA, Egypt, southern and central Spain/ Portugal, southern Italy,  Arabia, Greece and Palestine / Israel probably one or two additional words for snow will suffice like snow, hail and sleet. However in the colder climates this list tells a very different picture such as 4.4
Lapland / Sami                                              = 180 words for snow
Sweden                                                          = 26
Eskimo / Inuit/Yupik dialects                     = 40 to 50
Icelandic                                                        =46
Scotland [including compound phrases] = 421words associated with snow

270=4 3.2 4:4 MAYAN PANTHEON

Just as the Lapplanders paid close attention to describe their snow, the Mayans paid close attention to the words used to describe their gods. 4.5. Note that in our pantheon of nez 3.101 we have 513 pdez gods and 18 adez gods. Here is a selection of some of the 510 gods of the mayans

Hunab Ku and Ixazalvoh
chief of the gods and his consort
Ixazalvoh is also the goddess of water, life, and weaving. She also presides over female sexuality and childbirth and is known for her powers in healing. Her oracles were considered important conduits for divine messages for the people.
Ixcuiname goddess of the four ages of womankind

Xumucane and Xpiayoc  great grandmother and great grandfather of all human beings. Consultants to the 13 creators of humans.

Bitol 1 of 13 gods who created humans
Ixpiyacoc creator god.  Tzacol who, after the successful third attempt at creating human beings split into two separate entities and became both Tzacol and Ixpiyacoc.
Gucumatz aka Kukulkan aka Quetzalcoatl: the feathered serpent god – the most popular god
One-Imix goddess of Nature
8-Manik earth god
8-Ahau goddess of agap’e-love
1-Ahau our sun god

1-Lamat goddess Venus patron of humans and of agapa’e-love
6-Ben goddess of the heart
8-Cimi designated angelgod donor of causal body to each humon
Ah-Uaynih goddess of sleep
Naum  god who created the human mind and consciousness.
Alaghom-Naom-Tzentel goddess of thought and intellect
B’alam jaguar deities guardians of individuals and communities

Vision Serpent  mystical snake-god who was of great importance to the Maya as he knew the secrets of the universe and could impart these secrets to a Daykeeper (shaman). See Och-Kan.
Och-Kan  Daykeeper (shaman) would have to experience the Vision Serpent first hand in order to understand the realm in which he was dealing and finalize his initiation into the mysteries.
Ways  every day of the 260-day calendar has its own energy and this energy will either aid or hinder one in one’s path on a given day.

Itzamna goddess of maize[corn] and cocoa,  patron and giver of literacy, medicine, science, art, sculpture, and agriculture. 
Yum Caax god of the woods, of nature, of cacao, plants
Hun-Ixim: goddess of maize and chia
IxCacao the god of chocolate

270.4= ADELS
Tlacolotl god of evil, of those who practice evil, and of the dark places where evil plans are made.

So here we see where  a topic is of special interest there will be many words to describe that topic. We can also learn a lot about high-nutrient dense foods. Mayans believed that chocolate was a gift to humans from the gods and, therefore, should be shared with all of the people. Anyone in the Mayan civilization could partake of the beverage, regardless of their social standing.The Mayans consumed xocolatl on a daily basis, much like how we drink our morning coffee. They also had the highest regard for chi which was taken on expeditions to revive stamina.

To further illustrate the parsity of our commonly used vernacular is a contrast between the half-word used for love in English and the 15 words used in the ancient Greek of Pythagoras.

Up next we’re gonna introduce you to bb#5 and show you why humons are called 5fold and 6-fold beings.