July 4, 2017


See here for raw photo of the giza courses.

Our ancestors have sent us a coded message down through the vast expanse of time.

See here for the mathematical details.

Here is a summary of the club of 7: the 4 selves, the twin-soul-composite, the twin persona-composite and our 3d-body with a list of the intuitive mapping where z19 denotes stone course 19.

  • z19 = entrance: descending passage denotes how the elementals are evolving downward as we struggle against them on our arduous evolution upwards from z36/z30/z24-25
  • z22 = first step on the human ladder: using all our 22 amino acids
  • z25 = the horizontal tunnel leading to the astral [ queen’s] chamber : etheric shield between 3d and the etheric/astral
  • z33,34 = roof of astral chamber: highest subgradients of the astral
  • z40 = interface between persona [personality] and soul2 [causal conntainer for “myself”]
    40 days and nights of rain Noah’s flood
    40 years children of Israel wondered in the desert
    40 years x 3 Moses in Egypt / Midian / Desert
    40 days & nights Moses on the mountain
    40 days fast of Jesus
  • z40-z43 = concourse of the grand gallery: interface between human & buddhi’s
  • z42 = permanent soul1 [pollux]
    • Torah: the divine name of 42 letters
    greatest of the mysteries.
    • death passes ahead of 42 judges.
    egyptian book of the dead
  • z53 = top of the coffer in the initiation [king’s] chamber : middle thread between higher/highest selves as they guide my[human]self
  • z64 = top-tip of grand gallery: first step onto the highest planetary gradient [7]


It would seem somewhat intuitive to expect that the mathematical precision of giza should somehow relate to the behind-the-scenes precision involved in the evolution of consciousness.

When we map the lower 18 stone-levels to the lower kingdoms, we find that we enter the pyramid just after accounting for these 18 building blocks of the mineral, plant, animal and lower elemental kingdoms kingdoms.

The descending passage denotes how the elementals are evolving downwards as we [human]  and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms must struggle against them on our arduous evolution upwards.

The earth, water and air elementals [3d, astral and mind] are seeking to expand their range of experiences as they evolve  downwards. That means they are programmed to exhaust the full spectrum of experiences in their domain and that will often be at our expense  because we are unwittingly allowing ourselves to be triggered by them as they experiment on lowest of mental, astral and 3d levels.

The lowest 9 stone-course levels correspond to the 3 sets of lower elementals.  The next 4 are the 4 physical-etheric levels which forms its replica out of the previously-mentioned solid/liquid/ gas constituents.
The next 4 stone-courses parallel the 4 astral levels 29-32 available to the vegetable kingdom and the next one is the solitary mental level available to the animal kingdom.
Here are the parallels in tabular form.

Those 18 levels are mirrored by the 18 subgradients z22-z41, that delineate the total human experience and the the connecting 3 subgradients represent the work in progress each time new human vehicles are constructed for the next incarnation.


description courses 1-21        pre-human courses 22-41 [human] avatars          [super-human]
earth elementals [evolving downwards ] 1-3
water [desire] elementals   [downwards] 4-6
air elementals [evolving downwards] 7-9
mineral kingdom [evolving upwards] 10-13 22-25
vegetable kingdom [evolving upwards] 14-17 29-32
animal kingdom [evolving upwards] 18 36
building for new incarnation 19-21 28, 35, 42
g1: [gradient-1]  too coarse for human 22-23
g1: solid / liquid / gas constituents [human] 24
g1: etheric subgradients 4-6 [subg’s] 25-27
g2: astral 29-34
g3: mind2 controlled by astral 36-37
g3: mind1 controls astral  evolving upwards 38-39/33-34
g3: mind1 [black sorcerers]  no progress 39/30-32
g3: soul2 c/o “my[human]self” [7d3] 40-41 [silver thread]
g3: pollux twin = soul1 c/o  devic-self 42, 35, 28
g4/g5: collective higher human selves [7d4] 42-53
g3:/g5: devic self [7d4] 43-53
g6: middle thread 53
g6/g7: collective highest selves [7d6] 54-67
g6/g7: highest life-thread 64-65
g7: planetary govt 64-70

7d3 denotes  a sub-atomic  structure consisting of myself-subquark g7  attached to 3 other subquarks at levels g3, g2 and g1. During incarnation myself-7d3 resides in soul2 reverting back to reside within soul1 when reviews of the soul/persona and 3d experiences have been exhasuted.

Descending the pyramid denotes scooping up these raw materials to build our mortal bodies for the incarnation at hand. Levels 19-21 denote this workmanship taking place at the 3 causal levels mirrored by stone course levels  40-42.

Now as the baby takes its first breath, the life-thread [golden-thread] is connected  between the physical heart on level 25 to the angelic supervisor’s heart on levels 43-49 and the silver-thread is connected  from the brain to the supremo-wark [subquark] on level z42 [stone course 42].

The challenge for us is to reattain or surpass our former IQ  levels  [astral / mental / causal ] achieved and that happens typically somewhere between ages 35- 63.

In contrast reattaining our former  physical-organic maturity  happens typically around age 21.