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We will build the warkself-theory of everyself using a series of concepts many of them will be unfamiliar, so please remember that a theory can be judged by how well it explains the observable facts around us. Most new concepts that rock the established boat of self-appointed authorites do have a rough ride, so don’t let its unfamiliarity affect your commonse judgement and while evaluating the theory you do well to suspend your judgement from the current prevailing would-be for-decade-dogmas. Go thru the warkself concepts one by one and after you have endeavored to fit them together, then compare it with your favorite theory that would also explain the nature of reality because explaining the nature of reality which is no less than what we propose to do in the foregoing series of concepts.
It is for you to decide if there exists a better theory to explain the evolution of consciousness and how it relates to sub-atomic particles. If you do find a better one , then please share it with us.


see here for an overview of the best theories on the subject of sub-atomics and the smallest indivisible particle.

Take for example theory #8 on the list, the discovery of the subatomic particle called the quark. Two scientists proposed the existance of such a particle in 1964 and their papers were greeted with a fair share of scepticism, but 31 years later their theories were fully vidicated, when finally all 6 flavors of quarks had been discovered experimentally. For every theory like this that comes trumps up, there are countless others that will be discarded into the trashbin of history. So yes it pays to walk the middle path between gullibility and scepticism to sort the wholewheat from the chaff. .

We have a pretty good idea of how the earth fits into the solar system, we have a modicum of understanding of how the atom operates, and a fair idea of how the solar system fits in the cosmos so with these 3 starting points we make the case that if all these designs work with precision, why should the cosmos make an exception for us humans who fit in between the world of atoms and the world of celestial mechanics. The argument goes like this, if you have a working model, well why not just adapt it for the creation of the human artifact.


So as an introduction for the western mind let’s paint some pictures to that effect:

see concept #2 for explanation of the wark [proton = 9 warks]
Here we show how the cosmos is built out from the center, wark by wark until it reaches the outermost 3d that we are so familiar with. Then the solar system build is ready to go into the build phase, starting with 90-wark and building out to the outermost molecular level 96, then repeating that process in the sequence 90, 80,….30.

Just like the sun controlling its orbital planets, consider how our potential essential self called 90.1 could sit at the center of each human and keep all the moving parts in order. 


We’ve just touched on the world of warks, those smallest of particles that are indivisible. Now let’s talk about the world of forms consisting of atoms built from warks. Our objective is to show how the same structure can work for for all forms including the smallest form called a wark. The laws of celestial mechanics work with precision, and our contention is that the laws of human interaction also work faultlessly. It’s fair to say, most of us have not yet discovered all these laws. Our job is to show how the laws of sub-atomics work, and then corelate these laws to how the laws of human consciousness works. But to do that we must continue building up our concepts… to reach the point where we can show you how the different aspects of theh wark correlate to how we evolve our consciousness, one wark at a time.

Later we will explore the law of freedom that states everyone has the right to these freedoms, the freedom to think, speak and act, within the constraints of allowing everyone else those self-same rights. Even though those freedoms are themselves under the additonal constraints of the law of debits and credits, that still leaves us with a lot of lattitude in making decisions … for example facing a choice, we could choose one way to  propel us into the fast lane of consciousness evolution or we could choose another way that could even temporarily impede us from continuing along the normal slow jog-trot of nezdev [development of consciousness] and instead set us back several lifetimes, meaning it could take several subsequent lifetimes of dedicated work and applying faultlessly the laws we do know about, until we are able to regain the level of nez that had just slipped from our grasp by making that injudicious decision.

Now let’s look at this picture that shows how the human world might mirror the celestial world in the matter of forms…

The obvious question to ask is how can a tiny wark control a vast planet, a vast solar system or a not so vast human? Well let’s remember above the human realm, warks work in huge collectives, not restrained in the same way the average  human is restrained because most of us have not yet managed to join a collective-soul. But even in our individual context, consider how small the diameter of the sun is compared to its action at a distance of 92 million miles from its orbital planet called earth. We could just as well imagine that same ratio in the case of the diameter of  our 90.1 wark inside  our operational 50.1 wark  as compared to the distance to our outer skin extremities.



lt’s time to look at this picture to see how the evolution of the self might work if the preceding views do reflect reality…

Here we see how the smallest particle called 510.1 picks up more and more nez, as it proceeds outward picking up more and more matter as well. Its lowest / outermost point comes when it makes a new home of a mineral-type wark, and now it’s ready to undertake the home-bound half of its journey…

We can hear you say well all so far depends on the new concept of cosmic warks within warks, and solar and planetary atoms within atoms.

What evidence have we got for this novel concept of worlds within worlds and atoms with atoms, warks within warks and molecules within molecules.

So we present to you two pieces of evidence for your consideration….

evidence #1 comes from the purest source, from the greatest and first philosopher [formerly those wise ones were called sages], the greatest philosopher, mathematician in the last 3,000 years.
see here for the way Pythagoras introduced his most sacred symbol.

evidence #2 comes from considering the “forbidden” fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge. In the west we are conditioned to think of the apple on the tree of knowledge, but in the same way as lotus of the east becomes the rose in the west, so does the pomegranate of the east become the apple of the west.

see here to unlock the ertstwhile secret knowledge

Now i hear you say, well we shouldn’t really eat the forbidden fruit. I always found that someaht hard to swallow just like it’s hard to swallow theat Eve was madE from the rib of adam. So to get around this technical point, let me propose a different scenario for you.

We assert that the chief-editor of the bible heavily redacted and tampered with the original text. Consider if the original passage of GEnesis 3.22 went something like this…

The voice of the higher PTB [powers that be] says: 

my dearest protégés Adam and Eve, i see you have tasted some of my delicious figs from the banyan tree, and this is the symbol we use for having installed your 3 chakra systems  your set of 8 major 3d-astral-etheric chakras, your set of 8 4d-astral-emotional chakras  and finally your outermost 5d-chakra aka the lotus chakra. We have modelled the fig on the wheel-like structure of those chakras, and now viola, you must begin to learn to discern good from evil.  Your mode of learning will be mostly trial and error as you try to decode the copious hints and clues that your beloved devic guardian will send you during the course of your adventures.

However we can no longer allow you to stay in the garden which hosts the central tree with its 3 sizes of pomegranates. Size #1 comes in 2 colors, reddish-purple is the mental pomegranate with its 47 dimensions encoding the 4 levels of mental knowledge [56-53] , and the more purple than red color is the causal pomegrante with its 47 dimensions encoding the law of causality and the law of debits and credits. Size #3 comes with its 45 dimensions encoding the knowledge of agap’e love and wisdom [66-61, 76-73] linked to the topmost 2 levels of dimension 48 aka 4d-emotional [42-41] and finally size #4 comes with  its 43 dimensions encoding the purpose of evolution [86-81, 96-93].

This banishment from the garden and its tree of knowledge is only temporaary my dears, for a long series of epochs will you have to self-activate your consciousness levels up to a sufficient level [emotional 41 with contacts with 52 and 66 ] where you can then begin to safely decode the size #1 reddish-purple pomegranate. You must understand that to decode this one too early, before you have been able to contact emotional levels 42, 52 and 66, you would be just a danger to your fellow humans, like toddlers playing with matches. 

Let me explain in another way, my dearest protégés, for the next series of epochs your syllabus is to primarily work on improving your emotioonal makeup without paying over much attention to your mental IQ. The reason for this is that if u develop your mental IQ too fast and out of sync with your emotional IQ , u will become a menace not only to your fellow humans but also to your fellow creatures of all species. That’s why for your own safety, we must remove you from this garden which is choc full of temptations to get you to pursue your mental IQ at the expense of your EQ, but i very much look forward to when you can return to the garden again when your balance of mental/emotion IQ’s will be humming to the harmony of the spheres …”

see here for the erstwhile secret knowledge that the pomegranate contains


CONCEPT #2 – WARKS [the smallest indivisible particles]

See here for an overview of how we arrived at the best theories of sub-atomics…

Where from comes the name wark? Well it comes from the same stable as did quark, ie Finnegan’s Wake written by James Joyce published in 1939 17 years after his other famous work Ulysses [the latin variant of  Odysseus , a  legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer‘s epic poem the Odyssey. Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer’s Iliad and other works in that same epic cycle.

Son of Laërtes and Anticlea, husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus, Odysseus is renowned for his intellectual brilliance, guile, and versatility (polytropos).
In 1964, one of the 2 scientists who independently predicted the existance of a new sub-atomic particle was reading Book 2 , chapter 4 of Finnegan’s Wake, when the name quark resonated with the imagined sound of the new to-be-discovered particle and so the name passed into eternity ….

3 quarks [perhaps heavily accented quarts] for muster [irish accented mister] mark

sure has he not got much of a bark [ties back to the bird sound squawk].

So in keeping scientific-poetic tradition, it was natural to look for the next iteration of new particles in the next verse of the same vein of word imagery and here it is the next verse…unveiling the next particle in line

hohohoho moulty  [aka molty,  to shed hair, feathers, shell, horns, or an outer layer periodically, birds molt once or twice a year] mark; you’re the rummest old rooster ever flopped out of noah’s ark, and you think you’re cock of the wark [heavily accented walk]

And just as Murray caught onto the sound of the bird [symbol of the mind-soul among the Persian magis, just as the butterfly was the Greek symbol of the same] and as he also caught onto the 3 quarks of the proton, we caught on to the molting mechanism of the bird, just like a proton molts its skin to reveal 3 quarks, the quark also molts its skin to reveal its 3 warks.

Thank you James for the inspired imagery of your prophetic verses and now it’s time to thank Edwin D Babbitt who provided us with this one of a kind sketch of the wark. Because this was the year 1896, Edwin was content to use the descripter atom from Democritus meaning indivisible.


Here we show you one of the outermost human-warks called a 36-wark and is a member of the quorum of 49 of them that make up the 36-ark. We take this picture from Edwin’s second edition [1896] where he has improved the drawing since the first edition [1886]

jump to page 102 on  here
The chapter starts on page 94 and takes from between 2 to 4 hours to read with attention, and we strongly recommend you reserve at least 2 hours for that purpose.

So now we’re looking at the smallest indivisible particle of solid matter, firstly subdivided into the 7 tubes color-coded, further subdivided by whichever ducts are currently active for this stage of human evolution.

There are 18 warks-types active in the typical human spectrum,
36-34 : the visible spectrum of solid/liquid/gas,
33-31: the etheric spectrum of quark/nucleus/wark
46-43: the baser emotions;
42-41: the higher emotions

in addition an increasing amount of humanpop are able to have at least sporadic contact with the 3 higher wark-types associated with those who able to contact the realm of agap’e-love and wisdom on warks 60-66 via warks-51:49 initially and those who can contact at least sporadically the realm of knowledge of causality, intially at level 52:49 and working our way up the wark-levels.

56-54: lower mental levels of most of humanpop;
53: the mental level of the elites pro-evolution and against

52-50 the human soul [ home-base of the self]  c/o devic 60.1 ,
52=knowledge center,
51 = unity center,
50.1 is the nucleus of the human self with its associated 48 other 50-warks.

each wark is part of a quorum of 49 warks that form an ark for example [36:1-49]
So with 49 of the above 36-warks we have a 36-ark, no need to package it up because it’s the outermost sub-dimension of the outermost dimension 3d [30]
This next chart gives you a breakdown of which ducts are typically active for us and how they relate to our consciousness levels….



see here for how the 5d subdimensions fit inside the 5d

see here for how the 10  strings map  to  the giza interior


Just as the derivation of 3 quarks as the building blocks of an atomic nucleus was connected to the 3 quarks of Finnegan’s Wake, and just as the strange wark of the quark is connected to the [rummest] most peculiar wark of the same stanza of Finnegan’s Wake, so too are the 3 aspects of reality [PXQ] and the 3 contexts of those these aspects [cosmos+solar+wark] – connected to concept #3.

See concept #4 for an expansion of the notation seen here. The cosmic world communicates via warks and allows the solar systems to build itself by constructing ark-worlds from the warks. For details on this see concept #7. In this concept now in hand, we’ll concentrate on the PXQ of all worlds that we can be grasped by nez [X]. Now it’s time to introduce the reason why every construct is arranged in 7’s, the rainbow, the musical scale, the 7 types of diatomic elements, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine,chlorine, iodine, bromine, the 7 seas, the 7 continents, the 7 Rishis, the 7 [hebrew] elohim.

The first fundamental concept that we we need to address is the trinity of aspects. We call this PXQ, P for purpose, Q for matter and X for nez [consciousness]. Next up we define wark [formerly called an atom up until 1964] to mean the smallest indivisible particle and it has 49 gradients, guises or dimensions.. the main point is that everything equal to or bigger than the wark comprises of 3 inseparable but synergistic aspects. How inseparable?

Q is propelled by P as long as Purpose wills it. Q in the form of primordial warks is the carrier of X… primordial matter is not yet conscious.

we have been in the habit of focussing on just one of the aspects,  typically the mystics will concentrate on the consciousness [nez] aspect, the 3d-scientists will focus  on the matter aspect and the energy scientists will focus on the force and motion aspect.. and yes that’s why we have such a cacophony of voices crying in the wilderness each proclaiming they have reached the absolute truth.

Here in this section, for the western mind we approach our subject matter [no pun intended] primarily from the perspective of matter. First see here for the  ocean of primordial matter.

Let’s start with the first analogy to get an insight of how these 3 aspects interact…

Here we can see the cosmic P teaming up with earth’s Q and the sun’s X. After all the combinations taking place in the etheric chakras, we have the magnetism and the vitality flowing side by side along the spinal  inner tube.

Now for analogy #3. here we have only 5 of the chakras engaged to apprehend the higher 4d and 5d energies.


The warks breath out unwanted matter and breath in fresh primordial matter PQ0. Also going on, we have a cosmic and solar flow of PXQ as 4d and 5d energies flowing thru the 5 upper chakras and also into the sacral pump. If our existing quality of matter is sufficient, then we will be able to apprehend the inflowing energies and hopefully redirect them meaningfully. As the sacral pump apprehends the 4d/5d energies, it will pump the energies upwards into 3 strands.. 4d energies flow up the right hand side, spirally around the cental  tube in  the case of the female, for males the 5d energies ascend on the right side as they spiral around. Up thru the central column goes a mix of 4d and 5d energies, mostly 4d for the average human. Those energies flow at light-speed until they hit the obstacles delineating our development levels, where they meet lots of resistance.
To move the energies beyond the our current limits, it can be likened to the hard work of the salmon as they fight their way up stream back homewards to where they spawned. Another analogy for this motion might be to think of electrical wires spiralling around a magnetic rod.


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