March 28, 2018


3 3.4 3:3 SONG #9 THIS IS LOVE

Before Renata restarts with bb#3, here’s a fitting intro, a tribute to aspect #3  – the so called nez aspect by zooming in on another of George’s masterpieces.
This song was written by George and Jeff Lynne from ELO the Electric Light Orchestra. It sure fits into the theme of agap’e-nez.  It comes with a short intro by George:

“it’s all love whichever way you look at it. Love, how much you can get from each other and that’s determined by how much we’re giving to each other. But it all starts within ourself and then it spreads to those around us – good and bad – but basically that’s it’s the love we can generate….[feeling of gratitude]  is equal to the love we get back.. amen” [smiles and pauses]

In other words  the love we give out is balanced with the love we get. This is very much in line with the esoteric axiom that says  everything must be paid for whether up front or in arrears.
The song was released for the cloud nine album in 1987 and the following year he did a promotional video on the Hana island of Hawaii where we get to see the waves lashing the Hawain coastline.
Let’s revamp the lines to make it into dialog between ourselves and our 6.0g-donor and benefactor, our nearest & dearest 6.0g-god aka g46.0 angelgod [expert of substance] aka 6.0g-augeides aka guardian angel and aka 6.0g-monad.

The Lyrics “This is Love” 19873.0

5.0j-self: Precious words drift away from their meaning

And the sun melts the chill from our lives

6.0g-self: [yes dear] Helping us all to remember what we came here for
This is love, this is la la la-la love

5.0j-self:  [such an idyllic version of nature –  you mean that the reason we came down here is to give out
 and receive love and learn about the child aspect of agap’e-love often forgotten in our busy lives]
: [you nailed it dear so exact and we strive to reach the agap’e version of love
This is agap’e, this is la la la-la agap’e]

Little things that will change you forever
May appear from way out of the blue Making fools of ev’rybody who don’t understand
This is love, this is la la la-la love This is love, this is la la la-la love
Since our problems have been our own creation They also can be overcome
When we use the power provided free to everyone This is love, this is la la la-la love

5.0j-self:  [do you mean the power of motivation when we learn how to spread out the agap’e version of love]
: [you’re spot on dear again] This is love, this is la la la-la love

This is love, this is la la la-la love This is love, this is la la la-la love
Oh, this is love, this is la la la-la love This is love, this is la la la-la love [repeat and fade]

Now we rejoin Renata for my fav part of the building blocks, the 3 plus 4.


p Here we pay homage not just to the [3 aspects] of reality but also their 7 permutations. In segment 3 3.2 2:5  we’ll use the analogy of the giza levels to explain the 7 permutations. Without getting our head around the 3 aspects it will remain most problematic to understand the theory that we outline to you as the best theory available so far to humons. We call them the [PzQ] of reality central to esoteric understanding.

P for purpose, divine motivation and propulsion of immortal atems.
z for consciousnez in its  types and its 777 quantum leaps in the humon kingdom.

Q for both the ocean of primordial matter and our cosmos aka galaxy which swims in the that ocean where the cosmos is itself a bubble oin that ocean and the cosmos comprises of sea of atems performing as monad-selves and forms of all kinds unseen and seen by our 3d-eyes  and for some by their 4d-sight and 5d-sight.

We’re gonna explain why all things wark-size or bigger can be explained in 3’s. On all of your 6 planets, we have the idiom that when 2 unexpected events come together, we can expect that the 3rd related one is not far  off. We also find that things are usually grouped in threes and-or sevens – 3 primary colors, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 electrical colors of the wark, 7 thermal colors of the wark,  the musical triad,  the 7 musical notes and not least the 7 races, 7 subraces and 7 primary families within each subrace, 70 generations in an 2500-year epoch [35.7 years for each generation].  

In the last chapter we touched on the 3 branches of the god hierarchy and yes we’ve got one branch for each aspect. In section 0 0 4 we covered briefly the 3rd aspect of nez when we move into d1 of the cosmos.
The mayans had a pantheon of around 530 gods including those false gods working against them and us. Our pantheon comes to 509 working for us, 16 working against us and 4 caught in the battleground between both protagonists. In the cosmic scheme of things the adels would seem heavily outgunned however when we zoom down into out local world of 16 dims, we see its 16 adels versus 12 pdels with 4 in the busiest battleground territory. 

Add to that the fact that Earth is a dumping ground for unwanted adels across our 5 sister planets and we start to understand why coming down as an earthdweller is such a challenge. Add to that the fact that adel ray can mount concerted attacks when the 13 pdez rays have an unususual challenge to grapple with.  But let’s not forget who’s in charge – the central planners who synchronize the dispatch of a small # of herogods together with enough able assistants to carry out the outstanding plan especially relevant when a new subrace is to be incubated and readied to start or when a new empire is to serve the needs of the overall plan or when we are in transition phase from one epoch to another which is the 260 years perios we pretty much in the center off. 1800 – 1950 = 150 years of preparation and 1950 – 2100 – 150 years of the the main building phase. That’s 260 years spanning 4.2 generations.

This overlap period signifies preparation for an upcoming leap of dez.

 Now we spell out the how the 2 sides are arrayed against each other.

3 3.4 3:4B PANTHEON OF 155 X 3 GODS

 The Eskimos and Laplanders have 100+ words for types and conditions of snow, so it should not surprise us that across all humon 7 formerly humon branch of the divine hierarchy, we have 155 designations of gods.
We’ve already outlined in segment 3 3.6 4:3 the 155 gods on the formerly humon branch.
Now we expand on the herogods and demigods.

01          5d mind over 4d                            n5.3  pdel = pdez elites;  operate only on 4.1 and 4.2
01          5d fledgling mind over 4d            n5.4  operate only on 4.1 and 4.2

02          4d over intellect                             n5,6, n5.5
03          3D BLUPRINT                                  n3.1, n3.2, n3.3                                           
03          3d replica                                        n3.6, n3.5, n3.4
10 = TOTAL


02          4d-emotions                                  n4.1, 4.2 pdels = pdez elites
04          4d-emotions                                  n4.1,…n4.6

Now we give you the lineup on the angelic branch of the divine hierarchy.


42          cosmic elder gods                         g1.0 – g42.0
84          cosmic younger gods                    g1.1, g1.2…….g42.1, g42.2
02          solar elder gods                             g43.1[2], g44.1[6]
08          solar younger gods                        g43.1, g43.2, g44.1,….g43.6
02          planetary elder gods                     g45.1, g46.1

12          planetary younger gods g45.1,…g45.6, g46.1,…g46.6
 03         5d herogods                                   g5.0, g5.1, g5.2
 02         3d/ 4d herogods                            g3.0, g4.0          

155 = TOTAL

Now we size up the adversaries who use the 14th [non-cosmic ray]
The adels can focus all the power of that ray onto Earth which can be formidable when arrayed against the summation of all 13 cosmic rays cos the the full strength must be fragmented to cater for a multitude of planets, solar systems and galaxies.


3D, 5D [Dark Magick Lodge]

01          5d mind over 4d                            n5.3  adels = adez elites; operate on full spectrum 4d
01          5d fledgling mind over 4d            n5.4; operate on full spectrum 4d

02          4d over intellect                             n5,6, n5.5
03          3D BLUPRINT                                  n3.1, n3.2, n3.3                                          
03          3d replica                                        n3.6, n3.5, n3.4
10 = TOTAL

4D [Dark Magick Lodge]

06          4d-emotions                                  n4.1,…n4.6

The 3 branches of evolution  – the human, angelic and motive branches work synergistically as they take charge of the aspects nez, matrix of matter and motive + propulsive power. As we have seen in section 2 3.5 15, these  171 dims map precisely to the topmost 189 stone course of the giza pyramid.


Notice the 32 [supremos] is divided into 10’s and 6’s. We tell you that the 10 adel-supremos of 3d and 5d the so-called falsegods or fakegods of the DML can be considered as joint sovereigns on 3d and that lower part of 5d with the pdels.  In fact in each of those 10 dims we could say that the pdels and their adversaries are set to rule in a series according to the [cosmic rule-ratio of 3 : 2] meaning that the elapsed time given over to the respective rule by the pdels and adels is in the 3:2 ratio. We count the elapsed time in years or generations of 35.7 years where there are 70 generations in each epoch. This makes for easy planning and we’ll cover this cosmic rule in great detail later segment 3 3.2 1:5.    The major distinction in this conflict is that the DML supremos have severed their links with the causal soul and so have ruled out any further possibility of dez for themselves. They know that to hold on to their powers to manipulate those on lower nez levels, they need to inhibit those humons from upgrading dez.

On the other hand the corresponding pdel-supremos are committed to adhering to cosmic law so they have stopped incurring any negative karmic points. They keep a close watch over the pdels and leave as many clues as possible without interfering with free will. All the pdels will have made sustained contact with their souls on 5.0d, 5.1d and 5.2d. Aspirants to becoming part of the pdel team must agree to do their utmost to adhere to cosmic law and not to manipulate or exploit any members from the 4 lower kingdoms [mineral, vegetable, animal and human].

We must note that humons on any of these 4 mental dims and 3d dims who are stuck on motive type sots find themselves most vulnerable to manipulation by the adels and this highlights the power struggle currently going on the internet and social media.

As we keep pushing home to you the point of the best antidote to prevent manipulation by the adels so must you when it’s your turn to teach this back home.  We covered this subject when we paraphrased “beware of darkness” in segment 2 3.5 2:1 and we revisit this many times in during the course of the conference.

3 3.4 3:4F 4D BATTLEGROUND  

Here is the main battleground that humanity is fighting on at the present time. The pdez supremos on the lowest 4 dims 4.3 – 4.6 are really in an awkward position. On all 3 branches, the angelic and motivational branches and humon, much of the supremo’s work will be automated. On these 4 lower bands of 4d the adels dominate because they are not restrained by pangs of conscience coming from their soul and have disconnected from their angelgods. Yep humons who are stuck on these 4 lower bands of 4d are most vulnerable to manipulation by the adels and this exactly specifies the power struggle currently going on the internet and social media. The press and tv are still in the hands of the adels as we speak.  

However over the last few years pdels have forged a counter narrative to the mockingbird media [tv, social and press]. Citizens have been becoming more and more active in the new project of citizen journalism giving 10’s of millions more citizens access to the truth, gaining more and more access to alternative news streams on the social media platforms. Meanwhile as we speak, the mockingbird media is becoming more desperate to censor and shadowban – as their nefarious agendas are becoming more and more exposed.

The  good news is that our influx of the 7th ray is having its desired effect ever since in 2013 when the new Aquarian 7th ray finally achieved marginal dominance over the incumbent 6th ray. Witness what happened in the USA presidential elections, when despite 90% of the mockingbird was arrayed against Trump and despite perhaps 10% of vote flipping from Donald J Trump to Hilary Clinton,  DJT  was still able to nudge into the lead. This trend continues unabated. The deceptions continues as in the case of the 2019 British elections where 90% of the press and TV are doing their best to sell the vision of a friendly European empire. Startin in October there has been a concerted effort to bypass the mockingbird media to get the evidence how the USA presentdil elections were stolen by a collusion between Dems and RINOS which has been going on unreported. In fact on the 1st October the first reports emerged showing how the actor playing the role of Joe Biden blew his cover in a moment of dementure. //

/∞ See Prologue for latest update before publication of this report. //

/p The same upgrades through the emotional spectrum take place as we humons upgrade from 5.6 to 5.5 to 5.4 to 5.3. When 5.3 rules over the emotional spectrum, the critical point to consider is does the mental expert work for the adels or the pdels. When commitment is made to the pdels then only the 2 high grades of emotions are entertained and that if motive equals stoh or stos then  contact with the soul is initiated. When an expert on the 5.3 level decided to fall for the false promises of wealth and power, that humon will need to disconnect from  his/her soul so there are no pangs of conscience when exploiting people to gain power and wealth. This is a sorry state of affairs since any further dez is precluded and the adel will need to wait for millions of years before another chance to develop can be given. We will cover this in detail in chapter 9.

Now for the full hierarchy.

3 3.4 3.4G GOD HIERARCHY OF 465

 abbreviationsp gk
d1 – d42cosmic elder gods421264242
d1 – d42cosmic younger gods842528484
d43 – d44solar elder gods2622
d43 – d44 aka 9d – 8dsolar younger gods82488
d45 – d46 aka 7d – 6dplanetary elder gods2622
d45 – d46 aka 7d – 6dplanetary younger gods12361212
d47.1 – 47.3, 3n, 4n aka 5dhero-gods51555
 GOD HIERARCHY155465155155

As we would expect 465 is a signicant # when dissected by gematria. First in the strong’s sequence of bible words the 465th word is “an exchange” where the Greek word is “antallagma” as used in these 3 contexts.
Matthew 10:37-39; Mark 8:34-38; Luke 9:23-27)

I paraphrase from Luke:
24. Then Yashua Christos said to his disciples and initiates
 If anyone will follow me,  let them make the proper response to the challenges presented to them.

25. For any attempts will be in vain for those who attempt to save their lives by participating in or turning a blind eye to injustice, murder and cheating and whosoever will put his life on the line to adhere to my commands will surely make contact with their divine soul.

26. For what profit comes to one who shall have dominion over the whole endeavors of selecting would-be rulers and leaders  of the world but in so doing must lose contact with their own divine soul

What in god’s name could that cheater, coward  or imposter possibly give in exchange [465] for restoring contact with their divine soul donated by their erstwhile nearest and dearest angelgod?

27. For the designated son of humanity  shall come in the glory of his Mother-Father god in the presence of a multitude of  angelgods and everyone will be rewarded or given opportunities to pay recompense  according to the quality of their thoughts, deeds and speech – all exactly tallied according  the immutable cosmic law of plus & minus.

let’s look at the intrinsic meaning of the 3 greek letters 
epsilon eE =5 means essence;  upsilon uU means container or form = 400,  shee xX = 60 means unity in diversity

u is the container for the god energy in its 3 aspects;
e denotes the subatomic essence of the god energy
x denotes the enigma of the unity of the 3 aspects while at the same time they have their independent and detached responsibilities.

Now we look at the humon syllabus where the 2 sets of adversaries fight it out with 2 very different outcomes according to the cosmic rule-ratio of 3:2.
The pdels and aspirants to becoming pdels have the chance to prove themselves worthy of greater challenges
The adels and their aspirants have opportunities to change their ways or more often they condemn themselves sto great hardships in the future. We can think of it as an audition for those pdels who are ready to go onto bigger and more god-like tasks


       pgk branches                                                   p-branch                        g-branch           pdez [k] elites   v    adez elites 
d47.3 = 5.3d5d-battleground1elites11versus4
d47.4 – d47.6 = 5.4-5.6d5d-battleground3aspirants33versus4
d48.1 – d48.2 = 4.1-4.2d4d battleground2elites22versus6
d48.3 – d48.6 = 4.3-4.6d4d battleground4adels44versus6
d49.1 – d49.6 = 3.1-3.6d3d battleground6adels/ pdels66versus6
 elites16 1616 16

Here we see the battleground where the 2 sets of elites vye for the mass nez. The 9 supremos of the CSL [the causal lodge] work to keep the divine plan of dez on track and the other set called DML [the dark magick lodge] – the adversarial faction work to counteract dez and so prolong their influence


When we talk of one of the 171 dims we sometimes use the generic term “dim” along with its numeric qualifier and sometimes we use [elderdim] or pdim  for dims 1 to 49 and [youngerdim] or sdim to refer to any one of the other 122 dims.

We’ve covered the architecture of the elites , now it’s time to see how that harmony thru conflict works out in practice so we’ll take a grand detour to put our theory of nez 3.101 into perspective. 


At this point, dear diverse delegates, we have to divide you into your 6 planetary groups, where each of your planets gets special treatment. Earth dwellers stay here with me in the main auditorium and for the other 5 groups please follow one of the group instructor standing here beside me –  their hats are color coded so you can follow them easily to a separate lecture room. Color codes for the other 5 official planetary delegates are

  • skyblue for native Venusians,
  • flame color for native Vulcanians,
  • blueviolet for those native to Jupiter,
  • sunset green for those native to Saturn,
  • darkindigo for Neptune.

Some of you have 2 hats on in this conference and have requested to also represent 3 other planets in an unofficialcapacity. Yep we are happy to facilitate the 9 delegates who playing a dual role so for these nine  plz follow those leaders who are wearing the following color-coded hats.

  • deep rich blue for Uranus
  • orange for those native to Mercury
  • crimson for native Marsians,

These 9 presentations will take approx. an hour then we’ll break for lunch and reconvene after the 2 hour break.

5,000 years after the great flood of 75,025 BCE that decimated most of the Atlantean 4.0 race, [manu#5] incarnated around 70,000 BCE in the area of the then Gobi sea – to start officially the new root-race 5.0 3.1.

10,000 years later [around 60,000 BCE] he incarnated again in the Gobi region to officially start the new 5.1 subrace #1 that would later use the sub continent of India and Pakistan as a springboard for further migration.

18,000 years later [around  42,000 BCE] he incarnated again for the official start of the new subrace 5.2 that would  later use Arabia as a further springboard of migration. Here in APPENDIX you can see how is an overview of the 5 rootraces so far.


 Etheric bodies without densest 3d version located in the Greenland area of the globe called Hyperboreans. The looked like amoebic creatures and floated over the volatile surface of the earth in a hot heavy atmosphere. Every hill seemed like a mini volcano.


Vegetable life was being developed and with it stomachs for the pudding-bag [to-become-human-like] creatures. Earth was becoming cooller and more dense.  


Race #3.0=  Adam#0: Both male/female aspects of the soul are integrated into an addrogynous  duplex-soul [male & female aspects in the same body] but without our present sexual organs.  The birth process was by thought conception around the pineal, whereby a tiny spherical organism like a mistletoe berry was ejected through the fontanelle of the head. After 1 year of incubation the new soul would hatch out of the transparent covering as a 12 year-old in our present development.

Race #3.1: Adam#1:  Male / female aspects were separated into distinct bodies not yet with our familiar sexual organs. Food was not yet required for sustenance. When a male and female developed an intense soul love for each other, they could propagate in the image of god and the birth process went like this. The 2 mouths were pressed together for about 30 mins. The male’s breath would solidify into the left ventricle of the female’s heart. The female would go into quiet seclusion for 3 months of pregnancy after which she would release a tiny heart-shaped organism through the mouth which would be tenderly carried by her male-soul-lover to the temple and placed into the hands of the high-priest. Afer 1 year of incubation the soft  silky covering broke gently split and from that moment the parents would take care or the babe similar to our modern babe but with beautiful facial features with none of the animal nature present.

Race #3.2 The external 3rd eye: The so called Cyclops of Greek mythology.

Race #3.3 The hermaphrodites: : This is the transitional stage between 3.1 and 3.4 as the present-day sexual organs were being developed and the 3rd eye was internalized into the pituitary-pinaeal complex.
Osiris                                -Isis                      -Horus  aka

Yehovah [Yodhevah]      -Cain                    -Abel  aka

Bramah                            -Varah                  -Vach

Race #3.4 Adam #4  [around 16 million years ago]. The Seth-race of the bible  called son of Adam#4. The embryo that used to mature in the nursery could now gestate in the female uterus like today. Both male and female sexual organs had been perfected after 6 million years [10m ago].

              parents of race                                                                            race name
Jove                                   & Juno [Jupiter &Juno]                       Mars, Vulcan , Bellona,Juventas 
Osiris                                 & Isis aka                                                   Horus
Adam2, Yah [hovah]       & -Eve aka  Hova [Eve]                                  Seth
Brama-Viraj                      & Brama-Vach                                              Vach

Races #3.5 Seth [ starts 6.5 m years ago]
Black in skin color.

Race 3.6. Enos. Blue skin color.
Enos the son of Seth [Adam1’s son] was the first race born in the familiar way from man and woman both collectively known as Adam2.  Seth symbolizes the race 3.6. Before him humanity was hermaphrodite

Race #3.7 Lots of graduations animal to humon. Blueish-white skin color. The elite members from the 5 top animal species were given the opportunity to take on a human soul donated by a member of 6.0g – from the angelic branch of evolution who volunteered to look after its protégé for its duration in the human kingdom. The 5 most human like animals have specialities in one or more of the 6 senses and have refined certain atrtributes as follows.

elephant: telepathy, hearing, gentleness, compassion
horse: telepathy and strength
domesticated cat: telepathy, sight, reserve, sensitivity and privacy.
domesticated dog: telepathy, smell, loyalty, teamwork and playfulness.

Chimp: touch, taste, sense of justice and cunning.

Here is the map of the Atlantean races.


Race #4.0 ENGINEERED BY MANU #4 [5 million BCE].
Red skin color. Exclusively initiates from Mars and Venus.

Race #4.1
Next up Manu#4 starts in the Ivory coast with the black race around 4.5 million years ago. The spot is marked by figure 1 in the circle.A mixture of race #3.7 and #4.0 resulted in 10 feet giants [3 meters];

Race #4.2
Next up Manu#4 designed the red-brown color subrace lovers of mountain dwelling around 1.5 million years ago.The spot for incubation was the west coast of Mexico marked by figure 2 in the circle. they had red-brown complexion and moved nort eastwards towards Greenland in their colonization efforts. Typical heigh was reduced to 8 feet giants [2.5 meters] compared with modern day humon’s 3d-body.

Next up is the copper-colored Toltecs who turned out to be the predominant subrace of the atleanteans ruling over a kingdom of 2 billion humons, reaching their peak influence and grandure around 850k years ago. They started off like subrace 4.2 as 8 feet but later reduced to modern-day 6 feet. their place of incubation was in the Louisiana region marked by figure 3 in the circle. Thet built a magnificent Atlantean city called City of the Golden Gates.
Even in the year 13,000 BCE they built a model civilization in Peru where they were able to abolish poverty and allow the citizens to choose a labor love with the chores being divided out widely among the population. Their system allowed a most generous welfare system to catch the frail and sick. 

The incubation for 4.4 was half way between the west coast of Africa and the northern coast of south America marked by figure 4 in the circle not far from the City of the Golen Gates. The turanians were avid colonizers and moved steadily eastwards across the Atlantean continent. In contrast to the first 3 subraces, the Turanians were yellow-skinned.


5 large chunks of landmass arranged in a triangular shape emerged out from under the oceans Peru & environs, the USA area which is now under mountain time/ part of Canada, middle part of Africa, southern Europe and western Siberia. Much of north eastern asia also emerged [coded in green]  leaving the Gobi sea with an outer circumference the size of Africa. Much of southern Africa emerged from the sea.

Their  skin color transmuted to brown and olive-skinned and the new subrace #5 incubated in what’s now known as Scotland and Ireland [denoted by figure 5 in the circle] which at the time was one of the least desirable areas of the empire so they were allowed to flourish in the mostly mountainous areas without much interference from the southern Kings and Queens.  Modern variants today are the jews, kabyles and berbers. It was around the time of the great flood of 200k years ago that the subrace 4.5 were ready to venture forth and colonize. Their base was untouched by the flood and also Scandanavia was a prime spot for their colonization efforts.

Around 600k years ago, the semitic racial type 4.5 lived in the Atlantean regions that we now know as Ireland,
Scotland and Wales and the Northern most mountainous regions of the Atlantean island Rutya now under the sea. It was located a few hundred miles SW of today’s Ireland.   


Skin color transmuted to whiter shade of olive and the birthplace of subrace #6 is marked by figure 6 in the circle after the flood of 800k years ago. After 1000’s of years of battling against the semites from the north, the akkadians finally managed to vanquish the semites around 100k years ago. they took over the semite capital and were renowned for their sea-going prowess. At their zenith  a colony of initiates landed on the shores of Scandanavian via and made their way on land to Stonehenge in England

In 200k BCE the spread of black magic led to the 2nd great submerging of Atlantean territories as shown here.


We can see that the prime real estate that would be home to te future subraces 5.5 and 5.4 came out of the ocean.
For the next 100k years after this flood, the mighty but over-luxurious toltecs colonized the American continents north and south, Mespotamia, Egypt and India. 

The final subrace #7 were descended from the turanians with the same yellow skin color and the birthplace was the plains of Tartary marked by figure 7 in the circle. Even today  subrace #7  contributes over 2 billion humons to the total of surface dwellers. the initiated Kings and priests who followed cosmic law were warned beforehand of impending calamities and often had to make their escape secrety by ship during the night.  Typical descendents of 4.7 include the chinese, the tartars, today’s  mongolese, japanese, indonesians, malayasians, tibetans, hungarians and finns.

The subrace 4.5 – subrace 5 of rootrace 4 was instrumental in building root race #5 just as the up and coming subrace 5.6 will be instrumental in building race #6.  In this case an admixture of race #4.3 was used for the blend.

Now here’s what we’ve come to call Noah’s flood of the bible.


In 75,025 BCE, the 2 islands of [Ruta and Daitya] were submerged but not before around 9,000 of subrace #4.5 from the mountainous area of Northern Ruta were ferried out by a fleet of 30 ships to the north coast of Egypt where most continued their journey nortwards to the Mecca region. They had escaped 5,000 years before and took up their new residence near to Mecca of Arabia.

Here we have color-coded brown , the surviving fragment of the Atlantean empire occupying what’s now called the Atlantic ocean. Poseidonis would survive until the next flood of 9.654k BCE.  We can also another large chunk of prime estate emerge from the sea in the neigborhood of the the Gobi sea. The black magick faction of race #4 [atlanteans] was decimated in this flood commonly known as Noah’s flood. As the geoseismic  convulsions were taking place around the globe, 1000 brave humons  the embryronic nucleus of the new race #5 in the  making  were sheltering in the punch-bowl area near the urals  and the  then gobi sea.

GENETIC MIX:  5/6 from 4.5 + 1/12 from  4.3 + 1/12 from 4.6

Exodus preparations started in the year 79,797 BCE when the chosen 9,000 were called to the coast of the Ruta and the chosen and willing were secretly ferried out on a fleet of 30 ships needing the fleet to return twice to make 3 forward journeys in all taking several years to complete. The Egyptian coast was the staging area until all the last batch of 3000 pioneers arrived and then Manu could lead the escapees north eastwards  to the high plateau near to where Mecca stands today. Over the course of 2000 years, the small nation of 9000 grew to several millions. 

Several years before Noah’s flood, 700 pioneers were chosen for the next task of race building. This time Manu led them on another arduous journey lasting several years through Mesopotamia and Babylonia. They then had to pass  between 2 mountain ranges the Urals and the Tianshian range which then  marked the boundary of the huge Gobi Sea.

The shelter needed was on some hills north of the Gobi sea  with the sea still visible and Manu5 reached their shelter with his 700 brave pioneers. They arrived around one generation before the day when the floodgates in the dome would be opened up by which time they had grown to a community of 1000. Then the unthinkable chaos when the heavens opened up with their floods and Mother Earth began her worldwide convulsions as she rearranged the landmasses in readiness for the new root race #5.
 Along with the 2 big Atlantean islands, Egypt was also submerged except for the pyramids, so too was Oceania including Indonesia, NZ and Australia. Meanwhile the Himalayas were heaved up.

For the 1000 pioneers it was truly the survival of the fittest and the bravest. They couldn’t be sure if the  sun would ever become visible again during the year when the sun was rendered invisible by fine dust particles that permeated the atmosphere. They had to withstand the constant terror of seismic quivers  that were convulsing all around the earth. In modern jargon that’s what we might call climate change category #5. One year later, the sky dust had finally settled and the sun became visible again and there was some semblance of stability, but the nucleus of root race #5 had been decimated by 70% leaving 300 of the toughest pioneers still standing.

Those hardy survivors were the products from a mix 5,000 years earlier of 5/6 Irish & Scottish Semites [the original Semites ]  =race 4.5 and 1/12  Toltec = race 4.3 from Peru and the other 1/12 Akkadian = race 4.6 [Garden of Eden]. It would take another 5 years to attain some semblance of normality and the elderly Manu led his 300 survivors to the white island in the Gobi sea. The new race #5 would be founded on White island and later a mighty city was to be built on the opposite shore that lasted 50,000 years and has not been surpassed in grandeur up til the present day.  

Fast forward another 5,000 years and it was time to call down the expert race-builders, 50 clan-members together with their dedicated band of followers – to force the pace of change. CWL and AB give us an unrivalled sketch of the intermarriage of the clan and their exploits in their one of a kind record called Lives of Alcyone 3.1b.  Below we show you 5 of the charts they left us:

3 3.4 35G 10-GEN PROJECT

 We see Christos and Manu#5 start off the 10-generation project where most of the team  incarnate twice over the space of 10 gens. That means typically 4 or 5 gens of active service in 2 spurts. Manu#5 lived on the white island called Shamballa and was King of a community of several villages comprising in total round 7,000 brave souls situated near the island on the shores of the then massive Gobi Sea.

In this chart [APPENDIX 3.0] we see the high calibre team enlisted for the project. We’ve grouped the team into 3 groups as follows:

On the left hand side we have a list of 29 selves who are regular protagonists in building new root races, subraces and nations.

The highest rank consist of [Sanat Kumara] the solar ruler, the 2 world teachers, Christos aka [surya”] and
[mahaguru”] aka [mg#1] aka Buddha aka Thoth = Hermes  aka Zarathustra aka Orpheus aka Vyasa,
Manu#5 and [viraj”]  aka [maha-cohan”].

In the next rank are the Master teachers including many familiar faces such as
[mercury”] aka Pythagoras aka K.H [Koot Humi], the future world teacher, co-founder of Theosophical soc.,
[mars”] aka King Arthur aka Sir Thomas More aka Morya co-founder of Theosophical soc,
[vulcan”] aka Thomas Vaughan,
[alcyone”] aka Jidhu Krishanmurti  and
[venus”] aka Sir Francis Bacon aka Roger Bacon aka Comte st Germaine co-founder of Theosophical soc.

In the 3rd rank we also see many familiar faces including Yashua, [sirius”] aka  CWL, [corona”] aka Julius Caesar,
[hercules”] aka AB, Henry Olcott, Plato, Lao Tzu and HPB. 

On the bottom we have various others who appear more sporadically in a high profile role.

3 3.4 35H FINAL #5.0 =DIVINE RACE 5.1 [60K BCE, LIFE #3 APPENDIX 3.1 ] VALLEY #1 OF 4
GENETIC MIX: 5.1 = ¾ of 5.0 + ¼ of 4.6 AKKADIAN
In the year 60K BCE – we chart what can be considered as the final steps in the foundation of the root race #5 and can be also considered as the embryonic format of race #5.1 which would become especially pre-eminent in the Indian sub continebt using Punjab as a springboard. Manu incarnated with the genetics of  ¼ Toltec aka race #4.4  and ¾ root race #5.0. Christos took the body which was the great-grand-daughter of Manu’s previous body. Together they formed the sons and daughters of that divine race called 5.0. That divine line passed thru those 12 children of Manu & Christos. the divine line continue apace by virtue of the fact that each of the divine 12 had also 12 children and each of the 12 had in turn 12 children and even in the 3rd generation there were many families of 12 children.

Here is the chart from [Lives of Alycone], showing how the divine race 5.0 was established over the first 7 generations. Highlighted by red spheres are the family of 12 who initiated the divine line for race 5.1:

Yashua aka Jesus aka Jeshua , “mars” aka King Arthur aka Thomas More,  Pythagoras aka “mercury” ,
Francis Bacon aka “venus”, D.K. aka Dwal Kuhl [the Tibetan] aka “uranus” , A Besant,
Lao Tze, Julius Caesar aka [“corona”] , [capella”] aka S Maud Sharpe [gen sec of Theosophical Society London 1908],
Marie Russak born in Four Corners Cali, publisher of World Theosophy, from 1931 to 1933,
Thomas Vaughan aka “vulcan” 17 April 1621 − 27 February 1666  was a Welsh clergymanphilosopher, and alchemist, expert in the field of white magic, Jinjarajadasa aka [“selene”] expert on Thesophy [APPENDIX 3.1]


Manu#5 designed the divine line as follows:
The divine line proceeded thru
[jupiter”] and mars” aka king Arthur aka Morya
[viraj”]  and [saturn”]
surya” aka Christos and himself

Again according to tradition Manu#5  enriched the 5.3 divine line with 6 daughters

“hercules-2, “venus-4, [brihat”-6], “uranus-8 , [athena” -10], “vulcan [12]

and 6 sons
alcyone2-1,  corona”-3], selene-5], [vega”-7], [hestia”-9], [“capella-11]

Their spouses who appear on the chart are 

mars” aka King Arthur aka Morya spouse of
mercury”  aka Pythagoras aka K.H. spouse of  alcyone”,
[lyra”] aka LaoTze spouse of hestia”
[pallas”] aka Plato spose of selene”
helios” aka spouse of vega”
[castor”] spouse of athena”

So in total we’ve identified 24  beings in the divine line. 

Notice the backround shading in light green – this tells us about a rare private audience given by Sanat Kumara to Manu#5 on his 2nd incarnation with his eldest son  “alcyone” and his 3 eldest sons, sirius”, [elektra”], “” and [mizar”] also in attendance. We can also see that Manu#5 kept continuous hands-on rule all the way through the 7-generaional project living for over a century on his 2nd  incarnation in 60k.  

Never before nor since [1924] has such a city been seen in the world’s history; it took a 1,000 years to build and lasted almost unchanged for 50,000 years right up until the flood of 9,654 BCE. 3.1d

3 3.4 35I THE 5.2 ARABIAN RACE

[APPENDIX 3.1] On the left hand side of the chart we have the scheme of how race 5.1 was created destined to colonize the Indian sub continent. On the right we chart how the second subrace 5.2 achieved the migration into Arabia laying the foundations for a long-standing Arabian empire from 42k until 30k BCE when the Persians were sent to rejuvenate that first Persia and then branching out to the failing arabian lands.  3.51

Fast forward 18K years of development since Manu#5 initiated the 12 divine incarnations and we find the city of [Manoa] on the shores of the Gobi sea as the center of a vast and splendid civilization. Manu#5 decided it was the right time to begin the race 5.2  Arabian project, so he selected a few families of his pioneering team and sent them to start work on reclaiming a rugged primeval valley 10 miles long untouched by the 5.0 and 5.1 races situated 20 miles to the north of the Manoa and environs. approx. race. It would be 6 generations later that Manu#5 himself would appear as the son of “Mars” [the monad who would 42+k year later navigate the 5 bodies of King Arthur] and “Mercury” [the monad who would 41+k years later navigate the 5 bodies of Pythagoras].
“Alcyone” [the monad who would 44k years later inhabit the bodies of  Jiddhu Khrisnamurti] was already 62 when he became chieftain of the clan and 5 years later Alycyone was given the privilege of receiving Manu#5,  placing the crown above his head.Manu#5 and being the first to bow to homage to the new rightful leader.

Here is the chart showing how the way was prepared over 6 generations for Manu#5 to initiate the divine line of the  Arabian race 5.2.


In the intervening 2,000 years the group of well chosen families had grown into a small nation that had transformed the rugged 10 mile long valley into a comfortable aand pleasant land and was capable of sending forth a considerable  army 150k strong and well equipped. CWL and AB take up the story of Life #5 in Lives of Alcyone when Manu#5 was alreader leader of the small nation. Manu#5’s plan was first to send a smalls couting party of his most trusted men to test run the route and inform the King of Persia and the Arabian chieftans of the Manu’s plan. The king of Persians received the manoans graciously and invited them to stay some months in his capital. Alycone decined but was happy to receive an escort through some dangerous Persian terrain adjoining the arabian territory.

Sufficiently positive news was relayed back to Manu, so that Manu5 could make the final preparations to begin his the migration of his quarter-million strong contingent. The 150k strong army was carefully chosen a 100k non-combatants, wives and children at a safe distance behind. The army consisted of unmarried men or those with small families. The wives, children and non-combatant made up another 100k.

Alcyone and his scouting party had already been busy negotiating a place to set up a permanent camp when Manu#5 finally arrived with his impressive army.  The arabian chief reluctantly pointed to a desolate valley and said that was his best offer but in one year Manu et al had trandsformed that desolatre valley into a bounteous garden looked on by the incredulous arabian chieftains. One by one the arab chieftains realized the advantages of submitting to the visitors rules so as to participate in their  superior knowledge of irrigation, agriculture and good honest government.

[APPENDIX 3.2 ] Here we can see how the incarnations of the elite team of race building was put together over 5 generations. In the second generation of the project, Manu#5 arrives as the son of “Jupiter” [the monad who would 31.4k years later navigate the 5 bodies of Thomas Vaughan born in Wales, UK] and “Athena” [monad who 32k years later would navigate the bodies of the high ranking member of the build team residing in the Nilgiri Hills of the Himalayas.


In Egypt world-teacher#1 had just given his teaching of “inner light” to the Pharoas and their High-Priests. Thoth gave them the motto “look for the light cos only a king who sees the light in th heart of each can rule well”. To the people he gave the motto “ you are a 5d-human immortal essence, make the link to 6d” . Now it was time to cross over to visits manu#5  and his new nation. Manu had just appointed surya” as Chief Priest who was in constant telepathic contact with mahaguru1”.

On the chart of APPENDIX 3.2  notice the 6 entries shaded light green including the caption “meet with B[uddha]”. This refers to the audience mg#1 gave to alycyone” and his 4 sons, surya” as Chief Priest, an his 3 younger brothers all devoted to the oriesthood, mercury”, sirius” and selene”. Mg#1 told them “ you shall spread God’s love and wisdom over the world from sea to sea. You will turn man to righteousness, more and more shall the Hidden Light become maniofest.; more and more shall the Hidden Works be done openly.  and yours shall bre the hands to lift the veil; yours the voices that shall proclaim the glad tidings to the world. Bearers of freedom and light and joy shall you be. Forget not that we are always connected “. Alcyone” was aged 46 when mg#1 left them and would be back on the ground as we shall see in life #10.  


In the year 38k BCE Africa was carved up between the longstanding empire of Egypt and the up and coming empire of Arabia with a 2k year history of race 5.2 civilization. King “Mars” was ruling an empire based around Mashonaland in Zimbawe [formerly Rhodesia]. The native negores were severrly terrorised by a female Lemurian 8 foot giant who could mesmerize  the male of the species if not securely tethered to aaaaangelgon. In this expansion project one of the tasks was for the female Alcyone to kill the evil giant with an arrow to its heart, thus freeing up the local black population. Integration of the black community was not a priority of this project but rather another expansion of the arabian race 5.2. To this end the way was prepared for Manu#5 to arrive in the 5th generation that had been started off with many high ranking members from the pioneering team. See APPENDIX 3.2.


On the chart from APPENDIX 3.3 we see Manu and “mars” as starting off this 6 genertional project to lay the genetic foundations of race 5.3. Like with valley #1 for 5.1 the same principle was used by sheparding a small # of selected families to tame the rugged valley #2 also running northwerds from the Gobi Sea. “hercules” was born in the Toltec empire and when ready for marriage arrived in Manus the rsppen3from 30k BCE the first migrations from Gobi valley #2 westwards to Persia aka Iran were made. manu was King of Manu at the time that “Hercules” arrived in the city from the faraway Toltec empire [race 4.3]. There were strict intermarriage laws for the manoa race so “hercules” had to be adopted into the family of “sirius” before marriage could be permitter with [“orion”] 3.1c.  Sirius”  took hi family to start the reclamation of the valley and soon many familiar members of the pioneering team gathered around them.  To culminate this 6 generation project we see from the chart [APPENDIX 3.3] , Manu reappeared as the eldest son of [“dhruva”] and race 5.3 was well on its way according to Manu’s blueprint. ]


This was 3 generational project with 38+ nation-building-pioneers.  Jupiter” was ruling the new nation of valley#2 when the team assembled for another mission to upgrade the new race 5.3. On APPENDIX 3.4 we see the configuration  of the team with  Christos and Mahacohan showing the way, leading their  team of 25 members. In the 3rd generation we have identified a smaller subset of the team staying on to tidy up loose ends.


This was a major project  spread over 6 generations with a team of 46+ nation-building-pioneers as as hown on APPENDIX 3.4. There was a persian kingdom to be conquered in 2 stages and 25 years later an Armenian kingdom to conquer. First a splendid army of 200k consolidated their hold over the persian hostile territory and only 4 years later was it safe enough to send the wives and children to join them. Manu devised an elaborate cheme of irrigation for the much-barren country which took several generation to accomplish.  When the fierce mountainous tribes attacked, Sirius” was in charge and used his advantage in that the Armenians made nio use or archery but instead relied on hand to hand combat. Within a few years all of the armenian territory was absorbed under the kingdom of Mesopotamia allied to the the Perisan kingdom. The new system of honest government became very popular once its benefits were understood. Yajna  commander of chief who subdued the armenian terriroties was  proclaimed king of Armenia and it was decided that in the eventof war he should lead the combined armies of the countries, Persia, Mesopotamia ans Armenia.


This was a considerable project spread over 4 generation led by the then-world teacher mahaguru” aka Buddha.
It was 500 years after the migration and conquest of Persia  that mahaguru1” came down to lay down the new religion to be followed, 10,000 years since his visit covered in the 5th life of Alcyone”. Manu’s irrigation scheme was completed, the country was one of the most fertile in the world and prosperity and contenrtment reigned. The 2nd son of mars” was mercury” and he was chosen as the temple for mg#1 in the same fashion tht Yashua age 30 surrender to mg#2 aka Christos 30k years later. The ceremony of surrender and fusion was a great procession from the Royal Palace to the chief temple with hugh crowds nonplussed to see the body of mercury” the sson of the King  was being carroed shoulder high for all to see. The crowds were thinking why are the King and chief pries walking humbly beside the raised golden chair with mercury”.

At the end of the procession chief priest surya” addressed the crowds “ . The man you see behind the altar is no longer ther Prince mercury” but a messenger sent from the Most High.  Mg#1 began to speak out of mercury’s body and each listener could hear. He lifted up his right hand and there shone it it a Rod as of lightening shooting out its flashes on every side. He pointed the rod to the east and the heavens became one sheet of flame . Surya and King mars” and the crowds fell to their faces to pay homage.

Mg#1 instructed  his band of disciples about the duality of fire as spirit and and water aka matter was later corrupted into Ormuzd and Ahriman the evil one and gave the worlda major upgrade to the religion of the day.

For this project there were 2 distinct teams assembled. The familiar nation & religion building team was 53+ strong and the religious support team was 120+ strong mostly in generation 4 to spread the teachings of mg#1.
see APPENDIX 3.5

3 3.4 35P LIVES x10, x9 AND x8 WITH 3 EXCEPTIONS

We’ve just shown you the birth configurations for mahaguru#1 and his main nation 7 religion building team of 26 counting castor and pollux as one  team since they are set to alternate lives as in the Greek myth spread across 10 lives of the  character chosen by CWL and AB for this one-of-a-kind study. The first 2 lives covered a single project of founding the root race #5 so that gives us 9 projects in all. We’ve counted 226 lives spread across these 26 experts. Looking a bit closer we see 11 experts in perfect sync of  10 lives  with another 12 experts coming down for either 8 or 9 lives in the series including surya” and mahacohan. That leaves the spotlight on these 3 pioneers

  • Manu#5 tallied 12 lives across only 8 projects we covered and appeared twice in the earliest stage of the  project #1 before he assempled the wider team of 26. He did not nominate himself to participate in the smaller project of alcyone’s life #8 upgrading persian 5.3  when surya” deputized for him and again he missed project #9 when mg#1 and  mercury” with their support team brought the Zorastrian religion to the world. Manu#5 as leader of the race building project leading by example and appeared  twice in quick succesiion for 3 for the projects.
  • Hercules” aka Annie Besant tallies 11 lives showing why even as a female body from 1847 until 1933 she was probably the foremost orator of her lifetime and had the public spotlight on her for 4 decades of her life not least when during World War I she propagated self-government for India and set up the All-India Home Rule League. Her political work influenced both the course of Indian nationalism and Great Britain’s policies towards India.
  • Castor & Pollux tallied 13 lives between them 8 for Castor and 5 for Pollux only once appearing in the same generation in the 3rd generation of project #1 founding the root race #5. Just like in the Greek myth they work best by alternating their lives in 3d and out of 3d.  

It’s truly remarkable how closely knit this nation and religion building team of 26 is- always ready  and willing to undertake the strenuous tasks given to them and not one of them  clocking in less than 10 sign-ups  out of the 9 projects.


After Zarathustra had left his team of around 200 followers to spraed the religion far and wide, Manu#5 set his sights on the next 2 subraces which each would have around 7,000 years of incubation. All the children detected with artistic abilities were taken off with their parents to live in valley #3 away from the city dwellers. The specialisized educational system would turn them into gifted musicians, poets, craftsmen  and orators with little emphasis on business acumen.  Around 20k BCE were the first migrations westwards from the Gobi valley #3 to Armenia on the southern side of the Caucasian mountains; Greece and Crete were the main platforms used  to colonize the rest of southern Europe. The team of 26 observed by CWL and AB wre not involved in setting up these next 2 subraces 5.4 and 5.5.


Meanwile as the artistic children and families were taken off to valley #3, those children with special logical, technical and organizationa abilities were taken off to valley#4 again quite separated from the rest of Manoa and the educational system wss geared towards these gifted children that constantly streamed form the main city.  These children n would be trained to become expert techniciamns, merchants and mathematicians. As with 5.4, In 20k BCE the first major migration of race 5.5 started from Gobi valley #4 en route to the north side of Caucasian mountains in Dagestan. The flood of  9.654K BCE marked almost the half-way point between the first settlements on both sides of the  Caucaus and the present-day subraces 5.4 and 5.5.


The 4th and final flood sunk the last remaining island of Atlantis – the island of Poseidonis while the huge Gobi sea became the huge Gobi desert, once again dry land except for a small lake left remaininging in Krygyzstan. Northern Canada re-emeged from the sea as did Australia.

Poland was used as the main springboard from which the north of Europe was colonized. Then followed the americans, canadian, australians, the anglo-germanic,the argentinians and south africans.

Meanwhile Greece and Italy were the erly spring boards for the south followed by France and Spain and then onwards to South America. The average incubation period for a subrace was 13,670 years while the average incubation period for a nation was around 9,000 years.

Let’s take a look at the 2 subraces that colonized first Europe  and 20k years later the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.


Here we see the more recent birthplace of the southern Caucasians. Famed for their artistic, poetic and musical abilities – next to Lake Sevan adjoining modern day Armenia and Georgia. After more than 10,000 years of incubation, their next springboard for migrations would be
[5.4.1] Greece and Crete moving onward westwards to
[5.4.2] Albania
[5.4.3]  Italy

[5.4.4] Kelts in north of Italy, France, Begium, British Isles, western part of Switzerland and Germany west of the Rhine.

[5.4.5] Berbers, Kabyles mixed with the Spanish and portugeze
[5.4.6]  From Asia minor to Scandanavia  mixed with the Teutonic 5.5 race and large parties made their way to Ireland as told in the legend of Tuathaa-de-Danaan spoken ogff as more gods than men.
[5.4.7] the migrations from all prior 6 subraces to South Amrica and beyond.

The antlantean subraces are shown in the green circles 421 = rootrace 4 subrace 2 [black skinned] and 451= Atlantean semites 4.5 not to be confused with 45 which is abbreviation for rootrace 5 subrace 5.


∞ 40 denotes the root subrace 5.4.0 of root race 5. The main incubation epicentres for later migrations were Greece, Crete and Cyprus. 42, 43 denotes the 2nd and 3rd families of this subrace. Not shown is the 6th family 4.6 the celts of Ireland, sciotland and wales and the final family of the series 4.7 – the waves of migrations to the Americas and Australia.

Here we see the more recent birthplace of the nortern Caucasians. Famed for their technical and organizational abilities setting up came in modern day Dagestan on the shores of the Capsian Sea. After more than 10,000 years of incubation, their next springboard for migrations would be Poland using that as a base to migrate south east ans south west  [52 & 53] , Germany [53], the Lowlands [54], Scandanvia [54], northern France [55], Britannia [56] and more recently onward to outreaches of the British and European empire – America, Canada, Australia and south Africa.

Meanwhile subraces 5.4 and 5.5 were mixing in southern Spain and the celtic parts of the British mainland [46] and in Ireland [47].  Here we can see how northern Europe was colonized by the technicians and how the south was colonized by the artisans, philosophers, artists and musicians. Even 20k years later after all the inter-marriages going on  between northerners and southerners, we can still detect the original demarcation.

∞ Again we see the familiar 10k year incubation period on the southside of the Caucasian mountain range before the 1st mass migration to set up base camp in Poland. Families 46 and 56 are well mixed also families 44 with 52-55 are well mixed before the mass migrations to the Americas and Australia took place.

57 is 5.4.7 the 7th and final family branch of subrace 5.5 is the American race consolidated in less than 400 years the resulting meltiong pot of illustrious pioneers from all 5.4.1 thru 5.4.7 [the irish, scottish, welsh and cornish celts those celts who preserved their own languages and subraces 5.5.1 thru 5.5.6 [56 aka the British anglo-saxons ].


Here’s an approximation to the 7 families from the subrace 5 of race 5:
5.5.1 Russians [emanating from Dagestan];  Ukrainians     
5.5.2 West Slavs (chiefly Poles, Czechs, Kashubs, Slovaks, Sorbs)
         South Slavs (chiefly Bulgarians, Croats, Bosniaks, Macedonians,
                                Montenegrins, Serbs and Slovenes). 
5.5.3 Latvians, Estonians, Lithuania
5.4.4 Teuton-Germans, Saxons, Angles, Juts, Benelux countries;  Boers               
5.5.5 Scandanavians, Vikings
5.5.6 Anglo-Saxons, Australians; NewZealanders             
5.5.7 Americans

3 3.4 3.5V GENERATIONS X 70

We measure 70 generations in one epoch giving a value of 35.71 years. In Greek gematria 3571 means [“nux”] =  night or by night and this gives a flavor of how the adels and pdels swop rule almost as day gives way to night or as PY alludes to,  from 0.3 to 3  gens of enlightened pdel rule giving way to between 1 and 4 gens of adel tyranny  doing their best to counteract, human dez. We use black swan to signify special events that move human nez forward and on average happen every 1.25 generations [45 years]. The Piscean epoch started 550 BCE and the Aquarian epoch started 1950 CE. Here’s a chart to give you the gist of the ebb and flow of black swan events thru the epoch. We are always interested in adding new patterns to the mix so by all means let us know if you spot some more. Let’s take 3 minutes of silence so you have time to work out some more patterns on this chart.  


Race startLocation/leaders caravan            # of generations each of 36 years
Subrace         size#1 or years#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10
570,025Gobi Sea Root Race xxxxxxxxx 
5.160,075Punjab, North India: refine xxxxxxx   
5.242,050Arabia; refine 5.2 xxxxxxx   
5.240,075Migration Gobi to Arabia250,000xxxxx     
5.3550 BCECyrus, Camyses, Darius xx        
5.4478 BCEPericles          47        
5.4334 BCEAlex the Great 12         
5.416 CECaesars – Julius & Augustus26         
5.4138 CEAntonius Pius & Marcus Aurelius42         

Persia was an seemingly insignificant corner of the median empire and yet changing the median empire into a persian one took 2 generations and 3 kings. In contrast  unifying the disparate Greek city states, transitioning the Persian empire to become under Alex,  expanding the roman empire, or making the roman empire great again – as per Antoninus and Marcus are all projects on a much smaller scale and took 47, 12, 26 and 42 years respectively – a much shorter than was needed to build a new subrace or to manage a quarter million-strong  migration into arabia.  This task of pattern recognition is an ongoing project and we surprise ourselves how we can see new patterns over time.


In this visual we can see that all the migrations and colonizations bar 1  moved westwards. the one exception is that tsubrace moved south into the Punjab and India. Scandanavia, Arabia and Florida/ South Carolina are within the lattitudes 52.5o North [Berlin] and 38o North  [Athens]. Anyone see any more  patterns? //

/PY yep I will say that the Atlantean root race #4 capitals were considerable south of this band for example Peru  9o South, City of the Golden Gates  20o North  and Cairo 30o North.//

/Ø Very well observed PY and that goes to show that the 4 great upheavals at 800k, 200k, 75k, 9.654k BCE came with their corresponding climate changes to fit in with the divine plan of the 7 races and the 49 subraces.
Now we are focussed on the upcoming race 5.6, the precursor of root race 6 and in the distant future in human terms, a new continent will rise out of the ocean to accommodate the needs of the upcoming rootrace #6.
Thank you PY please continue with your insights and keep feeding them back to us as and when you discern them.

Now to the Gobi epicenter of root race #5.


Each epoch is divided into 70 generations of 35.7 years each. Building a root race is an intensive  8 generation process. Building a subrace takes typically 5 or 6 consecutive generations and significant migrations can take 4 generations to plan and complete.


We use the Gobi area for our case study as we give the sequence of event planned BY Manu5 for the incubation of his first 5 races 5.0 thru 5.6. Manu5 is in charge of preparing the climate and terrain for his new root race and their 7 subraces [ 6 so far]

1) 800k BCE Manu5 identifies prime estate [marked as brown capsule on the  map below and the 4 maps in Appendices 3.6A and 3.6B. This area will serve as the 5 incubation centers for root race 5 and its first 5 subraces starting 5,000 years before Noah’s flood and seismic events in 75,025 BCE.
See top of APPENDIX 3.6A for the terrain before the seismic events of 800k BCE.
The central blue line demarcates the landmass to the south and the aArtic Ocean to the north of the line.
Most land above the latitude of modern day Belgium was ocean.

See top of APPENDIX 3.6A. The selected prime estate ends up on the south-wesern tip othe new island in the middle of the newly formed Gobi Sea all around the island. Easter Siberia emerges for the benefit of race 4.7 which would liberally intermarry with the new race 5.

The island becomes joined up with central Europe and the northern part of the Gobi sea narrows. Te prome estate now has unrestricted access to all of Europe its new home to be for sub races 5.2,  5.3, 5.4 and 5.5


4) See top of APPENDIX 6B for a more panoramic view of the above map. This is an example of survival of the fittest and strongest according to cosmic law. Here is a recap of how Manu5 ended up with just 300 survivors from his original choice of 9,000 humons.

[9,000]               79,797 BCE the chosen 9,000 were evacuated via sea first to Cairo then on land to Mecca.
[3,000,000]    c. 77,000 BCE  over the course of 3000 years

[700]                   75,028 BCE  700 pioneers were chosen AND LED BY Manu5 on the arduous journey lasting   
                            several years through Mesopotamia/ Babylonia to arrive 50 miles NW of Gobi sea.

[1000]                 75,025 BCE the community of 700 grew to 1000 under the favorable conditions
[300]                   75,020 BCE embryonic 1000 was decimated to 300 in light  terrible conditions
                                            [sun rendered invisible for 1 year by fine dust ]  gradually improving over 4 years.  
[7000]                 70,000 BCE very slow growth awaiting favorable climate and terrain
[60 divine line]  70,072 BCE group chosen to be evacuated to white island before massacre by Turanians 4.4
[60 divine line]  60,000 BCE group chosen to be evacuated to white island before last massacre by Turanians  

 see bottom of APPENDIX 3.6B
The Gobi sea is again reduced by 50% allowing easy access for race 5.1 to migrate southwards to the Punjabs and India.
Races 5.4 and 5.5 both migrated to the south and north sides of the Caucasus respectively.
That left them 10k for further development time before the seismic changes that would sink the last remaing Atlantic part of Atlantis.  Most of Egypt is submerged while Finland emerges

This time the gobi sea is reduced by 90% leaving Lake Balkhash, Lake Issik-Kul [warm lake] in Krygyzstan and Lake Baikal [on the Russian side of the border with Mongolia] and several smaller lakes.

7) POST UPCOMING RED SEA MOMENT [estimated to happen somewhere between 2022 and 2025]. Subrace 5.6 has been quietly incubating over the last 10k tears and today we are witnessing the birth of that new subrace dedicated to transparency in government , natural  immunity, natural medicine [including Terra’s textbook of anatomy],  heavy taxation  all vaxx and GMOvax -bioweapons to be funnelled into natural medicine and cures, end of transhumanism and a replacement of mockinbird media with truth media

We’ve aggregated all flood changes around the gobi epicenter of race5. This shows how much emphasis was placed on getting a suitable environment for the 50,000 years required for incubation and for the 10.4k years beyond that. This means that the white island in the gobi sea, the central white city and its 4 valleys served for 50k years as the incubation centers for all the 5 subraces.

[white island] from 70k to 60k                                                             root race              10k
white island  environs from 60k to 50k for Punjabs,  India             subrace #1              10k
valley #1 from 52k to 42k for Arabian                                                subrace #2              10k
valley #2 from 42k to 32k for the Persian                                          subrace #3              10K       
valley #3 from 30k to 20k for Armenian                                            subrace #4              10K
valley #4 from 30k to 20k for Russian                                                subrace #5             10K
Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, Asia > America 8k BCE to 2021         subrace #6              10K
estimated 2025 – 12,000 CE                                                               subrace #7            10k

Now we look at the Black swan events divided into 3 old empires and 2 recent ones and the incipent one called America 1st to awaken..

The next 2 slides are the 64 black swan events.


We’ve had a close-up insight into how the first  5 subraces of race #5 were incubated. Right up to the digital age of the 70’s large families were the norm, the divinely inspired team of 26 builders that we followed for over 30k years were primed to have families of 12 sometimes with the sons showing up in the sequence 1,3,5,7,9,11 where the odd dimensions D47 and d49  are the dimensions of action and mind respectively. The band of 26 nation and religion builders reassembled in late 1870’s and 1880’s to bring ther theosophical teaching to the world much of it dsclosed for the first time outside the rarefied spaces of secret societies.

Finding other team members was simple for over 61k years as usual they grew up as brothers and sisters in the closely knit royal family, high-priest families and their associates. Today many team members have to typically find each other by joining telegram groups on social media or by joining groups and societies dedicated to uplifting humanity but increasingly we will see more and more the old way returning as adepts are born into privileged families wielding influence and power.

Now we’ll rejoin the more recent stream of history as we outline these 64 black swan events.


Now we zoom into our recent history the last 2,827 years as follows:[APPENDIX 3.8] and [APPENDIX 3.9]

here we dissect the ratios of rule by pdels versus rule by adels.


Taking average elapsed times per contiguous periods of rule we get 91 years for the pdels versus 57 years for the adels in other words 2.5 generations versus 1.6 generations.

The periods range from 11 years to  105 for the pdels and from 16 to 104 with 2 notable exceptions 182 years for the beginning of the roman empire and 265 years for the period after the jews returned from exile from Babylon.

Here in APPENDIX 3.9 we see again 3 divisions.

We’ve analyzed the principle slots on the charts as follows

The analysis of Britannia is split into pre and post magna carta. The Pre magna-carta sequence was  somewhat of a 15-person show comprising of Arthur, Merlin & Guinevere and the 12 knights. The general sequence of events is

The general pattern does point to the fact that the deck is stacked against the humanitarians and the altruists as they get a much smaller slice of the elapsed time in which to perform their heroic deeds. In contrast the adez forces typically have several consecutive generations in which to consolidate their power and abuse their power. This ties in with the fact that Earth is used as a dumping ground for adels so as to reliev the other 4 planets in our group. That means a more steady progress on those 4 planets but on earth you get by way of compensation many more opportunities to fast track your nedev by standing up to and confronting the multitudinous adels.

 Now back to the more recent past, since 1963 the pace of black swan events has become so frenetic and frantic that we’ve had 8 black swan events over the last 8 years. Something’s afoot. Any questions.//

/: Do I sense a sense of modesty that you have not mentioned this conference as an entry for 2021  but instead we have the AZ audits and the landscape bluprints from Mr Dez?

/ Ø  : Well Dorit dear, you know we must observe protocol and not write future events as if they are already over. That would be a gross disservice to the gods of time. Every day is a treasure so perhaps in several years time we will be ready to amend the entry for 2021 as you’ve hinted at.

/: comprendo Edwin – indeed I read between the lines humility in the face of our higher creator gods.//

/ p Thank you Theo and Dorit. Later we’ll take a look at the respective periods of rule by the pdels and adels k   – but now let’s wend our way through each of the 64 black swan events that are outlined with their eminent protagonists pushing forward the divine plan.

3 3.4 4:2 #1 ARA THE MYSTIC KA-1

This incarnation was known as Ara the Good and also The Peasant Mystic. Ara arrived in Tintangel in south western England in 750 BCE and was the same self that would be crowned as King Arthur in 521 CE. In the time of Ara, Tintangel was the main English port connecting with the ancient greek empire the same port Yeshua was to use twice between the years 92 BCE and 87 BCE. Ara built the temple of Ara at the location now known as Temple near Bodmin around 14 miles from Tintangel. There he taught 3 groups of godly-folk each with their own syllabus as follows.

First group was about the higher mysteries like we’re  giving you godly-folk at this conference.
Second group was about agap’e love and about the womanliness of god
Third group was about the existence of god.

Often they encountered the hostility of the long established Druids. A friend called Alfric [the same self that would later become KA-2’s knight called Galahad] led Ara to Avalon modern-day Glastonbury and there he was presented with the HolyGrail of Love and Healing shining with the substance of  pure radium with atomic # 88 closely connected to silver with atomic # 47. in Avalon were the 2 adjacent hills, the Tor of evil used by the Druids for black magic  rituals and Chalice Hill. On Chalice hill Ara had the privilege of partaking of the HolyGrail for 5 days before he had to bury it deep under the chalice hill. There the stream which runs nearby would draw its rustic colored susteneance and flow with life-giving essences first to the island of Brittania and onward to the globe. Ara was told that never again would a mortal hand touch it and to a privelged few will be given a vision of it. In 702 BCE Ara was gathered back as the 3d-atoms of his bodies became disassociated and he fled in a cloud to the higher realms.

3 3.4 4:3 #2 PYTHAGORAS [PY-101]

We can zoom into the rise and fall of Greece though the lens of 3 of its greatest heroes as follows
Around 7,000 BCE Orpheus arrived as the world teacher #1 – the first world teacher of rootrace 5 who came to establish the truth religion with its sacred mystery schools and the Delphic oracle.
By 700 BCE the benevolent and wise agricultural royalty had given way to the tyrants, military aristocrats or to anarchical democrats, the priests had started selling their services to the new tyrannical  politicians. The orders sent out from Delphi were no longer respected and the mystery schools themselves became corrupted.

Enter Pythagoras aka PY1 born around 756 BCE with a mission to rejuvenate the Greek project so central to the plan of dez …In deference to existing protocol the birth of such a one as Pythagoras destined to succeed Christos as world teacher – was foretold at the Delphi oracle to young married couple his parents-to-be 3.2.  The Pythoness of Delphi promised them “ a son who would be useful to all humanity and thoughout all time”. The oracle sent them to Sidon in today’s Lebanon, so that this special son could be conceived and born far from the disturbing influence of Samos.
When still a toddler, his mother received another prophesy “ your son shall be great in wisdom, but remember although the greeks still possess the science of the gods, the knowledge of god can be found only in Egypt.”
Before reaching out to the pdels of the world, PY crossed the whole of the ancient world. By age 20 he had attended classes of Hermodamus of his native Samos, of Pherecydes at Syros and had conferred with Thales and Anaximander of nearby Asia minor what we now call Turkey. He needed to go further afield..  he spent the next 37 years travelling  as follows Lebanon/Palestine = 1; Egypt = 22;

Cambyses of Persia son of Cyrus the Great, conqueror of Babylon descended on Egypt  and put an end to the Pharaohs. PY101 together with many of the Egyptian priesthood ended up in enormous city of Babylon [of the tower of Babel fame]. The Jewish scholars in exile at the time were given freedom to research the great Atlantean and root race 5 religions and provide king Nebuchadnezzer a powerful minister in the person of the prophet David. Meanwhile PY101 was sifting thru the relative merits of the highpriests of Babylon, the ancient chaldean priests, the survivors of the persian magis and the developing jewish religion all co-existing side by side.

After 12 years of synthesis in Babylon, PY101 was ready to start the journey of 1 year, westwards to his native Samos. Next up was 1 year in Greece visiting the great temples saving  Delphi for last. There he met the young mystic call Teoclea one of the priestesses from the college of Apollo.

At Delphi, he engaged the highest reps of the greek religion and he was setting the tone for the next Piscean epoch due to start shortly in 550 BCE until 1950 when Aquarius would take over as the new epoch. With the help of Theoclea, PY was able to revitalize their pdez priestly mission where the oracle of Delphi could  again be trusted. PY1 settled in to work with Theoclea. In trance, Theoclea told him “ Thanks to you, Apollo has returned to his sanctuary and I shall be his voice, but you his messenger are about to leave me alas! You will bear the light of his torch into Taormina, Italy.

It would be another year before PY1 was ready to leave on his Italian mission. That mission would be the giving out of scientific religion based on numbers of subatomics that would be kept alive thru the gnostic schools 300 BCE until 300 CE and then through an oral unbroken chain all the way up until today when I humbly take on the role of onward present-day messenger. Just before and at the beginning or shortly after each new epoch we have the world teacher take responsibility for creating a chain of disciples and initiates to carry the science of hylozoics forward. Over these 3 days you will notice PY’s name pop up time and time again.

At age 57 PY1 arrived in Taormina and  embarked on the all-important project of building the university of hylozoics attracting the elite pdez students from all across the civilized world. This project was to set the tone for the next 2,600+ years.  This was not just a university, it was an college of education for teenagers, a science academy and a small model city of some 2,000 under the control of PY. Morning and evening the 71 golden verses rang in the pupils’ ears. We cover these in chapter 8. The study of music was obligatory in the Pythagorean School, not only as a science but also as a healing agent. Iamblichus informs us that “Pythagoras believed that music greatly contributed to health, if it was used in the proper manner.” Pythagoras taught that the purest type of sound comes from stringed instruments and that wind instruments tend to excite the lower nature rather than to quiet it, an observation later corroborated by Plato.

The study of astronomy was a duty of the School. PY taught the heliocentric system and the sphericity of the earth; he declared that the moon is a dead planet which receives its light from the sun and described the composition of the Milky Way. More than a thousand years later both Bruno and Galileo derived their theories of astronomy from his pythagorean fragments. The trainee adept under the guidance of PY had to begin by contemplating the principles of hylozoics, before following its many applications in the concentric immensity of the spheres of evolution 3.3  [paraphrase]. At age 60 when least expected PY met his soul-love of many lifetimes  – one of his students called Theano. PY and Theano carried on the divine line of gods and demigods through their 2 sons Arimnestes and Telauges and a daughter Damo.

3 3.4 4:4  #3 PYTHAGOREANS

They had just 30 year to accomplish the mission until the university was overrun by the democratic mob, Pythagoras was murdered but many of his experts in hylozoics managed to flee thoughout Sicily and Greece and go undercover in order to continue the work which would be critical for the subsequent incubation and dez efforts. The direct successor to Pythagoras was his wife Theano. The order existed for around 300 years until it handed over the baton of dez to the gnostics. The Pythagorean fragments were preserved by two hundred and thirty-five of his loyal disciples, two hundred and eighteen of whom were men, the other seventeen women. At the present day all that remains of his ethical precepts in the public domain is found in the Golden Verses 3.4 3.5  [8 3.0 4:4]

LEGACY:  PY101 left us the basic theory of hylozoics in mathematical format which he will later greatly expand on when several decades, centuries or even a millennium hence he is expected to take over officially from Christos as the new worldteacher.


Solon born around 640 BCE devoted himself to becoming a merchant and a statesman. In 594 BCE Solon was the most powerful man. In the 590’s oligarchy was the method of rule. We see the birth of law-givers like Lycurgus who set up the spartan constitution. Solon inherited a crisis where  the poor were enslaved by the rich. He canceled loans of the poor and ended debt-based slavery. Solon rewrote the constitution to allowed citizens to serve as jurers. He revised every statute except that on homicide and made Athenian law altogether more humane. His code, though supplemented and modified, remained the foundation of Athenian statute law until the end of the 5th century, and parts of it were embodied in the new codification made at that time.

After retirement, Solon visited Egypt, Cyprus and Croesus king of Lyddia who  showed off his opulent wealth but Solon was not impressed.  About to be killed by Cyrus, he cried out oh Solon, oh Solon wisest of sages. When Solon returned from his travels he addressed the assembly calling out the athenians as cowards for not standing up to tyrrany. His legacy was secure and in every list of the wisest sages of Greece he was always included.

3 3.4 4:6 #5 BUDDHA 5 GAUTAMA AKA  BU5

[BU5] denotes the most famous incarnation of Buddha whose birth was exactly on cue as world-teacher#1  arrived near Benares in 643 BCE south of the border with Nepal. Like PY101 before him, Buddha would assemble around  2,000 pupils of the highest calibre, and so too would the chinese masters hot on his heels.

The Buddha commonly known  as Siddhārtha Gautama is considered the 5th incarnation that we know of in the esoteric circles 3.6
 The first 4 appearances known to us were

Exactly on cue Buddha-5 started his teaching like PY in preparation for the impending piscean epoch starting in 550 BCE to prep Humanity for the upcoming 2,500 years. His mission was to teach discernment through commonsense  and to show us how to vitalize the wisdom aspect of the 5.6d thru 5.3d atems. Wisdom via so-called common-sense but it’s really not so common at all. Let’s call it knowledge of the cosmic law and the 8fold way. Buddha’s official term as worldteacher is over but he is so loyal to humanity that he chooses to stay co-opted and as a consultant to Christos and Pythagoras – helping us to keep on track.


Here is the chain of the 12 links in the chain of cause and effects which become new causes called the 12 nidanas by Buddha:

  1. ignorance spring the 3 samskaras of threefold nature
  2. nez,
  3. name & form spring the six regions of the six senses and
  4. seventh being the property of but the enlightened
  5. sensations;
  6. 3 types of craving – 3d-craving of the senses, 4d-desire=kama, 53-54-desire of the mind
  7. attachment, existence, birth, old age and death, grief, lamentation, suffering, dejection and despair.

Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance  and from knowledge springs the cessation of these other 11 nidanas. As the foremost guide to acquire this esoteric knowledge we have the famous 8fold path aka the middle way that shows the way to mitigate against the chain of nidanas.


LEGACY: Becomes consultant to the current world teacher Christos. The 8fold path


50 years before Pisces, disparate locations Persia, Greece, Lyddia in present-day Turkey, India, China, the islands of Aegina and Cyme in Greece –  and  all came up with the concept of coinage. Today 70 years after Aquarius we are expecting the unveiling of  new financial system backed by real assets running on quantum computers operating at close to the speed of light. Here are the pictures of coins from those 6 locations along with a roman silver coin found in England and dated 211 BCE.

3 3.3 10b EARLIEST COINS X 6



Cyrus was the grandson of King Astyages, ruler of the  Median empire. The king dreamed of his daughter Mandane urinating a golden stream until at last his precious Median empire was flooded. The next morning his magian dream-readers turned pale. Hurriedly the king married off the said daughter to a vassal, a Persian , the prince of a backward and inconsequential  kingdom hoping to to defeat the outcome of his dream 3.7a.

But that was not to be. In 553 BCE the Median king sent his fearsome horsemen to confront a Persian contingent led by none other than his feared grandson. For 3 years the conflict dragged on and then suddenly in 550 BCE it was over. The gods started appearing in the dreams of neigboring kings broadcasting the startling news: “ Cyrus scattered the large armies of the Medes and captured his grandfather and took him prisoner” 3.7b  . Why did Harpagus, the most prominent chief of the Medes switch over to Cyrus mid-battle taking the median king as prisoner? But mutiny he did and so the persians , just a year before the slaves of the Medes were now their masters. As Cyrus expanded the empire to encompass 50% of the known world, he adopted the tried and retested formula of vanquishing barbarian-type savages in the remote bleakness of on the outer rim of his civilized empire.

Not even in the Babylonian annals, could someone be found that had risen so fast, so far. In just 6 years, Cyrus had taken over one empire after another. Cyrus is remembered for exceptional god-like qualities and the architect of a universal peace. No conqueror had before shown such clemency and such restraint. Xenophon writing 200 years later, said “no matter whom he conquered,  he would inspire in them a deep longing to please him and to bask in his good opinion. They found themselves longing to be guided by his rulings, his and no one else’s” -[ not even those rulings of their former gods 3.8.. Not only did Cyrus bring a noble mode of government to the world but he also made it his mission to spread the Zoroastrian philosophy far and wide. Cambyses was the son of Cyrus and added Egypt to the empire. Darius carried on the tradition of expansion 3.9   APPENDIX 3.10 [top left]


Cyrus became King of Persia just 9 years before the official start of Pisces and exactly on cue the same year when Pisces started he was crowned king of most of the known world at the time. See APPENDIX 3.10 for the map showing the extent of his empire. As we would expect the new epoch brought on a flurry of another 3 black swans in quick succession in preparation  for the upcoming 70 generations.


Buddha had a short breathing space of 50 years between dissolving his 3d body in 570 BCE and taking charge a new one in -509 BCE 3.10 He was the founder of Vedantin system derived from his very own monad’s writings in the former guise of Vyasa, [40k years prior] author of the Mahhabharata, the Puranas and the Brahamasutras. This time around he established 4 centers of philosophy  in Shingari, in the south, in Juggernath in Orissa, in Dwarakain Kathiawar and at Gungotri on the slopes of the Himalayas 3.11

See BLACK SWAN #33 for incarnation #7 TSONG-KA-PA, TIBET  around the 14th century.



Also known as Lao Tze, LaoTse, and Laozi [old master] was a natural mystic, an elusive free spirit who saw humanity & nature together as part of the Way. He believed those who understand their innate connection with the whole would never act out of narrow self-interest. His book known as the Tao Te Ching (also written Tao Te King and Dao De Jing) is ranked #4 in the number of language translations after the Bible, “The Little Prince,” and “Pinocchio.”

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

Here is an extract from the “Secret Doctrine” “Tao-te-king” [ “The Book of the Perfectibility of Nature”]  contains all the fundamental tenets of Esoteric Cosmogenesis. “He is said to have written 930 books on Ethics and religions, and seventy on magic, one thousand in all. His great work, however, the heart of his doctrine, the “Tao-te-King”.  

“The Secret Doctrine” gives Confucius and Plato as examples of “Fifth Rounders” and Buddha as a  “Sixth Rounder.”

However, if Confucius was a Fifth Rounder and still not as great or spiritual as Lao Tzu, then we may perhaps suppose that Lao Tzu was himself a Fifth Rounder. To put this in context we are currently almost 52% through round 4 where each round lasts for an aeon [4320 million earth years] 


Confucius had an auspicious start to his career in philosophy to have such a one as Lao Tzu as his teacher. Confucius aspired for people to become the best possible versions of themselves through a set of principles — living with integrity and dignity, staying true to one’s personal values, being free from worries and fears, saying less and doing more and evaluating oneself against internal not external standards. He is the creator of Taoism aka Daosim.
Confucius confined his attention solely to his own country, trying to apply his profound wisdom and philosophy to the wants of his countrymen, and little troubling his head about the rest of mankind.


Meanwhile the talent and the strategic value of the captive Judaeans did not go unnoticed by Cyrus. Their best scholars had delved into the archives giving them secret knowledge from the Atlanteans, Sumerians, Akkadians, Egyptians and Chaldeans. They could be depended on to keep Judaea [the strategic gateway between 2 former giants Mesopotamia and Egypt] –  loyal to empire. Cyrus initiated the first phase of the jewish return to Jerusalem and financed the rebuilding of the temple. In 535 BCE the foundations were laid but the serious task of rebuilding building had  to wait until 520 when Darius  allowed sufficient resources and manpower so that the project could be completed over the next 5 years


Cyrus was an initiate of Zarathrustra [Zoroaster in Greek] and installed it as the official religion of the empire while tolerating the local religions. Here we see the famous Persian symbol of ZaeraThrustra – the ‘Faravahar’  translated to mean “I choose.” and  also associated with  Old Persian word “fravarti” or “fravashi,” meaning “to protect.”


This symbol shows our immortal self as the larger ring in the center [5.0x] while the smaller ring represents our entangled angelgod who has many names.

TraditionImmortal Human selfSoulImmortal Luminous sponsor
Pythagorashuman monad47.0 – 47.210Augoeides, angel monad
Egyptianhuman kabaAtum, Atmu [angelic ka]
ZoroasterFeroher [large circle]Feroher [wings]Feroher [small circle]
Buddhahuman arnooJiva-atmanangelic arnoo
GreeksDioscuri aka PolydeucesPsyche  [“si’chee”]Dioscuri aka Polydeuces
Greeks/ RomansCastorAnima / animusPollux
Hinduhuman arnooJiva-atmanangelic arnoo
Chaldean  My deliverer, restorer
Hebrewhuman monadNefeshangelic monad
Christianhuman self Guardian angel, Redeemer
Nez 3.101humon [5.0x]Permanent body #1[5.01 – 5.211], temp. body ~2 [5.210]angelgod [6.0g]

Ahura Mazda is the supreme deity of Zoroastrianism where ahura means breath or Lord and mazda means wise. Ahriman is the adversary aka Satan.
here is the sacred winged serpent sculpted in all its glory.

Cyrus and his son Cambyses had brought Babylon peace and prosperity by opening up the trade routes and stanbilizing inflation. Cambyses took over as king in 530 BCE and spent the next 4 years preparing to add Egypt as another province. He excelled in the art of propaganda inside ehypt tp demopralize his openents and his victor was that much easier. He spent the next 3 years in Egypt consolidating  perian rule and then was called back home to quash several rebllions across his empire. He never made it home and Darius I was poised to take over the mantle of king of kings. 


Soon the Punjab was subdued and with the rich plains of the Indus pacified Darius turned his attention westwards towards Macedon and Thrace. As democracy took root in Greece, the tyrants appointed by Darius were not accepted and that meant a collision course between Greece and Magna Grecia  with the persian superpower. Constant wars wars ensued with Persian at first gaining the upper hand at first but Athens, Sparta nd their satellites would give their all for liberty from barbarian rule and so the Delphic oracle predicted their success by the cryptic verse  saying “the wooden wall will stand” as it did when the wooden wall of the Greek battleships outsmarted the Persian navy at Salamis.

Darius quickly solved the financial problems that had hampered Cambyses by carefully fixing levies in all provinces. This was a huge success and brought financial stability for almost 200 years.


#17 SENATORS X 300

After the king of Rome was disgraced, a senate of 300 patricians was set up with 2 consuls serving together for a 1 year term after which they would join the senate themselves. Patricians had to come from their designated bloodlines so it didn’t matter how wealthy a plebeian was he could not qualify for the senate.

A series of clashes between the people and the ruling patricians in 495 and 494 BC brought the plebeians to the brink of revolt, the plebeians seceded en masse to the the Sacred Mount, a hill outside of Rome. The senate’s envoy told the fable of the belly and the limbs, likening the people to the limbs who chose not to support the belly, and thus starved themselves; just as the belly and the limbs, the city, he explained, could not survive without both the patricians and plebeians working in concert.

The plebeians agreed to negotiate for their return to the city; and their condition was that special tribunes from the plebeian class should be appointed to represent the plebeians, and to protect them from the power of the consuls. The tribunes should be sacrosanct; any person who laid hands on one of the tribunes would be outlawed, and the whole body of the plebeians would be entitled to kill such person without fear of penalty. The senate agreed to these terms to begin 493 BCE and the people returned to the city.

LEGACY: Today the USA has 100 senators 


At the same time  the roman senate was experimenting with their form of democracy. Athens pioneered the concept of direct democracy in the years 508 – 507 BCE. Solon [see #3 above] paved the way for such an experiment in the most direct form of democracy. Only native born land-owning men were considered citizens with full legal protection. That translated into around 80,000 citizens out of a population of 250,000 and around 30,000 of those were eligible to vote and address the assembly. By drawing lots eligible citizens were randomly selected to hold executive and judicial positions. Around 100,000 slaves were excluded from the democratic process.


The golden age of Pericles is also called the “age of Pericles”. He was an orator without peers and tutored by the Anatolian philosopher Anaxagoras.  Pericles was a great commander and orator
In 454 BCE Pericles moved the treasury of the Delian league from delos to Athens. The 1st Peloponnesian war broke out in 460 between the  rivals Megara and Corinth. Megara wanted to leave the Peloponneasian league and join the Deliian  league. Delian league were assisting many regions to fight off the Persian empire and were weakened in their battle front with Sparta. Pericles sent 200 ships to Egypt to help a rebel leader. That ended badly for Pericles who accepted a treaty with the Persians to stay out of Egyptian affaires. Samian war was a proxy war in 440 BCE USING Samos and Miletus. In -431 Sparta declared war on Athens. In 429 Pericles and many of his family were ravaged by a plague that shook Athens. With that the golden age of Pericles ended and after 25 years of continual Peloponnesian wars, Sparta gained the upper hand. Here’s a visual of how Pericles welded together without a war, around 150 formerly independent city staes. APPENDIX [bottom left]
LEGACY: kept Greece on track to spread its culture to the west.


Plato was an initiate of the pdels and the star pupil of Socrates. Today the socratic seminar is a regular feature in many of our schools and universities. Socrates did his best to debunk the Sophists by pushing them to make precise  definitions of the nebulous terms they loved to bandy around. Socrates who so much wanted to teach the citizens critical thinking was 1,900 years ahead of his time. Instead he was sentenced to death by the mob aka citizens assembly. After the death of his esteemed teacher, Plato soon surpassed the exploits of his hero and  was able to stay under the radar by placing his controversial ideas in the mouth of Socrates in dialog with himself and others. Unlike Socrates , Plato had been in previous lives initiated into both the Orphic mysteries and also the Pythagorean Order and knew about the theory of hylozoics. Plato had the divine fortune for significant parts of the esoteric wisdom to be resuscitated under the tutelage of dear Socrates – the wisest man in Athens until Plato assumed his mantle.
LEGACY: many allegories including the winged chariots that we visit later.

Between 401 and 399 BC, Cyrus the Younger employed 10k greek mercenaries to fight for him under false pretences thinking they would have an easy battle agains some nearby hill-tribes. Little did they know they would be lured on a 1200+ mile march thru Anatolia to face up to the mighty Persian army. The Ten Thousand professionals overcame their opposition twice at Cunaxa at the cost of only one Greek soldier wounded. Only after the battle did they hear that Cyrus had been killed, making their victory wasted and they were stranded 1200 miles from home with no food, no employer, and no reliable allies. When the Greek generals were lured into a trap by a persian general, they had to  elected new officers, among them Xenophon, and they set out to march northwards and homewards first to the to the Black Sea, through Corduene and Armenia. It was astonishing that Xenophon was able to feed his force in the heart of a vast empire with a hostile population and that they were able to make it back to Greece with a majority of the 10k still alive. In view of Xenophon’s conduct of the retreat, his originality and tactical genius in of the most daring and daunting military adventures,  Xenophon was considered to have been the greatest greek general to precede Alexander the Great 3.11b.
See APPENDIX 3.11 [bottom right ] to see how closely the astonishing march of the 10k aligns with the astonishing march of Alex [bottom right] the great some 2 generations later.

Aristotle the star student of Plato journeyed in 343 BCE to Macedonia  in the fourth year of the 108th Olympiad, and remained for eight years as the tutor of Alexander. The young prince’s affection for his instructor became as great as that which he felt for his father.

Seeing that Homer’s Iliad inspired Alexander to dream of becoming a heroic warrior, Aristotle created an abridged version for Alexander to carry with him on military campaigns. After his father’s death, Alexander, then 19 took charge.  By the fall of 336, he reissued treaties with the Greek city-states that belonged to the Corinthian League—with Athens still refusing membership—and was granted full military power in the campaign against the Persian Empire. But, before preparing for war with Persia, Alexander first conquered Macedonia’s northern borders.

Alexander’s destruction of Thebes served as a warning to other city-states contemplating revolt.  In 334, Alexander embarked on his Asiatic expedition, arriving in Troy that spring. Alexander then defeated Persian King Darius III’s army near the Grancius River. Next up on Alexander’s agenda was his campaign to conquer Egypt. After besieging Gaza on his way to Egypt, Alexander easily achieved his conquest; Egypt fell without resistance. In 331, he created the city of Alexandria, designed as a hub for Greek culture and commerce. Later that year, Alexander defeated the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela. With the collapse of the Persian army, Alexander became “King of Babylon, King of Asia, King of the Four Quarters of the World.”

Alexander’s next conquest was eastern Iran. In 328, Alexander defeated King Porus’ armies in northern India. While considering the conquests of Carthage and Rome, Alexander the Great died in Babylon (now Iraq) in 323 B.C – just 32 years old. After Alexander died, his empire collapsed and the nations within it battled for power.

Just as Cyrus arrived out of the blue from a remote corner  of the Median to rule all of the known world in a few short years, so too did Alex come out of the blue likewise from an unknown corner of the world to rule all of the Persian empire and beyond. And so we see how the god of fortune is full  of surprises as she gives her appointed nation their chance to rule for its allotted # of generations.  Later on we will take another close look at cosmic rule-ratio of 3:2 ratio whereby for example the white hats and black hats get to rule in the ratio of elapsed time 3:2.

Let’s review some of Aristotle’s achievements which of course relied on the patronage of Alex – his former student.  Aristotle was Plato’s foremost student and took over after Plato’s transition to 4d and beyond. The new greek philosophy icon used his considerable wealth to buy up the most esoteric manuscripts available. From these he was able to create treatises in  maths, logic, chemistry, physics, meteorology, botany, zoology, geography, politics, ethics and philosophy, psychology, anatomy, biology, astronomy and to this day we use his greek-centered terminology. When Aristotle lost the protection of his former student and then patron, he had to flee Athens to escape the mob.
Unlike Plato, while Alexander was still alive, Aristotle could confront the sophists head on knowing that Alex had his back. Also he picked up some of Buddha’s work on moderation by outlining virtue to be the mid point between 2 opposing vices e.g.

Vice 1VirtueVice 2
brutal punishmentfriendly admonitionabdication of responsibility

Remember that both Plato and Aristotle labored under the secret vows they had taken not to divulge that part of esoterics that confers unacceptable power and manipulation over the vulnerable. This ended when we encountered black swan #18. Aristotle used his wealth to employ researchers to collate the info from he copious mauscripts he had bought up and their scientific terminology created is still very much in evidence today.  In this way we had ccess to so many extensive treatises.

LEGACY OF ALEX: in a span of 14 years he set up the world center of learning in Alexandria and facilitated the synthesis of the cultures with most to offer the world to come – the cultures of Greece and the Orient.
Most notably the synthesis of the Orphic & Pythagorean mysteries with the well hidden and jealously guarded vedantin ideas of India and the magian ideas of Persia. Here is snapshot of the max extent of his empire.
APPENDIX 3.10 [top right] juxtaposed with the King of kings on the top left.

LEGACY OF ARISTOTLE: Even though Aristotle was the most famous student of the initiate Plato, he was not himself an initiate and was to befuddle the best brains on the planet for 1920+ years. See section of FB2 below.


In 3 waves, from 587 to 581 BCE, jewish semites were taken in captivity to Babylon 3.12. In 539 BCE, Cyrus gave the brightest minds among them – access to the the treasured archives allowing them to research the ancient wisdom not least Lemurian artefacts [pre 700k BCE], and manuscripts from Atlantis [pre 9654 BCE], Egypt, Sumerian and Chaldean. Around 520 Darius gave the green light to continue the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem which was completed in 515 BCE. Meanwhile the research continued in Babylon as the Jewish scholars welded themselves into a think tank that would rehash the ancient stories into a parallel story first written in persian script, then greek and then finally transitioned into the new hebrew script around 140 BCE ready for the start of the Kingdom of Judea a province of the Selleucid empire. Here we can see it on the top left of APPENDIX 3.11  
The Noah story mirrors the Chaldean Nuah story which is a composite of these 4 great Atlantean floods taking place in 800k, 200k, 75,025 and finally 9,654 BCE.

The Judean scholars were great initiates of the pdels to be able to piece together the various esoteric knowledge from diverse sources and they paid tribute to some of these sources like Adam and Adonai were inspired by Atum and Adon of the Egyptians and the 4th hebrew month is Tammuz the name of the 3rd aspect of the Babylonian trinity – the son and sun-god of Nimrod and Semiramis. The 5 books of Moses is a mosaic and esoteric rendering of the classic legends from Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Indian sub continent, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Persia and Pythagoras woven into a Hebrew framework. Here’s the map showing the journey made by Abraham and his team of bible scholars.


The Hebrew initiates availed  well from their generous access to the priceless archives.
Compare these 2 stories that have come down to us via different channels.

Sargon is known almost entirely from the legends and tales that followed his reputation through the cuneiform Mesopotamian history, and not from any documents that were written during his lifetime. The capital city of Agade (Akkad), which he built, has never been located and excavated. Akkad is mentioned in Genesis as the capital of Nimrod. It lay north of Babylon and near it was a city called Sippara.
From the cuneifoem tablets:
Sargina, the powerful king of Akkad am I. My mother was a princess, my father I did not know. My uncle ruled over the kingdom. In difficuly did my mother conceive me and she she placed me in ark of rushes and sealed it up with bitumen. She launched me in the river which did not drown me. The river carried me to Akki who tenderly lifted me 3.13

Attributing his success to the patronage of the goddess Ishtar, in whose honour Agade was erected, Sargon of Akkad became a great empire builder. Remote viewing tells us that the Akkadian racial type began in area of Sardinia around 200k years ago and that in 30k BCE the Sumerian-Akkad race was organized sufficiently to ward off grinding poverty.  This race would later be the trigger of the rise of the Babylonian empire 3.14.

When the mother of Moses could no longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes and daubed it with slime and with pitch. and put the child, Moses inside and she laid in by the river’s bank.
[Moses was married to Zipporah.] 

The 10 commandments were found in the Mesopotamian temple archives and we show in chapter 8 the cross reference between them and with the 71 verses of PY, and with the 5 commands and the 5 rules of Pantanjali. The 613 commands were translated from the Atlantean language. The jewish god was modelled on Bacchus, Dionysus, El Shaddai, El Sabaoth and  Zeus of Nisa. Nation building is so much easier when you have a ready-made sacred manuscript in your own distinct language. Hebrew emerged around 140 BCE as an aramaic-arabic-ethiopian dialect with an admixture of greek and chaldean.  

To be chosen as  god’s chosen people is a hard act to follow. We would say the jews were chosen to be especially gifted in scientific and political and business acumen and because they were so dispersed into so many nations, they were very well placed to be the bankers of the world because for example one jew in France can trust another jew in England and their gentile liasons in both countries can rest assured that the business will be taken care of.

However when the scholars devised the  term “ god’s chosen people”, they made the same mistake as Eusebios did 500+ years later and that was that the old and the new bible engineers  seriously downplayed the action of karma working its way across a series of incarnations of the same monad. Even though the jews use the Hebrew word “gilgulim” to indicate the concept of reincarnation its very much restricted to the niche world of the kabbalah and does not reach down to the general citizenry. Their god is painted as a jealous god and unfortunately that rubs off a lot in that competition so easily takes precedence over cooperation. Doriyt I know you have 2 great examples of this, please be so kind as to share them with us. //

/∞ Yep Renata, I’ve got three real-life examples from the period 2007 to 2016 based on the exploits of one of my close contacts.

 There are 2 distributors working in 60 shops. The manufacturer gives them preferential treatment and the best bonuses they could expect. The conditions are that the market is shared between the manufacturer who supplies 30 of the smaller shops and the other 60 are allocated to the 2 distributers on a first-come-first supplied basis. They could so easily reap a great profit each by amicably spitting the shops 30-30 between them.   But alas when you are brought up to be the chosen person, it has the tendency to pit each distributor against the other each clamoring to be #1 in the best shops not willing to share out the best shops between them.  For the sake of supremacy, they both are quite happy to eat into their profit margins and undercut the other. That might be fun for them but it’s the manufacturer who so generously gave them both the best profit margins – that has his margins even more dramatically squeezed – all because of the implacable disposition of both distributors to be the top dog in the disputed shops. The down side to over-confidence that you can easily bite the hand that feeds you as you try to become #1.   

There is business called “binary options” which is a fancy and deceptive name for a casino of shares. For example you bet on a share or the price of silver going up or down over a 1-24 hour time span. The punter thinks its a free market not realizing that the house stacks the odds in the house ‘s favor. The gullible investor first sees a demo where it looks so easy to predict correctly and win big. However when real money is parted with and the play is for “real”, the also is swiftly redirected to favor the house and the hapless punter is prone to lose their life ‘s savings in a few short weeks. The jewish company works with many countries but not Israel. When a jewish customer phones up to join, the jewish account managers are reluctant to take him on and rather will hand him over to one of the non-jewish account managers. The reason for this is that the negative karma for cheating a jew is considered much more painful  than for cheating a gentile. 

These 2 example gives an insight into what happens when a religious group are brought up to feel superior to the outside world. Don’t get me wrong I’m not singling out the jews in this matter cos the same feeling of superiority is prevalent among freemasons, jesuits, skull & bones, roman catholics  protestants and moslems. But because the jews are so tightly knit and still have disdain for mixed-marriages with pressure that the non-jew is to be converted – examples of the dangers of this feeling of superiority are easier to come by. Because reincarnation plays such a minor role in the hebrew sacred texts, the jews have a predisposition to have an intense focus on 3d affairs at the expense of the superphysical.

There is ongong disdain for mixed marriages unless the non-jew agrees to convert. This is illustrated that a jew can marry a non-jew only outside of Israel. Their concept of born a jew always a jew overflows to their thoughts on other sects – in other words born a christian always a christian. This is is so well illustrated in the case where one was born a christian and has disavowed it, the divorce lawyers will ask for a letter from the church vicar or priest to confirm this fact. No wonder Israel has the highest # of lawyers per capita in the world. This ranking is also fuelled by the fact that when defaulting in debt repayments, one can expect to engage 3 different lawyers as the case progresses along the chain of warning, attempts to agree repayment program and and final default.

ONGOING LEGACY: The vast majority of jews in Israel live segregated from their arab neigbors who happen to be christian or muslim. The druze-arabs also have a disdain for inter-marriage and so prefer to keep segregated and to themselves. According to the cosmic law of plusminus, arabs and jews who use their powers to exploit and abuse the other side will continue to be be destined to keep switching roles – one life as an intolerant jew, the next life as an intolerant arab and so on until such time as both sides see the futility of living by the doctrine “might is right”. Today as we speak [7th November 2021], we see how the karma of the jewish race is playing out on the world stage. Even though thy have their own homeland, their adel leaders have turned Israel into one giant lab to test out what happens when the god of AI decides on a genetic change to be made so as to turn GMOVAXX’d recipients into  24/7 factory for manufacturing dangerous spike proteins.   

#23 YASHUA YA101 AND CHRISTOS101 [44 year project and ongoing]

Since “shua” represents someone crying, it is easy to see that Yahushua, or Yahshua could be interpreted as ‘Yah is crying out’. However, Yahusha carries the root of ‘sha’ (yasha) which means salvation, thus making Yahusha to mean ‘Yah is Salvation!’ . Here is how Yahshua evolved to Jesus
Yah       sh           ua          Hebrew Yah saves
ie          s              ous        Greek                  Ιησούς or Iisoús  rhymes with the Greek god zeus
ie          so            us          latin                     zeus [deus] = roman Jupiter [share same root dia = bright / sky]
ie           so          us          King James Bible 1611  pronounced “ee-ay-sooce”                            
je            s            us          english   
The name Iesous “ee-ay-sooce” was used in Greek, Latin, and English until the 17th century, when the letter “J” was introduced as a replacement for the letter “I” when used as a consonant. However, it was still pronounced “Yea-soos” for many years before it eventually took on the “g” sound that we know today in the word “Jesus”.
The hebrew god is Yahu or Y’w’h, the greek god is Ζεύς or Zeus., The greek name for Jesus is Ιησούς or Iisoús “ Yeesoos where I is the letter iota derived from the Phoenician letter yod.  Yashua and Jesus match up respectively with their names for god yahu and zeus.

The greek name Christos [χρίστος] is derived from the earlier word chrisTOS [χριστός], meaning “anointed” and which became the christian theological term for the messiah.

The world had 450 years to digest Buddha’s message of the 8 means of pdez yoga and 8fold path before Yeshua arrived to fine-tune the message. We are part the way through discussing the 3 aspects and so far we have been heavily concerned with aspect #2, ray #2 and department #2  – the department of wisdom and agap’e love with  PY101, Buddha, Plato, Yashua and Christos all on ray #2 and so far only Pericles and Alexander on ray #1 – the ray of power and motive-power.

Buddha came to give us the wisdom and discernment aspect. In 105 BCE, Yashua arrived to prepare the way for the world-teacher #2 who would take over from Buddha and give humanity the other vital side to ray #2 – agap’e-love. Between the ages 12 and 15, he made 2 trips with his rich uncle who traded his spices and olives for the local tin –  to Tintangel in England [the location where Ara set up his temple around 750 BCE]  and Yashua also was able to visit Glastonbury in England then known as Avalon. When 19 years old Yashua travelled to an Essene adel monastery at Mount Serbal, and in a hostile environment took advantage of its sizable library. After 7 years there, he travelled to Egypt where, in an esoteric temple, he made sustained contact with his 6d-angelgod. He then travelled further to India and Tibet, where he stayed in a monastery until in 76 BC, at age 29 he returned to Palestine where he attracted around him a group of disciples belonging to various esoteric societies, gnostics, kabbalists, and hermetists. In the next year the world teacher Christos took charge of Yashu’s earthly bodies that had been carefully fashioned for this divine purpose.

To the people he preached in parables about how the kingdom of god is within us. He explained to his initiates about hylozoics – pertaining to dez and the ladder of 3 subatomic tripods. After Yashua transitioned, Christos stayed on in his own  etheric body for several  years in order to guide the initiates that would spread the gnostic knowledge far and wide. He taught that humons are gods in temporary exile. The  “Sermon on the Mount” in its original form, for example, was addressed only to his chosen disciples – ideals that can only be lived up to when dedicated to a life of service to humanity.  The most valuable gift from him to the masses was the strong vibrations they were exposed to in his presence. These vibrations of agap’e love even though felt once in a lifetime made a lasting impression that all is not what it appears on the surface.

The chosen ones, who were allowed to study the esoteric teaching, experienced the realities the wonderful teacher spoke of. Live facts about the structure of reality were played in their minds as if they were watching a movie screen.  They were made to see what they called the “glory of god”. Within the compass of his huge aura they themselves became what they were seeing.

Following that path they would receive the guidance they needed, a guidance that would mostly appear in external circumstances and conditions, in people’s attitudes and behaviours.

Those with the mission to spread the new ideals understood that it was not the words of the message, not the exposition of texts, but the power to put the audience into contact with unity, make them experience the state of agap’e-love which helped people to self-realization.

LEGACY: giving strength in today’s world to push back against the adez force who are constantly trying to undermine   god-believers, god-knowers  and enablers of agap’e-love the main message of Christos and Yashua.


“Smooth seas don’t make good sailors”  3.15  is a clichéd term but a very underrated statement, nonetheless. It is often said that something great is on the horizon when everything is going downhill. When life is pulling an individual back, it is often preparing to catapult them to greatness. Even from early adulthood, J. Caesar faced a very real possibility of death after his uncle Marius’s rival, Sulla, became the leader of Rome. He was executing everyone remotely linked to Marius. Young Caesar was forced to leave Rome and live off in exile for some time until Sulla was lobbied to pardon him. He came back to Rome as a poor man, as all his personal and ancestral belongings were confiscated. This would prove to be one of the basic dynamics that will haunt him for his entire life, and at the same time, drive him to attain the legendary status in history.

Yes, one motivation to go on to that daring  conquest of Gaul was to pay off his debt that he had been taking all his life to compensate for the losses of his properties. If not, he faced imprisonment at home. Maybe he didn’t know the art of diplomacy for he encountered enemies at every which way but this helped him ascend to the status of the most powerful man in Rome by commanding the loyalty of the citizenry. After his tenure as governor of Gaul, he was ordered by the Senate to come back to Rome as a private citizen. According to the law of the Roman Republic, any provincial governor leading troops across the border back into Italy would be declared a public enemy. It was, quite simply, an act of war.

“Caesar, still unsure whether to advance, a man of extraordinary height and beauty appeared, clearly sent by the gods. “The apparition snatched a trumpet from one of them, rushed to the river, and sounding the war-note with mighty blast, strode to the opposite bank. Then Caesar cried: ‘Take we the course which the signs of the gods and the false dealing of our foes point out. The die is cast.’” 3.16

That was when the die was cast and Julius crossed the Rubicon pitting the populist leader against the roman nobility. Julius crossed the river with one legion of 5,000 soldiers but soon his outstanding popularity gave the support of another 50,000 stationed throughout Italy pushing his enemies in the senate to flee. Caesar became the most powerful man in Rome just 3 months after crossing the Rubicon and officially invading the empire.

During the civil war, most of his trusted lieutenants and allies would leave him to join the Senate. Marcus Brutus, who he considered to be his son, and Titus Labienus, his most celebrated cavalry commander, both turned against him. Although he was able to defeat his enemies during the civil war and pardoned those who he considered as friends, his difficult relationship with his peers would not subside throughout his life.

In hindsight, if Caesar was with us today, he would tell us how his adversities made him the legend he is. He would also tell us that destiny has its mysterious ways. The adversities he initially wished weren’t a part of his life eventually led him to unprecedented greatness. As Marcus Aurelius would say, “the impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way.” 

However, Augustus’ position would not have been possible had it not been for Caesar’s careful and meticulous testing of Roman ideals and values in the 50’s and 40’s BCE. During his life, and certainly after, speculation swirled around the General about whether or not he was touting himself as a God and/or a king. Even though the ruling style of Rome turned imperial and monarchical, during Caesar’s time the title of “King” was highly offensive and considered dangerous to the Romans. They had a sharp objection to monarchy, as they still believed their precious Republic was not dead yet. The Romans harbored a hatred for the title king in any other sense.

During the tumultuous years surrounding the civil war and unrest, the Roman people and the Senate grasped for any sort of normalcy and stability. To do this, what can only be referred to as dire measures were taken in order to “restore” the republic. Caesar, as a leading politician, charismatic figure, and motivated beyond measure, received honors, both mortal and divine, that were an attempt to stabilize Rome.

The mortal honors, bestowed upon him by the Senate, really show just how above the rest Caesar was considered. Caesar was awarded a continual consulship in the months preceding his assassination, censorship for life, and the role of dictator for life. All of these were granted right before his assassination in March of 44, and all of this went against the very heart and ideals of Rome. After his death and by the time Augustus succeeded him, the stage was set and the people were ready: Rome was no longer a Republic.

#25 AUGUSTUS CAESAR [42 year project]

Caesar Augustus was born Gaius Octavius in 63 B.C. was also known as Octavian. Instead of following Julius Caesar’s example and making himself dictator, Octavian in 27 BC founded the principate, a system of monarchy headed by an emperor holding power for life. His powers were hidden behind constitutional forms, and he took the name Augustus meaning ‘lofty’ or ‘serene’. Nevertheless, he retained ultimate control of all aspects of the Roman state, with the army under his direct command.

By the time Augustus became the first emperor, Rome and its main hub had absorbed many valuable Greek slaves – highly valued cos they could teach greek and the greek culture to the roman children of the elites. In fact greek remained the preferred language for the sciences and astrology throughout the history of the roman empire. With the greek influx, the slave population rose to 20% of the total and many of those greek slaves were much better educated than their  roman masters especially in the field of astrology. Augustus was an initiate of the pdez orders and minted coins bearing his zodiacal birth sign of Capricorn to promote his divinely ordained destiny to reign 3.17 . In 11 CE he published his horoscope showing the ascendant. In that same year the state was losing its monopoly of hotline to the gods so from that same year the edict was that only the state can use astrology to predict the future. Being an astrologer  for the people could get you killed but being a court astrologer for the emperor could make you very rich.  

Here is a time line of how Augustus introduced the administrative reforms 3.18 that led to Pax Romana Peace under Rome that would last 200 years. He stimulated the flourishing of trade and the arts all the while while creating the roman empire. He did this through diligent hard work  in spite of bouts of ill-health and personal tragedies.

47 BCE: Octavius was made a member of the board of Roman priests, pontifices. His great-uncle was Julius Caesar, and when fighting together in 47 B.C. Augustus impressed his great uncle so much during battle that when Julius Caesar was assassinated in 43 B.C., he had appointed Augustus as heir to his political and personal fortune in his will.

43 BCE: Octavian and Antony agreed to a sharing of power. They, along with Lepidus who was the Chief Priest are designated by the Senate as a Triumvirate with dictatorial powers for five years. Octavian, Antony and Lepidus agreed to eliminate those Senators and members of the Roman aristocracy whom any one of the three considered a threat to public order. Altogether 300 senators and two thousand lesser level aristocrats are executed.

42 BCE: The Senate deemed Julius Caesar as having been a god. This enhanced Octavian’s status still further

Antony and Octavian undertook a military expedition to the east to defeat Brutus and Cassius. The Triumvirate then divide up the Empire. Anthony gets the east and Gaul. Lepidus gets Africa and Octavian gets the west except for Italy which was to be under common control of the three.

12 BCE: Augustus becomes Chief Priest of the Roman religion after Lepidus, who had been a member of the Triumvirate with Octavian and Mark Antony, dies.

6 CE: Rome annexed Judaea. Under its king Herod Judaea had been a client state rather than a province of the Empire

14 CE: Augustus fell ill and died on August 19th. On September 17th the Roman Senate designated him a god. Tiberius succeeds Augustus as Principate (First Citizen). Neither held the title of emperor, but were, in effect, the first and second emperors of the Roman Empire.

Legacy:  Julius kick-started Pax Romana. Augustus was one of the most accomplished leaders in world history. He made possible the Pax Romana, a 207-year period of relative peace and prosperity that allowed the Roman empire to have a profound and lasting influence on the culture of the Europe. [27 BCE until 180 CE]


 Yashua waited for 58 years until he finds a suitable body which would be called Apollonius of Tyana and in which he could follow up his mission of teaching about the 6th dimension of agap’e love and wisdom.  Philostratus depicts Apollonius as a curious figure: a lone Pythagorean who spent time with the Indian Brahmins. Apollonius then returns to Greece and travels from city to city, casting out demons, healing the sick, and generally making himself useful as a wandering holy man. He encounters two Roman emperors, Nero and Domitian, and in both cases demonstrates the superiority of silent Pythagorean wisdom over state power.  3.19

Trophonius was the son of Apollo and King Erginus’s wife. Trophonius and Agamethus grew up to become renowned architects and built Apollo’s temple at Delphi. Here is an extract from Philostratus 3.20 describing Apollonius at the entrance to the shrine of Trophonius: ” I wish to descend into the cave of the shrine into the shrine in the interests .. what oh Trophonius do you consider the most complete and purest philosophy? The answer was presented to Apollonius in the form of a volume with the tenets of PY101.

Apollonius found the 71 verses of Pythagoras early on in life and later on when living with the greek-speaking Brahmins in India , he became a direct pupil of the Indian school of hylozoics to which Pythagoras belonged over 700 years before. In the fashion of the pythagoreans he observed a period of silence and then moved to Antioch. From there he embarks on the extensive journey to seek out the wisest people in circulation, first to Ninevey in Assyria, then to the arabs and armenians of Mesopotamia, onward to king Bardanes of Babylon. He became the king’s counsel and taught him the need to use his wealth for the benefit of all. The king provided Apollonius and his travelling companion Damis camels for the 3 day trek into Indian territory across the Causasus. King Phraotes of Indis invited Apollonius and party to be guests for 3 days.

Next up was a meeting with Iarchas, the eldest of the sages with a letter of intro from king Phraotes and a fresh team of camels. Apollonius was spreading his divine aura around the many regal seats of power.

The world had to wait another 113 years before Empress Julia Domna commissioned the scholar  Flavius Philostratus to write up a biography for Apollonius which was assembled largely from the cities where he was loved, from the temples many of which he resored to former glory, from his own letters to kings, philosophers, to men of Delphi, indians and egyptians and the preserved diaries of Damis the trusted travelling companion and devoted disciple of Apollonius 3.21.

So much of hylozoics has to be veiled and here’s a classic example in the bio of Apollonius. We have the brazen statue of Millo standing on the discus and holding in the left hand a pomegranate , while the right hand was outstretched with fingers very close together….. the pomegranate is sacred to Juno. A lesson within a lesson and a lesson within that. Let’s decode the statue … The secret knowledge is always depicted by a certain fruit tree commonly called the apple of Eden or the golden apples of Hesperaides but in reality it is the sacred pomegranate sacred to Juno cos Juno symbolizes the matrix of matter. An atem within an atem and an atem within that – a globe within a globe and a globe within that. And note we are not finished yet with telling you about the maths within the compartments of the apple from grenada. But now – instead onward to the last of the prodez emperors.

Legacy: When later stationed in Rome , by the account of the 2 emperors Vespasian [emperor #9] and son Titus [emperor#10], the greatest hylozoist of the world at the time acted as special counsel to them and was instrumental in turning them into two of its best emperors. Apollonius was also instrumental in protecting Nerva [emperor #12] from being vanquished during the 15-year tyranny of emperor Domitian [emperor #11]. Together with Orpheus and PY101, he completed the famous trio of gods and demigods who guided the establishment, the renaissance and the end days of the great Greek empire respectively. At the end of his long and wonderful life he opened an esoteric school at Ephesus.


Marcus Aurelius learned from his mother- religious piety, generosity, not only refraining from wrongdoing but even from thoughts of it, simplicity in diet and to be far removed from the ways of the rich. At the end of Book of Meditations, Marcus thanks the gods “That I got to know Apollonius of Chalcedon, Rusticus and Maximus”. [all three of whom were Stoic teachers]
His Platonic teacher,  Sextus showed Marcus the virtuous Stoic feeling of kindness and what it really means to “live in accord with nature”, the Stoic goal of life.  He also showed him what it means to reconcile Stoic indifference (apatheia) with natural affection (philostorgia).  

Marcus  continues “From Maximus I learned self-mastery, and not to be turned aside by anything; and cheerfulness in all circumstances, as well as in illness; and a good-tempered character combining gentleness and dignity, and to do what was set before me without complaining. I noticed that he never had any bad intentions; and he never showed amazement and surprise, and was never in a hurry, and never put off doing a thing, nor was perplexed nor dejected, nor did he ever laugh to disguise his frustration, neither, on the other hand, was he ever passionate or suspicious. He was accustomed to do things for the benefit of others, and was ready to forgive, and was free from all falsehood; and he gave the appearance of a man who could not be diverted from right. He had also the art of being humorous in an agreeable way.”

After becoming emperor, Marcus was confronted with one challenge after another. First up was a war with the Parthian empire [from the 3rd century BCE] from the east as it attempted to expand into the region of Armenia which was like a buffer between the 2 empires. Next up was the antonine plague ( a smallpox-like infection) which spread across all the roman empire and claimed 1000’s of lives daily at its peak. No sooner than this war with Parthoa was resolved, there was a series of battles with Germanic tribes the northern borders along the danube and The Rhine. By the time Marcus Aurelius put down the revolt and signed a treaty in 175 CE, the barbarians had to surrender over 100,000 Roman prisoners they had captured in their various escapades.  

Skirmishes extended into Greece where the barabarians destroyed one of the most important sites of the empire – the temple ofEleusinian Mysteries 3.22 After defeating the german invaders, trouble was brewing in Syria when Avidius Cassius a general from the parthian war declared himself as new emperor thinking that Marcus had died on the german front. Marcus offered to transfer power peacably if that was the wish of the soldiers and the senate, but soon after that soldiers loyal to Marcus assassinated the pretender to the throne. Marcus transitioned into battle-mode in 180 CE in Viena [Vindobona]. Such was the striking paradox that the philosopher-king was plunged into wars and chaos for the whole 19 years duration of his reign.
Marcus and Faustina had 13 children and another paradox was that his son, Commodus and successor was the oppostite of his father – cruel, vain,.merciless, debauched, inept and a complete meglomaniac.

Legacy: A farewell to the empire- never again would Rome reach such heights as under Marcus. The kingdom descended from one of gold to iron and rust 3.23


These Mysteries rites were celebrated every five years in the city of Eleusis in Attica to honor Ceres (Demeter, Rhea, or Isis) and her daughter, Persephone. The initiates of the Eleusinian School were famous throughout Greece for the beauty of their philosophic concepts and the high standards of morality which they demonstrated in their daily lives. Because of their excellence, these Mysteries spread to Rome and Britain, and later the initiations were given in both these countries. The soul of man—is often called Psyche, and in the Eleusinian Mysteries symbolized by Persephone-and equates to the mathematical format of the temporary persona-psyche 5.220  and the permanent luminous body called the soul  aka 5.211 thru 5.01.


In 418 CE King Arthur and his chief advisor Merlin arrive on the scene to protect the greek-latin cultural gains made over the 350 years of roman rule an attempt to prevent a repeat of what was happening all across Europe typified by the sack of Rome by the vandals and visigoths.

Those who had lived under the stability of roman rule for 300+ years but now without the backup  of the roman legions are coming under increasing pressure from the non-romanized [mostly scottishand welsh] tribes whose mission was to have their turn at conquest.The stage was set for a showdown between the keltic britons and the invader germanic tribes from saxons of northern Germany and the angles from Denmark.
In segment 11 4.4 2:1 we will go into more detail.


Thabit ibn Qurra arrived a a surface dweller  yet again in 836 CE in  Harran near Ur of the Chaldees.  3.24 and a member of the Sabian sect with strong Greek connections. His native language was Syriac and he was fluent in both Greek and Arabic. In Baghdad Thabit received mathematical training and also training in medicine, which was common for scholars of that time. Thabit generalised Pythagoras‘s theorem to an arbitrary triangle (as did Pappus). He also discussed parabolasangle trisection and magic squares. Thabit’s work on parabolas and paraboliods is of particular importance since it is one of the steps taken towards the discovery of the integral calculus.


Latinized as Alhazen was born c. 965 in  Basra, Iraq and died c. 1040in Cairo, Egypt). As a mathematician and astronomer he made significant contributions to the principles of optics and the use of scientific experiments 3.25.

#31 FRANCISCANS and PY-2 1181-1226

The year was 1181 and the world was edging out of the Dark Ages where barbarians assaulted the world that had been civilized by roman law and greek philosophy and culture. The standoff was highlighted in Italy which was dotted with tiny town-states filled with law-abiding citizens. No longer could the cities be open with common roman law applying but fenced off where all the citizens were reserve soldiers. 3.26  The governments were feudal  in so far as they were survivors from fierce wars with the barbarians. The ancient mold of slavery  was giving way  to serfs who were free in regard to his own farm and family. This was the year that Europe was being shocked by news of the assassin sect. It was said that they were experts in the craft of murder, trained from childhood to use stealth and deceit, and that they were so devoted to their leader that they would sacrifice their lives for his slightest whim. Their fanatical determination was the result of intoxicating drugs or a brainwashing process in which recruits were kept in a paradisiacal garden stocked with fine food and beautiful women. It was from these legends that the word assassin soon entered European languages as a common noun meaning “a murderer, usually one who kills for politics or money.”

This was the year that John Bernadone was born. His classmates called him Francis ‘cos of his love of the French poetry of the troubadours – inventors of love poety and songs in southern France, northern Spain, and northern Italy, writing in the langue d’oc of Provence. Their social influence was unprecedented in the history of medieval poetry. Favoured at the courts, they had great freedom of speech, occasionally intervening even in the political arena, but their great achievement was to create around the ladies of the court an aura of cultivation and amenity that nothing had hitherto approached. Troubadour poetry formed one of the most brilliant schools that ever flourished, and it was to influence all later European lyrical poetry.

After a deep meditation, Francis gave up his ambitions to be a soldier and realized his mission was to set up fraternity of monks that would be called the Franciscans.

In 1224 Francis decided to send some friars to England. On Tuesday, 10 September of the same year, a boat landed near Dover and nine roughly-dressed figures disembarked. Just thirty years after arriving in England the Franciscans consisted of 1,242 friars in 49 friaries. The Province covered Scotland and Wales as well as England and one of the first English friars, Richard of Ingworth, was sent to establish the Order in Ireland in 1230. The numbers in England stabilised at 1,500-1,700 friars by the middle of the 14th century and continued that size until the Reformation.

One German historian, Hilarin Felder, said that, apart from St. Bonaventure, all the major contributors to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition were from the Province of England. The Franciscan involvement at Oxford would change the intellectual face of Europe. The Franciscan Oxford tradition is a veritable Who’s Who of intellectual giants, not just in the Order, but in the history of Western Thought: Adam Marsh (d. 1259), Thomas of York (d. 1260), Richard Rufus of Cornwall, (d.1260), Roger Marston (1235-1303), William of Ware,  Roger Bacon (1214-1294), 3.27 John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, John of Peckham who would later become Archbishop of Canterbury.

 The friars took up the cause of the lesser ones in society – they were at the forefront of popular movements against inequality and oppression, often in opposition to other religious orders. In 1327 the friars were accused of supporting the townspeople of Bury St. Edmunds against their landlords in the Benedictine abbey. In 1381 they supported and were accused of inciting the Peasants Revolt which had among its targets the priories of the Knights Hospitaller.

As the friars became established in towns they often brought fresh water supplies to their friaries from which the townspeople also benefited. London, Scarborough, Newcastle, Southampton, Bristol, Lincoln, Coventry and Richmond all received their first water conduits thanks to the Franciscans. 3.27

William Peto, a friend of Thomas More’s and well aware of humanist teaching and learning was exiled by Henry VIII for preaching against his divorce. During his exile Peto became a member of Cardinal Pole’s reforming circle in Italy.

Legacy: A clean water supply for London in 1240 and the infrastructure for Roger Bacon to prepare the way for Francis Bacon and beginnings of the British empire.


The barons who drafted the Magna Carta in 1215 weren’t, in the main, revolutionaries proclaiming a new political system and establishing its dimensions for posterity. They were aristocratic rebels who felt King John had abused his rights under the existing feudal system as he waged war with France (and with the barons themselves). They were champions of the status quo ante, advocating innovative, enforceable solutions to rein in the crown.

More than a third of the document’s 63 clauses defined the limits of the king’s rights. And they all made sense at the time. Restrictions on debts to Jews came during a period when many Jews, who were religiously permitted to offer interest-bearing loans to Christians, worked as money-lenders—a service the barons at once utilized and resented, especially since the king often seized their property when debts went unpaid. The barons wanted to stop King John from forcing people to “build bridges over rivers” solely so he could hunt in certain areas.

 “To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice,” helped establish the concept of legal due process. The seeds of the British Parliament and the notion of “no taxation without representation” are present.

The document’s potency derives less from specific clauses than from the pliable idea it committed to parchment: that no one, including the king, is above the law. King John managed to get the Magna Carta annulled by the pope just months after it was signed, but his successor reissued a version of it, and a parade of versions followed. The document’s core idea flickered in and out of English politics for centuries, before being rekindled during a parliamentary struggle against the crown in the 17th century and spreading to the British colonies, where it acquired new form and strength and influenced the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights 3.28.

Just 4 years later Roger arrived on the scene – an earlier incarnation of the monad we call FB or FB101 for Francis Bacon.

FB is the chief of department #3 which especially oversees cultural and political upgrades. The monad known as FB [after the most famous incarnation – Francis Bacon] pushed human dez forward with a quantum leap. With the help of his mentor Peter de Maricourt, they originated the concept of experimental research especially in the areas of optics, mathematics, magnetism and chemistry.  In segment #11, we will revisit Roger as antidote #9 to the20 infamous false flags.

3 3.3 2:1 STARTING #33


Around the 14th century  CE, Tsong-k-pa operated in the most secret regions of Tibet.  Tibet is also home to high echelons of the adez forces called Dugpas and Redcaps


These 4 giants of the Renaissance were pioneers by virtue of gaining access to some of the Pythagorean manuscripts containing the hidden secrets notably of astronomy and physics:

#35 CUSANUS = Nicholas of Cusa [1401 Cusa, Germany– 1464]
Cardinal, mathematician, scholar, experimental scientist, and influential philosopher.

Aristotle had ruled the roost for 1600 years and it was now time to reinstate Pythagoras and Plato. Nicholas preferred the Neoplatonists to the Aristotelians. To him the philosophy of Aristotle is an obstacle to the mind in its ascent to god because its primary rule is the principle of contradiction, which denies the compatibility of contradictories. The philosophy of Aristotle, in its various interpretations, continued to be taught in the universities, but it had lost its vitality and creativity

#36 NICOLAS COPERNICUS [1473, Toruń, Poland—1543]

Transitioned Frauenburg, East Prussia [now Frombork, Poland]

His assistant Rheticus compared this new universe to a well-tuned musical instrument and to the interlocking wheel-mechanisms of a clock. The theories of his predecessors, he wrote, were like a human figure in which the arms, legs, and head were put together in the form of a disorderly monster. His own representation of the universe, in contrast, was an orderly whole in which a displacement of any part would result in a disruption of the whole. In effect, a new criterion of scientific adequacy was advanced together with his new theory of the universe.

#37 GIORDANO BRUNO [1548, Nola, near Naples -1600, Rome]
Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and occultist whose theories anticipated modern science.
From Nola he made his way to Geneva via Genoa, Savona, Turin, Venice, Padua, Chambery and across the Alps. In Geneva 1578, after publishing a broadsheet against a Calvinist professor, he discovered that the Calvinists were no less intolerant than the Roman Church. He was arrested, excommunicated from the Calvine doctrine, rehabilitated after retraction, and finally allowed to leave the city He offered his services in the universities of Montpellier, Toulouse and Paris [1581]. London was recognized as a safe  haven for europeans[e.g. Flemings and Hugenots]  persecuted for their opinions and or beliefs so onward it was to London [1583], Oxford, London [‘85] ,  Paris [1585], Helmstedt [1589], Frankfurt [1590], Venice [1591]. The Roman and Protestant churchs were not ready to recognize the flaws of Aristotle’s theories and the Roman Inquisition put him on trial for a heretic. After 7 years in captivity the pope had his 3d-body burned at the stake like 50 million other innocent souls. Such can be the fate of honest citizens and the pioneers of truth.

#38 GALILEO [1564, Pisa [Italy]—1642, near Florence)
Italian natural philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the sciences of  motion, astronomy, materials and the scientific method.

 As professor of Maths at Pisa, his attacks on Aristotle made him unpopular with his colleagues, and in 1592 his contract was not renewed. His patrons, however, secured him the chair of mathematics at the University of Padua, where he taught from 1592 until 1610. He taught himself the art of lens grinding, and produced increasingly powerful telescopes. In the fall of 1609 Galileo began observing the heavens with instruments that magnified up to 20 times. His conversion to Copernicanism would be a key turning point in the Scientific Revolution

3  3.3 2:2 STARTING #39

#39 THOMAS MORE 1 of 2

When your students cover this period of history, they are sure to pay close attention to the evil  deeds of Henry the eighth with his 6 wives. It’s such a travesty that the chief of department #1 [motive-power] largely goes unnoticed as Henry’s #2 – until the issue came up where Thomas refused to endorse Henry’s divorce. Thomas checks in as antidote # 10 to the hall of false flag infamy.

#40 FB101  = FRANCIS BACON 1 of 2 [46 YEAR PROJECT]

FB101’s sojourn as a surfacedweller this time around was from 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626.  When Francis arrived Aristotle had ruled the philosophy & scientific roost for 1927 years. We saw how Bruno was hounded around Europe for opposing the 1920 years of brainwashing he encountered.
Thankfully FB101 could take on the Aristotlian establishment under the royal patronage of queen Eliz. 1. The  esotericist deduces from the theory of reality and it’s up to critics to refute it by showing any logical untenability, inherent contradictions , absurd contradictions or else come up with a better theory. Unlike Plato, Aristotle was not an initiate and was able to absorb only a thinly watered-down version of Plato’s hylozoics which relied on the opposite of deduction  i.e. induction and analysis.

FB101  debunked Aristotle’s longstanding scholastic system and proposed that in schools students should be oriented in the best overall system there is and then to deduce facts from the overarching system. In other words comprehension goes from the general to the particular. FB2 never had the opportunityto continue his pioneering work o replacing the Aristotlian edifice but he succeeded so fewell in tobling that edifice – but not well enough maybe given the fact that today schools do not uphold the deductyiver method over the inductive one. It’s easy to see that Shakespeare was an amanuensis for FB0101 –  both Shakespearean plays and Baconian prose used a vocab of 31k compared to 8k for Milton 3.29 and 400 for the average stratford farmer. FB kept a notebook called Promus over a 3 year period an collected 1594 words, dialogs and phrases in it. These crop up 3,000 times in both the plays and   FB’s prose. For example in Romeo and Juliet 7 phrases and dialogues that occur close together in the Promus collection appear in 11 consecutive lines of the play.  He contributed many 1000’s of new words to english, many never used before or since.  FB was falsely accused of taking bribes leading to termination after 3 years as Lord Chancellor. However that was a blessing in disguise cos it allowed us to have the complete works of Shakespeare and the 2 philosophical works of FB2 to be completed 3 years before FB2 transitioned in 1626. Sir Francis checks in later as antidote # 11 to the devastation caused by false flags.

Legacy of FB
The definitive Shakesperian prose-plays that define the international language of the elites.
Restored  man’s confidence in common sense and shows the necessity of research.
As head of the Rosicrucians he initiated many into the secret knowledge of the CSL..


Prince of Transylvania and Ruling Prince of Hungary ( March 27, 1676 – 8 April 1735, a military leader, and as a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece which is an order of chivalry, and one of the most prestigious orders in Europe that was founded by Duke Philip II of Burgundy in 1430.

His popularity as a national hero and freedom fighter is imbedded in the Hungarian consciousness to such an extent that countless statues have been erected in his honor; and streets, city squares, schools and villages named after him. The well-known patriotic tune known as the Rakoczy March, which dates back to the 18 – 19th century, was orchestrated by Hector Berlioz, and was also used by Franz Liszt as the basis for his Hungarian Rhapsody No.15.28 While under the guardianship of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, and member of the Hapsburg family, the young Rakoczi lived in Vienna.

A momentous rebellion against Hapsburg rule broke out in 1703 in the Hungarian region called Tiszahat, and the representatives of the people convinced Rakoczi to stand at their helm. In 1704, the Transylvanian Diet [Parliament] elected Rakoczi as their Ruling Prince, and in 1706, Rakoczi was elected as the Ruling Prince of the Confederated Estates of the Kingdom of Hungary. The rebellion against Austria was successful, and the French king, Louis XIV, gave his support in equal measure militarily, technically and financially.

The Buda and Pest regions, the border regions, and Transylvanian towns, however, remained conquered by the the Austrian Emperor’s forces.

In the years following 1709 the entire Central Europe suffered from an outbreak of the bubonic plague.   Prince Rakoczi, Count Bercsenyi and several of their companions, however, did not accept the Emperor’s offered clemency, and even before the complete suppression of the rebellion, went into exile to neighboring Poland, where they remained until 1712, hoping that the military position might change for the better. Later they visited France, spending some time at the French court in Versailles. Rakoczi also resided in the monastery of Gros Bois, and during his stay, adopted the lifestyle of the resident monks.

After the death of Louis XIV, which occurred on September 1, 1715, Rakoczi had lost his significance in the political playing field, and at the invitation of the Sultan of Turkey, he and his entourage left France in 1717, and relocated in Rodosto, a Turkish town situated on the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara. It was there where Rakoczi and his faithful companions in exile found their new home, and where Rakoczi lived out the remainder of his years.

The highly cultured Rakoczi was fluent in Hungarian, Latin, German and French, and was as familiar with antique literature as he was with French classicism. Among his contemporaries he was undoubtedly the greatest and most important Hungarian writer 3.30.


In 1688 this bill marks the end of of the king’s claim to absolute rule by divine right and imposed  on him a measure of accountability to Parliament.

He made his first public appearances at the French court in 1735, the same year in which Francis Rakoczi II died.

St. Germain was known to have played several musical instruments 3.31, one of these being the violin, which he apparently played so superbly that he was favorably compared to Paganini. He spoke several languages fluently, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Chinese and Arabic. He also painted with great mastery, depicting the precious stones in his paintings in such a way that they had a highly realistic brilliance which he apparently achieved by mixing powdered mother-of-pearl in his pigments. He was also known to have possessed the power to correct the flaws in diamonds which would greatly increase their value.

 A friend of princes and kings, St. Germain undertook secret diplomatic missions for Louis XV, which finally resulted in the Treaty of Paris that ended the colonial wars, and was reported to have been actively involved in deposing Peter III of Russia and helping Catherine the Great to the throne. He foresaw the impending danger of the French Revolution and repeatedly warned Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to take precautions, but unfortunately his words went unheeded. In 1789 he had written to the Comtesse d’Adhemar, a well-known figure at the French court, and author of Souvenirs de Marie-Antoinette: “All is lost Countess! This sun is the last which will set on the monarchy; tomorrow it will exist no more, chaos will prevail, anarchy unequalled. . . . Now it is too late.”
Although St. Germain’s death was recorded in the Church Register of Eckernförde as February 27, 1784, he allegedly appeared at the beheading of Marie-Antoinette and again in 1804, 1813 and 1820. St. Germain has never been seen eating, even when he was an invited dinner guest, and rather chose to entertain his fellow guests with interesting anecdotes and stories, which diverted their attention from the fact of his abstinence. The fact that in all those years during which he was known he always appeared to be no older than 45 – 50 years old.

This story surrounding the declaration of independence fits in perfectly in the next section.



Washington [1732 -1799] was initiated, in 1752, in the Lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia. General Lafayette and General Washington shared not only a close friendship but membership in the Craft, a commonly used name for Freemasonry. While he was commander in chief of the American armies during the Revolutionary War, Washington frequently attended the meetings of military lodges.

“So far as I am acquainted with the doctrines and principles of Freemasonry, I conceive them to be founded in benevolence, and to be exercised only for the good of mankind. I cannot, therefore, upon this ground, withdraw my approbation from it”

Historians have offered many reasons for the fact that a rag-tag American army, led by a general who had to go to the library to brush up on battle tactics, could defeat the strongest military power in the world. Many valid factors have been cited—the barrier of the Atlantic Ocean, the weakness of King George and his problems at home, the guerrilla tactics of the American army, etc.—but what has been overlooked is the influence of secret societies, especially Freemasonry, on America’s leaders. Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, at least 50 were Freemasons. According to General Lafayette (a Freemason himself), Washington “never willingly gave independent command to officers who were not Freemasons”.

Freemasonry allowed Washington greater control of and influence on his army. Those who breached military and Masonic secrets faced the penalty of death. Manly Hall (1951) and Paul F. Case (1935) report that 12 of Washington’s generals were Freemasons

The underlying philosophy of the pdel faction of Freemasonry (“The brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God”) was the foundation of political, religious, social, and educational reform, which was opposed by the monarchies of Europe and ecclesiastical authorities as well. Washington’s leadership and involvement with the craft gave him the confidence that America’s military secrets were safe.

A group of Freemasons experiencing the rituals and initiations in an altered state of awareness provided the internal strength and fortitude for them to grasp the importance of the American revolutionary experience, and its meaning for humanity as a whole. 

Wissahickon is much more than a word, or the name of a stream, however beautiful. To the true American it is synonymous with a pure Mystic religion, with the freedom of all religious sects, for it was here that the many sectarians established themselves; with the founding of the American Republic, because here was conceived the constitution, and here was held the first American Rosicrucian Supreme Council, here was Washington, one of its Acolytes consecrated, and here formed the Grand Temple of the Rosy Cross. Wissahickon the beautiful and to many of us, as sacred as the Ganges is to the Hindu.

Our Story of Atlantis, or the Three Steps, describes the part the mystics of the Wissahickon played in founding America. Washington’s views on the Illuminati, however, are very clear. He condemned them as “self- created societies” and dealt them a blow that led to their disappearance. When questioned about whether or not Illuminism had spread to Masonry in America, Washington answered that he “did not believe that the lodges of Freemasons in this country had as societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenet of the former [Illuminati] or pernicious principles of the latter Jacobinism”

George Washington’s metaphysical leanings are fairly well known 3.32 ; the depth of his spirituality is less so. During the Valley Forge episode his inner strength was perhaps the deciding factor in his ability to hold together what was left of his army whom he sometimes referred to as his “Christian soldiers”. Washington spent a long time each day in prayer and meditation. This habit of his is well known, and etchings of Washington on his knees beneath the trees of Valley Forge are common. He carried his daily practice of prayer into the lives of his soldiers, ordering prayers to be said in the army every morning, and on Sunday when no chaplain was available he read the Bible to his men and led the prayers himself

Washington’s speeches and correspondence held many indications of his spiritual nature. Writing to Governor Trumbull of Connecticut, Washington confesses that he could “almost trace the finger of Divine Providence” through those dark and mysterious days which led the colonists to assemble in convention, thereby laying the foundation for prosperity, when he had “too much reason to fear that misery and confusion were coming too rapidly upon us.”

Esoteric tradition recognizes two prophecies related to Washington. One is a possible vision he had at Valley Forge, during which an “angel” showed him America’s future. Another account is an alleged Indian prophecy given to Washington by an old chief in 1770. The old sachem reportedly believed that the Great Spirit protected and guided Washington’s footsteps through the trials of life, and that Washington would become the chief of many nations of a people yet unborn


In 1778 the French forces arrived but success was elusive due to distrust between the colonials and the French. On Oct 19 1781 the 6,000 army and german mercenaries surrendered at Yorktown probably the defining moment of the war and led to the treaty of Paris in 1783 and the Jay treaty signed in London in 1795. The ’95 treaty angered France and bitterly divided Americans. It inflamed the new growth of two opposing parties in every state, the pro-Treaty Federalists and the anti-Treaty Jeffersonian Republicans. The Jeffersonians feared that closer economic or political ties with Great Britain would strengthen Hamilton’s Federalist Party, promote aristocracy, and undercut republicanism


Because of his generous spirit, then, as much as his eminence as a political thinker and statesman in the opening era of the American Republic, Thomas Jefferson could number among his correspondents an overwhelming array of learned men, not only from almost every country in Europe, including Russia, where Jefferson’s chief correspondent was young Alexander I, who also desired the counsel and friendship of the brilliant American.

To explore Jefferson’s mind by studying not only his own writings 3.33  but the printed works and correspondence of the men whose intellectual outlook was congenial to him, is a fruitful method of approach. Here we have a small group of philosophers and scientists who belonged to the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, the first continental learned society in this country. The other leading members of the society were:

Benjamin Franklin, the first President;
David Rittenhouse, whom Jefferson considered the greatest astronomer living;
Benjamin Rush, the talented physician, philosopher, and humanitarian;
Joseph Priestly, the great chemist who wrote freely on theology, natural philosophy, and Republican theory;
Benjamin Smith Barton, leading American botanist of the day;
Thomas Paine, the one non-member, a “sympathizer” and frequent contributor

James Madison was Jefferson’s most trusted friend and the intellectual partner of all his greatest ventures. John Adams at times a political enemy, was constantly stimulating Jefferson’s thought in political and social philosophy, and their animated correspondence in retirement forms one of the most valuable chapters in the history of ideas in America. Jefferson definitely endorsed the philosophy of the French Ideologues, led by Destutt de Tracy, and that this interesting kind of positivism, in the tradition of Francis Bacon. Indeed TJ vconsidered FB as one the leading influences in his life and of the fledgling union.

Famous quotes from TJ:
#1 “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the ISSUE OF THEIR CURRENCY, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

#2 for I have sworn on the altar of god eternal, [eternal] hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”

Just before the declaration of independence was signed, an unknown man stood up and gave a rousing speech. After the signing ceremomny this mystery man melted into the crowd and little more was said about him. Over the years the pdels have learned to appear at critical moments and walk through the furniture and doors after the mission is accomplished. The seepch ending with 17-second applause and we will see in the next chapter that the 17th letter, koppa of ancient Greek also melted into the annals of history. 3.34           

See 15 5.3 1:3 divine interventions for more on this speech

In Congress, July 4, 1776
We hold these truths to be self-evident 3.35, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States

#46 ANDREW JACKSON [POTUS #7] 1767 -1845

AJ served as pdez president from 1829 – 1837. Here are some of his credentials as he discussed  the Bank Renewal bill with a delegation of bankers in 1832.

“Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!”

When the Second Bank of the United States was at the height of its power, wrote the Inquirer newspaper of Philadelphia in February 1844, “no man was more courted or eulogized” than its president, Nicholas Biddle.1 

Biddle became the country’s 1st  central banker at age 37—younger than most of the directors who elected him—and immediately put into action his plan for developing the Bank into a great balance wheel of the monetary system.

Biddle exasperated POTUS #7 by his repeated refusal to seriously investigate charges of political interference by some Bank branches during the 1828 elections.

Stubbornness spilled over into recklessness at the climax of the Bank War, when Biddle used the Bank as an economic weapon and made inflammatory remarks about Jackson. By the fall of that year, Biddle was so reviled for his nationwide curtailment of credit that he was hunted by mobs in Philadelphia, forcing him to bar the doors of his house and post armed guards.

Andrew has such relevance to today’s situation that we span this segment across a vast ocean of the Piscean epoch and he checks in as antidote #13 to the adel agendas.


Bach was the pioneer and after that giants arrived in two’s to inspire each other.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–91)
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
Frédéric Chopin (1810–49)

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–93)


Here’s the overview of events leading up to the civil war in 1861.
In 1606, King James the First formed the Virginia Company of London to establish colonies in America, but when the British arrived, they faced a harsh and foreboding wilderness, and their lives became little more than a struggle for survival. So, to make settling the land more attractive, the Virginia Company offered any adult man with the means to travel to America 50 acres of land. At the encouragement of the Company, many of the settlers banded together and created large labor-intensive settlements intended to support 100+ individuals. African slaves began arriving in Virginia in 1619. The climate of the South was ideally suited to the cultivation of tobacco and cotton.

Until the transatlantic slave trade was abolished in 1807, over 12 million Africans were transported to the New World, and around 11 million went to the Caribbean and South America, many to work on sugar plantations. We pick up the American story 12 years later with the first map showing the delicate balance between 11 slave states and 11 free states. 40 years later that translated into  5 million southerers with their 4 million plantation slaves mostly working on the cotton, tobacco  finely balanced in the electoral college against the 22 million citizens of the free states by virtue of the fact that allocation of Electoral College votes gives citizens in less populated states (e.g., Wyoming) as much as four times the voting power as those in more populous states like California.

For 72 years, Northern special interest groups 3,35a used these protective tariffs to exploit the South for their own benefit. Finally in 1861, the oppression of those import duties started the Civil War.

As early as the Revolutionary War, the South primarily produced cotton, rice, sugar, indigo and tobacco. The North purchased these raw materials and turned them into manufactured goods. By 1828, foreign manufactured goods faced high import taxes. Foreign raw materials, however, were free of tariffs.

Thus the domestic manufacturing industries of the North benefited twice, once as the producers enjoying the protection of high manufacturing tariffs and once as consumers with a free raw materials market. The raw materials industries of the South were left to struggle against foreign competition.

Because manufactured goods were not produced in the South, they had to either be imported or shipped down from the North. Either way, a large expense, be it shipping fees or the federal tariff, was added to the price of manufactured goods only for Southerners. Because importation was often cheaper than shipping from the North, the South paid most of the federal tariffs.

Much of the tariff revenue collected from Southern consumers was used to build railroads and canals in the North. Between 1830 and 1850, 30,000 miles of track was laid. At its best, these tracks benefited the North. Much of it had no economic effect at all. Many of the schemes to lay track were simply a way to get government subsidies. Fraud and corruption were rampant.

With most of the tariff revenue collected in the South and then spent in the North, the South rightly felt exploited. At the time, 90% of the federal government’s annual revenue came from these taxes on imports.


“Cartoon drawn during the nullification controversy showing the Northern domestic manufacturers getting fat at the expense of impoverishing the South under protective tariffs.”



Slavery was actually on the wane. Slaves visiting England were free according to the courts in 1569. France, Russia, Spain and Portugal had outlawed slavery. Slavery had been abolished everywhere in the British Empire 27 years earlier thanks to William Wilberforce. In the United States, the transport of slaves had been outlawed 53 years earlier by Thomas Jefferson in the Act Prohibiting the Importation of Slaves (1807) and the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in England (1807). Slavery was a dying and repugnant institution.

The rewritten history of the Civil War began with Lincoln as a brilliant political tactic to rally public opinion. The issue of slavery provided sentimental leverage, whereas oppressing the South with hurtful tariffs did not. Outrage against the greater evil of slavery served to mask the economic harm the North was doing to the South.

The Tariff of 1828, called the Tariff of Abominations in the South, was the worst exploitation. It passed Congress 105 to 94 but lost among Southern congressmen 50 to 3. The South argued that favoring some industries over others was unconstitutional.

The South Carolina Exposition and Protest written by Vice President John Calhoun warned that if the tariff of 1828 was not repealed, South Carolina would secede. It cited Jefferson and Madison for the precedent that a state had the right to reject or nullify federal law.

In an 1832 Lincoln admits “I am in favor of the internal improvements system and a high protective tariff.” He was firmly against free trade and in favor of using the power of the federal government to benefit specific industries like Lincoln’s favorite, Pennsylvania steel.

The country experienced a period of lower tariffs and vibrant economic growth from 1846 to 1857. Then a bank failure caused the Panic of 1857. Congress used this situation to begin discussing a new tariff act, later called the Morrill Tariff of 1861. However, those debates were met with such Southern hostility that the South seceded before the act was passed. In Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address he promised he had no intention to change slavery in the South. The North was largely ok with slavery, and while there were abolitionists generally the political powers in the North were content to have 90% of the slaves in the south and many sold their slaves to the Plantation owners in the South.

But he promised he would invade any state that failed to collect tariffs in order to enforce them. It was received from Baltimore to Charleston as a declaration of war on the South.

Both North and South tolerated slavery and both regions made money from it. The Civil War began because of an increasing push to place protective tariffs favoring Northern business interests and every Southern household paid the price.”

In the 50 years of peace since US and GB signed their 2nd peace deal, the US had made enormous strides economically was was seen by the European powers to pose a threat to their plutocracy. The divide and rule card  was examined and it was deemed that to incite the American colonies against Canada would be too unequal a match  but not so a war a much more feasible between  the vast area of the southern states resident to many of the military academis against the rich northern states dependent ob raw materials from the south and abroad. from the cartoon we see there wasalresy an issueof imbalance so sirring the pot was easy for the European powers with their vast supply of wealth that could supply both sides in the war.  So by fomenting dissent over the already contentious issue of slavery and by funding both sides – the plan was put in place – to divide both sides in an american civil war and leave both sides  beholden to their european debtors after the battle was decided. Finance would be titrated just enough so that both sides could be weakened sufficiently if Abe would take the bait.

On the 12 april 1861, the confederates on south Carolina open up the first salvo by attacking Fort Sumner and soon 11 states had seceded from ther union. Abe Lincoln needed money to finance the War from the North. The Bankers were going to charge him 24% to 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and went away greatly distressed, for he was a man of principle and would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back. He came up with the perfect solution and wrote:

“… (we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had – their own paper money to pay their own debts…” 3.36

The Treasury notes were printed with green ink on the back, so the people called them “Greenbacks”. Lincoln printed $400 million worth of Greenbacks, money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War. It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service employees, and bought supplies for war.

Shortly after that happened, “The London Times” printed the following: “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all coun­tries will go to North America. That govern­ment must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

The Bankers obviously understood. The only thing, I repeat, the only thing that is a threat to their power is sovereign govern­ments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money. They know it would break the power of the international Bankers.

After this was published in “The London Times”, the British Government, which was controlled by the London and other European Bankers, moved to support the Confederate South, hoping to defeat Lincoln and the Union, and destroy this government which they said had to be destroyed. They were stopped by two factors.

1stly, Lincoln knew the British people, and he knew that Britain would not support slavery, so he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that slavery in the United States was abolished. At this point, the London Bankers could not openly support the Confederacy because the British people simply would not stand for their country supporting slavery.

     2ndly, the Czar of Russia sent a portion of the Russian navy to the United States with orders that its admiral would operate under the command of Abraham Lincoln. These ships of the Russian navy then became a threat to the ships of the British navy which had intended to break the blockade and help the South.

“. . . on the first day of January [1863] . . . all persons held as slaves within any State, or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” President Abraham Lincoln, preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862

In Late ‘62 african -americans were enlisted into the army and by the end of the war there were 200k enlisted.

Here is the famous speech of Abe Lincoln to rally the troops on 19th November 1863 3.37 – after the bloodiest battle of the civil war which pitted the 4 million citizens with their 1000’s of slaveowners owning 4 million slaves in the agricultural south against the industrialized northern states who sought to abolish slavery of the black race.

<“47 years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives, so that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.

It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”>.

In the summer of 1864, Confederate General Joseph Johnston was fighting a war of attrition in the South that in many ways previewed the trench warfare of World War I. He would force the Union soldiers to attack entrenched Confederate troops, inflict heavy casualties on Sherman’s men, and then retreat to a new defensive position to repeat the whole process again. Meanwhile, Sherman was forced to deploy soldiers (and suffer serious casualties) in the rear defending rail lines from Confederate raids. By the time he captured Atlanta in September, Sherman was tired of this. So he marched 60,000 troops away from the Confederate troops and toward Savannah, Georgia. The Union army cut a wide path of destruction through the Georgia countryside that was 25 to 60 miles wide. They destroyed railroads, burned down buildings, and freed slaves. Instead of shipping food in from the North, they ate food taken from Southern farms and warehouses. Sherman’s march sapped both the will and the capacity of the South to carry on the war.

Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States and provides that  <“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”>

It’s sobering to realize that even though Abe’s citizenry outnumbered the south’s by 5 to 1 and that proclamation to end slavery coming into effect on 1st jan 63 gave Abe an enormous strategic advantage the war was not yet 43% over.

“The North won the War, and the Union was preserved. America remained as one nation. Of course, the Bankers were not going to give in that easy, for they were determined to put an end to Lincoln’s interest-free, debt-free Greenbacks. He was assassinated by an agent of the Bankers shortly after the War ended.

“Thereafter, Congress revoked the Green­back Law and enacted, in its place, the National Banking Act. The national banks were to be privately owned and the national bank notes they issued were to be interest bearing. The Act also provided that the Greenbacks should be retired from circulation as soon as they came back to the Treasury in payment of taxes.

In 1972, the United States Treasury Department was asked to compute the amount of interest that would have been paid if that 400 million dollars would have been borrowed at interest instead of being issued by Abraham Lincoln. They did some computations, and a few weeks later, the United States Treasury Department said the United States Government saved 4 billion dollars in interest because Lincoln had created his own money 11.1.

With honest Abe out of the way, the die was cast for the european powers to weasel their way back to control american finances by setting up another globalist city state called Washington DC in the same format as the City of London and the Vatican city, where all three city states are run by the same hidden hand..


Mahatma means “great soul” or adept  in Sanskrit. In this section we will cover the world-teachers and mahatmas in charge of the 7 departments:

Quote from FB

<The evil personalities which, in every country, are responsible for the chaos and uncertainty, have eventually to be replaced by those who can work in cooperation with the rhythm of the Seventh Ray, and thus produce ordered beauty>. The relevance of the above words is spelt out in no uncertain terms, and the drama is being played out before our very eyes.

The task of Master R. is, however, lightened by the fact that the Seventh Ray is now coming into activity and its potency is increasing year by year. His task is also aided by the intelligent work done by the Ashram of the English Master Who works consistently with the awakening of the masses. Besides its order-producing quality the Seventh Ray is an expression of the Divine Will which drives through into outer manifestation and thereby creates an unimpeded and harmonious relationship between <“that which is above and that which is below”> so that the concrete world of manifestation can mirror the “good, the beautiful, and the true” in all its glory. Such a stupendous task the skeptic might well write off as a goal that is impossible to achieve, but those who keep faith and are able to read the signs of our times know that the Spiritual Hierarchy is there to inspire and guide. All those who maintain the link with their subjective selves know that a new age is dawning and that the gateway to that new age is the ever widening portal of Aquarius.3.38
As the Roger Bacon incarnation FB100 we have a person who is an exponent of scientific experimentation, but not necessarily its active practitioner. He is someone with high aspirations and far-reaching ideas.

As the Francis Bacon incarnation FB101 much of the emphasis was laid on intellectual accomplishments and the full awakening of the mind as it is inspired by abstract concepts and consequently developed in the field of science, and the utility of the intuition as it manifests in philosophical pursuits and literary excellence and of course his literary genius as it manifests in the Shakespeare plays.
As the Francis Rakoczi II incarnation FB102, his charisma affected, besides his countrymen, everyone that he came into contact with, whether in Hungary, France, Poland or Turkey.

As the Comte de St. Germain FB103, his field of influence extended even further, including Russia, Persia, India and China.

As the FB104 aka Master-R, currently
he continues with renewed dedication and vigor to guide us on a global scale.

Short is the list of 8 great surface-dwellers who have the ability to direct responsibly the 13 cosmic rays as denoted in the table of Pioneers below.


2 editions of the same book in 1876 and 1896 1.5

Human Cure & Culture 1111.0


ISIS Unveiled  publ.  1877

Secret Doctrine I & 2 publ. 1888 Vol 3 publ 1897 Volumes 1-6 1938


American military officer, journalist, lawyer and the co-founder and first President of the Theosophical Society.
The Old Diary Leaves publ 1895

He served in the US Army during the American Civil War and afterward was admitted as the Special Commissioner of the War Department in New York. He was later promoted to the rank of colonel and transferred to the Department of the Navy in Washington, DC. He was well respected, and in 1865, following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, assisted in the investigation of the assassination.

APS=AP SINNETT 1840 – 1921

1879: Editor of The Pioneer, the leading English Daily of India. Author of 2 books on esoterics
The Mahatma letters to APS – letters received 1880-1884 [ masters M & PY] publ 1923


Prolific writer on esoterics, collaborator with AB
KH Letters to CW Leadbeater [received in 1884] publ 1941


Prolific writer on esoterics collaborator with CWL
KH Letters to CW Leadbeater [received in 1884] publ 1941

AAB=ALICE BAILEY 1880 – 1949

[inspired by master DK] 

Treatise of White Magic publ 1934
Author of 17 other publications between 1918 and 1948


2 books published between 1950 & 1961 in swedish and between 1979 & 1985 in english 3.39
Way of Man, Knowledge of Life 3.40


This reminds us of the flurry of activity around the beginning of epoch Pisces when PY1 set up his university and community of 2,000 disciples and initiates followed by Buddha and the Chinese masters 122+ years later exactly in sync with the official start of Pisces. Here we see births taking place in a narrow 52 year span starting 122 years before the official start of Aquarius 3.41.

The 14th ray is the age-old adversary to the 13 cosmic rays. The 14th ray can focus its power all its power onto our planetary system unlike the cosmic rays that must fragment  their essence into 12 parts where rays 1 and 13 are counted as 1/12th part. This may sound somewhat illogical, but it makes more sense if we consider that out planetary system has been selected as  dumping ground for the anti-evolutionary forces of our solar system. That makes our life down here much more problematic but on the other hand those of us who take up the gauntlet have greaer opportunities for soul gowth than we would have on the other planets which do not serve as dumping grounds.

3 3.3 3:3 #50 TEDDY ROOSVELT POTUS #26

Teddy was known as the trust-buster. He mediated in the Russo-Japanese war and also mediated in the winter stand-off between the greedy coalmine owners and the coal unions when he threatened to take over the mines if they would not accede to the terms offered by the unions. He had  great love of redwoods and set up many national parks to protect precious natural resources. Teddy completes the mount Rushmore hall of fame with already mentioned Potuses #1, #3 and #16.


Around 150 years before the onset of Pisces Pythagoras set the first university of hylozoics and so far it remains the only one to have been set up. In 550 BCE  just as Pisces starts, we have Buddha BU5 arriving on Indian-nepalese border and LaoTse arrives on the shores of the yellow sea closely followed by Confucius. The community in Taormina, Sicily of around 2000 was scattered after 30 years in 670 BCE and all disciples and initiates were forced to flee for their lives with a large number of them being able to transmit the secret knowledge secretly in their diverse locations mostly in Sicily and back on mainland Greece. That was 120 years before the official start date.

History repears and right on cue 122 years before the start of Aquarius, Edwin Babbitt –  the first in a series of 8 pioneers arrive to usher in the knowledge needed for the new epoch. the births of these 8 pioneers span 54 years ending 68 years before the official start of Aquarius. In January 1950, Heinrik von Zeipel published the first text on hylozoics albeit with a very limited circulation in the Swedish language. Today HTL’s books are available on the internet but still very much given the silent treatment not only by the mockinstream media.  

And today is significant cos we just saw a meme on twitter which sums up the immanent game-changer. It shows POTUS 45 in the guise of Moses just before he lifts up his staff to split the dead sea with the twitter chief in hot pursuit. Twitter chief is heard to say

“Does the leader of the free world really think we cannot censor his tweets.
POTUS is heard to say “set my people free of big tech censorship”


The most obvious symbolic signature to usher in the new epoch was the publication of hylozoics in January 1950 in Swedish – The Philosopher’s stone. 35 years later it gets translated into English so we might say that this knowledge of hylozoics survived in the school of Pythagoras for around 30 years and since then has had to remain buried under the radar until 1985 [2660 years].
In Sweden its reemergence met with a frosty reception and libraries in Stockholm, Goteborg and in the larger cities were instructed not to display the controversial book on their shelves. Those esoteric texts would languish on archived  book shelves or would perhaps suffer a worse fate. The English speaking world would have to wait 35 years for their turn to access hylozoics. You may not be surprised that the English and American libraries would also mete out the silent treatment. I can report that in one such library, the Philosophers Stone lay gathering dust in the archives for 29.8 years until it was discovered by an admirer on Thursday 1st  December 2016.
Such is the tempo of propagating the knowledge that was actively covered up from the public for 2,686 years.

3 3.3 3:6 #52 ROSA PARKS

Rosa Parks is well known as the courageous woman who refused to submit to an apartheid system by resisting racist laws. On another Thursday 1st  December  3.43 – this time in the year 1955, the 42-year-old Rosa Parks was commuting home from a long day of work at the Montgomery Fair department store by bus. Black residents of Montgomery often avoided municipal buses if possible because they found the Negroes-in-back policy so demeaning. Nonetheless, 70 percent or more riders on a typical day were Black.
In Montgomery, Black people could attend only certain schools, could drink only from specified water fountains and could borrow books only from the “Black” library, and buses were also demeaning for blacks, because the front of a Montgomery bus was reserved for white citizens, and the seats behind them for Black citizens. However, it was only by custom that bus drivers had the authority to ask a Black person to give up a seat for a white rider. At one point on the route, a white man had no seat because all the seats in the designated “white” section were taken. So the driver told the riders in the four seats of the first row of the “colored” section to stand, in effect adding another row to the “white” section. The three others obeyed. Parks did not.n Eventually, two police officers approached the stopped bus, assessed the situation and placed Parks in custody.

On December 5, Parks was found guilty of violating segregation laws, given a suspended sentence and fined $10 plus $4 in court costs. Meanwhile, the Montgomery bus boycott was gathering steam and soon Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–new to Montgomery and just 26 years old—was elected as the MIA’s president [Montgomery Improvement Association].
On November 13, 1956, the Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation was unconstitutional; the boycott ended December 20, a day after the Court’s written order arrived in Montgomery. Parks—who had lost her job and experienced harassment all year—became known as “the mother of the civil rights movement.”

Wadada Leo Smith has an album titled Rosa Parks: Pure Love. An Oratorio of Seven Songs. Smith, now 77 years old, reminds us that when Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on that bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955, her action came after long-term nonviolence training and organizing with the NAACP. [National Association for Advancement of Colored People]. “She was an activist long before the incident of the bus and the boycott,” Smith told S&H. “Throughout history, human beings have always found the courage to not just resist injustice, but to dare to change the movement of human history.” The song “No Fear” features lyrics based on Parks’s own words. “Rosa Parks understood that protest for liberty and justice comes from the heart. The heart is the mechanism that causes one to change history.”

The title song refers to Agap’e, a loving force that Martin Luther King Jr. often preached. “Agap’e is this extraordinary love that has nothing to do with human sentimental caring; it is the highest kind of love,” explains Smith, a student of MLK’s speeches. 

“The highest form of liberty comes through spiritual liberation, where one moves from the social, political, and economic realms that control everybody to this other dimension,” says Smith. “Everything is connected, and this connection has something to do with the highest manifestation of dreaming, living, and being.”


Imagine Bach [born 1685 Eisenach, Germany], Mozart [b. 1756 Saltzberg, Austria] , Beethoven [b 1770 Mechelen in the Austrian Duchy of Brabant (in what is now the Flemish region of Belgium)], Tchaikovsky 

[b 1840, Volga, Russia] were all born in a small city with a population of 500k. Imagine that they were all born within 3 years of each other and met up in their young teens to collaborate

Well first look at this chart that rates the Beatle members across several catagories and tell me what are the statistical chance that all these world geniuses met up and collaborated.

We also include Van Morrison in this club – Belfast is only a short boat ride across the sea from Liverpool.
John, Ringo, Macca-1, George and Van were all born within the 6 year span 1940 – 1945.
Here’s a glimpse into their prowess on the world stage:

Beatles                                                                 #1 for most #1’s in 1964
Beatles                                                                 #1 for most #1’s in 1965
Beatles                                                                 #1 Artists from 1958 – 1966
Van Morrison                                                     #1 [joint] songwriter of agap’e love & protest songs
George Harrison                                                 #1 [joint] songwriter of agap’e love & protest songs
George Harrison                                                #1 agap’e love song  [something ‘69]
Macca-1                                                              #1 most covered song [yesterday ‘65]
George Harrison                                                #2 agap’e love song  [give me love ‘73]
Macca-1 / John Lennon                                    #2 , #3 song writers until 1967
Van Morrison                                                     #3 agap’e love song [have I told you lately ‘89]
Macca-1 / John Lennon                                    #3 most covered song  [Elenor Rigby ‘66]Maca-1 / John Lennon                                      #5 most covered song  [And I Love Her ‘64]
John Lennon                                                       #5 ranked singer after Aretha, Ray, Elvis, Sam Cooke
John Lennon                                                       #7 most covered  [imagine ‘71]
Macca-1                                                               #11 singer after Marvin, Bob D, Otis, Stevie W, James B
George Harrison                                                 #11 lead guitar player 3.44Ringo Star ranked                                              #14 worldwide drummer 3.45
Billy Shears aka Macca-2 from sep 1966        world expert in black magic, impersonations, music

Their early love songs include All my loving, I saw her standing there, I want to hold her hand, I’m in love.

Van the Man aka Van Morrison is a student of esoterics and agap’e so he honors this section with his 5 decades of producing world-famous agap’e-inspiring songs.

3 3.3 4.1 SONG #10 MY SWEET LORD

∞ P~Y has just reminded me about slotting in George’s my sweet lord along the way so indeed we do well to slot the gem in here. 3.46  Thank you P~Y

George wanted to figure out a way to merge the christian chants and the hindu chants and this tune is the genius result where the christian chants of hallejuah seamlessly move to the sacred hindu chants. This mirrors his own life where he was brought up in the christian faith and converted to the doctrines of karma and reincarnation.
Here I comment on his lyrics which is a beautiful bridge between the popular religions…
[paraphrase & explanations of the sanskit]

My sweet Lord Mm, my Lord x 2

I really want to see you, Really want to be with you

[ really want to establish contact with you my nearest & dearest 60g-god aka g144]

Really want to see you, Lord, But it takes so long, my Lord
[viewed from a single lifetime progress seems indeed slow]

My sweet Lord Mm, my Lord x2

I really want to know you, I really want to go with you
[ I really want to discover cosmic law and with your assistance learn how to abide by my best understanding of those laws]

Really want to show you, Lord, That it won’t take long, my Lord(Hallelujah)

My sweet Lord (Hallelujah) My Lord (Hallelujah) My sweet Lord (Hallelujah)

I really wanna see you, I really wanna see you, I really wanna see you Lord

I really wanna see you Lord, But it takes so long, my Lord (Hallelujah)

My sweet Lord (Hallelujah) Mm, my Lord (Hallelujah) My my my Lord (Hallelujah)

I really wanna know you (Hallelujah) I really wanna go with you

(Hallelujah) I really wanna show you, Lord That it won’t take long, my Lord (Hallelujah)

Mmm (Hallelujah) My sweet Lord (Hallelujah) My my Lord (Hallelujah) Mmm My Lord

(Hare Krishna) [ Krishna = world teacher aka Christos , Krishna-Vishnu]

My my my Lord (Hare Krishna) My sweet Lord (Krishna, Krishna)

Oohh (Hare Hare) Now I really wanna see you (Hare Rama)

I really wanna be with you

Hare Rama [ ram = repose in calm tranquility, rejoice]

I really wanna see you Lord But it takes so long, my Lord

(Hallelujah) Mmmm My Lord (Hallelujah) My my my Lord (Hare Krishna)

My sweet Lord (Hare Krishna) My sweet Lord (Krishna, Krishna) My Lord

(Hare Hare) Mmmm (Gurur Brahma) Mmmm
[Brahma = aspect #3 = matter – mother aspect aka architect, creator propelled by Shiva and having Vishnu as quality nez]

Gurur Vishnu [ aspect #2 ; vish = pervade, penetrate, convey, accomplish; the nez aspect preserving the knowledge of causality and agap’e-love using Brahma as its vehicle]

Mmmm (Gurur Devo) Mmmm

 [= various forms of Shiva = aspect #1 [ shi = rest, repose, sleep;  va = blowing, weaving ]  motive-power, intention to transform one form into another form

My sweet Lord (Gurur Sakshaat) My sweet Lord (Parabrahma) My, my my Lord (Tasmayi Shree)

My, my my my Lord (Guruve Namah) My sweet Lord (Hare Rama) (Hare Krishna)

My sweet Lord (Hare Krishna) My sweet Lord (Krishna Krishna)

So here we see George touches on some of the most esoteric knowledge well hidden over the millennium and helps us to further elucidate the 3 aspects as covered in our 3rd building block bb#3

3 3.3 42 BLACK SWAN #54 TAMLA

 The Beatles formed in 1957 and in exactly in the same year the Tamla Motown group of artists gravitated to Detroit at the other side of the atlantic pond. The same energy of agap’e-love, universal brotherhood and inklings of the ancient knowledge was very apparent. Here we give you the breakdown of 40 of the foremost agap’e-filled love songs. Our next song is on that list. APPENDIX 3.12.

3 3.3 4:3 SONG #11 STONELOVE

The writer Kinney Thomas told us this song is about the social issues of the time, including the Vietnam War, and the need for compassion. “Stones are forever,” said Thomas. “They don’t break or come apart. Love will be here forever.” .3.47

 60g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality:
chorus #1 = Now I wanna tell ya–of a great love–ohh It will light up It will surely light up–darkened worlds
If you just believe… StoneLove, Mmm.. x4  =|
chorus #2 = Oh yeah A love for each other will bring fighting to an end
Forgiving one another Time after time doubt creeps in
But like the sun lights up the sky with a message from above
Oh yeah, I find no other greater symbol of love–
[the greatest symbol of agap’elove stone-solid-love – the live-giving chi-sustaining the earth to provide earthly chi
shining its solar prana and reflecting cosmic force

Yeah, don’t ya hear the wind blowing =|
[the wind of earthly chi, of solar prana and cosmic energies]

5.0j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d:  [oh yeah I hear it ]

chorus #3 =  StoneLove Oh yeah, I tell ya I ain’t got no other
Woo, woo, Mmmmh StoneLove Aww yeah Life is so short =|

6.0g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality
 chorus # 4 = Put the present time at hand Aww yeah–and if you’re young at heart
Rise up and take your stand And to the man On whose shoulder The world must depend
[as we share in the merits of our nation and race , we also share responsibility for their demerits

And there are so many ways we can attempt to alleviate the plight of our fellow-travellers]

5.0j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d: I pray for peace and love—Amen =|

6.0g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality
chorus # 5 = Oooh–can’t ya feel it–mmm hmm StoneLove Oh yeah, I tell ya I ain’t got no other =|

5.0j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d: chorus #5 =
chorus # 6 = I tell ya I ain’t got no other
Ahh haa StoneLove Aww yeah If the war ‘tween our nations passed–oh yeah
Will the love ‘tween our brothers and sisters last? Baby … Baby …On and on and on and on and….
StoneLove Aw yeah– I tell ya I ain’t got no other Mmm hmm
chorus #7 StoneLove Can’t ya, can’t ya, can’t ya, can’t ya, can’t ya feel it =|
Woo, woo, mmm hmm Stoned Love Aw yeah stone, stone, stone, stone Woo, woo, mmm hmm
StoneLove Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Woo, woo, ah ha
StoneLove Aw yeah, yeah, ah, ah, ah Woo, woo Mmm hmm StoneLove
chorus #1 chorus #2 chorus #7


On June 4th, 1963, President Kennedy signed a presidential document, called Exec­utive Order 11110, which further amended Executive Order 10289 of September 19th, 1951. This gave Kennedy, as President of the United States, legal clearance to create his own money to run the country, money that would belong to the people, an Interest and debt-free money. He had printed United States Notes, completely ignoring the Federal Reserve Notes from the private banks of the Federal Reserve.

Our records show that Kennedy issued $4 billion cash money. It was perfect­ly obvious that Kennedy was out to under­mine the Federal Reserve System of the United States. Only one day after Kennedy’s assassination, all the United States notes, which Kennedy had issued, were called out of circulation. Was this through an executive order of the newly installed president, Lyndon B. Johnson? Was President Johnson afraid of the Bankers? Or was he one of their instruments? At any rate, all of the money President Kennedy had created was destroyed. And not a word was said to the American people. Honest Abe succeeded and so must we the current generation. JFK enters our black swan list at position #55.


The wealth and breath of info on the web is dazzling  and such a boon for the earnest seeker without having to lay out large investments on the hardcopy versions. I’ve taken the list of the foremost 8 pioneers from section 3 34 43 and added in the links to show what I mean about depth of info 3.41


The mayan calendar is called the 20×13 calendar cos it consists of 20 periods called treks of 13 days each and that overlaps with 13 months of 20 days each. Around 1987 we were told to watch out for the new mayan calendar in December 2012 and how neat to reset it on 1ts jan 2013. Epochs come in different shapes and sizes. We have

  • 2160 – the 12 x zodiacal epochs of 2160 years  [total =   25,920 years]
  • 2500 – the hylozoic epoch of 2500 years of the 10 zodiac where aries-pisces are amalagamated as are virgo and libra. Total = 25,000 years plus leap epoch of 920 years
  • 2562.5 years – half of the mayan long count of 5125 years  total of 5 periods = 25,625 years] + leap epoch of 295 years

This difference of 62.5 years between the hylozoic and the mayan counts acts like an overlap period as ray #6 of Pisces gives way to the new ray #7 of Aquarius.This is the difference between beliefs taken in blind faith from birth courtesy of devotional ray #6 of the so-called piscean age or the critical thinking inspired by the new ray #7 of the aquarian epoch which is the ray of organizing ideas into systems and checking out the best available theories that best gel with the observable facts on the ground.

Today is Sunday 25th October 2020 which translates day 255 – the 8th day of the agap’e love period aka venus [staring on day 248]. the day sign is eagle, tomorrow is day 256 vulture and Tuesday is the day sign 257 which means earth, incense and thought – eagle for the 3rd eye, vulture for upgrading the quality of our warks and the nez flowing through them and incense for tappiong into the power of thought.   // 

/∞ Renata, I’d like to add a personal note on the timing. Yesterday evening is the day I celebrate my initiation into a stronger connection with my personal g60 so that gave me the 8th day of initiation to assimilate my initiation and today is the fits day I’ve connected the dots cos previously I’ve always considered the celebration to be day 254 missing the point that it’s the leading into the 8th day of the trek so thanks for giving me another insight into my celebration. //
/p  I love that Dorit – you are talking about the 8th day of the day-sign 8 – the day-keepers sure want you to notice. Congratulations on picking up my hint. //

/∞ Renata, thanks so much that brings me back to the th November 2010 almost 10 years ago so juch has happened in thos 10 years since my agap’e chakra opened up with so many other doors opening up for me mnot least being invited to report on this conference.  //
/∞ Thanks for sharing Dorit dear, now we’re on to black swan #37 colored sky blue. //

As we speak we have literally 1000+ citizen journalists that are broadcasting their version of the news across the internet. Since the Brexit vote in the UK of 2016 and again in 2019 and also the American presidential election in 2016 – all defied the ppropaganda machines of the erstwhile mainstream media – we now have the new mainstream to deal with. No longer is it concentrated in the laps of 6 corporations but it now comes in 1000+ shapes and sizes.


Let’s rewind to the American presidential elections of 2004. The adez forces could not hide that both candidate were indeed from their stable – the skull and bones fraternity from Yale. Neither candidate was not at liberty to reveal the secret they learned how to control public opinion for their own selfish interests. Both candidates had taken secret 3d-blood oathd under pain of death to secret 4d- entities and then they received the secret 5d-MK [mind kontrollung] that gives then secret powers over the masses principly via their control over moneyt creation, indoctrinated education disregarding cosmic law, paid for science & medicine, mockingbird media,rigged election machines and rigged science around the pervasive vaxx and 5G and coronavirus censorship in 2020.

In 2016 their vote flipping algoritms did not work to their plan and their only candidates aligned to their secret agaenda did not win. So they were forced to take uncharacteristic risks that were not so easy to cover up.

These risks had to be taken cos the prodez pushback is well underway against the antidez forces and a central plank of the pdez strategy is to bypass the MSM aka the mockingly-streamed media and utilize the bastions of freespeech like telegram, rumble, bitchute, brighteon and brandnewtube. Here’s an example of what I mean.


 Notice the alignment of the pentagram – is it apex up or inverted = perverted.
When one takes an oath to deliberately disconnect from one’s soul in exchange for secret MK knowledge that allows one to exploit others for selfish reasons then the adel member need no longer worry about pangs of conscience or about trampling or tampering with others’ inviolable voting rights. The true colors of the hierarchy of the democratic party is right there in their election symbol hidden in plain sight to most but obvious to those who know the esoteric meaning of the pentagram and of the capricorn section of the zodiac [amphibian goat].

The alignment of the apex is critical since the same secret knowledge is used by the pdels to accelerate dez and used by the adels to squash or impede it. When elections have candidates on opposite sides of the spectrum, then all the voters get to make an audition for which side they want to audition for – the side who seeks to coverup pervasive election fraud or the side who insists on honesty and transparency in the elections. Typically at least once every 3 to 5  generation [of 36 years each ] voters get to audition for one of the diametrically opposed roles like pro-slavery or anti-slavery in 1861 through 1865 or for coverup of pervasive election fraud to get your side back in office or for honest and transparent elections as is ongoing as we speak..


Central to the adel’s playbook is the tried and tested “color revolution” playbook. 3.40a The revolution is to oust a popular leader who is not part of the adel’s clique and replace him by an adel insider or puppet. Here is a list of the color revolutions:

Serbia 2000 – we witnessed a ‘bulldozer” [yellow] revolution’ in, a “rose” [red roses in hand] revolution’ in Georgia Georgia 2003 –  “orange” was the color of the flags and banners
Ukraine in December 2004 and then

Kyrgyzstan in early 2005 named after a ‘tulip’ -the national flower.
Myamar in 2007 – saffron was the color of the monks robes

Tibet in 2008 – crimson – the color of the monks robes

Iran in 2009 – green – the color of the flags and banners

The common themes are

The Open Society Institute of the Soros Foundation, funded critically important groups like Georgia’s Liberty Institute, its leading human rights organization. Some Liberty Institute associates traveled to Serbia to study how Slobodan Milosevic had been ousted. Closely allied with the Liberty Institute was the student movement Kmara [“Enough”], which mobilized opposition to vote fraud countrywide.

Venezuela is the home of compuerized voter fraud where the software in the Dominion machines was specified to keep first dicator Hugo Shavez and then Maduro in power. So election fraud is central to the color revolution playbook. As Stalin said he does not care who votes as long as he chooses who gets to count the votes. Here’s how it works .. you plan election fraud meticuously making it difficult to audit. If the adel candidate wins, you ignore the evidence of fraud. If the pdel candidate wins unexpectedly by overpowering the computer rigging program you point to the polls and call fraud and pay for your modern day vandals / mercenaries to go on the streets and cause havoc. Either way the adel lodge seeks to cheat his way to victory.
The preliminary steps are 
1) make sure the TV and cable media are 98% on board [in the USA the honest part of Fox is the 2%]
2) cook the polls to show that the incumbent is trailing way behind
3) demonize censor and ridicule the popular incumbent and his supporters.

As you can see the adels excel at deception and paradox by blaming their opponent for the crimes that they are guilty of. When they disconnect from their soul there are no longer pangs of consciousnez and the end supposedly justifies their wicked deception.


North Korea (NK) was used as leverage over other countries and for protection. The NK nuclear threat was real (NK had miniaturization tech in 2004 and ICBM tech in 2009).  NK received uranium via the Uranium One scandal and received missile/nuke tech from Operation Merlin (Nasa/SpaceX/SAPs) with funding as part of the Iran deal. 

The 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit, commonly known as the Singapore Summit was the first-ever meeting between leaders of North Korea and the United States. They signed a joint statement, agreeing to security guarantees for North Korea, new peaceful relations, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, recovery of soldiers’ remains, and follow-up negotiations between high-level officials. Both leaders also met separately with Singaporean Prime Minister.

The adels had been using NK as a cover for their clandestine nuclear testing and served to keep NK as an enemy to be feared. The pdels knew that by removing this manufactured threat, many other inter-related lies could be exposed for example the pervasive use of sex-child-narcotics-weapons-uranium trafficking all replenishing the CIA coffers to finance more and more color revolutions.

Recent revelations of sex trafficking reminds us of the dark magick rituals performed during the end days of Atlantis. Then the adez lower priesthood had taken over control of government from the pdez higher priesthood. Many of the pdels and their pdez supporters were able to vacate the upcoming disaster zone.  
This pushback against crimes against humanity, organ harvesting, ritual child sacrifice and abuse, drug and arms trafficking, sex trafficking of children and women and slave trafficking of men is critical cos we saw what happened when these crimes were was allowed to run rampant at the end stage of Atlantis. We are witnessing the maximum threhhold of evil having been reached and there are 2 possibilities – destruction as in Atlantis or victory by the pdels.
Here are string of victories by the pdels.


US govt. lab experiments show that the coronavirus 3.49 does not survive long in high temperatures and high humidity, and is quickly destroyed by sunlight showing us how critical it is to keep our exposure and vitamin D levels up. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate Bill Bryan, speaking at the daily White House task force briefing, says controlled tests on the virus under certain conditions concluded that the risk of transmission from surfaces outdoors is lower during daylight and under higher temperature and humidity conditions. Sunlight will cut the virus’s ability to grow in half, so the half-life will be 2 minutes, he said.

These results were evidenced by the corona virus being exposured to direct sunlight. For example a filter through a red glass will expose the virus to the spectrum of red light. Sunlight filter through colored bottles seems to energize the water inside in a similar fashion how homeopathic medicine works i.e they both work first on out very very fine energy 3d-etheric body occupying dimensions 3.0d thru 3.3d. Once the defect in the master blueprint has been rectified then the correction is mirrorer inside its replica – your familiar dense 3d-body on dims 3.6d thru 3.4d. Here is the famous chart presented at the White House briefing with our additions to showcase the effect of colored light.


USA Government lab experiments show that the coronavirus does not survive long in high temperatures and high humidity, and is quickly destroyed by sunlight. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate Bill Bryan, speaking at the daily White House task force briefing Thursday, says controlled tests on the virus under certain conditions concluded that the risk of transmission from surfaces outdoors is lower during daylight and under higher temperature and humidity conditions. The table shows that sunlight at 70-75 F  or 21 – 24 Celsius will cut the virus’s ability to grow in half, so the half-life will be 2 minutes, he said. 3.49We have more to say about sunlight therapy in segment 14.


Ther first part of the long awaited audit was released on 25th Sep 20 just gone representing an installment of around 50% of the total results. 61k votes were identified as illegal in the Maricopa audit comprising 50% of the Arizona [AZ]  voters. 

Now let’s pin the locations of the first 43 of these black swans we’ve just covered.


As we previously covered in starting in segment  3.4 35F the route most  travelled in the years 80k thru 75k and again between 42k and 38k BCE was back and forth between Arabia and the Gobi sea north eastwards in 79k BCE. In addition we had massive migrations south westwards in these years BCE 60k, 32k, 20k and 18k among others. If analyzed more closely we can see a well developed plan of strategic settlements with lots of inter-marriages between the divine and not so divine line of royalty. There is much about arabia that stands out as it was the first major settlement after the diaspora from Atlantis and 39k years later Arabia was the destination of the first major migration from Gobi – a well equipped army of 150k soldiers followed at a discrete distance by 100k members of their extended families.3.50 


The strict inter-marriage rules and their sense of being the chosen people of their god,  facilitated them to retain their Jewish identity whereever they went. The recurring pattern was for the new host nation to welcome them a refuge from persecution. Soon given some measure of autonomy, they would again excel in the areas of banking, commerce, law, media and politics. Corruption would set in in the familiar 3:2 ratio that we saw in segment 3.4 4:0 and they would have to move on again and so the pattern continued as we chart here in the next segment.  


Follow along with us using the numbers on the map. In the text we indicate
[i#] to indicate the influx from races 4.5, 4.3, 4.6 and 5.2,
[s#] indicating those nations that staked a claim early on to the land of Judaea and Samaria [J&S],
[d#] to indicate each event of the diaspora of those associated with Arabia, the Levant and J&S,
[r#] to indicate each return to J&S and to the surrounding Palestine.

INFLUX #1 [i1] This escape from the island of Ruta is the prototype that serves as the flood at the time of Noah. 8,700 from race 4.5 who had been living om the mountainous area of Ruta about 1,000 miles S.W. of Ireland were ferried out of the danger zone in 79,797BCE , 4,772 years before the great flood that would devastate all of Atlantis except for the island of Poseidonis I the middle of what’s now the Atlantic, around 1,200 miles from the S.W. of Ireland. These escapees were shipped first to the Nile delta and then they made their way on foot via the Suez canal to the Arabian highlands near modern day Mecca.

INFLUX #2 700 FROM RACE 4.3 [i4.3]
Around 700 of the Toltecs from the Toltec empire joined the 8,700 from race 4.5.

INFLUX #3 700 FROM RACE 4.6 [i4.6]

Around 700 of the Akkadian race 4.6 also joined the new fledgling nation in Arabia. The Akkad empire was vast including Mesopotamia. So now we had the new nation 4.5/4.3/4.6 [4536] comprising around 10,000 people. Over the next 3,000 years they had grown to a community of several millions and were pushing the limits of the Arabian valleys so many migrations went westwards to the Levant. 3 years before the flood of 75,025 BCE, 700 of this group were again led off in a north western direction towards the the Gobi sea and were able to arrive at the shores of the Gobi sea about a year before  before the flood. The subsequent 5 years in the aftermath of the seismic flood were very inhospitable – so much so that when the climate settled down in 75,020 BCE only the strongest 300 remained of the original band of 700 who made the trip from Arabia. Meanwhile back in Arabia those millions were also struggling against the harsh climatic conditions.

INFLUX #4 FROM RACE 5.2 [i5.2]
Fast forward 33,000 years to the year 42,000 BCE and the first westwards caravan of quarter million from subrace 5.2 of the new rootrace 5 were arriving in the same Arabian homeland near to modern-day Mecca.  See right hand side of APPENDIX 3.1 for the principle players involved in this first major migration from The Gobi incubation region.

DIASPORA #1 [d1] By that time we can identify 2 distinct  groups of the 4.5/4.3/4.6 nation. The northerners had already embraced mixed marriages with Toltecs from Egypt – race 4.3 and did not resist their new rulers just arrived from the Gobi sea. The proud southerners still felt themselves to be a chosen people 3.21and were not prepared to accept the new dictates from the new rulers on the block – the Gobi 5.2 race. Instead they chose to flee across the sea of Aden to Somalia.


The part of the early Jewish nation that did not flee south started to integrate with the newcomers from subrace 5.2 blending into a new national type called [4.5/5.2] for short.

STAKE #1 The new national type 4.5/5.2 expanded westwards to lay claim and colonize the Levant.

Over some centuries integration between the 2 nations 4.5+3+6 and 5.2 progressed well in the northern part of Arabia but after several centuries ruling in Somalia, the breakaway nation who fled across the sea to Somalia, ran into major problems. Their chief priests relaxed the rules by saying that the no-mixed marriages rule could be relaxed because the enslaved Negresses from the interior could bear mixed offspring cos they were considered to be property of the rulers. After centuries of observing the no-mixed marriage rule, this fudge did not sit well with 40% of the nation and provided them with a good reason to move northwards in search of the promised land that would have rulers dedicated to wisdom & truth. They ended up in the Nile delta and were given their own territory called Goshen adjacent to the Suez canal.

STAKE #2 [s2]
After at leat several centuries of prospering under rule by benelovent Pharaohs, relations turned sour when the new Pharaoh imposed a harsh tax on the nation we call “the breakaways”. As they had done twice before they were not going to kowtow and instead were again on the move – this time northwards and stopping when they reached the relavtively hospitable land called Palestine.

BACK TO ARABIA [r0] Meanwhile for the 60% of the “breakaways” who stayed in the Somali-Ethiopan area, the new rule did not work out well because the increasing slave traffic with the interior tribes provoked many raids by the interior tribes on their affluent neighbors and rulers. The ferocity of the raids increased to such a level that they do decided enough is enough and it was time to return north across the sea of Aden to their former homeland where they were well received. The no-mixed marriage rule had been defeated allowing for assimilation with their northern neigbors.  

DIASPORA  #3 [d3]  The Babylonian king conquered  Jerusalem in 597 BCE and took many of the Semite  subrace captive to Babylon. There they were well treated and the scholars among them were given access to the precious and ancient manuscripts of the Atlantean, Akkadian and Sumerian archives. They made good use of their time and started to assimilate much of the ancient wisdom and repackage in a format suitable for their Jewish compatriots that were left behind in Palestine.

RETURN #1 [r1]  In 538 BCE, 60 years later Cyrus the Great allowed them to return to their erstwhile homeland of Palestine and around 40,000 took the opportunity to return to Jerusalem & Judea.  In 444 BCE a charter granted by the Persian king empowered the enforcement of the Jewish law as the imperial law for the Jews of the province Avar-nahra in which the district of Judah  was located. In 332 BCE, after being conquered by Alexander the Great  Palestine became part of the Hellenistic kingdom of Ptolemaic Egypt, and the Hellenistic policy permitted the Jews considerable cultural and religious freedom. Around this time a new Old Testament bible was released in Greek incorporating much of the ancient wisdom that the Jewish scholars had learned in Babylon.

When Judea was conquered in 198 BCE by the Syrian King of the Seleucid dynasty, the Jews were granted a charter to govern themselves by their own constitution. 3.22 In 140 BCE Jonathan negotiated a treaty with Sparta and Greek influence via Rome was at its peak under King Herod I of Judaea who built a Greek theatre, amphitheatre, and hippodrome in or near Jerusalem.


In 136 CE the defeat of Bar Kokhba and the ensuing collapse of active Jewish resistance to Roman rule caused many rabbis and followers again to flee the country. The remaining rabbis were regarded favourably by the Romans as a politically submissive class, which, with its wide influence over the Jewish masses, could translate the Pax Romana (the peace imposed by Roman rule) into Jewish religious precepts. Judaism was now, for all intents and purposes, a Diaspora religion marginalizedon its home soil. By 200 CE several Hebrew compilations translated from the Greek were circulating in Jewish schools and were being utilized by judges.

DIASPORA #5 [d5] Steadily worsening conditions in Palestine pushed many Jews to seek more amenable Persian domains, where economic opportunities and the Jewish communal structure enabled them to gain a better livelihood while living in accordance with their ancestral traditions.

From 950 CE two major branches of rabbinic civilization developed in Europe: the Ashkenazic, or Franco-German, and the Sephardic, or Andalusian-Spanish. By 1150 Ashkenazic Jewry had established a culture of its own, with an indigenous literature

DIASPORA #6 [d6] With Maimonides, however, the pure Sephardic tradition came to an end, for the berber- muslim  invasion of Spain in 1147 wiped out the Jewish communities of Andalusia and drove thousands to northern Spain and Provence [SE France], North Africa and Egypt. Sephardic Jewry suddenly encountered a discrete, mature, Jewish culture that for centuries had been developing independently and along quite different lines.

DIASPORA  #7 [d7]
In the opening decade of the 11th century, Jews in various parts of Europe faced violent attacks and forced conversions. Attacks against the Jews and full-scale massacres of Jews would occur throughout the rest of the Middle Ages, including Mainz in the Rhineland in 1096

DIASPORA #8 [d8] expelled from England in 1198-90

DIASPORA #9 [d9]
Although there were Jewish merchants, artisans, and viticulturists [grape and grapevines]  throughout much of the Middle Ages, by the 12th and 13th centuries the Jews were limited to the occupation of money lending, which brought some of them great wealth but also great animosity from borrowers. Moreover, the Jews were often an important source of capital for the monarchs of Europe. As an important source of revenue, they provided a valuable service to the kings and thus received special protection in the law. This relationship, however, had an ominous side, as the Jews came to be defined in the law as the personal property of the king, to be exploited as he saw fit. Jews also lost their status as individuals and were secure only as long as they were of utility to their lords. The declining economic usefulness of the Jews and the related deterioration of their social and religious status led to more expulsions including from England in 1290

DIASPORA #10 [d10] from Franconia, central Germany in 1298, and
DIASPORA #11 [d11] from France in 1306 and again in 1320

DIASPORA #12 [d12] By 1492, however, the king and queen, Ferdinand II and Isabella I  compelled the Jews to choose between baptism and exile, and ultimately between 50,000 and 500,000 departed Spain, never to return. They settled in Navarre (then outside the kingdom of Spain), North Africa, and Portugal.  In 1497 Portugal gave the newly arrived Jews the same stark choice – conversion or exile.

DIASPORA #13 [d13]  The following century (to c. 1750) was the darkest in the history of Rabbinic Judaism. Scholarship declined and popular religion became mechanical to an extent that Jews had never before experienced. Polish Jews suffered terribly in the period of peasant revolts and wars involving Poland, Russia, and Sweden that began in 1648. The Jews were slaughtered by rebels and professional soldiers during the war, which was fought mostly on Polish soil, and many survivors were sold as slaves in Turkey. The massacres and impoverishment of Polish Jewry after 1648 brought a pall over the growing eastern European centres of Jewish life.

DIASPORA #14 [d14] As a result of the pogroms of 1881, Jews lost faith in the willingness of Russians to accept enlightened jews.

DIASPORA #15 [d15] Some Christian leaders spoke out during the 1930s against the Nazi persecution of the Jews, but the majority of Christian leaders in Europe remained silent, even during the Holocaust. 

RETURN #2 [r2] late 1800’s wave #1  from Yemen, Russia
RETURN #3 [r3] pre 1914  wave #2 from Russia
RETURN #4 [r4] 1918 – 1923 wave #3 from RussiaWave #3 

RETURN #5 [r5] 1924-1929 wave #4 from Poland, Hungary

RETURN #6 [r6] 1929-1936 wave # 5: quarter million fled the nazis [ 1939 British secretly restricted further influx]

RETURN #7 [r7] 1948 wave #6 from surrounding Arab countries

RETURN #8 [r8] 1949-50 – 47,000 from Yemen to Israel, 2,000 from Saudi Arabia, 1,500 from Aden

RETURN #9 [r9] 1951-52 121,00 Iraqi Jews to Israel

RETURN #10 [r10] 1977 – 1984 from Ethiopia

RETURN #11 [r11] 1984 operation Moses 7,000 from Ethiopia
RETURN #12 [r12] 1991 operation Solomon 14,000 from Ethiopia

RETURN #13 [r13] 1990’s 1m + Russians
RETURN #14 [r14] 2005 8,000 from Gaza

RETURN #15 [r15] 2020 2,000 jews from Ethiopia

We’ve covered a delicate balance between 15 stages of diaspora and expulsuion and 15 stages in the return to Palestine/ Israel. Just as the Semitic race 4.5 that incubated in what’s now called the celtic parts of the British isles – were chosen to play a central and challenging role in the building of race 5 so too would this Semite race who still cherish their norms of minimal mixed-marriage have also been chosen to play a major role in geopolitics right up to and including the present day. It is with much regret that we have to report that the same nation that has survived so much hardship and operswecrution are now being used athe giant lab for the experiment gene therapies that threthen to turn them into part human and part AI.

Let’s pause and take a minute to offer up prayers that they along with the other countries under assault principly much of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand  can rapidly extract themselves from this most dire risk of widespread genocide.

Now we’re gonna take another look at the ebb and flow between alternating rule by the black hats and the white-hats happening according to the time honored cosmic rule ratio of 3:2 or f:1.

3 3.2 1:5 COSMIC RULE RATIO 3: 2 PART 2 OF 3

fromENDpdels have the edgeyrsStalemate    domination by adelsENDyrstotal
500548King Arthur41 SW England , Wales separate5772977
16201710Francis of A; Roger Bacon92    92
12921305William Wallace14 100+ years war Fr v GB ’37-‘531453148161
14531535Renaissance; T  More82 Henry 815471294
15471642Francis Bacon & legacy95 Cavaliers & Roundheads16519104
16511770Rebuild at home, abroad119 Repression in US colonies181646165
18161853Global expansion37 Vaxx mandates [smallpox]18762360
18761908Esoterics published32 Bankers  “fed reserve”1914638
19141918World war 2 Ire v GB 4Pandemic removes 20 – 30 million  
18181928Prosperity after war 10    
19281938Great depression 10    
1938195315 year plan Valiant Thor 15Nazis & Grey Aliens conspire to subjugate world
 1954   Gre-Ada treaty, mockinbird19574 
19571960Val T in Pentagon[MI5/6] 3Eisenhower #34 abdicates to MAJ12  
19601963JFK  #35 ; agap’e music 3Coup being planned   
19631969Beatles 1 7Op mockingbird IRA V GB19983239
 1998   Op MK Ultra. Mockinbird20171919
20172020awakening 4GMOVAXX, 5G2020 4
RATIO of pdells : adels = 62 : 3862 golden ratio 1.62 : 1 &  1 : 0.62 38 

Converting to generations we get a precise golden ratios of 1.3 generations : 0.8 generations for King Arthur
and over the 828 years analyzed we have the ratios 62 : 38.   
That does not include the 53 years that we designate as stalemate between the 2 elites.

The longest stint of rule by pdels is just less than 3 generations and for the adels around 4 at the time of the so called 100 years war. You will notice these 3’s and 4’s are recurring patterns as we saw in the case of all major projects like when we covered how the subraces 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 were engineered.

If some of you are wondering why is Francis from Italy on the list, so you weren’t paying attention when we told you that the Francisians were the first to bring clean water to London and many large English cities and we sure know that PY101  and “mercury”  from the lives and loves of Alcyone has worked on pioneering clean water projects time after time.

The 6 periods of stalemate
world war 2
prosperity after the War
great depression
15-year plan put into action by Valiant Thor v the push by Nazis and Alien Greys to subjugate the world
JFK V the plot against him
agap’e music v operation mockinbird

We could say that King Arthur presided over the Welsh struggle for independence

At the demise of each empire, an extra  influx of vandals and an extra influx of new paradigm builders are sent in to achieve  the disentanglent of the old paradigm that no longer serves and  the assembly of the new paradigm respectively. This time the new paradigm will be based on

  • transparency of govt and of the military industrial complex
  • profit share between owners and employees based on yearly input from both sides
  • public media and money creation run by humanitarians 

Now we take a look at the 3rd and final part of the cosmic rule ratio as it plays out in the dominant nation states of the day.

3 3.2 1:6 COSMIC RULE RATIO 3:2 PART 3 OF 3

fromENDPdels in controlyrsStalemateDomination by adelsENDyrstotal
15651607Pioneers from S Eur41 Pioneers for tobacco16201354
16201710From GB, Brazil, N Eur82 North exploits South labor175357139
17531775Geo W Potus #1 [89-97]14    14
17761796Freedom20    20
17961837AJ Potus #7 [29-37]40    40
18371853Influx of Celts, Jews15 vax mandate [smallpox] 116
18541854Republicans in Jackson Mi1 Strife 1854, ‘61 KKK ‘65186178
18611865Abe Potus #16 [61-65]5 1871:USA Corp ruled by Eur.18761116
18771901Esoterics published23 Coup by adels 191319141336
19141918World war 2 4Pandemic removes 20 – 30 million  
18181928Prosperity after war 10    
19281938Great depression 10    
1938195315 year plan Valiant Thor 15Nazis & Grey Aliens conspire to subjugate world
 1954   Gre-Ada treaty, mockinbird195744
19571960Valiant Thor in pentagon 3Eisenhower #34 abdicates to MAJ12  
19601963JFK  #35 ; agap’e music 3Coup being planned   
19631969Beatles 1, Tamla Motown 6LBJ #36 63-69   
 1969   Op MK Ultra19942424
 1994   Manufacturing USA > Asia20162222
 2016Tireless citizen journalists 6Censorship of the pdez group   
            Ratio of rule by pdels : adels62 Golden ratio  1.62 : 1 & 1: 0.62 38 

The 8 periods of stalemate are

1. world war2
2. prosperity after the war,
3. the great depression
4. 15 year plan devised by Valiant Thor while the Nazis and Alien Greys were plotting to subjugate the world
5. Valiant Thor in the Pentagon as Eisenhower abdicating his power to [MAJ12]
6. JFK versus the coup against him
7. agap’e music versus LBJ’s push for free LSD at the concerts
8. the information war that we are in the  midst off now

In 1954 the founding members of the MAJ12 group were 3.22b
Nelson Rockefeller, John F Dulles, Secretary of State, Allan W Dulles, Dir of CIA, Charles E Wilson, Sec. of Defence, Chairman of Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Arthur W. Radford, [Navy],  J Edgar Hoover, Dir. of FBI and

6 men from CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]  [Jason Society scholars  recruited their members from the “Skull and Bones” and the “Scroll and Key” societies of Harvard and Yale.
The so-called “Wise Men” are key members of the Council on Foreign Relations and also members of a secret Order of the Quest known as the JASON Society. There were 19 members of Majesty Twelve. The first rule of Majesty Twelve was that no order could be given and no action could be taken without a majority vote of twelve in favor, thus Majority Twelve. Orders issued by Majesty Twelve became known as Majority Twelve directives.

The ongong battle raging as we speak is for the highest stakes – the survival of our god-given DNA.

Thankfully as we speak we are seeing the results of a renewed influx of pdels taking up the challenge to capitalise on the destruction wreaked by modern-day vandals working for the adels who have pressured into  speed up their genocide agenda.


Now that we’re up to date with the black swan-events. We’ve already done our deep dive into the fights over  more or less freedoms since the american fight for indepence in 1775. From these 2 quotes we get a glimpse into the perennial struggle between the pdels and adels and their corresponding sets of followers. After a period of stalemate, we get to enjoy more freedoms when the pdels win. When the adels win freedoms won are eroded. Here is a liberal paraphrase of what Rionnie Reagan said around 1989 and what Abe knew about the privilege of money creation.

I paraphrase Ronnie Reagan POTUS #40
“the fights to keep our existing freedoms and to win more of them are continuous and relentless under the cosmic law of freedom. Reviewing the scorecard so far for the American nation as of 1989, we can report that we’ve achieved some major advances in freedoms but the loss of those hard-won and existing freedoms is never more than the climax of the current fight  away from possible fruition. Our freedoms must be fought for, protected and handed on for our children to do the same or one day we may find ourselves telling our children in our sunset years  what it was once like to live with honest elections, the freedom to choose our medical drugs, the freedom to speak, worship and peacefully protest.”

I paraphrase honest Abe POTUS #16
“the privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of the govt, but it is govt’s greatest creative opportunity. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest and money will cease to be a lever to dominate and exploit humanity but rather become its ally and servant.”
Abe delivered on his words to the tune of $4 billion. [equivalent to todays $50 trillion debt mountain.


The Greeks became embroiled with the royal feud between brothers prince Cyrus [ Cyrus the Younger ] and Artaxerxes II, sons of Darius  II. Prince Cyrus was Satrap of Lydia and Ionia from 408 to 401 BC and Artaxerxes II was on the throne.  Greek mercenaries were lured by the Persian prince to undertake a mission against and easy opponent among the hill tribes. But only after 100+ miles of marching towards Babylon, did they realise their foe would be the mighty Persian army. in 401 BCE, just north of Babylon the prince was killed in battle leaving the mercenaries without a paymaster. The Spartan chiefs took command of the 10k contingent and were in a bind cos they relied on the Persians to find their way home. On the way the Greek generals were doublecrossed during a supposed meeting and killed by the Persians leaving the regular soldiers to elect new generals. Xenophon played a large part in the continuing retreat and within 4 months they reached the black sea. See APPENDIX 3.11 for map.

Two generations later Alex would take 2 books with him as he conquered the known world, the Iliad and the account of the 10k stranded Greek mercenaries close to Babylon 1200 kilometers from home. Indeed so entangled were the Persians and the Greeks – the preeminent nations of the subraces 5.3 and 5.4 respectively – that the Roman elite used Greek as their preferred language and were ably helped by so many incoming greek slaves who would teach their children well. The Romans were quick to rename the Greek gods – Zeus became Jupiter, Persephone became Prosperpina and Castor and Pollux names from the Greek legend were used in the vernacular in much the same way that modern English speakers use OMG – oh my GOD [[oh my castor] in a profane manner or when used in a reverent manner OMG translates into the roman oh my Pollux.


For Persia, Zoroaster aka Vyasa, Thoth, Hermes, Orpheus, Buddha – the previous world teacher appeared in 29,700 BCE to guide the subrace 5.3 in its new abode. For Greece the future world teacher Pythagoras came down with hands-on experience to teach 2,000 didciples and initiates. For the Roman empire, Christos the current world teacher in 69 BCE arrived to teach about agap’e love using the body prepared by Yashua from Nazareth in Palestine and that was quickly followed by Yashua reappearing  as Apollonius in the Greek city just north of Tarsus in modern day Turkey. 


As we showed earlier King Arthur was fighting to preserve the cultural upgrades attained by the Greeks first who built on the Egyptian and Vedantin legacies and then all that mix carried forward by the Romans enhanced with their ideas of law. The Romans were content to rename the Greek gods into their Latin dialect and this helped them  to be relatively tolerant of other religions in the mix. We have just about exhausted the historical perspective of how nez has progressed up to the presentday. So now we can rejoin the plot of 3’s and 7’s.


We have 7 rounds of 7 subrounds each of 617 million years comprising an aeon of 4.32 million years. A single aeon covers the fastest case scenario where the fastest learners could progress through all 700 emotional stages, the  70 mental stages and 7 causal stages of the human syllabus of dez. The stragglers may take up to 7 aeons to navigate thru the humon kingdom with the average from between 3 and 4 aeons.

Currently we are in the 4th subround of the 4th round approximately 320 million years along the allocation of 617 million years. This ties in with 7 spirals wrapped around the 10 closed loops of the wark. Currently the average human is now foccussed round nezlevels 3.4z, 4.4z/4.3z and 5.6/5.5z and each of those loops will have the 4th spiral activated.

We have the 7 natural kingdoms encompassing the lowest 3 dims  d47-d49. It’s topical to talk about the 7 rays as the 7th ray starts to give us so much opportunity to accelerate the pace of dez. The 7 departments are divided again into 3 primary and 4 secondary and even though our humon-d1-wark was created with a strong bias toward one of the seven departments, we have had countess opportunities to incarnate where one of the other departments takes center stage. Design and maths reign in the cosmos, even though with our exercise of free will according to cosmic law, disorder is more evident at our first glances when we survey the facts on the ground back on your home planets.

n the world of primordial matter, d0 with its duality of aspect #2, mother-matter and aspect #1, father-dynamis working to birth sufficient atems for the sustenance of the universe. In the cosmic world of 49 elder dims from d1 thru d49, we can say all 3 aspects are inseparable and inextricable interlinked.

3 3.2 2:3 ANALOGIES x  21

Their most notable designations are :
ab, Hebrew                      mutter, German                            manas [thinker], Sanskrit
Father [christian]            Son                                                   Holy Ghost
Nimrod [babylonian]     Tammuz [Hebrew month]           Semiramis
Osiris [egyptian]              Horus                                               Isis
Keter [hebrew]               Chockma [Hebrew]                       Bina [Hebew]
Shiva                                  Vishnu                                             Brahma
willpower                         ~wark                                              ~self-identity
3 central strings ~4th string [inside wark] ~6 minor strings [inside wark]
nez of  matter                  ~nez of warks 10 strings ~nez of the 40 helical ducts
propeller of wark            ~mother-wark                               ~next outer, next lower wark
willpower                         ~carrier of nez                                ~nez
motivepower                 ~matter                                           ~consciousnez
motion                              ~substance                                     ~nez
sound                                ~light                                                ~heat
matter in motion            ~matter                                           ~nez flowing through matter
head chakra                     ~heart chakra                                 ~throat chakra
lungs [dynamis] heart [matrix of matter] brain [helical ducts]
energy of motion            ~energy of matter                         ~energy of thinking
blue [electrical] ~yellow [light]                                ~red [warmth] 
purple                               ~green                                             ~pink [secondary colors]
56.5 male hey-vav-hey  56.5 [female heh-vav-hey]          10 [yod]

56 * 2 = 113 = measure of humon
113 * 5  =565 = symbol for humon’s 5 bodies


Here are symbols for the duality of the priordial soup before the cosmic worlds are created with atoms

Spirit                                                                                           Matter
Theos                                                                                         Χάος “kah’os” chaos

My prop for the 3 aspects is the famous giza pyramid on Earth..Here’s the overview for you 3.52


Notice how the so-called King’s chamber is really more accurately called the serious and blissful meeting place between the entangled selves 5.0j and 6.0g. The area marked causal is the practice ground for developing productive and joyful relations between our human monad and its soul-donor 6.0g.
Here we’ve packed the downwards and upwards evolution process onto one loaded page. Evolving downwards [outwards subatomically] from causal—elemental [5.1z, 5.2z] to mental-elemental [5.3z – 5.3z] to 4d-emotional elemental [4.1z – 4.6z] . Evolving upwards [inwardly subatomically] starts from the mineral on 3d to max 4.6z of the plant world to the max 5.6z of the top 5 animal species and then the quantum leap from group-soul to the human soul donated to us by the generous angelgod followed by a bigger quantum leap out of the humon kingdom  into the god world of dims 6.6d thru 7.3d. At that point we have released our nearest and nearest god 6.0g to pursue bigger and better missions or even maybe adopt another elite elephant or horse as it makes its transition into navigating a human-soul.

The human spectrum covers course 22c until course 51c – 10 courses for each of the 3 dimensions 3d, 4d and 5d.
The lower kindoms are arranged as follows
courses 1c -9c = 32+-, 31+-, 30+-, 36z, ….30z [31z max level for the mineral kingdom]
courses 10c-17c = 42+-, 41+-, 40+-, 46z, …….43z [max for the top 5 animal species and 46z as max 4d level for the vegetable kingdom]
courses 18c-21c = 52+-, 51+-, 50+-, 56z [max level of intellect reachable by the top 5 animal species]

This chart is compact and it illustrates the neatly ordered process of how each monad travels through the kingdoms. The elite plants nudge forward in the lowest emotional level 5.6z and the elite animals nudge forward on the lowest intellectual level 5.6z , many of them having already reached their maximum permitted emotional level of 4.3z.

Then comes our human species – we must break through the 4.3z barrier upwards to 4.2z and 4.1z. That can take a long series of lifetimes. Our next quntum leap will be to break through the 5.5z barrier which means controlling 4d emotions is now on the agenda.

3 3.2 2:5 DECODE GIZA #1 PzQ

This chart is divided into the sections 3d [3.6-3.0], 4d [4.6-4.0] and 5d[5.6-5.0] and pushes the point that all dez takes place in parallel across all 3 dims. For example as we upgrade 3.3, we should also be upgrading 4.3 and 5.5.  Practice makes perfect and as toddler, infant and child, over the course of 100’s of  lifetimes, we probably have learned 50+ languages and in some lives may have even learned 5+ languages before the age of 9. We may have had 6 lives with opportunities to pursue a speciality and on the 7th may be able to achieve a significant level of genius. This triggers an analogy of learning to talk fluently over the space of around 7 years. It’s very possible that with the appropriate background, that one could become a world-class orator after 7 consecutive lifetimes where we had the opportunities to practice our oratory 2 decades in each lifetime with each successive lifetime giving bigger and better opportunities. to practice our oratory, would we be enough to have us considered as as a world-expert orator.


In chapter 1 section 3.6 31 we covered the lungs-heart-brain analogy for the sip.
The lungs absorb the chi and keep the body in motion.
The brain co-ordinated the matrix of matter see section 14 on health and color.
The heart symbolizes the overall shape of the sip – the matrix of matter

It’s tempting to think in terms of the aspects as separate with their distinct functions but consider the mutual interdependence:
the matrix of matter is kept alive via the incoming chi/prana/motive-power
the alive matrix is the carrier of nez so really all 3 aspects form a unity in this pecking order as we develop our nez…
at each of the 6 human grades within each of the 21 dimensions

1stly we upgrade the quality of our tubular matter
2ndly as we upgrade the tubes so we can also upgrade the nez quality flowing inside those tubes and
3rdly as we harmonize the tubes and their contents we can at last focus on upgrading the quality of our desires and thoughts and later on our will-power.

And so comes to an end our very special presentation of the 3-in-1 concept. Any questions?//

3 3.2 3:0 QUESTIONS

/D~S from mars: when does desire get upgraded to will-power?

/ Ø  : The 6 dims of the the 4.0d-nucleus are really the realm of desire 4 x high and 2 x low. When we can center ourselves in the higher 2 grades  4.2z and 4.1z, our nearest and dearest god 6.0g starts taking an active interest in our development and soon after that we can expect our first sporadic contact with  6.0g via grade 5.1z of the soul. At that point we start referring to will-power in its connotation of goodwill for an ever expanding range from family to clan to tribe to nation to race to multirace to humanity, to the 3 lower kingdoms onto the nearest god-realm on dims 7.3d thru 5.2d. Thank you D~S and now before we break for a well deserved refreshments and banter, let’s review a special message from our crop circle architects.

∞ On the 10th July last year Earth received a crop circle with special relevance to where we are now in the conference – just gearing up to start BC#4. It was sculpted at Easton Clump, Nr Easton Royal, Wiltshire. Our expert crop-artists on all 5 of your planets have been advising us on spreading their messages so we decided to combine our 2 differing modes of comms – the medium of the computer and voice in our case linking up with the the medium of the crop-circle experts – that of the unharvested fields of crops.  Thank you crop-circle artists for collaborating with us. At the close of each of the 3 days we will show a revealing crop message from your home planets. On your personal screens you will see the location and date of of the message of the first crop circle on your own planet. Here it is with it’s decodes 3.53