January 12, 2020

DECODES 65 & 66- the 42 / 49 names/ aspects of our 6th-dimensional-god
1-mar & 2-mar-2020

Decode 64 was inspired by the esoteric meanings of mayan day signs 53 and 66. That got me thinking about all the various names we have for describing our 6th-dimensional-god and its entanglement with our 5k-m0nad. On the the 1st march i came up with a list of 42 names and considered 42 as significant in as much as it gives us the # of cosmic dimensions before we reach dim 43 [9d] the center of the solar system.

The next day i came back to revisit the names and thought how cool it would be to have 49 names to align with the zero to 6 formulation repeated 7 times so i quickly came up with another 7 names to complete the symmetry. Here’s the result…

decodes 65 and 66

The 0-7 formulation fits in with the schematic with the human head at the center of the matter. At first i had located #0 at the center of the head space but really to maintain the symmetry #3 around the head space should be in the center so i’ve revamped the orginal headspace diagram to keep it aligned with each set of 7 names where #3 plays a central role in the grouping.


The alignment that shouts out is the sync between the decode number 65 and 66 with the mayan symbol 66 [inspiration of decodes 64-66] and the lowest 2 sub-dimensions of our 6d-god.

Also i started working out the 49 names on the 1st march = 10/17 on the mayan calendar very indicative of the 10 stages and 17 steps of nezdev that we have already covered.

DECODE 64- aligning the 20 mayan symbols
29-feb-20 = 6 days after decode 63

The mayan symbols have always come in many variants the simplified ones and the complex ones. Since 1997 i’ve been using the simplified ones but around 3 weeks ago i studied closely for the first time the complex version of the symbol for day 66 – the human journey and the human skull [ see part 2 of 8] and lo and behold it fitted right into the alfobedic theory of evolution that i’ve been formulating decode by decode over the last several years based on many structures such as those
1) of the smallest indivisible particle as sketched in 1878 and 1896 by Edwin D Babbit
2) of the giza pyramid
3) of the most sacred symbol of the ancient world – the tetraktys
4) of the pomegranate [the fruit of knowledge]
5) of the dynamics of the fig and fig wasp [the tree of life]

And now after this decode 64 i can add the 6th item to that list
6) of the mayan symbols for the 20 day-signs.

Because this is decode 64 i surmise that in the future [universe willing] i may be able to add the 7th item to include the 64 hexagrams of the i ching.

This decode comes in 8 parts. Here is part 1 …

decode 64 1 of 8

Next we take a look at the 2 common symbols for “kimi” known as the the human journey and the human skull

decode 64 2 of 8

The symbol on the left was the key into the intricate knowledge of the mayans about the cycle of lives and the structure of 6d and the 3 human dimensions. Here it is…

decode 64 – 3 of 8

Here the multiple colors on the left tell us how the tripod of 5k controlling its 3 nuclei all spring to life to build 3 new bodies around each of the nuclei and a fourth temporary body [up] with the potential to integrate the mostly unwieldy 3 lower bodies. Now it’s time to look at day sign 53 which symbolizes our 6th-dimensional god with its 49 names and aspects [see decodes 65 and 66] , but indeed it also symbolizes every wark in any of its 171 guises – 49 at the dimensional level and their 122 sub-dimensions. This symbol i’ve had to rotate 90 degrees from it usual orientation to get the desire effect. Here it is ..

decode 64 – 4 of 8

This symbol also sometimes called 11:11 gives us a great analogy for the 4 major strings of the wark’s 10 strings. Now we can combine my 2 favorite symbols of the day-signs 53 and 66 to illustrate the entanglement between the 2 major players in our 3d-life experience – 5k-hum0n and 6k-subst0n. Here it is …

decode 64 – 5 of 8

Here we see the 6k-subst0n in the middle built around its 7d-nucleus color-coded in blue. On the right we have “ours” truly ” our 5k-hum0n shown as being built around its own 6d-nucleus colored in pink. i like to call this 53-66 -53 to denote the 53’s as representing the 2 major players center stage in our 3d-lives and the 66 represents the symbiosis and entanglement between them. This diverges slightly from my usual naming convention to consider the day-66 symbol as 5k and 53 as 6k. 53 is indeed the generic symbol for all monads but of course it’s natural to give 6k it’s p[ride of place as being our nearest and dearest god. Now it’s time to take a look at the 12 kingdoms …

decode 64 – 6 of 8

On the left we see the robotic k1, k2 and k3 elementals work their way down through the mind and emotional grades. A graphic way to think about this is to consider the k1-elementals joining into our thinking processes and learning to mimic us – the good and the bad – bit like how our 6 year imitates our sentences without understanding what they mean. . Likewise the 4d-emotional elementals , many of which come from the food we eat – will join in to mimic our emotions and even practise their own agenda when that is not often in our own best interest. Ever get that feeling of rage that is so uncharacteristic of our normal behavior?

So by eating fruit and veg we can accelerate the evolution of k3-elementals [emotional] and 4d-plant monads that could mean that by eating animal 4d-bodies we are also helping those animal monads to evolve. However that certainly does not mean that those 4d-animal bodies in any way help our own 4d and 5d evolution.

Next batch of 3 day signs gives us the insight into the hierarchy of the aspects – notice the 2-2-2 formation as we move up the hunam racks where the top level kicks in when we’ve mastered the human syllabus.

decode 64 – 7 of 8

the top symbol characterised by the 3 T’s
tree – absorbing our carbon dioxide and gives clean oxygen
telepathy – with or without the tongue movement
tempest – the cosmic, solar and planetary chi energizing our atoms.

the eye of the eagle symbolizes the light of seeing

venus was the most important planet / star for the mayans. it represents the 6d realm of agap’e [unconditional] love and [concscious]nez

Notice how the pattern occurs 3 times as we move up through the levels
1. refine the quality of our tubes and ducts of matter
2. refine the quality of the smaller warks flowing thru the ducts amd tubes
3. refine the motive behind our thoughts and actions.

Now it’s the grand finale – the last 3 symbols are those that illustrate the 3 elusive laws that we usually discover bit by bit over hundreds of lifetimes..

decode 8 – 8a of 8

the symbol of day 144 is called typically the seed or net.

here are 2 interpretations
1. we can see a “seed” ready to fall into the net that may or may not catch it depending on the size of the seed. Imagine the seed is the incoming cosmic solar and planetary energies passing through the tubes and ducts. Many of the energies will be too coarse to penetrate into the tube or duct and will just bounce off. Many will be too refined to get stopped and pass right through. If our “nets” are calibrated well , then we have a chance to intercept the energies and have them course their way through the tubing.
Of course once trapped inside our warks, we can use these incoming energies for constructive or destructive purposes.

The other 2 symbols are very enigmatic and so far i have not made much progress with an interpretation.

Th law of plus-minus has many names eg karma, causality, cause & effect, compensation and recompense. The next diagram shows the law in its sense of making recompense where the past sets up the future opportunity that will be embraced or rejected in the present.

decode 64 – 8b of 8

Here we see some examples of undeserved gifts being received. In this example the opportunity to make recompense is taken and soon that chain of minus 160 points can be archived – no longer on our current account.
For example we could be removing ourselves from an adversatorial situation and manage that without and desire for revenge or to show rancour but rather we keep sending love to those who have hurt us in the past.


Well 6 days from the previous decode is also the leap day we see only once every 4 years and to emphasize the 4 ,we align with decode 64 [4 x 4 x 4]

the alfo-b theory stared out with just the lower and higher minds, then lasy year [2019] evolved to denote 4 variants mind-1 to mind-4 and now here i take this as confirmation for the latest enumeration of 7 variants as shown in the diagram decode 64 – 3 of 8.

6 also points us at the 2 groups of 3 – the 3 laws L1-L3 each with its dual aspects and the 3 aspects A1-A3.
The I ching connection prompted me to look up the meaning of hexagram 20 and noticed it ties in with mayan symbol #20. I highlighted the principle numbers of the mayan decode on the 8 x 8 grid as follows. The proximity of dimensional and sub-dimensional numbers is interesting. i must admit this is the first time i’ve seriously looked at the meaning of the hexagrams.
I must put any further ideas on the back burner until i meet up with another strong prompt. Here is the grid that i came up with …

DECODE 63- config for our hum0np0d of 60 billion of unique hum0ns.
23-feb-20 = 21 days after decode 62

For the last month, I have been meditating on and off on the 36 profiles that Henry Laurency analyzes in chapter [14.21] of his 2,500 page treatise.

On friday 21st feb i was on the train on my back from London when i made my first serious attempt to connect the dots. Have you wondered why 7+ billions of us are ever so unique. Yesterday [saturday] i posed that very question and wondered if these 36 profiles would be a way to prise the answer open.

Yesterday my first draft of the formula gave me a result of 60.5 billion which was very pleasing but today i had to proof check the config and formulaeand after some tweaking i arrived at the figure 60.354 billion.
i was even more pleased to get closer to my 60b target. Here is the config…

Here are the assumptions made
1) there are 3 motives
a) #1=  connection with the causal body [sporadic or sustained] via highest emotional levels 41/42 and optionally via classified 5d levels 53/54
b) #2 = hum0n has not yet reached 4d levels 41/42 and so has not yet made sporadic contact with causal-soul
c) #3 = hum0n has control over whole 4d gamut 41-46 and has reached highest classified 5d level [53] , has decided to work against hum0n [conscious]nezdev[elopement] and so has deliberately disconnected from his/her causal body

2) there are 7 depts – in each epoch of 2,500 years only 5 are in use by the causal body, all 7 are used as primary or subsidiary for the other 4 bodies

3) we have 5 bodies – as well as being ruled by its primary dept ,  our causal body has one of a possible 4 subsidiary depts, the other 4 bodies can have any of the other 6 departments as subsidiary ; typically any one individual will have an average distribution of 3 or 4 different primary depts [minimum 2 and max 5] across all 5 bodies

4) PB/SB: pb = personal-best nez level over all previous lifetimes, sb = seasonal best so far in this lifetime

5) 3d, 4d and the three 5d groupings each has its own nez level, here’s a typical upgrade we could be well satisfied to achieve in a single lifetime : sb[3d] = pb +1 level; sb[4d] = pb + 1 level; sb[5d] = pb+ 1 level; in the chart that would counts as 3 levels

6) typical spreads of  levels across all hum0ns [considered in a series of 7 lifetimes] =
5d[motive#1] = 3; 5d[motives#2 #3] = 4;  4d-control[motives #1 & #2 #3 ] =40; 3d=60;
typical spread of nez levels across 80% of hum0ns =   
5d= 3; 4d-control= 10; 3d=6


The first thing that strikes me is that friday the day i started out on the quest to come up with a solution to the 60 billion question was the the 21-feb – day 8 of the mayan calendar when the mayans celebrate abundance and what could be more abundant than working out the permutations that would make each of us so unique.

It’s decode 63 and 21 elapsed days which both fit nicely with the final figure of 60, 354, 201, 600.

603 > 63 decode #
354 > the 3 depts used most sparingly
600 > 60 billion
201 > 21 elapsed days

also mayan day 9 [saturday] gives us another alignment of 22-feb = 22/2/20202 [mayan 9/251] and that means that both decodes 62 [2/2/2022] and this decode [mayan 10/10] are equidistant from day zero of the mayan calendar.. that’s such a neat piece of symmetry.

Of course i’m not so presumptuous as to think that i’ve got the forumae right but i can still derive some comfort that i might be on the right track.


Dept#1 = ruler/ leader/ orator/ demagogue/ manager
Dept #2 = educator/teacher/ carer/first responder/ manager/ philosopher
Dept #3 = psychologist/ activist/ synthesist
Dept #4= warrior/ artist/musician/writer/farmer/ media
Dept#5= scientist/ love of numbers/ technician/ inventor/ health workers  [specialists & holistic]
Dept#6 = devotee to religion, political or social ideology or to scientific materialism/ altruist / dogmatist / satanic cult member/ altruist/dogmatist
Dept#7 = merchant/ sales/ blue collar/ office/organizer/financier

Auspicious matches between body and dept.
causal; depts 1-3,7
integrator of the 3 lower bodies: depts 1-5, 7
classified & intellect: depts 4,5
emotional: depts  2,6
3d-body [both parts]  : depts 1, 3, 7

DECODE 62- decoding the cross-section of the pomegranate
2-feb-20 16 days after decode 61b

Thanks to a rotten segment of my pomegranate to salvage as much as i could, i had to slice it open at right angles to the usual alignment with the crown on top and hey presto, i got a pleasant surprise. Here’s the photo and analogy…

Even though i had sliced off the rotten part, the still healthy half revealed a treasure trove. The six orbital paths are so easy to visualise. I have been using the fruit from the tree of knowledge as a an analogy to explain the enigmatic structure of matter ie fruits within fruit pointing us to atoms with atom and only 5 years later have i become aware of its pointer to the 6 orbitals within that structure of matter. I’m not sure how common this perfect symmetry is, but i will be on the look out for more specimens.


This is after an elapsed span of 16 days which i immediately interpret to mean
1) 1+6 i.e. the nucleus and it 6 orbitals and this repeats 6 times to give us
2) yet another version of the [1+6] = 1 ie the center containing 7 nuclei and 6 shells around them each shell containing 6 orbitals. [total config of 1 + 48]
3) that means 1 nucleus and 16 quarks [there goes the 16 days elapsed time]
4) on the gregorian date we have another alignment of 2’s … 2-feb-2020 > 2/2/2020.
On the mayan calendar the current period of 13 days is my favorite period for memorable events the last one of the calendar with 9 days remaining until the calendar resets. This spin is no exception.. thank you once gain most informative fruit of knowledge.

DECODE 61b- decoding the 17 points [2 of 2]
17-jan-2020 7 days after decode 61

In the last decode i aligned 17 steps of nezdev to the 17 points of the tetractys and i was pleased it gave us 10 stages to boot. I started indicating the 17 points on both perspectives side by side – the sub atomic and the world of forms. When i was sketching the 34 points it caught my attention that it would be neat if the three circles aligned to 3, 7 and 7 to match the 3d, 4d and 5d worlds. After about an hour of experimentation, i came up with a solution which you can see here…

I continued with the sequence to make the 17 steps more understandable by giving the notation in part 2 of 4 as shown here…

Now part 3 will make more sense and we can see the elegant split 3-7-7 plays into the 3 human dimension..


Well the 7 days elapsed time is a theme of this decode ie the 7 warks in each atomic shell. The thing to catch my attention was the 2377 days mentioned in the last decode which comes into a sharper focus here ie the modified diagram showing the perspectives – the subatomic formation of 7-7-3 [inner 5d to outer] 3d and the forms formation of 3-7-7 [inner 3d to outer 5d] .

This reminds me of the eureka moment when i discovered the number of warks in a 33-wark across 4 worlds being a factor of 613 courtesy of the pomegranate.

greek 2377 = thuróros  = doorkeeper
greek 613 = apokruptó = hidden , kept secret

The door keeper of the door to the hidden secrets has just opened up a little chink so that i can peek in …

DECODE 61- decoding the 17 points of the tetractys
10-jan-2020 10 days after decode 60

On the 10th jan, i was reading “the divine plan” published by Geoffrey Barborka in 1961 and was intrigued to see that he mentioned there were an additional 7 mathematical points implied in the tetractys giving us a total of 17 points. This spiked by interest cos Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and associated with the highly classified knowledge being published on the site qmap.pub. Very apposite that we are delving into the the symbol most revered by the Pythagoreans and surely containing a ton-load of highly classified knowledge that we haven’t deciphered yet.

I searched the internet for some geometrical presentations of the tetractys and found a great illustration to shed more light on the subject which i have used in the parts 1 and 2 of the decode. [see below] . I’m writing this up on the 12th jan and have just spent the last 10 mins searching for the original sketch. Apologies to the author but i hope to stumble across it at a later date.
So instead i’ll gives these 3 references:
tetractys and the subatomic wark

the tetractys institute


Very soon after looking at the geometrical illustration, i could see the 7 hidden points , all points on a 3rd innermost circle. This is a super bonus when it comes to explaining the concept of atoms within atoms.

I’ve been researching the various stages of nezdev for 6.5 years now and have come up with many diverse formulations but none that have been really were ultra-convincing. But on the 10th jan i made the association of the 17 cryptic points of the tetractys with 17 steps of nezdev. Out of the expected 777 levels of nezdev, i guess that i could denote around a couple of hundred of them, so it’s an easy exercise for me to choose a subset of 17.

It turns out that the 17 steps i selected can be easily divided into 10 stages.
here they are in 3 parts…


The 10th day of 2020 and 10 days since the last decode fits in with the defining 10 points of the sacred tetractys. Looking back i can identify 8-jul-2013 as the my first initiation into the mathematics of hylozoics and nezdev. That gives me an elapsed 2377 days which neatly breaks down as follows

2 perspectives [world of forms and the world of subatomics]
3 = the outer circle]
7 = the central circle
7 = the innermost circle

that’s sure good enough for now to satisfy my confirmation quotient.