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DECODE 60- the fig-wasp-carry and the persona-body-carry
31-dec-19 7 days after decode 59

The dynamic between the fig-wasp and the queen of trees – the fig tree is a lesson in soul dynamics with a striking asymmetry between them. Take a look….

The fig-wasp gestates for 2 months or 1440 hours as seen in the chart. The male wasp when it hatches from the flower has an allocated lifespan in a 3d-body of 2 or 3 hours in which its programmed to fertilize as many unhatched females as it can and to then dig a tunnel for those females to escape after which it can give up its life knowing that the mission was complete. Just as the males are completing the tunnels to the outside world, so are the females hatching and they can make ready their escape to find another fig tree – that mission can also take around 2 or 3 hours .

Once the female has located its new fig, it will burrow its way inside the narrow passageway at the expense of losing its wings and rupturing its abdomen, but it still must conserve energy to tunnel as far as the inner garden at the center of the fig. It lays its larvae in as many flowers as it can and with its mission accomplished it gives up its life…. and so the cycle of life goes on.

This cycle is so reminiscent of the hum0n predicament as it flits from 1 suite of bodies to the next set, ie from one incarnation to the next.

The fig-wasp carries the pollen from fig to fig to keep the cycle of life in full swing … meanwhile
the hum0n is carried from one persona-body to the next to keep the evolutionary system in operation.

One striking difference is the % of the cycle given over to gestation

0.1% of the cycle time for the hum0n
99.9% of the cycle time for the fig-wasp


7 days since the last decode. not much to see with that 7. However it’s the last day of the year and we’re moving into once -in a lifetime experience where the double digits are repeated. In other words the year resets just as the clock resets at 60 seconds. But in this case i think we will not reset the decode #, but rather continue into 2020 with a new decode called #61 – as long as the universe permits – of course.

DECODE 59 – history of the “atom”
24-dec-19 – 9 days after decode 58

it’s easy to think that hu-nezdev flows ever upward in a straight line. However looking at this short history, it’s just the opposite.

We trace the history from Pythagoras in 700 BCE when he introduced the concept of maths to describe the structure of atoms within atoms or monads within monads. ~

Then we had to wait for almost 2,600 years for the next significant advance when Edwin Dwight Babbitt got us back on the path with his 2 editions of his ingenious book called “principles of light and color”.

Then we had to wait another 86 years before Murray Gell-Mann coined the name “quarks ” to refer to the 3 particles comprising the neutron or proton.

Fast forward another 54 years and we have the Pythagorean theory revisited as we find the new term “warks” coined to denote the 3 particles comprising the quark.

It’s interesting when we consider that the mayan epoch of 2,562.5 years restarted in jan 2013 exactly 63 years after the advent of the aquarian epoch which was ushered in by the publication of “the philosopher’s stone ” by Henry Laurency in jan of 1950. And so was made possible the synthesis of those 3 pivotal works:
1) subatomic maths of Pythagoras [confined to secret knowledge orders until 1878 ]
2) Babbitt’s 2 editions mentioned above
3) the philosopher’s stone mentioned above.

Interesting too that we observe a 62.5 year overlap between the start of the aquarian epoch jan 1950 and the new mayan epoch 1st jan 2013.


9 days since the last decode and how elegant – 9 warks comprise a neutron or proton.

DECODE 58 – epoch transitions – % distribution of 4d-levels
15-dec-19 – 6 days after decode 57

A crucial determinant for the pace of nezdev is the % distribution of clans at the respective emotional levels. In other words during the epoch of pisces which is heavily dominated by indoctrinated belief systems from childhood, the clans on the z41-42 levels were limited to around 15% as compared with an increased influx as the new epoch of aquarius started in 1950. We can see this here by observing the purple, yellow and green bands..


6 days since the last decode and relative % distribution of the 6 emotional levels on display .

DECODE 57 – color-coded evolution of hum0n in 6 quantum jumps
9-dec-19 – 18 days after decode 56

reconciling the microcosm and the mostly-visible cosm is always a undercurrent of the theory of reality. In the next picture the mostly-visible cosm is in the center, the subatomic realms are on both sides of the auric fields.

the color-coded digram helps to reconcile the 2 views of reality – in other words the the nucleus and the outer boundaries of the auric fields are in the same color. As always we have to orient our definition of inner and outer according to our current focus. Note the outermost 3d-nucleus as shown in black corresponds to the innermost auric field. The outermost aura on display is the green 5d-aura corresponding to the innermost green 5d-nucleus. with its innermost. 5K is the human-m0nad [aka hum0n] as it moves inwards on its evolutionary journey. THe recurring structure is the hum0n with its 3 nuclei in tow residing in its temporary persona-body unitl it completes stage 6 when it moves into the causal body. I’m writing this on the 2nd jan 2010 so i can refer you to decode 60 which gives us an analogy of the fig-wasp’s journey very similar to the teh constant renewal and creation of the persona-body as vehicle for hum0n plus its entourage of 3 warks.


18 days since the previous decode points me to the 12 colors plus the 6 evolutionary stages. Looking up [today is 2-jan-2020] my notes of the decode i see that i correlated the 18 levels of the hum0n spectrum as follows:
3d-spectrum 36-30 – the visible 36-34 and etheric 33-30
4d-spectrum 46-40 – emotional dimension
5d-spectrum 56-53 – intellect 56-55 and classified 54-53

50-52 [the soul] is reserved for the superhuman spectrum when we have been able to sustain regular contact with our 6k-self who owns the soul that we are using.

DECODE 56 – duality 18 [513] versus 18
21-nov-19 – 2 days after decode 55

The mathematical and structural intricacies of the khufu pyramid at giza are unsurpassed in the known world. Just as we hum0n creators can take great delight in creating scaled -downed models of our most cherished creations and-or ideas – so too is this stone structure a model of not only how the earth is built in 3d but also a pointer to how the cosmic plan is set in stone – the cosmic plan of nezdev [consciousnez development] with its hierarchy of 49 dimensions, 122 subdimensions and laws of self-activation and methodical upgrades.

the hierarchy of supremos :–

~ 54 supremos in the human spectrum of 3d, 4d and most of 5d [18 motive-experts, 18 nez-experts and 18 matter-experts ]

~ 9 supremos in the superhuman spectrum and

~ 450 supremos across the 46 higher dimensions. This pantheon adds up to 513 supremos all working to promote nezdev – divided into 3 branches according to the 3 aspects

Adverserial to the 18 nez-supremos on the human spectrum are the 18 so-called “gods” working to impede the pace of nezdev. These 18 “gods” comprise the inner circle of the DML aka Lodge of Dark Magick practitioners.This “elite” of 18 operate unseen from the shadowy regions of 4d [emotions] and lower 5d [classified mental – 53 & 54 and intellect – 55 & 56] and wield immense power in those respective domains.

The human spectrum of duality must also contend with these 18 “gods” operating as adversaries to the corresponding 18 supremos working to promote nezdev within the constraints of cosmic law….  the 36 “gods” slug it out as both lodges vie to influence public opinion.

CSL the CauSaL l0dge of 18 experts working to accelerate the consciousnez development [nezdev] of the hum0n p0d by dropping hints and clues so as to encourage us to self-activate the upgrades

DML When one of the 18 experts from the dark magick l0dge is replaced, the newly promoted member must first have severed connections with the super-human realm [50-52] so they can without pangs of conscience – work to manipulate and exploit those still vulnerable. Most vulnerable to manipulation via mockin- stream media and mind [e.g. MKULTRA] control programs are those …

1) on lower emotional levels – 46-44 and

2) those who have mastered all 4d level 46-41 but still operate with the motivation that serves only self, family, friends, and favored selfish bloodlines.

MK = “mind-control” in german

in the pro-nezdev pantheon, there are 3 branches one for each of the 3 inseparable aspects

motive = propeller of matter

nez= 3rd and 4th types of nez flowing thru the ducts of matter

matter = carrier of primary and secondary nez thru the tubes of matter

totals: 49 dimensions, 122

Here is the chart…

Notice the visual symmetries
1) both lodges of 18 supremos in the ordinary human spectrum

2) the 6 diamonds of the cosmic world [divine kingdoms k1-k6], the 6 diamonds of the solar world and the small diamond bridging them. Numeration from higher to lower goes like this:

d43 inter-solar govt + d44 solar admin = divine kingdom k7
d45 inter-planetary govt + d46 planetary admin = natural kingdom k8
d47-d49 = human & animal kingdoms k9, k10 aka 4th and 3rd kingdoms
d48-d49 = vegetable & mineral kingdom k11, k12 aka 2nd and 1st kingdoms

d47-subdims 0-2 = causal elemental kingdom aka 1st elemental kingdom
d47 subdims 3-6 = mental elemental kingdom 2nd elemental kingdom
d48 subdims 0-6 = emotional elemental kingdom 3rd elemental kingdom


Looking up 56 on the greek lexicon we find agnósia  from where we get the word agnostic and lack of knowledge. This is exactly what the 18 members of the supreme DML rely on to keep their exploitation and manipulation scheme going.

2 days of elapsed time points us to the glaring sense of duality on those 18 levels that form the battleground where both sets of 18 supremos fight it out, the one seeking dictatorship over the vulnerable, the other pledged not to violate human wills, but to throw as many clues and hints on our path than are permitted without violating the law of self-activation.

Looking at the mayan date for the evening of the 21st nov. we find a near symmetry of day 177 from 260 equating to icon 17, 8th day of the wave. Inserting the decimal points we get 17.7 and 17.8 reminiscent of the duality of our 2 lodges of 18 supremos each.

DECODE 55 – 5 sips [bodies] of 5k
19-nov-19 – 8 days after decode 54

sip means smallest indivisible particle.
nezdev is consciousnez deveelopment

Here’s another visual showing how the central warks are integrated in the structure of nezdev. Note the symmetry between the causal soul owned by 6k and 5k who will some day in the probably distant future – be able to build its own fully fledged causal soul in its yellow region and so relieve 6k of its duty. I can suggest that, having worked so intimately together over approx. 153k lifetimes, 5k-hum0n now graduated to 6k-hum0n and 6k-subst0n progressing towards 7k-subst0n will always have such affection for each other.
Notice the sketchy yellow of 5k denotes it’s being filled in slowly but surely as progress is made in the world


The next picture fits the previous one into the scope of collective nez where 5k has been able to establish sporadic contact with the causal soul, it starts to have some access to the collective nez in that level. Likewise 6k-self has full access to the collective nez on 6d with limited access on 7d. Likewise 7k-self has full access to the collective nez on 7d with limited access on 8d. Like so …


Looking at the mayan date it gives us the 5th day of the teamwork wave.
In the top picture we have 5 bodies of 5k and 6k

In the bottom picture we have 5 globes on display with 5 nuclei , even though the nucleus of the 9d-globe is out of the picture.
Well that fits in neatly with the # of decode 55.
The 8 days of elapsed time make look at the 8d globe owened by the supremo self 8k who is really calling the shots for all 3 triangles of the nezladder covered in decode 52.

DECODE 54 – 7:2 sots : stoh
11-nov-2019 – 9 days after decode #53
260 days after decode #39 [8 phases of wark creation

Often I wondered about how the professions, trades and unskilled positions get filled so expeditiously? How does each country have enough people with the aptitude and motivation to fill the 100’s of trades and professions required.

So i researched how the 7 departments influence us and came with this scenario…
Those bodies of type 7 got a boost in 1675 and that caused a revolution in human thinking..Department 7 energies got ramped up considerably in 1950 and again in 2013 – witness the dramatic upgrade in discernment when it comes to mockin-stream media. Currently departments 4 and 5 are seem to be on the back burner but all the time ray 7 ramps up and ray 6 recedes

The m0nad’s sojourn camp is in the causal body, so both are deemed to be of the signature sedepartment at the time of wark creation. Our other 4 temporary bodies could potentially be ruled by 4 different depts, but typically it’s probably more likely going to be  a combo of 2 or 3 depts. If we’re not in a series of lives dedicated to a speciality, then those departments of our 4 temp bodies will swop around so as to give us opportunities to diversify with our career options.

The optimal combinations for Aquarius are
causal body – departments 1,2,3,7
persona-body dept 3
mental-body dept 5
4d-emotional body dept 6
3d composite body dept 7

Ray 7 got ramped up considerably in 1950 and 2013 so witness the dramatic upgrade in discernment when it comes to mockin-stream media

Currently rays 4 and 5 are seem to be on the back burner but all the time ray 7 ramps up and ray 6 recedes

Our 4 temporary bodies could potentially be ruled by 4 different depts, but typically it’s probably more like a combo of 2 or 3 depts. If we’re not in a series of lives dedicated to a speciality, then those departments of our 4 temp. bodies will swop around so as to give us opportunities to diversify with our career options.

let’s think we’re already pretty versatile with good track records in these areas, engineer, carer, teacher, psychologist, activist, presenter [compere, master of ceremonies] and soldier…

this time around it might be time to dabble our hand in the political circuit.. so our abilities and predispositions in these areas [carer, planner, beautician, engineer] will be kept under wraps but not so for our skill-set as an orator, activist and psychologist] which all will be sorely needed to be available to us in our upcoming career as a politician aided by being born into a family were both parents are active politicians with lots of money… Here’s the chart…

Notice the 36% in ther bottom right. This the dept 7-epoch and so those 36% with dept 7 as their #1-body along with others not with dept 7 as #1 but as #5 – the 3d body – have a great bonus in this incarnation.
In the previous Piscean epoch of 550 BCE until 1950 CE that pole position was played by dept 6 and we all know how that locked so many of being locked into our indoctrinated religious and scientific dogmas – for life.

There are 10 categories that have a great bearing on our geo-political

situation. At the transition periods from one epoch to the next, 6% vandals are sent into the mix to help tear down structures thatn no longer serve the hum0np0d. 400 leaders who are in contact with their causal bodies might be enough to tip the balance of power toward those who have their motivation aligned to stoh. Both sets of supremos vye for the middle ground. The 22% aligned with stoh will automatically align with the causal leaders. The approx. 18% committed sots operatives will automatically align with the DML rulers so the remaining 60& are up for grabs and there is everything to play for.


Shining through the chart is the ratio 2:7 for the all important ratio of sots:stoh. Today is the 11th of november so that gives us the 22. Exactly 260 days ago on the dsame galactic energies I published decode #39 which uncovered 8 phases of wark creation. Now when I look over that decode i see 7 phases and not 8 and as i write this on the 12th november i notice its the day call 711 on the galactic calendar . 7 x 11 gives us that 77% that popped up on the chart. The 7 11 stands for the 11th day which represents a breakthroug and the 7 represents the glyph called in mayan “manik” aka deer or hand the means of how we manifest things.
We are told that the old epoch had typically a ratio of 85:15 of sots: stoh so that’s great news to see that we’ve had an infux of an extra 5% of souls aligned to working for humanity. That will get translated into a huge shift for mankind toward the side of the 18 caual supremos. w0w

DECODE 53 – Entangled selves
2-nov-2019 – 12 days after previous decode #52


Einstein’s 1935 EPR paper has captivated scientists for generations laying out the opposing opinions Einstein had a vested interest in his theory of relativity and there wanted to dismiss the validity of quantum mechanics [QM]  ‘cos he also dismissed spooky action at a distance. The other side led by Bohr, argued that there could be unknown forces at work to validate the existing equations of QM. This issue of “quantum entanglement” made scientist so uneasy that they were happy to be forced to ignore the issue through lack of any funding. That was until maverick Irishman John Bell appeared on the scene in 1964.

See here for details

After 29 years of zero funding to progess the 1935 paper, he proved that opposing sides made different predictions and suggest experiments that coul prove which side was right. His paper was collecting dust on a few library shelves until a few later, a brilliant researcher John Clauser from Pasadena on JB’s article by chance. He took up the challenge to prove entanglement as a fact and consensus is that entanglement ids not generally accepted.

In the world of hylozoists, entanglement is in the natural order of things. First let’s look at these 2 entangled particles 5ke and 6ke.


Notice 521e and 522e
These are  entangled together at the start of each new incarnation. Persona 521 is hived off from the “mother-soul” with the situation that 522 is a mirror of everything happening in 521 where 522 is completely veiled from 521 until such time as 1) it first upgrades to 41-42 and stoh-motive allowing it to have sporadic contact with 510 and

2) much later when it upgrades to 53-54 and stoh-motive when it can make sporadic contact with 523-524. After the entanglement phase, 5k-hum0n wakens up in its new home and as a new baby must  learn again how to automate its 3d-body, crawling, walking  and talking  in perhaps a new language never spoken before in any of the previous lives. So because 6k-self as the owner of 522 has access to all contents of 521, it may said the 2 selves are also entangled.


12 day elapsed time. The first I thing I count is the number of spheres relating to 5k and 6k and bingo that comes to 12. Alao there are 12 level in the causal soul – 4 in each of the 3 lotus centers.
On the mayan clock it’s the first day of the thought trek of 13 days. I think this is one of the few decodes that focuses on the user friendly presentation. which was the predominant issue from which the topic of entanglement emerged.

DECODE 52 – nezdev ladder
21-oct-2019 – 280 days after previous decode #34
9046 days after original message

In 1995 I started decoding 2 pyramids of numbers. Pyramid 2 was the easier one and consumed most time. Researching the chakras led me to researching the giza pyramid and so there didn’t seem to be enough time for decoding the more enigmatic pyramid 1. On the 14th January 2019, exactly 24 years after I started working to decode pyramid 1, I got my first insight and wrote it up here under decode 34.
Another 280 days passed by until I got the next installment of decode. Yesterday 21-oct-2019, i really had a eureka moment when i reflected on the 3 triangles of nezdev.
Here is a picture of the latest decode.

the 3 yachts

On level #1 , there are 9 numbers which points to 3d.

On level #2, there are 3 sets of twins 2 4’s, 2 21’s and 2 22’s. This sure points me to 4d with its stark duality. It also points me to z42 and z44 the 2 sides of the tug of war going on, with the transitional emotional level z43 in the middle, symbolizing the battleground where we strive to move from low emotional states to high ones.

On level #3 there are 3 sets of 3’s which tie in exactly with the 9 steps on the nezdev ladder as shown on the right of picture.

Levels #4 and 5 are empty of content. That must be the enigmatic domain of 5d where we have our human monad and the other 4 sectors of 5d as shown.

On the top level #6, there are 6, 11’s and that ties in neatly with the 6th dimension which spans the nez levels from 66 up to 60 – the top or the nucleus of the 6d globe.


So in this case i work out the elapsed time from the previous and first decode of pyramid1 which is 280 days. I also worked out the elapsed days since day 1 of the decode and got 9046 days.

As is often the case, the godeau-effect will not be immediately obvious and will usually need some reflection to connect the dots for the sought after confirmation.

On this occasion it took me a couple of mins of reflection – I could see the relevance of the 90 as representing the top of the nezdev ladder, but I needed some extra minutes to see that indeed 46 represents the bottom-most first rung on the ladder. Even though technically speaking level z36 appears to be floor level, it has to be in step with its corresponding emotional and intellect levels, so that means that the floor level is represented by the synthesis of 33+46+56.

That was so neat and I did not expect so much elegance in the godeau-effect. So elegant that I’m tempted not to look after some other pointers but here goes. [10 seconds thinking time] .. well it has to be 30 – 30 numbers in the pyramid and yesterday I completed the first 30 pages of my upcoming book in draft format.

The first insight I got on this decode was that unusual symmetry of the 3 3’s, 3 6’s and 3 9’s on level 2 caught my attention and when I look at the nez-ladder on the right of the picture I clearly see 3 points of the 3 triangles around 30, 60 and 90, aka 3d, 6d and 9d. Beautiful symmetry indeed.

Now I consider the 280 days elapse time. I look it up on the greek gematria and get an interesting reference to the rules of measurement.. see here.

In modern-day English, without our measure means “beyond our province,” “beyond our territory,” or “beyond our sphere [of influence].” A province is the equivalent of a state, and it can even be a nation. Today as I write this, it seems very appropriate as today the UK elections kicked off with the primary fight over whether we want to be a self-governing nation or not.

I have a feeling that the bottom row of 9 numbers will at some time give up some more of its insights about how we actually get from rung to rung on that symmetrical ladder of nezdev….

DECODE 51 – the om symbol analogy for the wark
16-oct-19 – 2 days after previous decode [50]

This is a fascinating symbol with so much info packed inside. There are 2 parts of the symbol on which most decoders will agree ie the small diamond at the top to denote the inexhaustible aspect of the universe and the thin red line point upwards originating from the base of the figure 3 which denotes the tiny % of our nez which is termed the waking nez.
In this picture i have aligned the components with central features of the smallest indivisible particle aka subquark aka wark. I use the 3 primary colors to make the following points:
BLUE denotes the birthing the primorduial warks out of the inexhaustible ocean of primordial matter. The large figure 3 denotes that wark after its birth and its now being kept in motion by the same blue motive force that orchestrated its birth

RED denotes the 6 substrings of the wark that comprise the human spectrum of our worlds

YELLOW denotes the smaller warks flowing thru the tubes and ducts of the larger wark and contributing to the flow of nez within us,. Each wark possess a “matter-quality” of its structure of 10 tubes [strings] and up to 4 possible spirals wrapped around each tube. For most of us only 2 spirals are activated on the mental-causal wark and 4 are activate on the the 4d-emotional wark. The smaller warks flowing through those tubes denote the “nez-quality” that we have. Here’s the chart..

om : an analogy for the wark

godeau effect

Well only 2 days since the last decode so i can’t make much out of that so I go back into the mayan calendar for clues.
We are on day 140 of the calendar that’s the 10th day of the artisan aka monkey “trek” [13-day period] which straddles the center of the calendar with the preceding 10th trek called the mirror-trek. The day sign is the last one #20 meaning “lord” or ancestors or flowers. So here have two 10’s and a 20 – and that’s a very nice entry point to notice that the 10 strings are the central part of the symbol.

So today is the 10th day of trek #11 and that denotes a gift [10th day] from the master artisan [trek #11]. The wark sure looks like the best gift we could ever wish for from the Chief Architect or Artisan of the universe, the building block of all forms in the cosmos including our hum0n selves.

If i must comment on the 2 days of elapsed time then it points me to the birthing process of the wark as it transforms from the zero conscious state to the newly formed wark with potential nez giving us the 2 states of on and off.

Also i can comment on #51 of the decode. In decode 47 we commented on the striking mirrors set up between the stone level numbers and the nez numbers eg

#50 = z51; #51 = z50; [5d]
#40 = z41; #41 = z40; [4d]
#30 = z31; #31 = z30; [3d]

so we are pointed to the highest nez level on the hum0n spectrum – yet another great marker for this decode.

DECODE 50 – 5 birthdays on 5 days of full moon
14-oct-19 – 9 days after previous decode

This is my first marathon decode which has ended up in 9 parts. The main reason being that part 8 will be very unfamiliar material to most readers, so after i outline 4 or the birthdays, i give you u 5 preambles before presenting you with birthday #0 which actually is the first one in chronological order, but the last one in my presentation.

So by the time we get to part 8, there is a better chance that readers will understand without comprehension, will comprehend without understanding [ more likely], or even some of you will both comprehend and understand.

The presentation first starts out with the 5 days of full-on moon, 2.5 days before and after. Next it goes through the 5 birthdays that we can celebrate on these special 5 days. The first 2 birthdays are related to the mayan calendar of 260 days which is exactly the time needed starting from the day the hum0n embryo hatches out of the zona and implants itself into the wall of the uterus until we come out of the birth canal on the day most of us would consider to be our only birthday.
This decode will show how to celebrate another 4 birthdays that you may not have thought of. These next 2 pictures explain 3 of the not so obvious ones…

3 of the birthdays #1, #2 and #3
birthday #4

the 5 preambles to explain birthday #0

The next 5 preambles will prepare us for part 8 . Here they are …

12 qualities outlined by Hercules
% qualities of our 2 animal friends
review of all 5 birthdays
final preamble
diagram birthday #0
ratios for nezdev and gepol

in part 9 notice how the % of the population working to upgrade their nezdev is pinned at between 10% and 20%. Meanwhile the % of population who are agents counteracting nezdev has a range of between 10% and 40%.

I think the reason for this is that building a new culture and a new national identity is a slow methodical work that does not need to be rushed , while disassembling the old structures that no longer serve the plan of nezdev can be accomplished rather quickly in comparison.

From history, we can observe that these periods of collapse can be rapid in comparison to the nation and culture pioneering work. Notice also that the number of movers and shakers who are needed for the pioneering work can be tweaked in contrast to the constant # of 200 entities working against nezdev.

godeau effect

1) Well it’s decode 50 and 50% is such a critical % to have as an average % of our 12 qualities. When we reach that critical threshold, we are sure likely to be noticed by some helpers who can ably assist us to stabilize and sustain our upgrade of nezdev. See part 5 of 9 where we calculate the average % across all 12 qualities for our elephant and chimp friends.

2) nine days elapsed time and 9 parts of the decode is noteworthy especially since most recent decodes have one chart and 1 part of the explanation.

3) Not least should i mention that the 9 parts were worked out over the course of the 2 days where the full moon was fullest ie 13th and 14th october 2019. I have just finished this decode about 30 minutes ago and i write this 9 minutes short of 24 hours after the full moon yesterday at 22:07..

DECODE 49 giza opens up her secrets at stone course #49 aka z52
5-oct-2019 – 9 days after previous decode

I noticed one of the charts was missing from the home page, so that was the spark to reopen that chart. When i looked into it i noticed the “gaping hole” left on stone level #49 which really is the the most critical quantum leaps of all but somehow almost went unnoticed. The comment on the old chart at stone course #49 reads “junior twin soul [castor] splits off at incarnation” and while that is technically correct it sure understates the significance of that stone level.

Well now i’ve changed that as now level #49 takes on a certain prominence in the new chart. Here it is showing just how pivotal is that transition that allows our hum0n to switch self-identification from our 5210-personal-body up to the next level 5220-causal-body – a momentous quantum of quantum leaps in our journey though the ages – from junior-self [jself] to causal-self.
Here is the revised chart:


9 days of decoding indicates completion and it certainly feels that way.. but looking back so many of the other decodes also seemed likewise. So i should not be presumptuous in thinking that this chart will better stand the test of time than many of its predecessors.

i decoded this on another mirror day of the mayan calendar as i mentioned in the previous decode: yesterday 5-oct-2019 was day 129 on the mayan calendar and also known as the 9th day of the 13-day trek called “etznab” aka flint or mirror with the day sign “eb” human [symbol #12] hence day 129 is also known as 12.9. That gives us the mirror 129-912. Most remarkable about this number is that it points to precept 9 and verse 12 of the Pythagorean golden verses/precepts.

Precept 9.12 or verse 12[9] advises us to afford utter respect to out immortal self – and that certainly rings true from the last decode.

Indeed on the new chart above, we can get an idea of the epic tug of war that our hum0n is engaged in whenever we have advanced to the higher emotional levels z41 and-or z42 and much later when we are again faced with the struggle to jump from low mental z55 to high mental z54.

I notice also that the new chart extends just as far as 9d aka dimension 43 which is the highest limit of the solar realms before they transition into the cosmic realms… 9d completes the solar spectrum we might say and let’s not forget the sync. between #49 center stage and decode 49. We would expect decode 49 to be some kind of landmark, time will tell..


DECODE 48 the 404 synonyms for the immortal-human-self

26-sep-2019 – 4 days after previous decode [47]

Confronting the immortal self was never going to be easy and appeared such a daunting task. To go down that route i needed a good reason as this kind of inquiry cannot be taken lightly. I was trying to find an analogy for the pomegranate seed as separate from the aril but this was proving so elusive, partly because the aril is really an addendum of the seed reminding me a bit like how the persona [5210-7] is like an addendum to the composite soul 5210 – 5047.

I tried but finally I had to admit defeat cos i could not see any way to make the seed as an analogy of the mental.. ..i was searching for an analogy whereby the seed within the aril within the pomegranate would be the analogy for the mental wark within the emotional wark within within the 3d-wark.

So then i got the flash – well why not try fitting the pomegranate in place at the other end of the spectrum and that was exactly what i did.

And so i arrived at this picture of the immortal self …


What i noticed was how versatile was the immortal self with so many synonyms. Let’s examine the generic ones first …
1. hum0n aka
2. hum0n-self aka
3. human-m0nad aka
4. hum0n-nucleus aka
5. hum0n-wark aka
6. hum0n-primordial-wark

Now let’s zoom in on the smallest version of the above 6 generic names…
by adding u10 as the prefix we get
1. u10-hum0n aka
2. u10-hum0n-self aka
3. u10-human-m0nad aka
4. u10-hum0n-nucleus aka
5. u10-hum0n-wark aka
6. u10-hum0n-primordial-wark … then we can add 2 more
7. u10
8. “self-1” in quotes cos it reflects the structure of teh self and not the level of selfnez

this group of 8 can be repeated for the 45 dimensions giving us a tally of 368 across all 48 upper dimensions
Now we arrive at the highest, inermost human dimension ie 5d

Let’s see how many more names that gives us
1. 5k-hum0n aka
2. 5k-hum0n-self aka
3. 5k-human-m0nad aka
4. 5k-hum0n-nucleus aka
5. 5k-hum0n-wark aka
6. 5k-hum0n-primordial-wark … then we can add 2 more
7. 5k [short maths notation 5000]
8. self-47 now we can some more ..
9. self-470
10. jself [juniorself]
11 mental-jself
12. causal-self

Now we can move along to the 4d world to find these additions
1. 4u-hum0n attachment
2. 4u-hum0n-self attachment aka
3. 4u-human-m0nad attachment aka
4. 4u-hum0n-nucleus attachment aka
5. 4u-hum0n-wark attachment aka
6. 4u-hum0n-primordial-wark … then we can add some more
7. 4u-hum0n [4000]
8. self-48
9. 4d-jself [juniorself]

and finally we’ve made it to the outermost wark and innermost globe

1. 3u-hum0n attachment
2. 3u-hum0n-self attachment aka
3. 3u-human-m0nad attachment aka
4. 3u-hum0n-nucleus attachment aka
5. 3u-hum0n-wark attachment aka
6. 3u-hum0n-primordial-wark … then we can add some more
7. 4u-hum0n [3000]
8. self-49
9. 3d-jself [juniorself]

… and now we can compute our grand total.. as 404 names

now i see why i shied away from this subject for so long!!


Well it would be neat if we found 40 more names cos then we could match the 4 days of decoding to the 444 names, but for now i will be most content with 400 plus 4 names..

I can’t help but notice the # of this decode is 47 and not surprisingly dimension 47 comes out as the clear winner in chalking up the most names.

DECODE 47 4-digit ascending notation

22-sep-2109 – 19 days after previous decode [46]

There was always some awkwardness with the opposition between ascending consciousnez [nez=z] and “descending” numerics such as nez upgrades from 43 to 42 . Now that opposition gets blown away as follows. Given the fact that in 1 lifetime we struggle to move along one of the 28 grades – for example within emotional level z43 or within mental z55, that means that we are in fact moving up thru the numbers as we ascend nez like so:
4310 is the lowest grade of 43, 4347 is the highest grade of z43 so there goes 28 grades : 4310-7, 4320-7, 4330-7, 4340-7 as we count in sevens.

Indeed that sure would be a great accomplishment to achieve within a single lifetime. Here is the chart:


At first glance the elapsed time of 19 days since the last decode is not at first glance easily related to the deciode. So i’m looking up my mayan calendar for some inspiration as i write this post… Well the first thing i notice is that day 19 is the # of hidden mystery and storms.

So perhaps this clue is well hidden. If i look up the levels in the chart we see there are 21 of them – 7 each for each of the 3 human dimensions.
However the top levels on 3d and 4d are really reserved for inter-dimensional communications outside the human remit, so that indeed leaves us with 19 levels pertaining to our human experience.

These mirrors jump out at me from the chart… ….
# denotes the giza stone course
z denotes the nez level
so we have
#30, 31 mirroring z31 and z30
#40, 41 mirroring z41 and z40
#50, 51 mirroring z51 and z50

Yesterday was also a mirror day on the mayan calendar [you will read about that in the next decode] and another decode-day in fact the next decode [48] in the sequence. Even though i decoded this current decode [45] about 2 weeks ago, i’ve just got around to updating the website today [6-oct-2019]

So what i see here is a telling reference to the essence of the decode itself – that is paying attention to what direction we move arithmetically as we move up and down the levels and that’s the place we started in the first instance of the decode.

DECODE 46: the brand new hum0n
3-sep-2019 108 days after previous decode [45]

Sometimes we have to start off with basics and how better than to look at the first life we’ve had as a hum0n [human-monad].
I have propensity for overloading charts with info so i thought – well let’s narrow down the field and see if i can fit the process onto 1 page. I almost succeeded but had to make do with 1 page for the brand new h0mon and another page for the overview as reference. I suppose we could say that the second page is optional and for those of us like me – who like to see the bigger picture. So here is the process on 1 page…

Notice how the 2 selves interact: 5k-hum0n is the our true-human-self – very much dependent on 6k-subst0n so called cos it’s an expert in building substance-bodies when a new incarnation is immanent. Our human-soul aka causal soul has just been donated by 6k-subst0n who with 2 or 3 other colleagues have been assigned to us to help in our soujorn in the human kingdom of 3 dimensions. .
Many 1000 lifetimes later, as soon as we have reached 4d-level 42, we will start to have sporadic contact with 6k-subst0n and so we will start to feel an unfamiliar identification with that soul.
When many lifetimes after taht – we have reached the high mental level 54, then we can expect our contacts to become less sporadic.
Now for those of you who like to see the bigger picture even though we’ve just considered the first baby step into the human world, here it is…

the overview of the solar system – color coded


108 days elapsed time… let’s see if we can tie this into the latest decode. Well i remember being so proud when i received my 108-beads on a string washed and blessed by the in Sri-Lankan temple in Wales, UK many decades ago.
They represented the 108 names of god in the Hindu way. I remember around the same time as i was learning the 72 names of god in the Hebrew way, i lost 18 of the beads reducing my set to 90 beads. How neat i thought at the time this was as i took it as a pointer to the average between the 2 variants of names one a feminine set [the land of the sacred cow] and the other very male-oriented set [where Adam came before Eve] .

There are 20 colors available in my paint software and 18 of them i use for the 18 divisions, 1 for the ladder of triangles and one for the text , but still i can’t see any glaring connections. That equates to 4 Hebrew beads per color and 6 Hindu beads per color. This is such an interesting ratio for me the same ratio as we see between the 4 inter-dimensional strings of the wark and the 6 intra-dimensional strings.

The tie-up that i am somewhat teasing out of the scenario is that we are discussing the beginning of the human experience and we are also talking about the names of god. I suppose we can add in the 100 names of Allah to the melting pot.

I suggest that here we have the “godeau effect” appearing as a prevision… pointing to the ” upcoming ” decode 48 where i decode the 404 names of our immortal self that has just made its transition from animal-monad to hum0n. I can say this today cos i write this on the 11th oct 2019 – 38 days after this decode.

Now that i have linked decodes 46 and 48 , i can easily link dimensions 46 and 48 both tied intimately into the love aspect.

So i suppose there we have another aspect of the godeau effect – for this brand-new-hum0n to successfully navigate thru the upcoming expected 150k iterations of the 4 temporary bodies , we will surely need a constant supply of agap’e love coming from the realm of agap’e-love [dimension 46] and feeding down into the treacherous 4d -emotional realm.


DECODE 45: 31 chakra config
18-may-2019 – 4 days after decode 44

31 x chakras configuration

I was grappling with this one for a few days. I had discussed it with a friend the day before on the 17th May and was saying that i was very near a resolution to the final configuration. My best estimate was 29 or 30 or maybe even more than 30. I was pleased to be so near a resolution.
The next day, i would be on a 5k run, in a beautiful location in Reigate priory park in Surrey England. The route was so varied, we would start off near the restaurant, head towards the lake and then into the mini forest section. Then we would emerge back down hill towards the restaurant and then onto the 2nd lap.

fast forward some hours… I was running the 5k route with my son who was around 9 minutes faster than me. Just as i entered the forest section, i said to myself, this is a perfect setting for me to settle the issue about the number of chakras and sure enough before emerging from the panoply of trees, i calculated the answer to be 31. For the rest of the run i could just wonder at why the confusion – it all seems so obvious in hindsight – but of course that’s the power of the panoply of ancient wisdom.

The timekeeper called out 30:40 coming round the last bend, so i knew my time was somewhere between 31 and 32 and commented to my son, wouldn’t it be neat to get a time of 31:13, thinking that i would prefer a 31:13 time rather than 31:31. I got home later that evening and got an email saying that my official time was 31:31. What a hoot. I was gobsmacked – what a unusual confirmation, no dates involved or the usual type of calculations. See here for explanation of the configuration

Not only that – but i was still in awe when i looked up my new average …well lo and behold, my new average over a total of 6 runs on that course was still stuck on 31:31. And yet another 31:31 crops up when i look up my PB for 2019. Well i suppose there’s no need to calculate what was my old average over the previous 5 runs. In 2017 I registered a PB of 31:29, so that meant i had slipped a whopping 1 second per year – a very credible performance even if i might say so myself.

It took me some 77 days to jot this down and yesterday on the 3rd august i clocked up 30:32 on my local 5k flat circuit. Another average of 31 was the cue to commit this story to print.

That’s a personal poignant reminder for me because in 1 days time i start the 7 days commemoration of the transition of my nearest and dearest friend.

[the first 7 days commemoration ended on mayan spin 7 day 77 -12th march 2018]