January 12, 2020

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DECODE 85 A-Z of prefixes & suffixes
11-dec-20 [+25 days]

When we use a prefix or suffix with a letter we generate 2 meanings.
When we use a numeric prefix we indicate we are using the god count to count from highest dim [ension] 1 through to lowest 171. When we use the suffix we indicate we start counting upward, inwardly [subatomically] or outwardly in repect to globes from our human perspective like this
3.6d-3.0d = what is conventionally known as 3d
4.6d-4.0d = 4d [nucleus 40 + 6 grades of emotions]
5.6d-5.0d = 5xd or 5d [nucleus 50 + 6 grades of mind]
6.6d-6.0d = realm of our nearest and dearest collective gods
7.6d-7.0d = realm of our planetary planners
8.6d-8.0d = realm of our solar administrators
9.2d-9.0d = realm of our solar planners
Here is the full list a-z


On the 4th dec-2020, the first version of 25 letters was worked out inTintagal, South West England in the area where King Arthur came in 750 BCE in order to prepare for Yeshua 650 years later and to prepare for his own return as King Arthur in 400 BC.

Now on my return to Surrey, r becomes the 26th letter to be filled in the grid.

Let’s take the 10th [lowermost] string of the densest atem 3.6. That string would be 3.6r. Now let’s take the 4th spiral around that string – that would be in the range 3.647s thru 3.610 in its 7 grades.

Today gives us 25 days elapsed days from the previous decode – that’s very tuned into the upgrade of the chart from 25 to 26 letters.
In this case the 26th letter to be denoted was r for royal of the divine line of kings – leading us back to the King Arthur connection.

Another aspect of this decode is the switch in notations for the entangled selves formerly 5k and 6k. Now 5k is replaced by a choice between 50i/ 50j or 50x [also i144/ j144 or x144] as shown in the chart and 6k is replaced by 60g or g144.

That gives us an easy device to disinguish between the 2 braches of evolution known as human – trainees and experts in nezdev and the angelic branch – the experts in the matrix of matter. So now we can bring in our masters from the human branch denoted as 6.0k on 6d, 7.0k on 7d, 8.0k on 8d and the collective solar gods 9.0k at the apex of 9d

16-nov-20 [+22 days]

The following 3 charts are compiled from details from the book
“Lives [48] of Alycone” by Charles W Leadbeater and Annie Besant.
Manu is the Expert in soul and self-genetics in charge of supervising the 7 subraces of root race 5 and their 49 families of nations.
So far he’s developed 5 subraces 5.1 – 5.5 and their 35 national families. The most recent addition to root race 5.5 was america in 1783.

Many expect subrace 5.6 to be developed from the pioneering freedom-lovers from this newest addition to the 35 primary nations so far.

Starting around 70BCE Manu starts the build process for his Root race 5.0 on the shores of the Gobi Sea and on teh inaccessable White Island aka Shamballa. The elites are divided into 3 teams:

Team A [coded red] The 5 solar planners
Team B [coded blue] The 11 masters intimately connected to the 7 rays
Team C [coded green/yellow ] The 11 devoted followers of the masters
Team D The twins Castor and Pollux – they have a somewaht chequered history because they do not always avail themselves of maximum opportunities for progress
Team E Those various characters that show up regularly but are not always given a star role in the development of the divine bloodlines…

We see the intensive build spans over 8 generations with an intensive phase in generations 3 through to 6 as shown here…

SUB RACES 5.1 [India / Pakistan] and 5.2 [Arabian]

Starting 60k BCE Manu understakes the process of building the race for the Indian sub-continent – the current locations of india, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bengal . Preparion over 3 generations, one intensive generation followed by 2 generations of scaling back opwerations. as shown on the left side of the next chart.

Starting around 42k BCE it was time to start work on the next subrace destined to settle in Arabia. The build process was pretty consistent over all 6 generations [total 150 years] as shown on the right hand side of this chart.


The new subrace 5.2 had 2,000 years to establish itself and was now ready to send forth a quarter million people made up of 150k soldiers paving the way followed at a safe distance another 100k of women and children and servants. Spread over 5 generations most of the building and planning was concentrated into generations 2 and 3 as shown on the left hand side of the next chart.

Building a Nation in S. Africa

This took at least 6 generations with most intense effort concentrated into generation 3. The distance covered here from Arabia to South Africa was less than the previous endeavor that stretched from the Gobi to Arabia and it’s noticable that though the elite manpower required was around 25 couples in both cases, its noticable that the South African project could be entrusted to many more of the team C [color green & yellow] relative to teams A [color red] and B [color blue] needed in the previous projects. Seen here on the right side of the chart…


This is decode 84 which reminds us of the 48 lives of Alycone that are covered in the rare book “Lives of Alycone” published in 1924 but unfortunately not currently in print .

22 days since the last decide and that fits nicely with the # of our protagonists on the 3 charts. Color-coded in red are our 5 comic masters Lord Kumara, Ruler of the solar system, followed by Buddha World teacher for rootrace 4 but also taking a keen interest in root race 5 while he continues to assist the new world teacher for root race 5 ie Christos and all the while Pythagoras is being trained to take over as we start to build rootrace 6 way way into the dim distance future to be eventually built around the nucleus of subrace 5.6 which is expected to show up in the near future. Much in the same pattern that Manu #5 built rootrace 5.0 around race 4.5 from the island of Rutya in Atlantis.

Color coded blue are the 11 masters intimately connected to the 7 rays and them color-coded green and yellow are their 11 trusty and devoted servants.Also green and yellow are the twins Castor and Polux so far as in the legend alternating their turns to incarnate on 3d and not always being so trusty to avail of the maximum opportunities given to develop their soul-consciousnez levels.
So the 22 days point us to the the 11 couples driving teh building phases of nations forward and upward.
The characteers on teh 29th line are those characters who appear not to be so prominent in the scheme of things and so we do not follow all their incarnations . However as we develop teh progress of nations we may notice that some of these intermittent characters take on a more striking role… we shall see.

DECODE 83 Ebb & Flow of the factions
25-oct-20 [+19 days]

Always looking for patterns. In this case how long is the flow and build of nations and how lo0ng is the ebb of decine?
Well our first case study is america. The new national identify and build phase lasted 5 generations of 27 years each. The 134 years is divided up between 23 years of fightingting against the british on 2 ocassions and against slavery on the 3rd instance. That leaves 111 years of nation building after the 3 fights of freedom were won.

The ebb of the nation startedjust befire the Federal Reserve was set up in 1910 right up now [november 2020 when i’m writing this].
In both cases we can see the 80% – 20% rule applies.
5 27-year-generrations of 80% winnining more freedoms and
4 28-year-generations of 80% fighting or losing more and more freedoms.
As i write todays new is about the US military raiding CIA-servers in Germany that area allege d to hold the key to voteer-fraud in the Us elecetions. Here are the visuals.
see decode 94 for latest


19 days and 2 key prcentages of 17% and 18% in the chart. When rounding up we’re using the figure of 20% to illustrate teh inversion of the ratio, so allow me to insert 19 to complete the sequence. .

DECODE 82 Science of the 8 chakras
6-oct-20 [+19 days]

yesterday POTUS 45 waklked out of hospital after his 3 day treatment for SARS-Cov2 and shortly afterwatrds he tells us not to let the covid virus dominate us. He’s learned a lot during his 3 days in the Walter Reed.
This brings up the point of the cause of disease. In 1925 Alice Bailey wrore that 80% of disease is caused by the misuse of the incoming solar chi, planetary prana and cosmic life force. The other 20% is caused by the misunderstanding of how to direct those energies thru teh 8 chakras. These 20% are those who are oriented in the menatl body#3 rather than the 80% who are concentrated in their 4d bodies [body #4]. Nopw almost 100 years later we might assume that the ratio is now more like 25-75 due to the ramping up of ray 7 which is significantly increadsing our abilities in mental discernment.
The outline of the science which is na issue for the 25% is 2 parts. Here’s the first one.

Here’s part 2 with CWL’s diagram modified to encompass all 8 chakras. In CWL’s famouus book “chakras” written in 1927 it’s a moot point if he liberately mixed up the sacral and spleen chakras. In his book the chakra with 6 petals is labelled “spleen” instead of “sacral or sexual”. My best guess is that it was a deliberate misnomer to protect 1000’s and 1000’s of readers who might otherwise harm themselves my misdirecting energies at this chakra if they thought it was the sexual chakra. Well even if it was an accidential or freudian slip, it still served the same noble purpose of protecting those for whom it can be said a little knowldge out of context can be dangerous.


19 days to compute. Counting 19 levels from lowest nez level 36.1 we arrive at exactly the entry point to the causal soul or body#2 when incarnated.
In other words we can flounder around for 1000’s of lifetimes before making contact with the soul. And when we do make that at first sporadic contact the words of THESE 2 SONGS bring out a new meaning for us.

1. I write the songs written by Bruce from Beachboys for Barry Manilow

2. 2 steps from hell played on piano by Patrik and written by Thomas Bergensen.

where hell can be defined as those reals of wearth which serve as a dumping ground for the surfeit of adev forces on our sister planets sos as to relive those planets of the heavry adev forces that we see so prevalent on earth.

DECODE 81 5k,6k, 10 globes
17-sep-20 [+4days]

In the previous decode we looked at the diagram for the 23 nuclei used by the entangled selves when in full blown incarnation. Here for completeness we show the amended config just prior to incarnation with 3 globes donated for the use of 5k indicated in yellow and green.

Now for extra completeness we show the diagram for the 10 globes relating to the previous diagram.


4 days since the previou decode. This points us to the 4 nuclei that will give rise to the 4 temporary bodies necessary for the new surface dweller. I wonder how long it takes to manufacture these 4 blueprints 4 secons, or 4 days. We do know that once the blueprints are completed it takes 273 days to manufactrure the 3d version of the new surface dweller starting the count from the day when the sperm enters the egg..

13-sep-20 [+21 days]

In the beginning was the word. The word is a symbol for sound. Sound is a symbol for the propulsion factor that keeps the matrix of matter in perpetual motion.
It was the sound of the 7 trumpets over 7 days that destabilized the walls of Jericho. It is the sound of the sacred “AUM” that blows a hole in the walls between the 4 temporary bodies and our permnanent causal body as shown here.


What’s within these intenal walls of Jericho symbolize our 4 temporary bodies created for each incarnation. When we have with good intentions and good mostly unselfish actions reached a certain level of nezdev, 6k is ready to blow a hole through the walls separating our temporary bodies and our permanent soul-body.

Once the wall is breeched in our current lifetime, we can for the first time in this lifetime get a glimpse on what lies on the other side of our incarnated bodies. And if all goes according to plan, that one glimpse is enough to trigger us to work diligently so that we can progressively strengthen our newly found connection with our soul-body.

Here the Tibetan outtlines [in sutra 1.29 of “Light of the Soul” by Alice Bailey] we show the sequence of events leading up to and following that first glimse across the boundary.  

The steps are color coded in the red and blue circles numbered 1 to 5
1. Aspiration after knowledge and aspiration for contact with the soul on dimensions 50d-521d aka d151-1531
2. Realizing that there’s much work to be done from our side to overcome the obstacles and dismantle the wall.
3. Comprehending the nature of the obstacles to be overcome
4. Cultivating the strength of will to persevere overcoming those obstacles
5. The sudden flash of vision when we are allowed a glimpse of the soul reality for somewhere between 1 minute and several hours – most unforgettable slice of time where we experience a new vibration of well-being and joy.
6 renewed aspiration to make that fleeting vision into a regular occurrence
7. Constant collaboration between the entangled selves 6k and its hum0n protégé 5k

When a critical mass are able to maintain regular contact with 6k that’s when we will insist on electing leaders who are not tainted by taking secret oaths under pain of death to entities that the general public [not haveing yet the fleeting vision of the soul reality] – know nothing about.


21 days since the previous decode. 21 defines the # of dimensions relating to the human syllabus – 18 within the internal walls of Jericho
[7 dims of 3d spectrum 36d-30d aka d165-d171
7 of of the 4d spectrum 46d – 40d aka d158 – d164 and the
4 lower dimensions of 5d spectrum – 56d-53d aka d154 – 157 and the
3 higher dimensions within the 5d spectrum -50d-52d aka 151d-153d.
Looking at the greek gematria we get 21=agalliaó: to exult, rejoice greatly

23-aug-20 [+15 days]

The pommegranate is still yielding up its secrets. Over the last 2 months, I’ve been researching the inner structure of one of my best teachers – the pomegranate. For the first 8 pomegranates I looked at, I kept getting 10 compartments which tied in nicely with the 10 strings. Then 2 days ago on the 9th pommegranate examined, I cleaned it out as a hollow and the answer was a surprise when i could clearly see 7 clusters built around 7 conical-like shapes. I had been hooked on compartments instead of clusters where a cluster could have 2 or 3 compartments. Then i captured my success with the picture of the hollowed out specimen…

I was surprised cos i expected a strucure of 6 instead of 7 but then i realized we have 7 nuclei and 7 orbitals around them. This is a great lesson to see that we have to ask the right question to get the right answer. I was asking the wrong question of “how many compartments” but on the 9th attempt i got to asking the right question “how many clusters”


15 days since the last decode. 16 would have been easier for me since we are describing a structure of 1 + 48 atums where the 48 could be considered in 16 groups of 3. So the obvious adjust is to consider the innermost 3 atums as part of the innermost nuceus of 4 leaving 15 groups of 3 orbitting than inner nuceus of 4. This doesn’t seem so elegant so i will look at the mayan date.

That’s day 192 – the 10th day of the wave called akbal or night vision. the 10th day points us to 3+7 – the central 3 strings [outer] and the 7 smaller whorls. So that gives us the 7 very visible clusters with the other 3 major whorls not revealing themseves to our night-time vision. The seven can be considered as the 2 central clusters and the outermost 5 which makes a lot of sense since the topmost of the 7 minor whorls is intrinsically linked to the major 3, while the other central cluster is really the bridge between the human syllabus and the god syllabus.

There’s another lesson to learn – that is on the other 8 pommegranates i treated the segments to be analyzed separately. With #9 i kept it as a unit and so was able to put it back together as a hollow shape. That’s teh old allegory about the sum of the separated parts being lesser than the whole.

Thank you pommegranate #9 for yielding up more of your exquisite secrets about the subatomic and macrocosmic structure of this elegantly designed univere.

08-aug-2020 [+7 days]

This mapping of 10 atomic strings to 10 stone courses of Giza, I workd out quite a while a ago but never had a visual to do it justice until now. Last time I tried I had 3 sketches of the atum and that was just too cluttered. This time the simpler version of only one sketch works much better as shown here..

The mapping is shown for the 5d atum, but the same principle is true for the 3d and 4d atums where the 3d atum maps to 30+- thru 30 and the 4d atum maps to the 10 course from 40+- thru 40. This mapping of 1 string to 1 course applies to all dimensions where from dim 130 to 171 each atum had 10 strings and from dims 1 to 126 only 3 strings re needed for the mapping.
this gives us an indication of how different are the solar and cosmic densities.

Here is an allegory from Plato to illustrate how we evolve on the human syllabus.

On the bottom of the visual the black horse symbolizing the emotional body has its neck out in front. This means the brown horse [the mental body] is being controlled by the emotional body. Once we’ve gained the highest emotional grades that control mental grade 156 or 157, that signals that in our next life will be a mission to work on upgrading the mental grade to 155 where it starts to learn to take control of the emotional body. For this to work we are downgraded on our 4d garde in our new incarnation so as to prevent the mystical side from impeding our mental progress to 155 and higher.


7 days elapsed time fits pretty snuggly into the 7 minor whorls of the atum.
This points us to the extra 7 strings that we use in the solar, planetary and human realms. I suppose we migh think that if all cosmic dims also needed 10 strings, the total number of dims could easily become unwieldy. Anyways we end up perfected # 153 dims of gods and demogods which we covered in decode 70.

01-aug-2020 [+25 days]

i’ve been studying these 71 Pythagorean verses for several years and had divided them into 35 sections but I never was quite 100% sold on the demarcation of 35. Traditionally they have been divided into 28 sections but today i have arrived at the choice # of 31 divisions. I could have just as easily split them into anywhere between 26 and 35 but I wanted to match them up with sutra 31 of book 4 of the the Pantajali sutras and also with 31-chakra system that we covered in decode #45.

Sutra 31 is described as follows in the “Light of the Soul” [by Alice Bailey] like this: Sutra 31 rings out as a bell and a clarion call to those who venture on the path of union with the soul [aka causal body] . “When through the removal of hindrances and the purification of the sheaths [our 4 ad-hoc bodies], the totality of knowledge becomes available”

I trust PY appreciates the synchronicity. I’ve color coded the sections and verses as follows
light green = the 2 oaths
light blue = cosmic law of plus-minus
light yellow = cosmic law of freedom and unity-agap’e in diversity
light red = cosmic law of the entangled selves our 5k-hum0n [human-self] and our 6k-god – donor of our causal body at the time of transition into the human kingdom. Here is a summary of the 31 sections…

see here for the full list of 71 verses


8 days since the last decode points us to the 8 sections of contemplative verses from 24 to 31. Also it draws my attention to section 7 verse 8 and section 8 verse 9. The average of all 4 numbers being 8.
I decoded this yesterday on the 7th of July 2020 and that points me to the special and demanding verse 7 in section 7 ie tolerating the flaws of others.

Also 25 days since the last code of the precepts – that suggests 26 precepts referred to by the 2 oaths ie 32 minus precepts 0, 1, 2, 3, 23 leaving 26.
one less than expected gives extra pause for ponder

This also make me think to designation building block #8 of the alfobedic theory to the 12 qualities, ethics and precepts.

14-jul-20 [+3 days]

3 crop circles sprung up on 3 consecutive days with very interesting messages.

crop circle: 10-jul-2020
easton clump wilts england

The 2 numeric names for god – the Pythagorean and Hebrew names are very revealing. The cumulative sumation of the 3, 1, 2, 4 gives us 10 which points us to the 10 strings of the atum. Inside the atom they appear in this order 3 = divine; 1 = bridge between divine and human; 2 = upper 2 grades of forms; 4 = lower 4 grades of forms so that’s why we give the Pythagorean name as 3 1 2 4 when referring to the human aspect of god with the emphasis on the lower 7 strings. The sequence 1, 2, 4, 3 puts the emphasis on the higher 7 strings and so more aptly describes the god aspect.  So here’S  re 2 interpreations of the tetraktys out of a possible 11 meanings. The 4th element of the tetraktys in the 3-1-2-4 formula is known as the “Key-bearer of Nature.” As a cosmic symbol it represents the universe as chaotic matter before being informed by the other 3 symbols of the tetraktys. The configuration of 6k-god is 1-2-4-3 where the upper quaternary is in divine alignment compared with the lower triad which has been donated to its protégé to use as a human soul and often we the human protégés can be unruly and non-compliant as regards cosmic law.

113 is the gematria for “פלג “ [peleg ] which means brook or rivulet. It comes from the root which means divide as in one river dividing into 2 rivers or the composite androgynous man dividing into its male and female counterparts. Knowing this we can recognize 56.5 as the female aspect which births the child aspect – male or female aspect. The character yod has the value of 10 and so when we see 10 * 56.5 it points to the child aspect [10] emanating from the female aspect where the resultant 565 divides into 5 parts symbolizing the 5-fold human with his/her 5 bodies. 113 is known as the measure of man – the hum0n.

crop circle: 11-jul-20
warminster wilts england

Here we see the two selves human-5k and god-6k in wait mode – waiting for the next earth mission for 5k

crop circle: 12-jul-20
Valiis House, Nr Frome, Somerset.

Here we see 1 day later the configuration of when 5k has been allocated our new mission. In symbolic terms that one day may represent 1000 years of wait between end of the last incarnation and the new one that we are witnessinhg on this 3rd crop circle.


3 days elapsed time and 3 consecutive crop circles. Last decode was on the 11th july = the average report day for the 3 crop circles. That’s a pretty intensive 3 days of crop circles and 2 days of decodes.

29-jun-20 [+21 days]

The 7 principles of theosophy have been until now most elusive to fit into the alfobedic system of 5 bodies and 2 selves mostly because i could not see a way to relate principle #2 with is known as jiva or life force. The breakthrough came when i started to correlate the 7 rounds of our 4th aeon with the 7 principles where aeon #1 has the theme principle #1 all the way through to aeon #7 having the theme of principle #7.

This is how i reconciled the 2 systems…

to recap some of our ancient history
round #1 is the missing link between the top 5 elite anilams and teh new human form – mostly an ethereal being not yet with a dense body
round #2 is the round where body #4 is perfected aka the triad body that unites the 3d-etheric, the astral and a rudimentary mental-body
round #3 is the round of the Lemurians where the focus shifted to the astral body
that brings us to teh now moment where we re over half-way along – the theme we are busy working on is the lowest 5d-body aka the intellect.


It’s been 21 days since the last decode.
There are 21 nezdev levels on the human syllabus as follows
3d = 36-30
4d = 46-40 [emotional
5d = 56-50 divided as follows:
lowest 5d = 56-55 = intellect controlled by 4d
mid 5d = 54-53 = controller of 4d-body
521 = body #4 aka triad-body
522-524 = realm of knowledge of causality
51 = realm of agap’e-love
50 = realm of the power of goodwill
Since we have completed 3 aeons so far that means we’ve complete those 21 rounds. In addition we have also completed the first 3 rounds of aeon 4 as outlined above. Our 4th round has seen some great lemurian civilizations that have now been submerged into the pacific and some great atlantean civilizations like the incas of Peru lost in the ravages of time.

08-may-20 [+3 days]

Recognizing patterns helps us to prepare for the future. The old saying goes those who cannot learn from the mistakes of the past are likely to repeat those same mistakes. So by zooming into these 31 black swan event lessons can be learnt. Lesson #1 is that the cycles go something like this

evolution of empires
#1) incubation period [1 -400 years]
#2) golden age AKA black swan event aka wise ruler or wise wise counsel to the ruler [color coded as aquamarine.]
#3) wisdom declines as the plutocrats and antinezdev force consolidate more and more control. There comes a point [usually after 100 -140+ years] where the maximum threshold of evil / depravity is reached. This triggers …
#4) rebellion by the patriots /and or civil strife
#5) depending on the result of the rebellion, the rinse and repeat aspect of the cycle may retsrt from a new golden age or perhaps more antinezdev rule. Sometimes the same leading chars on both sides come back for the next installment.

For example on the pronezdev front
we have Apollonius [black swan #10] take up where he left off as Yeshua [#8].
we have Francis Bacon [#16] pick up the pieces he left as Roger Bacon [#14] and then again as Comte de St German [#24] returns to keep the plan on track.

See here for the chart in 2 parts


We’ve got an lapse of 8 days where 8 is the # of initiation into the next level of nez. Sure enough we see so many of those black swan events as being led by the those at the highest levels of nez.

Notice that Buddha appears just as we’re about start the new piscean epoch. On our system it’s really the 2 ages of aries and pisces rolled into one. The ram was very prominent in the Jewish bible which we indicate has having started around 220 BCE as Abraham and his team of atlantean, persian and babylonian scholars – travelled from Ur [Haran] in Mesopotamia to set up the fledgling Jewish nation.

The 8 also points us to the noble 8fold path taught by Buddha #4 for the round #4 of our 7 rounds. Let’s take a look at them.
I note that Yeshua is black swan #8 and Comte de St Gernain is #24 which combine with Pythagoras and Francis Bacon to make a most auspicious and formidable numeric series of #1, #8, #16, #24.

Our 3 aspects are represented as follows:
aspect 1 [motive power] black swan #15 [Thomas More]
aspect 2 [wisdom & agap’e love] black swan #1
aspect 1 [culture upgrades] black swans #14, #15 and #24

So this time the godeau effect acts more like a continued probe into patterns rather than a confirmation.

 Concentration is #5 and meditation is #6. Today is teh first time i’ve tried to organize the 8fold path into a hierarchy. Before being to meditate on cosmic law and the motivation of agap’ love we must very well practice concentrating on the more mundane aspects of the art of living with nezdev becoming more and more center-stage.

Decode is on mayay date 10/ 116 – that’s pretty close to 1116 which represents teh sum total of all 7 central chakras excuding the spleen which has its special purpose to supply all of those 7 with the solar, cosmic and planetary chi.

8 is also the # of black swans listed for Brittania which is the nation that i’ve had most contact with.
Finally i link the 1116 with Buddha’s head-dress which denotes the 960 petals as teh headdress next to his head and tgheh cone shape crown denoting the inner 12 petals that link to the 12 petals of the heart chakra.

So to finish i’ll say my confirmation s that i needed to become convbersant with the synbology of Buddha’s Headdress and with his 8 guidelines of his famous 8fold path.

06-may-20 [+3 days]

I started using the notation 1-171 dimensions a few months ago and i’m increasingly becoming enamoured with it as complementary to my standard notation of 36-30, 46-40, 56-50 for 3d, 4d, 5d respectively.
So when i noticed that i could count 153 god levels including 9 demigod levels that spiked my interest into the significance of 153.

Here are some special and unique attributes of 153
#1) the 153 fish caught in the fishing net on the 3rd appearance of Yeshua after his resurrection,

#2) the 153 feet length of the grand gallery in giza [ 3 feet = 2 cubits ]

#3) the only 3-digit number to have the attribute where the cubes of the digits = the number 1 + 125 + 27 said to be in agap’e love with itself and its 3 components.

#4) the analogy with the 3 aspects – the 3 aspects of reality are 1, 5, 3 each having a unity and also their composite 3 aspects within the unity
1= MOTIVE power – mostly flows in a straight line thru the atums [greek letter alpha – the first cause]
5 = MATRIX of MATTER [5 x 5 x 5 ]= 125 = egypt [greek gematria ] in 5fold human with 5 bodies [greek letter epsilon in shape of the atum’s framework]
3= beloved with AGAP’E love / consciousNEZ [3 x 3 x 3] = 27 flows in very tight spirals [in shape of 3] as shown here [greek letter gamma], in shape of spiral of the atum = consciousnez]

#5) equal to the sum of factorials of number from 1 to 5:
153 = 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + 5!

#6) sum of digits of 153 is a perfect square:
1 + 5 + 3 = 9 = 32

#7) sum of aliquot divisors of 153 is also a perfect square:
1 + 3 + 9 + 17 + 51 = 81 = 92 

#8) sum of aliquot divisors of 153 is the square of the sum of the digits of 153 [9 & 92]

#9) adding the number 153 to its reverse 351= 504 whose square is the smallest square which can be expressed as the product of two different numbers which are reverse of one another: 5042 = 288 x 882

#10) the square root of 153 = 12.369 the # of moon orbits in a year

This looks to be a message to say hey look at me i’m way unique for some very good reasons and here’s are 5 sketches and 2 references to help substantiate the claim…


sun earth and moon
the even perfect god#


Well this must be my easiest confirmation so far cos it’s my birthday [6-may-2020 = mayan 10/ 83] The 10 means the 10th orbit of the calendar and denotes an extra special gift .

03-may-20 [+23 days]

This a revisit of decode 61 which calibrated our progress into 17 steps plus 3 of the dark lodge. I noticed there was a big imbalance in decode 61 cos the stage 3 of decode 61 [now stage #2 in this decode] related to 200 levels but only 1 line on the chart compared to the stage of culture with 100 levels and 4 lines on the chart. You can see my bias for concentrating on the cultural phase with its minimum 4d-nez of 44.

Today i can redress a lot of that imbalance by giving 3 lines for the civilization stage #2 and 3 for the cultural stage #3 repeated twice – each of the 3 at nezdev 56 and then again at nezdev 55. For all 3 lower stages the 4d-nezdev is the dominant one. Only at stage 4 and nezdev 54 does the 5d learn dominance over 4d. There’s no change to the stages related to the members of the DML Again the 3 stages of the DML members – the anti-nezdev lodge of dark magick.

Heres the new chart


Well this is so easy to notice cos we’ve got 23 days of elapsed time and also 23 stages – 20 on the path of light and 3 on the path of darkness.
It’s also 114 days since the last attempt to calibrate the stages of nezdev [decode 61] .
Looking 114 up on the greek gematria chart gives me “to set aside” and i sure like to think i’ve made a noticible upgrade to the chart.

10-apr-20 [+8 days]

Today i was figuring out where to fit the chapter on chakras in the hum0np0d book that i’m writing. Yesterday it was chapter 7 cos of the 7 major chakras but today i shifted it to be chapter 8 and swaped the previous chaper 8 to become chapter 7 – that is the chapter on patterns in history.
Here is the new visual which augments decode 45 on 18-may-2019.

I’ve been posting a lot about the sunshine vitamin over the last few weeks and i’ve been keeping a close eye on Dr Shiva’s twitter account. He’s running for Senate in November and he seems the perfect person to bridge the western scientific method with the intuitive east since he grew up in china until age 8 and became the inventor of email as a 14 year old savant at age 14 in america.

Back to teh visual- Nature as usual organizes itself in triplicities and here we see the 3 way mix taking place in the spinning bell shaped chakra wheels.

Chakra 8 is the spleen complex and consists of teh triangle between the shoulder blades and the spleen. That’s why when weather permits and when i’m jogging in under populated areas, i can hang my shirt around my neck to expose my shoulder blades to the sun. Now with the world population being fed a diet of fear and mania about the risk of catching the corona virus, i’m paying special attention to my sunshine supply. It’s such a travesty that so many uninformed citizens are being misled by authorities who do not understand how we especially need to strengthen our immune systems and so people are being urged to stay at home even in the sunny weather as we exit from the flu season.


I calculated the elapsed time since the original encoded message re the chakras and it comes out as 9014 days which translates to 24.68 years.

1) 2-4-6-8 surely sums up much of my decoding experience…
2 encoded message – on 14th jan 1995 and the chakra message – 201 days later on 6th august 1995.
4 as april and the link in the chain.
6 as the enigmatic 6-petalled chakra
8 as the enigmatic 8th chakra and 8 elapsed days since decode 67.

2) Also 68 symbolizes the day i received the chakra config as 6th august 1995.

3) 24 as the 2nd april being the date of the previous decode.

4) decode 68 is neat since much of the decode has been trying to figure our why Charles Leadbeater caused so much confusion between chakra 6, counting from the crown [sacral ] and chakra #8 the spleen. I suspect it was deliberate to take away some of the unwanted attention from the sexual chakra which indeed gets too much exposure in our overly-heated world of sexuality.

Confirmation quotient is really high on this one.. so no need to look closely at the mayan date.
thank u 6k – today i created a long thought where you feature strongly as #2 in a sequence of 8 and yes i felt our entanglement especially strong today.

2-apr-2020 [+31 days]

I recently came across a second book by Edwin Babbitt and found out what he writes when he wears his MD hat. Up to this i had just seen what he writes when he wears his 3-colored hat of physics/ chemistry/ subatomics.
From his many sketches i was able to arrive at this diagram outlining the highways and byways of the thought circuit.

This prototype for this sketch comes from another masterpiece call “human culture and cure published by Edwin Dwight Babbit. These pictures come from the 1995 edition [in 5 parts]17. [I have not been able to locate the 1887 version with supposedly 6 parts.] Our 3 main subdivisions are waking nez [wkz], supernerz [spz] and subconscious [sbz].
In the the sketch we’ve taken a typical citizen at nez levels 56x and 43x which probably covers up to 49% of the human population. In this case the spz will cover all nez levs above that and supervised  by the 6k-self. All experiences going through the waking nez get stored in the cerebellum [sbz] and its outer 4d and 5d auras along with crucial memories abilities and qualities from previous lives which are deemed to be most relevant to the mission at hand.

In the sketch we trace a thought-particle [tp] as it circuits around the highways and byways of the brain indicated by the 9 circled letters (a) through (i).

(a)  Overnight we’ve selected 1000+ tp’s for possible processing the following day.
(b) On awaking  the will-power frontal lobe sends out mandates while at the same time
(c) the overnight-readied  tp’s start to compete with incoming tp’s from the public domain and strongest ones get’s fired out from the electrically-cold frontal lobes in the direction of the cerebellum.
(d) this current of  tp’s are attracted to the electrically-warm elements of the 3d/4d cerebellum which then
(e) sends out a modified current of emotionally charged tp’s towards the self-esteem center
(f) They are processed by the self-esteem center for suitability and if suitable are either dropped or
(g) sent onward to the executive center which chooses which motor-nerves need to be fired
(h) from the motor center – meanwhile the tp’s are sent onward back to the frontal lobe from whence they started and
(i) the circuit has been successfully completed.

The more frequent this suite of tp’s circuit around the loop, the deeper will be the “groove” and the more easily will the tp’s be recalled. Because of that it behoves us to have a high quality self-esteem monitor that can stop many of the undesirable and destructive tp’s in their tracks before being able to wreak their havoc.


Well today is the 2nd april 2020 the same day i’ve decoded the brain-nez map. On the mayan calendar it’s day 49 of the 10th circuit. First i’m looking for some connection to circuits, so i look back in time to see if something stands out on day 49 of previous circuits. [5 minutes delay] After searching for some minutes i find in feb 2013 on day 49 of circuit 0 i had a vivid dream of the red planet of Arcturus coming towards myself and my friend – it’s around the same relative size as the moon, then a ladder comes down and touches the earth and i say to my friend “keep calm”.
then the dream ends. Well just in the last few weeks i was invited to join an Arcturian group and have been in contact with 2 members who have close links with them so this spikes my attention. 10 is the elapsed # of circuits since the dream and very fitting to match the 10 strings of the wark – another description of the 10 perfect circuits / loops of the wark.

Of course 49 is the measure of all measures – colors , musical scale, grades of nez and primary dimensions.

The 31 days elapsed time reminds me of decode 45 when i decoded the 31 chakra system so this may point to more mapping to be done in that regard but for now my confirmation quotient is well satisfied.

DECODES 65 & 66- the 42 / 49 names/ aspects of our 6th-dimensional-god
1-mar & 2-mar-2020

Decode 64 was inspired by the esoteric meanings of mayan day signs 53 and 66. That got me thinking about all the various names we have for describing our 6th-dimensional-god and its entanglement with our 5k-m0nad. On the the 1st march i came up with a list of 42 names and considered 42 as significant in as much as it gives us the # of cosmic dimensions before we reach dim 43 [9d] the center of the solar system.

The next day i came back to revisit the names and thought how cool it would be to have 49 names to align with the zero to 6 formulation repeated 7 times so i quickly came up with another 7 names to complete the symmetry. Here’s the result…

The 0-7 formulation fits in with the schematic with the human head at the center of the matter. At first i had located #0 at the center of the head space but really to maintain the symmetry #3 around the head space should be in the center so i’ve revamped the orginal headspace diagram to keep it aligned with each set of 7 names where #3 plays a central role in the grouping.


The alignment that shouts out is the sync between the decode number 65 and 66 with the mayan symbol 66 [inspiration of decodes 64-66] and the lowest 2 sub-dimensions of our 6d-god.

Also i started working out the 49 names on the 1st march = 10/17 on the mayan calendar very indicative of the 10 stages and 17 steps of nezdev that we have already covered.

DECODE 64- aligning the 20 mayan symbols
29-feb-20 = 6 days after decode 63

The mayan symbols have always come in many variants the simplified ones and the complex ones. Since 1997 i’ve been using the simplified ones but around 3 weeks ago i studied closely for the first time the complex version of the symbol for day 66 – the human journey and the human skull [ see part 2 of 8] and lo and behold it fitted right into the alfobedic theory of evolution that i’ve been formulating decode by decode over the last several years based on many structures such as those
1) of the smallest indivisible particle as sketched in 1878 and 1896 by Edwin D Babbit
2) of the giza pyramid
3) of the most sacred symbol of the ancient world – the tetraktys
4) of the pomegranate [the fruit of knowledge]
5) of the dynamics of the fig and fig wasp [the tree of life]

And now after this decode 64 i can add the 6th item to that list
6) of the mayan symbols for the 20 day-signs.

Because this is decode 64 i surmise that in the future [universe willing] i may be able to add the 7th item to include the 64 hexagrams of the i ching.

This decode comes in 8 parts. Here is part 1 …

decode 64 1 of 8

Next we take a look at the 2 common symbols for “kimi” known as the the human journey and the human skull

decode 64 2 of 8

The symbol on the left was the key into the intricate knowledge of the mayans about the cycle of lives and the structure of 6d and the 3 human dimensions. Here it is…

decode 64 – 3 of 8

Here the multiple colors on the left tell us how the tripod of 5k controlling its 3 nuclei all spring to life to build 3 new bodies around each of the nuclei and a fourth temporary body [up] with the potential to integrate the mostly unwieldy 3 lower bodies. Now it’s time to look at day sign 53 which symbolizes our 6th-dimensional god with its 49 names and aspects [see decodes 65 and 66] , but indeed it also symbolizes every wark in any of its 171 guises – 49 at the dimensional level and their 122 sub-dimensions. This symbol i’ve had to rotate 90 degrees from it usual orientation to get the desire effect. Here it is ..

decode 64 – 4 of 8

This symbol also sometimes called 11:11 gives us a great analogy for the 4 major strings of the wark’s 10 strings. Now we can combine my 2 favorite symbols of the day-signs 53 and 66 to illustrate the entanglement between the 2 major players in our 3d-life experience – 5k-hum0n and 6k-subst0n. Here it is …

decode 64 – 5 of 8

Here we see the 6k-subst0n in the middle built around its 7d-nucleus color-coded in blue. On the right we have “ours” truly ” our 5k-hum0n shown as being built around its own 6d-nucleus colored in pink. i like to call this 53-66 -53 to denote the 53’s as representing the 2 major players center stage in our 3d-lives and the 66 represents the symbiosis and entanglement between them. This diverges slightly from my usual naming convention to consider the day-66 symbol as 5k and 53 as 6k. 53 is indeed the generic symbol for all monads but of course it’s natural to give 6k it’s p[ride of place as being our nearest and dearest god. Now it’s time to take a look at the 12 kingdoms …

decode 64 – 6 of 8

On the left we see the robotic k1, k2 and k3 elementals work their way down through the mind and emotional grades. A graphic way to think about this is to consider the k1-elementals joining into our thinking processes and learning to mimic us – the good and the bad – bit like how our 6 year imitates our sentences without understanding what they mean. . Likewise the 4d-emotional elementals , many of which come from the food we eat – will join in to mimic our emotions and even practise their own agenda when that is not often in our own best interest. Ever get that feeling of rage that is so uncharacteristic of our normal behavior?

So by eating fruit and veg we can accelerate the evolution of k3-elementals [emotional] and 4d-plant monads that could mean that by eating animal 4d-bodies we are also helping those animal monads to evolve. However that certainly does not mean that those 4d-animal bodies in any way help our own 4d and 5d evolution.

Next batch of 3 day signs gives us the insight into the hierarchy of the aspects – notice the 2-2-2 formation as we move up the hunam racks where the top level kicks in when we’ve mastered the human syllabus.

decode 64 – 7 of 8

the top symbol characterised by the 3 T’s
tree – absorbing our carbon dioxide and gives clean oxygen
telepathy – with or without the tongue movement
tempest – the cosmic, solar and planetary chi energizing our atoms.

the eye of the eagle symbolizes the light of seeing

venus was the most important planet / star for the mayans. it represents the 6d realm of agap’e [unconditional] love and [concscious]nez

Notice how the pattern occurs 3 times as we move up through the levels
1. refine the quality of our tubes and ducts of matter
2. refine the quality of the smaller warks flowing thru the ducts amd tubes
3. refine the motive behind our thoughts and actions.

Now it’s the grand finale – the last 3 symbols are those that illustrate the 3 elusive laws that we usually discover bit by bit over hundreds of lifetimes..

decode 8 – 8a of 8

the symbol of day 144 is called typically the seed or net.

here are 2 interpretations
1. we can see a “seed” ready to fall into the net that may or may not catch it depending on the size of the seed. Imagine the seed is the incoming cosmic solar and planetary energies passing through the tubes and ducts. Many of the energies will be too coarse to penetrate into the tube or duct and will just bounce off. Many will be too refined to get stopped and pass right through. If our “nets” are calibrated well , then we have a chance to intercept the energies and have them course their way through the tubing.
Of course once trapped inside our warks, we can use these incoming energies for constructive or destructive purposes.

The other 2 symbols are very enigmatic and so far i have not made much progress with an interpretation.

Th law of plus-minus has many names eg karma, causality, cause & effect, compensation and recompense. The next diagram shows the law in its sense of making recompense where the past sets up the future opportunity that will be embraced or rejected in the present.

decode 64 – 8b of 8

Here we see some examples of undeserved gifts being received. In this example the opportunity to make recompense is taken and soon that chain of minus 160 points can be archived – no longer on our current account.
For example we could be removing ourselves from an adversatorial situation and manage that without and desire for revenge or to show rancour but rather we keep sending love to those who have hurt us in the past.


Well 6 days from the previous decode is also the leap day we see only once every 4 years and to emphasize the 4 ,we align with decode 64 [4 x 4 x 4]

the alfo-b theory stared out with just the lower and higher minds, then lasy year [2019] evolved to denote 4 variants mind-1 to mind-4 and now here i take this as confirmation for the latest enumeration of 7 variants as shown in the diagram decode 64 – 3 of 8.

6 also points us at the 2 groups of 3 – the 3 laws L1-L3 each with its dual aspects and the 3 aspects A1-A3.
The I ching connection prompted me to look up the meaning of hexagram 20 and noticed it ties in with mayan symbol #20. I highlighted the principle numbers of the mayan decode on the 8 x 8 grid as follows. The proximity of dimensional and sub-dimensional numbers is interesting. i must admit this is the first time i’ve seriously looked at the meaning of the hexagrams.
I must put any further ideas on the back burner until i meet up with another strong prompt. Here is the grid that i came up with …

DECODE 63- config for our hum0np0d of 60 billion of unique hum0ns.
23-feb-20 = 21 days after decode 62

For the last month, I have been meditating on and off on the 36 profiles that Henry Laurency analyzes in chapter [14.21] of his 2,500 page treatise.

On friday 21st feb i was on the train on my back from London when i made my first serious attempt to connect the dots. Have you wondered why 7+ billions of us are ever so unique. Yesterday [saturday] i posed that very question and wondered if these 36 profiles would be a way to prise the answer open.

Yesterday my first draft of the formula gave me a result of 60.5 billion which was very pleasing but today i had to proof check the config and formulaeand after some tweaking i arrived at the figure 60.354 billion.
i was even more pleased to get closer to my 60b target. Here is the config…

Here are the assumptions made
1) there are 3 motives
a) #1=  connection with the causal body [sporadic or sustained] via highest emotional levels 41/42 and optionally via classified 5d levels 53/54
b) #2 = hum0n has not yet reached 4d levels 41/42 and so has not yet made sporadic contact with causal-soul
c) #3 = hum0n has control over whole 4d gamut 41-46 and has reached highest classified 5d level [53] , has decided to work against hum0n [conscious]nezdev[elopement] and so has deliberately disconnected from his/her causal body

2) there are 7 depts – in each epoch of 2,500 years only 5 are in use by the causal body, all 7 are used as primary or subsidiary for the other 4 bodies

3) we have 5 bodies – as well as being ruled by its primary dept ,  our causal body has one of a possible 4 subsidiary depts, the other 4 bodies can have any of the other 6 departments as subsidiary ; typically any one individual will have an average distribution of 3 or 4 different primary depts [minimum 2 and max 5] across all 5 bodies

4) PB/SB: pb = personal-best nez level over all previous lifetimes, sb = seasonal best so far in this lifetime

5) 3d, 4d and the three 5d groupings each has its own nez level, here’s a typical upgrade we could be well satisfied to achieve in a single lifetime : sb[3d] = pb +1 level; sb[4d] = pb + 1 level; sb[5d] = pb+ 1 level; in the chart that would counts as 3 levels

6) typical spreads of  levels across all hum0ns [considered in a series of 7 lifetimes] =
5d[motive#1] = 3; 5d[motives#2 #3] = 4;  4d-control[motives #1 & #2 #3 ] =40; 3d=60;
typical spread of nez levels across 80% of hum0ns =   
5d= 3; 4d-control= 10; 3d=6


The first thing that strikes me is that friday the day i started out on the quest to come up with a solution to the 60 billion question was the the 21-feb – day 8 of the mayan calendar when the mayans celebrate abundance and what could be more abundant than working out the permutations that would make each of us so unique.

It’s decode 63 and 21 elapsed days which both fit nicely with the final figure of 60, 354, 201, 600.

603 > 63 decode #
354 > the 3 depts used most sparingly
600 > 60 billion
201 > 21 elapsed days

also mayan day 9 [saturday] gives us another alignment of 22-feb = 22/2/20202 [mayan 9/251] and that means that both decodes 62 [2/2/2022] and this decode [mayan 10/10] are equidistant from day zero of the mayan calendar.. that’s such a neat piece of symmetry.

Of course i’m not so presumptuous as to think that i’ve got the forumae right but i can still derive some comfort that i might be on the right track.


Dept#1 = ruler/ leader/ orator/ demagogue/ manager
Dept #2 = educator/teacher/ carer/first responder/ manager/ philosopher
Dept #3 = psychologist/ activist/ synthesist
Dept #4= warrior/ artist/musician/writer/farmer/ media
Dept#5= scientist/ love of numbers/ technician/ inventor/ health workers  [specialists & holistic]
Dept#6 = devotee to religion, political or social ideology or to scientific materialism/ altruist / dogmatist / satanic cult member/ altruist/dogmatist
Dept#7 = merchant/ sales/ blue collar/ office/organizer/financier

Auspicious matches between body and dept.
causal; depts 1-3,7
integrator of the 3 lower bodies: depts 1-5, 7
classified & intellect: depts 4,5
emotional: depts  2,6
3d-body [both parts]  : depts 1, 3, 7

DECODE 62- decoding the cross-section of the pomegranate
2-feb-20 16 days after decode 61b

Thanks to a rotten segment of my pomegranate to salvage as much as i could, i had to slice it open at right angles to the usual alignment with the crown on top and hey presto, i got a pleasant surprise. Here’s the photo and analogy…

Even though i had sliced off the rotten part, the still healthy half revealed a treasure trove. The six orbital paths are so easy to visualise. I have been using the fruit from the tree of knowledge as a an analogy to explain the enigmatic structure of matter ie fruits within fruit pointing us to atoms with atom and only 5 years later have i become aware of its pointer to the 6 orbitals within that structure of matter. I’m not sure how common this perfect symmetry is, but i will be on the look out for more specimens.


This is after an elapsed span of 16 days which i immediately interpret to mean
1) 1+6 i.e. the nucleus and it 6 orbitals and this repeats 6 times to give us
2) yet another version of the [1+6] = 1 ie the center containing 7 nuclei and 6 shells around them each shell containing 6 orbitals. [total config of 1 + 48]
3) that means 1 nucleus and 16 quarks [there goes the 16 days elapsed time]
4) on the gregorian date we have another alignment of 2’s … 2-feb-2020 > 2/2/2020.
On the mayan calendar the current period of 13 days is my favorite period for memorable events the last one of the calendar with 9 days remaining until the calendar resets. This spin is no exception.. thank you once gain most informative fruit of knowledge.

DECODE 61b- decoding the 17 points [2 of 2]
17-jan-2020 7 days after decode 61

In the last decode i aligned 17 steps of nezdev to the 17 points of the tetractys and i was pleased it gave us 10 stages to boot. I started indicating the 17 points on both perspectives side by side – the sub atomic and the world of forms. When i was sketching the 34 points it caught my attention that it would be neat if the three circles aligned to 3, 7 and 7 to match the 3d, 4d and 5d worlds. After about an hour of experimentation, i came up with a solution which you can see here…

I continued with the sequence to make the 17 steps more understandable by giving the notation in part 2 of 4 as shown here…

Now part 3 will make more sense and we can see the elegant split 3-7-7 plays into the 3 human dimension..


Well the 7 days elapsed time is a theme of this decode ie the 7 warks in each atomic shell. The thing to catch my attention was the 2377 days mentioned in the last decode which comes into a sharper focus here ie the modified diagram showing the perspectives – the subatomic formation of 7-7-3 [inner 5d to outer] 3d and the forms formation of 3-7-7 [inner 3d to outer 5d] .

This reminds me of the eureka moment when i discovered the number of warks in a 33-wark across 4 worlds being a factor of 613 courtesy of the pomegranate.

greek 2377 = thuróros  = doorkeeper
greek 613 = apokruptó = hidden , kept secret

The door keeper of the door to the hidden secrets has just opened up a little chink so that i can peek in …

DECODE 61- decoding the 17 points of the tetractys
10-jan-2020 10 days after decode 60

On the 10th jan, i was reading “the divine plan” published by Geoffrey Barborka in 1961 and was intrigued to see that he mentioned there were an additional 7 mathematical points implied in the tetractys giving us a total of 17 points. This spiked by interest cos Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and associated with the highly classified knowledge being published on the site qmap.pub. Very apposite that we are delving into the the symbol most revered by the Pythagoreans and surely containing a ton-load of highly classified knowledge that we haven’t deciphered yet.

I searched the internet for some geometrical presentations of the tetractys and found a great illustration to shed more light on the subject which i have used in the parts 1 and 2 of the decode. [see below] . I’m writing this up on the 12th jan and have just spent the last 10 mins searching for the original sketch. Apologies to the author but i hope to stumble across it at a later date.
So instead i’ll gives these 3 references:
tetractys and the subatomic wark

the tetractys institute


Very soon after looking at the geometrical illustration, i could see the 7 hidden points , all points on a 3rd innermost circle. This is a super bonus when it comes to explaining the concept of atoms within atoms.

I’ve been researching the various stages of nezdev for 6.5 years now and have come up with many diverse formulations but none that have been really were ultra-convincing. But on the 10th jan i made the association of the 17 cryptic points of the tetractys with 17 steps of nezdev. Out of the expected 777 levels of nezdev, i guess that i could denote around a couple of hundred of them, so it’s an easy exercise for me to choose a subset of 17.

It turns out that the 17 steps i selected can be easily divided into 10 stages.
here they are in 3 parts…


The 10th day of 2020 and 10 days since the last decode fits in with the defining 10 points of the sacred tetractys. Looking back i can identify 8-jul-2013 as the my first initiation into the mathematics of hylozoics and nezdev. That gives me an elapsed 2377 days which neatly breaks down as follows

2 perspectives [world of forms and the world of subatomics]
3 = the outer circle]
7 = the central circle
7 = the innermost circle

that’s sure good enough for now to satisfy my confirmation quotient.