March 28, 2018

chapter 2


/p Many people in northern Europe, Russia and  colder climates of northern America will probably not have sampled the delights of a ripe pomegranate, so we point out that the apple of ancient lore is actually referring to the pomegranate and in this, climate is key. There were 2 fabled trees in the Eden legend and both have lots to teach us. Have you noticed how creators love to take delight in some of their creations by admiring them. Even a well polished kitchen floor often has 5 or 10 mins of admiration lavished on it soon after its creator has time to rest and gaze at his or her recent handiwork. And so we should not be surprised how the designers of the galaxy and solar system should leave us with many mementos of his or her design and that is exactly what we have.

Think romaine lettuce for spinal column, think mushroom for mitochondria, walnut for cranium, pomegranate for structure of the cosmos, celery for bone, avocado for uterus, fig for chakra, fig+figwasp dynamic for the cycle of rebirth, wark for heart, cyanobacteria + sunshine for all essential nutrients,  orange for the sun, grape for lungs and onion for dims.


Why was the pomegranate fruit the forbidden fruit of the garden? Well ‘cos inside we have fruits within fruit which gives the sacred clues to atems within atems and globes within globe. As we delve deeper into this fruit we can show you the once forbidden knowledge of the structure of the atems within atem and the macrocosmic structure of planets with solar system within cosmos.

The lotus flower is the best analogy we have of how the 12 petals of the soul unfold which we’ll cover in segment 16 to honor the 16 petals of the throat chakra. 

2 3.6 3:6 POMME from GRENADA

In French “pomme” means apple so the fabled apple from the tiny island of Grenada in the Caribbean is also the fabled and much censured apple of the Eden legend and also the much protected apple of the fabled 3rd labor of Hercules.


Hebrew legend tell us that when we dream of a pomegranate being split open then the researchers among us may expect some major insights into the knowledge of realitywhile those too busy with day to day survival may expect extra help to solve the average 613 important challenges encountered over their lifetime. Indeed our task is to solve these challenges in the proper fashion i. e. using our own powers of self activation and reliance and not leaning unnecessarily on others to solve our problems for us.
Hebrew tradition tells us that the large-size pomegranate contains on average 613 arils arranged in often in  6 compartments. In the following we’ll see what this number 613 can tell us when it comes to decoding subatomic structure.


There are 7 shells of 6 atems each and an innermost 8th shell of 6 kappa-atem where the Greek letter kappa is the precursor of the English k and means core. Those 6 kappa-core atems serve as the core-kappa for each of the 6 outer shells.

The notation goes as follows:
core =k = 1 atem; inner shell of kappas = k6 = 6 kappa-atems; inner core “ik” = k + k6 + ik = 1+6+6 =13 = 13
6 outer shells have 6 atems each = 36
total atems in config = 1 + 48 = core + 48 orbitals = core + 16 quarks = core + 8 twin-quarks
outer core forms a stable config of inner core + 6 outer shells

First we focus on the outer 6 shells of 36 atems so elegantly illustrated by our unpeeled pomegranate rearranged in the atomic orbits. The ice-atems are arranged in their stable config of 49 atems making up one arc. We illustrate these solid-atems as arranged in their stable config of 49 solid-atems and functions very much like what we call an atom.

One 3.5 liquid hydrogen atom has one 3.5-proton, one 3.5-neutron  and one gaseous 3.4 electron
proton, neutron has 3 quarks each; quark has 3 atems = smallest independent particle on each dimension

so that means each hydrogen liquid-atem has 18 liquid subatOmic atEms
One 3.5 liquid oxygen atom has 8 protons and 8 neurons of type 3.5 and 8 electrons of type 3.3 giving us 144 oxygen subatomic atEms on 3.5d. So one atom of water has 180 subatOmic atEms

36 atems of Hydrogen [2 proton + 2 neutrons] + 144 atems of oxygen [8 protons + 8 neutrons]
The electrons are approximatel 49 times smaller than the proton and operate on the next innermost dimension subatomically.

So in the following the subatomic world, we follow the fate of the 3 atems of the ice and water core-molekules remembering that we are peeking inside the engine room of the atom. The engine room works in multiples of 49 but when we reach the atomic level that talk about in out textbooks then the combinations are according to atomic numbers. So in this case the 98 solid atems of the ice-hydrogen and the 49 solid atems of the ice-oxygen will assemble 180 atems of water and ice respectively into their familiar arrangement. One rule of 49’s for subatomic atems and and another combination for the atomic shape according to atomic numbers.


This pomegranate serves as the analogy for 2 hydrogen atems or the oxygen atem joined together to form a subatomic core molecule of water, ice or steam. So when we say solid and liquid we refer to 2 hydrogen and one oxygen atems in the solid, liquid or steam state at the subatomic level. Here we see the analogy of the opened pomegranate showing the 36 solid subatomic atems of the 6 outer shells which will spill open when the ice is heated. This is part of the story, cos we must reveal where the other 13 solid atems of the ice and water-atems are hiding so that we can arrive at the stable config of the full complement of 147 ice atems i.e 98 hydrogen ice-atems and 49 oxygen



Here we see that the inner core contains the missing 13 atems completing the stable config that is the full complement of 49 atems at the subatomic level  – the core and its 16 quarks where 2 quarks form a set of 6 atems.

When  ice is heated above zero degrees Celsius, the the 3 ice cores dissolve  spilling out their 147 liquid atems and then the 3 core liquid atems deputize for the 3 core ice atems that have disappeared.

When heated below zero, each config of 147 liquid atems will become repackaged as an ice molekule with its new skin reengineered.   So far we’ve accounted for 48 orbitals, 8 shells of 6 representing by 432 arils [ 8 * 54] . That leaves 181 remaining. Well that is easily explained by the 180 atems needed for 1 ice, water or stem atom and the central core holding the 48 orbitals in place.

One single pomegranate from the tree has its monad on dim 49.  We may truly say  the core atem of the pomegranate monad that has its unbroken chain all the way back to the it secondary source on dim 46, then back to its solar source on dim 43 and then right back to it cosmic source on dim 1.    
Now we continue into what subatomic secrets the 613 can continue to teach us.

2 3.6 4:0E CONTINUING STORY OF 613  

This combination starts of with the outermost nucleus of the cosmos – 3d-nucleus – the nucleus of our very familiar 3d world. We’ve counted the total  # of atems inside the 3 sdims that make up our solid, liquid and gaseous worlds. The 3d world is a special formula of 2 inter-dependent worlds – the dense world of 3.6/ 3.5/ 3.4 = solid/ liquid / gaseous  is really a replica of the 3 sdims called 3.3, 3.2 and 3.1 leaving 3.0n aka 3n as the nucleus for both symbiotic halves of 3d.

The easiest way to get the idea is to consider what happens when we start off with a single atem of ice 3.6u. We heat this atem and hey presto we break the bonding process and the 49 atems of liquid type are free to forrm into their liquid size and shape. Now we add a little more heat and lo and behold we witness each of those
49 atems discarding their skin and breaking loose into
2401 atems of type 3.4 with their characteristic gaseous size and shape. We started off with

1            atem of type 3.6 and now we have discovered

49          atems of type 3.5 insise each 3.6 atem and then we discover
2401      smaller atems of type 3.4 all held together by their
1            central nucleus 3.0n aka 3n.

Nature is precise in how it obeys the immutable laws and here we get a tiny glimse into some of that mathematical precision where the folklore of the average 613 arils inside the average-sized fruit is elegantly yet another average of atems involvesd across the 4 atem types 3d-nucleus 3.0, 3.4 gaseous, 3.5liquid  and solid 3.6. Multiplting the average by 4 gives us the total 2542 atems involved. This feels like game, set and match. This is how the cosmos speaks – giving us opportunies to find the hidden clues and the law of self-activtion is well endorsed.


When we dream of a pomegranate being split open then the researchers among us may expect some major insights into the knowledge of realitywhile those too busy with day to day survicval may expect extra help to solve the average 613 important challenges encountered over their lifetime. Indeed our task is to solve these challenges in the proper fashion i. e. using our own powers of self activation and reliance and not leaning unnecessarily on others to solve our problems for us.

Folklore tells us there are on average 613 arils inside the medium sized fruit.

Arithmetic tells us that on average we find 613 atems across the 4 adjacent worlds of the 3n atem.

Here’s the arithmetic on the screen

realm                                                                                                         total atems/globes

3d-globe                           contains 1          globe                                       1      globe
3d-globe                           contains 1          3.0 nucleus                             1      3.0 atem
3d-nucleus                       contains 49        4.0-atems                             49      4.0 atems
4d-nucleus                       contains 49        5.0 atems                         2501     5.0 atems

5d-nucleus                       contains 49        6.0 atems                                       part of the god realm

                                                                                                       total = 2552 = 613 * 4

How words evolve – we’ve adapted our language as follows – died > passed over > transitioned > exploded the outer shells of atems. When death #1 occurs i.e. the heart stops beating and brain activity approaches zero, the 3.6, 3.5 and 3.4 molecular skins peel off and leave its blueprint 3.3, 3.2 and 3.1 hanging around the nucleus 3.0n. After some hours when the blueprint has determined there is no way to bring back the visible body, it too enacts death #2 leaving 3n orbiting the humon. Nez now moves into the 4d-body and starts a review of all the 4d-emotions of the life just ended. After a suitable review, it’s time to enact death #3 leaving the 4n to be reused to rebuild a new 4d-body next time. Humon must vacate the 4d-body and flit over to the 5.3 mental body. Now the mental review starts which typically will be much shorter than the 4d review.

After this mental review is complete it’s time to dismantle outer shells 5.3 thru 5.6 leaving only 5.3n as a nucleus around which to build the mental body required next time around. Now it’s just humon and persona. For most humons the review of persona will be less than days and now we have the final death #5. Body #1 the soul is all alone with its sponsor angelgod and its inhabitant humon. For the tiny # of pdez elites, continuity of nez can continue but for 99.9% of humons the long sleep phase starts with no continuity of nez on wakeup.  
For each of the 5 death stages, the appropriate layers are divested just like we peel away the pomegranate skin to leave the juicy fruits inside that are now completely independent of the exploded skin and flesh of the fruit.

2 3.6 4:2A [DIM]ENSIONS X 171

In the last section we covered how ice transitions into liquid and then into steam and we traced out that 1 atem of type 3.6d ends up as 2401 atems of steam around the central 3d nucleus. Contemporary science will tell us that 0.92 cubic expands to 1 cubic cc of water and then that cc of water expands 1700 times as it changes to steam.  Nez 3.101 explains this by explaining 3 sdims of reality each with it own density and rules.  We are on the outermost edges of the subatomic world. We see how 49 gaseous atems [3.4u] can be packaged as 1 liquid atem [3.5u], 49 liquid atems can be packaged as a solid atem [3.6u]. Because 3.6u is the outermost atem 49 of them create a unit of operation but those 49 solid atems are not packaged like in the liquid and gaseous worlds. Now we must travel deeper inwards to the smaller nuclei. The world of subquarks is next on 3.3d, then the mid-astral atem of 3.2, the highest / smallest astral atem of 3.1d and the nucleus 3.0 completes the spectrum of 3d.

Let’s reverse engineer for a moment in the worlds of pdims. We start first with a single 3.0 central atem of pomegranate called 3n. As a planetary creation we know that we can trace that 3n atem all the way back thru the pdims to 4n [emotional] to 5n [mental] and then to the planetary center 6n. Now consider 4 pivotal worlds in our next set of calculations:

1) the innermost  3d-globe representing the solid layer of the pomegranate that we know and love so well
2) the 3d-nucleus aka 3n comprised of 48 warks of type 4u orbiting the 4d-nucleus 4n.
3) the 4d-nucleus aka 4n on the emotional dimension comprising warks of type 5u orbiting their 5d-nucleus 5n.
4) the 5d-nucleus aka 5n – the nucleus for globes 5.6o thru 5.0o.

Now look at the calculation on the screen and check how many 3d, 4d and 5d atems are associated with the 4 worlds of 3d-globe, 3d-nucleus, 4d-nucleus and 5d nucleus. We applaud how folklore further illustrates the elegance of the maths. We are now going to apply our newly found knowledge as it pertains to our dying process. It’s like we’ve hit the jackpot twice arriving at 4 times 613 in 2 complementary ways.   


Here is a meme that helps us to visualize what happens inside those gyrating atems.

Here we see how the humon is we are principally   a 3 elder-dimensional being on d49, d48, d47 aka  3d, 4d and 5d [with their 18 younger dimensions]   pushing and probing our way inwards [subatomically] and outwards on the macrocosm towards making contact with our nearest & dearest angelgod on 6d aka d46 who in turn is pushing her/his way to sustained contact with 7d and so on all the way inwards and outwards towards GodMostHigh residing on d1, the innermost subatomic atem controlling the outermost globe of this milkyway cosmos.
As an analogy we use the movie clip of capturing the red blood cells as the travel thru the plasma of the blood.
This is a great analogy cos we just need to consider that the red and white blood cells represent subatomic particles and we’re almost there.


Humon takes his/her last breath in its three globular spheres called 3.6o, 3.5o and 3.4o. Those 3 nuclei 3.6n, 3.5n and 3.4n are dematerialized and recycled either  into the stuff of zero or as evolutionary atems in the cosmos. Humon jumps over to take residence in the 3d-astral body for a short few hours. The master blueprint 3.3o, 3.2o and 3.1o need to check that its replica is really dead and it can take up to 48 hours to confirm this.

Once confirmed there is no reason to stay in existance with nothing to do so those 3 globes go the same way as its replica hours before. So now the only remnant of 3d is one atem of type 3n which will be needed for the next incarnation when the entangled selves will build a new set of bodies and globes around it.  The demise of the etheric bodies usually explode within 24 to 48 hours of death #1. The 10 to 11 minutes  where thoughts outlast the heart feelings is the time between the dissolution of the inner globes  and nuclei 3.6-3.5-3.4. At this point humon dives straight into the remaining 4/5d complex and specifically takes up a new residence in and around 4n which is the nucleus of the 4d emotional body. The next 10 – 100 years can be spent reviewing all the emotions and [imaginations] where emotion dominates the thought process – that took place in the 4d body depending on how centered that humon was in the 4d world. Humon gets to hang out with like minded humons in their 4d-body-suits who have also passed over and who are at a compatible level of 4d nez. In the lower regions goodwill and tolerance is in short supply so any destructive emotions  humon had can easily be amplified.

When we’ve exhausted the review process our 4d body is redundant and these 6 nuclei and their respective globes  4.6o thru 4.1o all get disassembled and recycled – all except for the nucleus 4n which will be needed at the onset of the next mission as a surface-dweller when the new 4d body will be built around it. Onward marches humon and this time it takes up yet a new residence in and around 5.3n the nucleus of the mental body – in a much trimmed down version of the 4/5d complex. The last review were emotions and imaginations  now its time for a review of thoughts and [feelings] – where thoughts predominate over the emotions]. Similar rules apply as in the previous segment where humon gravitates towards like-minded souls at similar grades of mental dev. For those souls who spent little thinking time as a surfacedweller, this sojourn can be as short as a few years but deep thinkers may need a century to review.

The death of body #3 approaches and this time the mental globe and  and any remnants of high 4d are all dematerialized and recycled as before. The remnant nucleus of the mental body called 5.30 must be preserved as that is needed to build a new mental body at the onset of the next incarnation. Humon must jump into its last remaining temporary body #2 the persona aka integrator.

Body #2 has no more integrative duties to perform as all its 3 bodies have dissolved and only 3 remnant nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3n are left. Humon can be trusted to keep these 3 nuclei in tow for when they are needed again perhaps one or several centuries later. Before the 5th death,  the entangled selves must ensure all necessary thoughts, feelings, new abilities and skills are mirrored exactly in the soul-body also in the remaining 3 nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3n.  Once satisfied that all information, skills, abilities and habits have been transferred over to the soul, body #2, the persona and its cloned nucleus 5.210 can both be dispensed with and now humon has no alternative to flit back into its home base which it knows and loves so well. How well we have communicated with our designated angelgod during our previous incarnation will determine how much we can participate in the planning stage for our next mission. That incarnation can be rolled up and for the majority of humanity their humon will begin a well deserved and prolonged sleep. However for the few superhumons who have managed to earn continuity of nez their sleep rejuvenation can be minimal in comparison.

2 3.6 4:2D PANDORA’S BOX
Now that we have opened Pandora’s box, we have exposed what for most people in 2021 is the secret structure of the cosmos. However there is still much to expose in the departments of the secret epochal history, the secret history of money that has not been told and the secret history of duality that has not been told not to mention the secret meaning of the structure of the giza pyramid in respect of dez. But take courage we will pack in a lot of exposure in the remaining 2+ days.  The mayans had a pantheon of around 530 gods. Our pantheon weighs in at 465 up to and including d46. Plus demigods on dims 47.0 thru 47.2 comprising 474. Then we have 18 junior gods on the humon spectrum of 47.3 thru 49.6. This gives us a divine hierarchy of 509. The adversorial dark lodge hierarchy of fakegods  is also 18 strong.


The Eskimos and Laplanders have 100+ words for types and conditions of snow, so it should not surprise us that for the human and formerly human branch of the god hierarchy we have 155 designations for this  3rd branch of the god hierarchy spread across all 171 dims. The breakdown of our formerly humon branch of the hierarchy is as follows:

42          cosmic elder gods                                       k1.0 – k42.0
84          cosmic younger gods                                  k1.1, k1.2…….k42.1, k42.2
02          solar elder gods                                           k43.1[2], k44.1[6]
08          solar younger gods                                      k43.1, k43.2, k44.1,….k43.6
02          planetary elder gods                                   k45.1, k46.1

12          planetary younger gods                             k45.1,…k45.6, k46.1,…k46.6
03          5d herogods, demigods                              k5.0, k5.1, k5.2
02          3d/ 4d herogods                                          k3.0, k4.0
155 = TOTAL   
16         molekular supremos                 k47.1 [6], k48.1[6], k49.1[6]




masters of dark magic DML = Dark Magic Lodge – counteracting dez
16         molekular supremos DML       k47.1 [6], k48.1[6], k49.1[6]

There are two sets of supremos, one affiliated to CSL [the causal lodge] working to keep the plan of dez on track and the other set called DML [the dark magick lodge] – the adversarial faction working to counteract dez and so prolong their stay in power.

There  are 2 other branches of evolution  and of the god hierarchy but we will cover those in chapter 3 when we explain bb#3 – the 3 inseparable but distinct aspects

Here we see that the adversaries who  seek to thwart the optimal pace of dez are formidable. We could say that the 16 fakegods of the DML are joint sovereigns with the 16 causal supremos in those 16 levels of the common human spectrum. In fact in each of the wholly humon subdims they seem to be exactly on a par with our pdez supremos. But the major distinction is that the DML supremos have severed their links with the causal soul and so have ruled out any further possibility of dez for themselves. They know that to hold on to their powers to manipulate those on lower nez levels, they need to inhibit those souls from upgrading dez.

On the other hand the corresponding pdez supremos strive to establish sustained contact with the herogods of dims 5.0d, 5.1d and 5.2d.  To establish that contact, they must agree not to manipulate or exploit any members from the 4 lower kingdoms [mineral, vegetable, animal and human]. //


/∞ Over the last few years we have forged  the new mainstream media. We-the-people as citizens have been gaining more and more access to alternative news streams on the social media platforms. Meanwhile as we speak, the [mockingbird media] – the old mainstream – the mockin-bird media is becoming more desperate to censor and [shadowban] as their nefarious agendas are becoming more and more exposed.

The  good news is that our influx of the 7th ray is having its desired effect ever since in 2013 when the new aquarian 7th ray finally achieved marginal dominance over the incumbent 6th ray. Witness what happened in the USA presidential elections, when despite 95% of the MBM arrayed against Trump and despite perhaps 20% of vote fraudulently flipped from Donald J Trump to Hilary Clinton,  DJT  was still able to nudge into the lead. This trend continues unabated.. the deceptions continues as was the case of the 2019 British elections when 90% of the press and TV are doing their best to sell the vision of a friendly european empire.//

2 3.6 4:6 CLOSEUP ON 60G AKA G144

/p As we travel downwards and outwards from the top dimensions, the % of the total of cosmic nez accessible recedes as follows:

7 pdims d1.0 – d7.0 have 100% share of cosmic nez
7 pdims d8.0 – d14.0 have  85% share of cosmic nez
7 pdims d5.0  – d21.0 have 70% share of cosmic nez

21 dims d22.0  – d42.0 have 55% share of cosmic nez
10 dims of d43.0 & d44.0 have 40% share of cosmic nez

14 dims of 6d & 7d have 25% share of cosmic nez

21 humon dims 3d – 4d – 5d have 10% share of cosmic nez

For the 126 cosmic dims (42 pdims and 84 sdims), we use only the god count.  The 171 dimensions separate neatly into the 49 pdims [serving rather like the “trunk” of the cosmos] which each connect inter-dimensionally and the 122 molecular dims which are like branches off the main trunk. Each form will just have one branch off the main trunk. For example our famous pomegranate will have 55 relevent dims – 49 dims on the trunk and 6 molekular dims off the main trunk. Our nearest and dearest angelgod 6.0g has 52 relevent dims – 46 dims on the trunk and 6 branches.

The molekular dims from 5.4d thru 3.6d [skipping over the atemic dims 3.0d and 4.0d] are the 16 lower dims and it’s here where we must confront our powerful adversarial adez elites principally on dims 5.4d, 4.1d – 4.6d and 3d. While confronting them it behoves us to wear the [armor of god] provided by our nearest & dearest god g46.0. Whenever challenged and indeed as often as possible we recommend saying this invocation. To begin with you will read it as guidance.

Let’s take a few minutes to acquaint ourselves with the wording. Our 6.0g-god is the generous soul-donor to its human protégé and here is his/her advice on how to guard against the adels.

2 3.5 1:0  ARMOR OF GOD 6.0g GIVES ADVICE to 5.0j

where nezdev = consciousnez development             adev = anti-nezdev

Here we give a typical peptalk from angegod to his/her protégé.
“Dear hum0n, my protégé, you who daily avails of the human soul I have donated to you more than an aeon ago, stay strong in our motive-power, our agap’e love and our superior understanding of cosmic law. I am g46.0 your nearest and dearest god residing on dimension 6d part of a huge collective of 6.0g’s just as g45.0 is my nearest and dearest god who is also part of a huge collective of 7.0g’s.

Because you have reached a sufficiently high emotional level where you can appreciate the beauty and agap’e-love around you, we are able to provide you with insights into all 3 above mentioned aspects so that you can put on your armor of all 3 aspects that we provide you. We assist you in taking a firm stand against the anti-dez forces [adels] arrayed against you for it’s not only the adez flesh and blood minions that we fight against but also the power and principalities of their adez elites.

Stand your ground in your truth and in what you know to be right in accordance with cosmic law as best you understand it. Take up your shield of trust in cosmic law, of trust in yourself and of trust in life and allow the divine plan for humanity to work through you as you work to expose the nefarious and treasonous deeds of the adez forces and expose especially the secret agendas of the secret societies assisting the fake-gods on dimensions 5.4d thru 3.6d – fakegods of the dark magick lodge that know so well how to manipulate those humans who are still stuck on the lower emotional levels and enchanted by the false promises of money, wealth and power over others. By stealth and deception, they arrange their tainted money, fake science, fake medicine, fake Hollywood and fake news so as to keep a critical mass of humanity under their spell.

Be always alert and pray constantly and daily for a critical mass of humanity to waken up to the light of knowledge and the warmth of agap’e love and to keep discovering an ever- increasing grasp of how the cosmic law plays out – the laws of freedom-unity, of plus & minus and the law of entangled selves.”       

When we have understood the formula we can now proceed to the second version where the humon responds to his/her angelgod’s advice. To indicate this teamwork involved we use the “we” pronoun when appropriate, also realizing that for some parts of the invocation we must use the “I” pronoun to denote the humon’s own self-actitivated work & toil.

2 3.5 1:1  ARMOR OF GOD PART 2 – 5.0j RESPONDS TO 6.0g

Here is the typical response from humon 5.0j:
“Thank you dearest and nearest 6.0g for your generosity and words of wisdom, I am daily strong in your motive-power, your agap’e love and your superior understanding of cosmic law. I am focused on keeping my action levels aligned to the pdez forces and my emotional levels high so as my contact with you can be sustained via the soul levels on dimensions 5.0d thru 5.2d.  

I daily put on my armor assisted by your armor according my best understanding of your motivation-power, your agap’e-love and the knowledge of cosmic law as I best understand it. Daily, I take a firm stand against the anti-dez forces arrayed against me for it’s not only the adez flesh and blood minions that I fight against but also the formidable powers and principalities of their adez elites [adels].

I daily stand my ground in truth and in what I know to be right in accordance with cosmic law as best I have discovered it & do my best to adhere to those cosmic laws. I take up my shield of trust in cosmic law, of trust in my immortal self and of trust in life and allow the divine plan for humanity to work through me as I work to expose the nefarious and treasonous deeds of the adez forces and expose especially the secret agendas of the secret societies assisting the fakegods on dimensions 4.6d thru 5.3d – fakegods of the dark magick lodge that know so well how to manipulate those hum0ns who are still stuck on the lower emotional levels [4.6z-4.3z] and who become enchanted by the false promises of money, wealth and power over others. By stealth and deception, they arrange their tainted money, fake science, fake medicine, fake Hollywood and fake news so as to attempt to keep a critical mass of humanity under their spell.

I’m always on the alert and pray constantly and daily for a critical mass of humanity to waken up to the light of knowledge and the warmth of agap’e love and so to keep discovering an ever- increasing grasp of how cosmic law plays out in the human realm – via the laws of freedom-unity, of plus & minus and the law of entangled selves – you and me.  //                           

/∞ As HTL says in his treatise, education that does not inculcate the inevitability of law does not deserve the name education. As we transition from listening to the loving and wise advise from the first version of the armor of god to the more interactive version our education is progressing such that the inevitavbility of cosmic law becomes more evident to us.

This is an opportune time to ellucidate  2 more songs to illustrate how we make a quantum-leap from feeling separated from our nearest & dearest god on 6d to having achieved contact if only sporadic at first.

The inspiration for the lyrics came from Joe Melson, Roy’s song-writing partner, who as a teenager fell in love with a girl who left him brokenhearted.

In 1961 Roy aged 25 came on the radio with “only the lonely” and the 13-year Jeff Lynn became at once mesmerized by the highest quality of the sound – a few month earlier Del Shannon’s “runaway” also had a great influence on him but it was Roy who set him on his course to becoming one of the best musical producers in the world.

We’ll revamp the dialog to illustrate a dialog between the 5.0j-human-self and some still unknown and elusive higher force called 6.0g. The 6.0g parts of the dialog are barely audible or understandable but they sow the seeds for the contact that comes 27 years later..

2 3.5 1:3 ONLY THE LONELY #4 [1961] 2.0

My paraphrases are in inside these […]

Roy, 5.0j-trainee on 5d, 4d and 3d:
Ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah Oh-oh-oh-oh-wah
Only the lonely Only the lonely
Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)
Know the way I feel tonight (ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah)
Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)
Know this feeling ain’t right (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert on 6d in agap’e and knowledge of causality:
 [Well dear you are contacting the soul I donated to you long ago and believe this is part of the growing pains of contact with the unfamiliar – this feeling of separation is  an essential part of seeking to merge with somebody or some ideal greater than yourself – for example in most cases a member of the opposite sex that you’re attracted to ]

Roy, 5.0j-trainee: There goes my baby; There goes my heart
They’re gone forever; So far apart But only the lonely Know why I cry Only the lonely
Dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah Ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah
Oh-oh-oh-oh-wah Only the lonely Only the lonely
Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)
Know the heartaches I’ve been through (ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah)
Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)
Know I cry and cry for you (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)

Roy’s ngelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e:
[Yes dear I Know it hurts but but that’s part of the longing that drives you onward
to identifying with someone or some ideal that seems larger than life in fact resonant with cosmic law]Roy, 5.0j-trainee: [OK 6.0g I hear your words but when I hurt this much the reasoning brain does not engage ]
Maybe tomorrow A new romance No more sorrow But that’s the chance
You gotta take If your lonely heart breaks Only the lonely

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e: [Yep dear just remember  I’m here for you, and we’ll continue this conversation in 27 years time]


When Jeff the 13-year old enthused to his mom and auntie about Roy’s “only the lonely”, they considered it horribly soppy but Jeff was not to be deterred by his inner knowing. So now we will fast forward to 1988 and Jeff is producing

Jeff looked around for Roy’s reaction, Roy had tears of joy rolling down his cheeks. That’s causal link #1 and the stuff that fairytales and dreams are made out of. When George H heard the result of a collaboration between Jeff and Roy, he sent a message to Jeff to see if they could also collaborate together.  In May-June 1988 the 3 writers of “You got it” big “O”, Jeff  and Tom Petty teamed up with George and Bob Dylan to form the Travelling Wilburys and they were attempting a sequel for Roy’s “only the lonely”.

The first draft of the sequel was not acceptable  but Jeff retired for the night – with the determination to repay back his childhood hero and sure enough overnight Jeff had rewritten the sequel  to cater for Roy’s 4-octave range and the rest is history. That’s causal chain took 27 years to work out and we could say it’s the stuff that dreams and fairytales are made of. Here’s the result of Jeff’s mega payback to Roy.

2 3.5 1:4 LONELY NO MORE #5

 written in 1988 by Roy orbison & Jeff Lynne2.1
Roy, 5.0j-trainee: You always said that I’d be back again [knocking at your door]

That I’d come running to you in the end

I thought that you were on your own  And now I find you’re not alone
[you are part of a collective that is guiding me when I strive towards agap’e-love]

I’ll see you through the rain  Through the heartache and pain  It hurts like never before 

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e:  [Yep dear ] You’re not alone any more

Roy, 5.0j-trainee: You always said that I would know someday Just how it feels when your love walks away

I let you down, I let you go  I lost you; how was I to know?

Alone … I’ll see you through the rain  Through the heartache and pain  It hurts like never before

[but that hurt is the memorized pain now I have a glimpse into the realm of  agap’e joy  ]

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e:  [Yep dear ] You’re not alone any more

Roy, 5.0j-trainee: I never knew I could feel this way… I never could see past yesterday

You [i] feel that everything is gone

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e:  I feel it too; you’re not alone

Roy, 5.0j-trainee: Alone… I’ll see you through the rain  Through the heartache and pain  It hurts like never before 

Roy’s angelgod, 6.0g-expert in agap’e:  [Yep dear ] You’re not alone any more

Wow what a difference 27 years makes. When the 13-year old Jeff heard “only the lonely” for the first time it was his wake up call to know what his mission in life would be. That 27-year long  causal chain we looked is a great example of what happens when we strive for near perfection via our work and toil for the greater good. Now back to some serious maths…Now back to Renata.//
Diagram, timeline

Description automatically generated

/p  The mathematical and structural intricacies of the Giza pyramid at giza are unsurpassed in the known world. Just as humon creators can take great delight in creating down-scaled models of their most cherished creations and-or ideas – so too do we as cosmic creators. We take delight in this Giza structure that we left for you to decode – this stone structure is a model of not only how the earth is built in 3d but also a pointer to how the cosmic plan is set in stone – the cosmic plan of dez [the development of nez according to immutable cosmic law, with its hierarchy of 49  pdims and 122 sdims and its laws of self-activation and methodical upgrades. Here’s the giza chart.

Notice the symmetries:

  • 6 large diamonds on the left representing the cosmic  kingdoms
  • 6 large diamonds on the right representing the solar and planetary kingdoms.

Linking them together is the chief of the solar realms – the small diamond unmarked but denoting pdim 43.0 and sdims d43.1 and d43.2.  

The 16 supremos of DML – the falsegods who portray themselves as true – break cosmic law without any qualms to attempt to preserve their powers of manipulation over those humons stuck on the lower emotional realms 4.6-4.3z and also those misguided humons who have reached 5.3/ 5.4z levels giving them control over 4.6-4.1z but have decided to act under the guidance of DML with false promises of lasting glory, wealth and fame.

When one of the 16 experts from the dark magick lodge [DML] is replaced, the newly promoted member must first have severed connections with the super-human realm [5.0 10z-5.2 11z] so they can without pangs of conscience – work to manipulate and exploit those still vulnerable. Most manipulation is via mockin- stream media, indoctrinated education, secret society agendas and via mind e.g. MKULTRA [MK = “mind-kontrollung” in german]

The 12 supremos of the CSL who agree to abide by cosmic law and give clues and hints to those who are actively striving for contact with 5.1z first and then with the grades of 5.0 10-5.2 11z – the realms of agap’e contact with 6d and then with the grades of 5.0 10-5.2 11z – the realms of discovering causality and motivation.

CSL is the CauSa Lodge of 12 collective experts working to accelerate the dez of the humonp0d by dropping hints and clues so as to encourage the recipients to self-activate the upgrades to nez. Affiliated tothese are the 4 supremos that have the difficult job of supervising the 4d realm whose lower regions are dominated by the DML.

The human spectrum of duality must contend with the 16 DML supremos operating as adversaries to the corresponding 16 supremos from the CSL working to promote dez within the constraints of cosmic law….  the two sets of opposing supremos  slug it out between themselves as both lodges vie to influence public opinion, one set by fair means the other by foul means.

Those most vulnerable to being exploited and manipulated are

1) those exclusively on lower emotional levels – 4.6-4.3z and

2) those who have mastered control over all 4d grades 4.6 – 4.1z but still operate with the motivation that serves only self,  and favored selfish bloodlines.

In the pdez pantheon, there are 6 columns – 2 columns for each of the 3 known [branches of evolution].

Branch #1 THE MOTIVE-POWER BRANCH = motive-power  experts = propellers of matter

Branch #2 THE HUMAN & FORMERLY-HUMAN BRANCH  = trainees and experts in the nez aspect flowing thru the ducts of matter

Branch #3 THE ANGELIC BRANCH = experts in the  matrix of matter = framework of the atem with its 10 strings in the shape of tubes carrying nez thru them. //


/∞ Time for another detour to talk about these joint sovereigns vying for influence, one set vies for a chance  to exploit and manipulate, the other set vye for a chance to drop clues and hints on our path so that we can practice our powers of [self-activation]. Here’s an analogy using the current issues of the UK and the USA.

Sovereign nation state [SVS] = keep nation-state sovereign with friendly non-aggressive co-operation between other sovereign nation states.

One-world-dictatorship by adels [ 1WD]  would enforce  power to the geopolitical regional bankers. This globalist dictatorship would enforce centralized rules over many diverse nations with differing missions much like the European Union [EU] tries to do.

Currently for the first time in 110+ years, the battlelines of SVS versus 1WD are out in the open and voters have a good sense of what they are voting for. The DML minions have had to come out of the shadows to wage their war against dez. This is something they’re not accustomed to and is only made possible by the pervasive reach of citizen journalism on social media and on independent news sites on the internet over the last 5 years. This is very different to pre 2015 when almost all political parties were aligned with the globalist agenda of moving towards the CCP [ model ] of genocide of the Uygurs of the XinXiang province, mass surveillance, facial recognition, compulsory vaccines and aggressive roll-out of 5G at frequencies > 40 GHz. Censorship, 5G, vaccines, human DNA manipulation are the pillars of the centralized dictatorship. We will cover these in detail later.

There are 16 nez levels on the lower human [non causal spectrum]
6 on 3d, 6 on 4d [emotional] and 4 on 5d [intellect 5.6-5.5z and classified mental 5.4z -5.3z]

The 16 adez dark magick supremos [DML-lodge] are joint-sovereign in 3d, 4d and mental levels 5.6-5.3z. To have “graduated” into this DML elite they have had to sever all links with the causal world [5.010z-5.211z] and so impede any further dez for themselves. They rely on their possibility to exploit and use their mind-control [MK in German] programs by impeding the intelligentsia and the masses from knowing about the mechanics of dez.

The 16 pdez supremos from the Causal Lodge [CSL] are joint-sovereign in 3d, 4d and the  5d-grades 5.6-5.3z. They have established contact with the causal world and have taken an oath not to exploit members from the the lower 4 kingdoms. //
Now back to Renata with her song.

/p After showing you the 13 diamonds in the giza structure , it’s now a good time to introduce you to another piece of music that celebrates the fact that humons like all monads are programmed to become like diamonds taking shape – slowly but methodically. Chris Martin told us that this  song  “adventures of a lifetime”2.2 was inspired by married couple Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s 2009 book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. This book seeks to put an end to sex trafficking, forced prostitution, maternal mortality, sexual violence, and other ways that women are oppressed. It focuses on microfinance, girls’ education and other concrete steps to fight these problems and to empower women.

Revamped with my [paraphrase] and redactions

6.0g-angelgod: Turn your magic on       to me she’d say
Everything you want’s a
dream away We are legends, every day
5.0j-humon: That’s what she you told me him

6.0g-angelgod: Turn your magic on     to me she’d say  Everything you want’s a dream away
Under this pressure,
under this weight We are diamonds
50j-humon: I feel my heart beating I feel my heart beneath my skin

I feel my heart beating Oh, you make me feel Like I come alive again Alive again

Oh, you make me feel Like I’m alive again

6.0g-angelgod: [you ] Said “I can’t go on, not in this way I’m a dream, I die by light of day”
5.0j-humon: [yep I did say that but now I’m ] Gonna hold up [my] half the sky and say Only I own me
[= I’m responsible just for my half of the sky and when I make my best efforts I know you will meet half-way]
I feel my heart beating I feel my heart beneath my skin Oh, I can feel my heart beating
‘Cause you make me feel Like I’m
alive again Alive again
Oh, you make me feel Like I’m
alive again

6.0g-angelgod: [you are spot on I will indeed meet you halfway and  I will never fail to turn up when you’ve reached the half-way mark so I keep reminding you] Turn your magic on   , to me she’d say
Everything you want’s a
dream away Under this pressure, under this weight
We are
diamonds taking shape We are diamonds taking shape (Woo hoo, woo hoo)
5.0j-humon: If we’ve only got this life [this one series of human lifetimes]
adventure oh then I – If we’ve only got this life – You’ll get me through, oh
If we’ve only got this life And this adventure, oh then I Wanna
share it with you
With you, with you Sing it, oh, say yeah!

(Woo hoo, woo hoo) (Woo hoo, woo hoo) (Woo hoo, woo hoo)

60g-angelgod: [yep dear both our lives are inextricably entangled for this long chain of cumulative human lives of yours. That long chain of human lives we will both share until the diamond that you’re becoming is completely refined and in accordance with the cosmic rulebook – then you will own your  own soul and I will be free to fly. You’ve finally guessed it – I signed up as your donor and mentor for the long haul my dear protégé]//


/∞ Renata, Could I jump in here and bring you one of our foremost antidotes against falling for the illusions and the fictions of the DML. Are you familiar with our famous Earth prophet George H who passed over to 4/5d in 2009?

p Oh yes indeed, Dorit, I met George in the 5d world a few months ago and told him about this upcoming conference and I asked him to tune into our proceedings – so by all means carry on.

∞ Thank you Renata  and since you asked him to tune in, I will address the preamble to him. Thank you George for your grand musical wizardry. Well George, you released this song in 1970 at the tender age of age 27. You witnessed first hand your then greedy leader Paul 2 who rationed the band to only one lovesong per album and also witnessed close hand your  own greedy financial managers who ghosted away so much of your royalties and funds. You were rationed to one song per Beatles album so that explains why you were able to produce that record breaking triple album in a remarkably short time span [all things must pass] after the break up of the Beatles.
Here’s my paraphrase of these verses.2.3so dense with esoteric axioms. Thank you George for your agap’e-love and wisdom.

Watch out now, take care; Beware of falling swingers [pop idols of little integrity]
Dropping all around you; The pain that often mingles, In your fingertips; Beware of darkness

Watch out now, take care; Beware of the
negative thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head 
[if you entertain them]; The hopelessness around you; In the dead of night

Beware of sadness; It can hit you; It can hurt you, Make you sore and what is more; That is not what you are here for
[we’re here to learn from our mistakes make the best of any misfortunes that hit us
 and upgrade our nez on the way]

Watch out now, take care; Beware of soft shoe shufflers
[without order and without a higher purpose]
Dancing down the sidewalks; As each unconscious sufferer; Wanders aimlessly;
Beware of Maya  
[illusion of the emotional world and fictions of the intellect]

Watch out now, take care; Beware of greedy leaders
[who work only for self and corporate- interest with zero transparency]

They take you where you should not go; [stoke divisions between the classes
and ensnare us in a web of deception eg impersonating others]

While Weeping Atlas Cedars;They just want to grow, grow and grow
[The cedar tree is used for the doors of sacred temples and burned in cleansing ceremonies for purification. The tree was thought to assist in the entry  to higher realms.
it’s  sturdy conifer that can grow strong under adverse conditions.]

Over the last 2500 years, messengers of truth have been are typically marginalized, ridiculed, given the silent treatment and so ofttimes murdered like some of the greatest pioneers  and whistleblowers in history like

Pythagoras [the one who would have given many such conferences like this one between years 700 BCE and 670 BCE]
Thomas More chief advisor to Henry 8 passed over to 4d/5d on 6th July 1535 CE [beheaded by King Henry 8]
Giordano Bruno on 17th passed over to 4d/5d on feb 1600 [burnt at the stake via pope’s orders],
Aaron Swartz [researcher into climate change funding] passed over to 4d/5d on 11th jan 2013 [hounded and stripped of dignity by MIT and accomplices]
Andrew Moulden [opponent of vaccination] who passed over to 4d/5d on November 2013.
Seth Rich [employee of DNC – democratic national committee and whistleblower murdered on July 10, 2016


/p Thank you so much Dorit for that wonderful preamble and it leads me beautifully into the more mathematical antidote to dealing with the darkness that George so ably described. Until we …
1) raise our 4d level to the highest 2 levels [ 4.1 – 4.2z ],
2) start learning how to control those 2 high levels via our higher mental body [ 5.3 – 5.4z ] and
3) align our motive to pdez for all –

… we remain vulnerable to manipulation by the DML and their [MockinBird media]. The plan of dez is that we can accelerate our pace of dez by being able to combat the DML and that is most effective only when we achieve the 3 above prerequisites

That fact that CSL is having much recent success shows in the fact that the DML media have lost their erstwhile monopoly with their mockin stream media and are desperately trying to curtail opposing voices on the social media networks. But now for some very large numbers as we have been unravelling the inside of atems over the millenia.

2 3.5 2:2 HOW MANY U1’S IN 3.6U

That’s the same as asking how many of the smallest d1sips are in the densest atem on 3.6d. Ask this question to a typical scientist who believes in the dogma that if you can’t see it in a microscope then it’s not of any concern and you will not be entertained for long. The arrogance and insolence lives on just as it was in the [sophists] of ancient Grrece. We start our counting process with the d1sip also called the n1 or u1, the smallest atem of the highest dim of the cosmos d1.

Imagine we’re holding a purple-colored ball in our hand – that will represent n1 which is a u1 that has been designated as the nucleus. Now imagine there are 48 atems of type u1 orbiting around our ball which is called n1. This is called native arc1 na1 an arc of 49 atems of type d1. D1 is the smallest atem that when just born is empty of nez and after it has traversed the long plan of dez over 100’s of beons [ between 1 to 7 aeons are typically spent as a humon] it can claim to be the highest god in this cosmos who has completed the syllabus and is ready to supervise the creation of a new cosmos. Could we imagine more of a contrast between the state of a d1-atem. The old saying jumps to mind: don’t judge a book by its cover. In appendix 2.0 we will show  you why the contrast. Don’t judge an atem by its outer orbit.

ELDER ARC [EA1.0] > N2.0
Now imagine there are another set of 48 u1’s [purple balls] orbiting around our purple n1 but in an outer orbit well outside the native arc na1.0. Now imagine that all these 48 atems  are enclosed in a larger ball color-coded indigo – still having the purple ball at its  center. We call these 48 plius its nucleus – elder arc [ea1.0]. Now let’s reduce the size of this indigo ball to fit on our palm. This indigo ball is called n2.0 which serves as the nucleus of d2 and will in turn generate its own native-arc and elder-arc.
Now imagine that around our indigo ball are orbiting 48 u2.0’s. This is called native a2.0 and forms the outer nucleus of d2.

ELDER ARC EA2.0  > N3.0
Now we’ll repeat the process – let’s imagine attracting another 48 u2.0’s  into an outer orbit well beyond the na2.0 we referred to. We’re going to enclose this elder arc 2.0 into a new dark blue called n3.0. Now it’ time to look at the sketch to help us go bigger and bigger along this process. Here it is…


Now let’s shrink the size of ball n3.0 to fit back on our palm. We’re holding the dark-blue ball n3.0. Again n3.0 attracts 48 similarly sized u3.0’s and again we will wrap this package of 49 warks into a new light-blue ball called n4.0.

We repeat this formula until we reach the outermost native arc dim na49.0 aka 3.0na on the human count notation. We have reached the edge of the universe subatomically and there is no further possibility to build another elder arc but instead we can build another 6 younger arcs on dims 3.1d thru 3.6d.  As mentioned  the innermost 49 warks of size 3.0 comprise the native arc in control of its native dim 3.1. We will now we build another set of 48 warks of size 3.0 to orbit well outside the native arc. This time instead of forming the elder arc for the next pdim, it forms the younger arc called 3.0ya.  This gets repackaged  and is now the nucleus 3.1n in charge of 3.1d. This is considered a new nucleus way outside the 3.0na orbit with available communication back to base 3.0n but no ability to directly communicate back through the elder chain to the smallest ball violet ball on d1. So to summarize we started with mother n1.0, built 48 elder nuclei around it and then we’ve built another 6 younger nuclei around the outermost   pdim, 3.0na. To see the full list of dims see APPENDIX 1.1


Notice on the table of APPENDIX 2.0 that the biggest number on the chart is 18.63 million times a trillion to the power of 7. For ease of speaking let’s give a name to this special number :  [18.63-mat7] – million times a trillion to the 7th power.

There are 2 ways of looking at this chart….

  • approach #1) We can start with the single smallest d1sip and build our way all the way to the outermost nucleus called 3.6n – packaging 49 atems each time we jump to the the next lower or outer dim.
  • approach #2) we can start with the already completed single largest and densest sip 3.6n and look inside all the time keeping tally of how many atems we have on any particular dim unpackaking 49 as we jump to the next higher dim in the sequence

And lo and behold as we would expect in both columns we arrive at the the same answer and the same enormous #. Approach #1 tells us that we’ve utilized  18.63-mat7 d1sips on the way outward.

Approach #2 tells us that we have unpackaged 18.63-mat7 d1sips as we exploded the atems of one dim to reveal the next higher one. Think of it like this – we first explode 3.6n and find 49 warks of type 3.5z   – now we explode all 49 of those atems and we count so far 2401 atems. Each one of those can be further exploded into 49 components and so on ….

The bottom line is that no matter what way we hack it, both approaches tell us that the largest sip is built from 18.63-mat7 of the smallest sips.  So I might hearken back to that the scale model from the 2010 school-books that we looked at earlier where the nucleus of the earth was a football-sized atem at its center. Because the nucleus of the earth resides on 6.0d that would represent 1628 trillion 6.0d sips inside the nucleus on 3.6d so maybe that schoolbook scale model is not so far off the mark after all. now we’re in a position to tell you why d1 can act as solitary atem not yet conscious but with enormous potential enough potenial first to build 18.63 mat7 atems around itself reaching to the outer skin of the pomegranate – that was its involutionary journey. From that point it makes it long homeward journey retracing its steps through those 18 mat7 atems but this time raising its nez grade one atem at a time on its quest to join the next highest collective of god.


 researchersipDensity sips per hydrogen atomH atom proton/neutronH protonelectron names
45k BCEVyasa, Indiaarnoox 18 x arnoo 
40k BCEThoth, Hermesarnoox 18 x arnoo 
7 k BCEOrpheusarnoox 18 x arnoo 
700 BCEPY101atomos18 x 18.63 mat7 18 x atomos 
400 BCEDemocritosatomosx 18 x atomos 
1876EDBatomic18 x 18.63 mat7 “atom” 
1886Eugen Goldsteinproton1 proton 
1897JJ Thompsonelectronx protonelectron
1932James Chatwickneutron1 neutron 
1964Murray Gell Mannquark6 6 * quarks 
1950 & 1979HTLatomic18 x 18.63 mat7atom18 x 49:7 
1974Jogesh Patipreon18atom9 * preon 
1974Abdus Salempreon18atom9 + preon 
2021 revisitPY101, HTL, EDBatem, wark18 x 18.63 mat7atom18 * 3.6 atems 

This table can be looked at in 2 ways
1) as charting the ever-growing contents of the “science textbook atom” considered to be the sip at the time
2) getting a sense for the shrinking size of the so called atom
To avoid confusion we use the names atem and wark interchangeably for the sip, the smallest independent particle  on a particular dimension e.g. d1-atem is the smallest atem;  3.0d -atem is the densest primary atem and 3.6d-atem of the pomegranate is the densest atem in the cosmos.

Look at the column called density and you’ll  get our meaning.

To make like easier as we switch from the different notations you can refer to APPENDIX 1.1  “cross ref of dim notations”.

So we can understand that each of the 171 dims has a radically different view on the world , a different density a different measurement of time and a different range of nez.


Let’s put the last slice of maths into 2 analogies.

as above [innermost nuclei & outermost globes] so below [innermost globes and outermost nuclei]
as in the innermost n1.0  so depends the  corresponding outermost  globe o1.0
as in the outermost 3.6d so depends the corresponding  innermost globe 3.6o

Our onion is not just loaded with vitamins B6 and B9 – it’s also loaded with lots of esoteric info like how do the outermost subatomic  dims fit together and how do the innermost macroscosmic globes fit together.
This next exhibit represents the 2 world-views for 3d. Here we have the subatomic perspective on the left and the corresponding perspective of the world of forms on the right.



On the right we show a mandarin occupying the solid 3d space on the lowest and densest dim 3.6d. If we were to juice this fruit then the globe 3.6o would be dismantled and the innermost globe would be 3.5o the realm of liquid. Meanwhile on the subatomic view on the left the outermost layer on 3.6d would melt and the outermost layer would be the nucleus n3.5 – the liquid realm.  If instead of the mandarin we imagine a spherical block of ice then if converted to steam we would be left with subatomic nuclei 3.4n, 3.3n, 3.2n, 3.1n and 3.0n on the left view corresponding to globes 3.0o, 3.1o, 3.2o, 3.3o and 3.4o on the right hand side of the picture.

 For completeness we must imagine on the left another 164 layers to reach all the way inwards [subatomically] to the innermost nucleus n1.0 and imagine on the right another 164 layers all the way outwards [by way of forms]  to the outermost globe o1.0. //


/∞ I’m going to interrupt Renata’s flow for a moment to point out an interesting synchronicity. Just after Renata was explaining these astronomical numbers we adjourned for a break and I took that opportunity to verify the numbers and that led to a dramatic change in perception of time and space.  I’ve been writing notes about the presentation and questions  that I want to ask PY and CY later. I look at my watch still set on my watch  – it was 1:17am, I remarked to myself that’s 50 mins since I started my intensive contemplation mode … I want to focus for chunks of minimum an hour before reverting back into relax mode. So I thought to myself only another 13 mins of intense focus. I was busy checking the #’s of warks on my pocket calculater. I had all the figures worked out and started to reconcile them. Then I realized I had made a mistake that rippled through all my figures, sometimes I was using 49 as a multipy-factor and sometimes by mistake 48 had slipped into some of the calculations – and that’s why  the numbers were not reconciling.


I’m a stickler for double-book-keeping and I need to reconcile the number of u1’s in nucleus 3.0n – the outermost subatomic elder nucleus against the # of u1’s  in nucleus 3.6n on the outermost nucleus of the cosmos that just so happens to be the nucleus of what we’re used to calling solid 3d. I was determined to reconcile the 2 monster numbers  and became totally engrossed in the reconciliation. After an intensive uninterrupted focus, I managed to reconcile and looked at my watch – it was 1:22am, even though I estimated that I must have spent at least 20 mins on the reconciliation. Wow 5 mins had elapsed, yet I had done an estimated 20 mins of calculation – that means 15 mins had gone missing….

Then I checked when my local Earth time, I realized that my local Earth time changed at 2am today on 7th November 2021 while I was heavily immersed in the double-book-keeping system for the calculations. That meant at 2am the clock flitted back to 1 am… so rather than having 15 mins gone missing I was faced with the situation that my estimation of 20 mins elapsed time was actually 65 mins. So I might conclude to say that my “enigmatic” elapsed time of those intense 45 mins of 3d time is somehow equivalent to zero 5d-elapsed time. I had just worked out a new formula:

 45 mins of 3d-time = zero mins of 5d-time [when fully engrossed being able to ignore interruptions]//


/p Welcome back everyone, 3d-time waits for no humon. Now it’s time to simplify the notation by combining the elder dims and younger dims into the same chart. In this section we’re gonna have to encounter one of the hardest concepts to grasp. The 2-hour break is only 2 hours and 50 mins away so let’s get to it …  and to really get it we really need to get a handle on this chart coming up now…


This is summarized version of APPENDIX 0.3 [the full cross-reference of the human and god counts]

The [entangled selves] are 6.0g [our nearest and dearest god] & [5.0x – [5.0i or 5.0j] where
5.0j denotes when we have made contact with the soul donated by 6.0g
5.0i denotes when we are either in denial of – or unaware of the human soul or in the case of the high echelon of the adels, it means the adel member has deliberately disconnected form his/her soul so as not to feel any pangs of conscience. 


Notice that on the human dims we have a choice of notation the god count or the human count.
For the cosmic realm we defer to the god count. Pull up appendix 0.1 [prefix/suffix] and appendix 1.1 [xref of dims ] to see how the letters and the numbers fit together.

2 3.5 3:6 NOTATION UP/ DOWN, OFFSET 0/ 1

One unfamiliar aspect for many students will be our sudden switch from counting upwards and downwards, counting from zero sometimes and other times from 1 all in the single jump from 1 level to another level. That’s exactly why we’ve numbered the chapter sections as we have – it’s a great way to see when the digit moves up, when down, when we’re on offset zero and when offset 1 – it’s all a matter of practice. One word of consolation – when we consider any one lifetime, it’s the norm to move up one level inside a series of 7 and on that scale the numbers will move up. For example let consider this new section #3.5 36 from the previous section #3.5 35. In one lifetime that jump from 3.5 to 3.6 would be a credible performance for most of us. In fact we can move up 28 levels all in logical ascending sequence before we are encountered with unfamiliar count backwards. In other words we keep moving “up” numerically [counting in sevens] from 3.5 10 all the way to 3.5  47 [28 levels].

Then we meet the unfamiliar. We suddenly have to count “down” numerically from 35 4.6/4.7  [top of 3.5] to 3.4 10 [bottom of 3.4]. We must admit this takes a bit of getting used to so that’s why we keep moving the section numbers “ever “upwards” on nez levels even though we count upwards for 28 steps then ever “upwards” from 3.5 to 3.4. That seems like down but trust us it’s really moving “up” through the human count.

The obvious  thing to notice is how we use the prefix to signify the notations the gods use and the suffix is for the way we count starting on our familiar 3d to 4d and so on.

Also please note those dimensions which are designated as elder and younger as follows
elder [primary] dims d1.0, d2.0, d3.0 up til d43.0               = 43
elder dims d44.0 thru d49.0                                                    =  6
younger dims between d1.1  and d43.2                              = 86

younger dims between d44.1 aka 8.0d thru 3.6d                = 36

                                                                                           total = 171

Surely we must have a question.//

/CJ: Indeed. Am I right in thinking this obtruseness is to show honor to our creators who created the dimensions in order of importance and so the sequencing highlights how we we must backtrack through that sequence on our way back rtowrds dimension 1. Second question have I got right to say that na1 looks after d1, ea1 looks after d2 and ya1 looks afte dims d1.1. and d1.2. //

/f: You are right on both counts CJ. It would be somewhat perverse of uds to label the bottom humon 3d as 3.1 and the bottom 4d level as 4.1 and think about it the thickest giza course is course 35c apart from the foundation courses and that equates to the densest and grossest 4d level so indeed 4.6 fits this so well in comparison to the most refined humon 4d level of 4.1. //


/p In the next few sections we will be dealing with the highest god dims on d1.0, d1.1, d1.2  i.e. the 3 innermost nuclei and their 3 outermost globes o1.0-globe – o1.2 globe.

Now we’re gonna approach one of the most unfamiliar concepts of this 3-day event. We need to firm up on the difference between the elder-child warks, u1.0’s on d1 that go to form the next elder dim d2.0  and on the other hand its younger-childwarks [ya] also made up of u1.0’s that go to form the nucleus for younger dim d1.1. Let me be honest and say we don’t expect you to get this concept first time around but practice makes perfect and I suggest that when you have mastered our sequencing in our chapters  and sections – that will be an opportune time to revisit this section.

Meanwhile let the notation and visuals sink down into your [subnez] for later retrieval when needed. Now that we have covered the differences between elder and younger dims [pdims & sdims] we’re ready for an insight into our common ancestry.


Here’s APPENDIX 2.1. Note when a monad graduates to the human realm, gone are the big advantages we had by having natural telepathic rapport with the other members of our group-animal-soul and with the group-leader, perhaps from around 5 to 13 very talented fellow members and probably all of them destined to make the transition  to human at the same time. The gift of a new human soul donated from our nearest and dearest god 6.0g comes with a tag  and we have to come to terms with that pricetag pretty fast. Without that former telepathic contact, we now feel isolated and we must pick up the pieces of the human journey mostly by trial and error and doing the best we can to figure out cause and effect. This proves so very elusive cos in so many cases the effect happens weeks, months, years, decades or often lifetimes after the original cause. In chapter 8 we cover the 777 steps grouped into 6 stages and 20 steps once we have graduated as a human monad. It proves to be a gradual process whereby we can recover some of that precious telepathic contact with our colleagues and companions to help humons along the way.

The quantum leap that will be of special interest to us will be the jump from an elite member of one of the top 5 animal species to donning  a humon soul as donated by our nearest & dearest 6.0g who has volunteered to be responsible for dez of his/her protégé  in the human syllabus. It’s fascinating to align the heightened senses of those top 5 species with our much trimmed down versions of those senses

  • elephant: acute hearing can hear a human from one mile or more, acute smell –  can pick the scent of food from one mile or more; has great compassion for the members of the herd
  • horse: has acute telepathy with its rider or minder; also the males can be aggressive when theres a competition for finding a suitable female
  • cat: acute sense of sight and has a keen sense of independence and privacy
  • dog: acute sense of smell like the elephant, has a great sense of loyalty and makes a great member of a team
  • chimp: acute sense of touch; with a brain in similar size to us it has developed a sense of cunning and has a keen sense of what is equitable and fair  treatment shown to them by humons;

When we transition over to the humon field of endeavor, we take our character traits built up over aeons.
In segment 5 3.1 1:6, I’ve mapped out a comparison between how the the cunning chimp and the compassionate elephant have made their transitions.

2 3.5 4:2 OUR INNERMOST godself  ON D1

p  At the center of this renovated pomegranate is the symbol for the inner core of our immortal [godself] shown as n1 [n1.0] on d1 in the diagram. As the nucleus of 5.0x -the humon-self, the n1-wark is a long, long, long way removed from the arena of action on our human spectrum of dims 3.6d-5.0d, its  n1-wark will be 99.99%  inactive. The best analogy I can think of is to use some of our 5d-thinker-warks as an example – those ones that are dormant inside our 4d-feeling-warks of our 4d-body. After around 6 years of age, we start to activate some of those  feeling-warks of the 4d-body and then around 8 years old we start to activate some of our thinker-warks contained inside some of our feeling warks at the same time as the 5d-thinker-warks get activated in the intellect sector of the mental body #3.  

The smallest wark-monad [n1] – core of the humon extends 46 dims outwards to 5.0d. Today  around 25% of surface dwellers are now able to be conscious to somedegree of 5.1 agap’e-warks being activated albeit sporadically and we estimate that  10,000 years further down the line that % will increase to 51%.
We are now touching some of the most enigmatic concepts and confronting these erstwhile secrets. I never tought that writing about the immortal self was ever going to be easy and while preparing for this conference it  appeared such a daunting task. Yep folks, even though we as solar builders – operate mostly on the dims 9.0d thru 8.6d  –  we are still such a long way off from the top echelons of d1 of our creators.
So we too, need a good reason to warrant researching into the topmost levels, as I’m sure you will all agree this kind of inquiry cannot be taken lightly. I was trying with my colleagues to find an analogy for the pomegranate seed as separate from the aril but this proved too  elusive, partly because the aril is really an addendum of the seed reminding me a bit like how the body #2  on 5.210  is like an addendum to the core-soul on 5.010 – 5.211.

I tried with my colleagues but finally we had to admit defeat ‘cos we could not see any way to make the seed as an analogy for the mental-wark.. ..we were searching for an analogy whereby the seed within the aril within the pomegranate would be the analogy for the mental wark within the emotional wark within within the 3d-wark.

So then I got the flash of vision – well why not try fitting the pomegranate in place at the other end of the spectrum and that was exactly what we did and this section shows you the result of that flash. Now we dissect the main components of the renovated pomegranate and environs – the 4 supremos and 7 arks.

2 3.5 4:3  [1 of 11] N1-SUPREMO

Shown as n1 at the center. Here we have the first primary nucleus the immortal atem or wark – the one that was birthed from the primordial soup with a long journey in front of it and the section on our ancestry gave us a glimpse of just how long. This can be called the smallest of all the 171 nuclei – we might say the true holder of the title smallest sip where sip comes in 171 shapes and sizes. 

2 3.5 4:4  [2 of 11] N1-NATIVE-ARK

Color-coded in pink. Nucleus n1 attracts another 6 u1-warks into orbit around it and the process repeats with  6 more sets of 6 warks orbiting their own center until we have 7 shells of 6 orbitting the 7 centers where 6 are subordinate to n1 the central one. Again to avoid clutter we show you only 2 orbiting  warks out of the total 48 in the native ark [the pink region ]. This native ark is sovereign in its d1 domain and goes on to build its own d1-globe around it.

2 3.5 4:5  [3 of 11] N1-ELDER-ARK

Color-coded in black. Just like in the case of the native-ark, nucleus n1 attracts another 6 u1-warks into orbit around it and the process but in a much wider orbit well outside the native-arc and this process  repeats like before with  6 more sets of 6 warks orbiting 6 cental ones until we have 48 u1-warks again orbiting the central one. So now we have another quota of 48 u1’s orbiting n1 but this time far outside the native-ark. This new-ark is called the n1-elder-ark cos it’s created aeons before it gets round to building the n1-younger-arks. This elder-ark is repackaged to form a new n2-nucleus with its 49 w1’s inside – one of them acting as supremo [n1]. Think back to 2 3.5 2:1 when we were visualizing the different colored balls.

Again to avoid clutter we show you only 6 orbiting  warks out of the total 48 in the elder-ark [the black region ]. We are now looking at the make up of the n2-nucleus [the second primary dimension in the sequence of 49 primaries] – made up from the elder outer ark.

CJ: I have a question. If there is only one immortal nucleus n1 then it must also act as nucleus for d2, d3 all the way out to the outermost 49?

Ø [EDWIN] Yes indeed CJ – immortality also bestows a certain all-pervasive aspect to it. I suppose we could say that n1 can reinvent another clone of itself each time it takes on responsibility for building another nucleus around itself and of course it’s fair to say that at the time of reinvention, n1 can delegate to its 48 lieutenants a significant share of responsibility.

p  Great question CJ – now back to the sequence of 7 arks. In step 2, nucleus n1 builds its native ark –  a team of 48 u1’s tasked with forming the outer nucleus for d1. The mission of step 3 [of 11]  is to create the nucleus for d2 and to do this it must build another ark of 48 u1’s orbiting around. So again the process just covered for the native native a1 is re-enacted..but this time n1 expands considerably cos it must leave enough space for the building of nuclei n1.1 and n1.2 as denoted in steps 8 and 11.

The build of n1-elder-ark is in the form of 7 centers each with their 6 u1’s in orbit. We are now looking at the make up of the d2 nucleus [the second primary dimension in the sequence of 49 primaries] and elder outer ark and showing how the elder protégé n2 is created first from the mother wark n1 and its entourage of 48 u1-warks in the outer orbit.

Let’s visualize the n1 controlling its elder-shell of 6, then visualize the other central 6 u1’s  controlling their 6 shells of 6. So now that gives us our full quota of 48 warks orbitting the central n1. We call that the u1-elder-outer ark  designated by the region colored  black. Please visualize the unseen 42 warks [in their 1 +6 formations] spinning around in the black space which extends from n1 outwards to the perimeter within our renovated pomegranate.  “Elder” because it is created in the first stage of the building process where all the 49 primary-dimensional nuclei must be built before even thinking about the secondary dims that may be built aeons later.  The elder-ark must be packaged to form the new nucleus n2 which will become master of its native dimension d2. So now we have n1 via native arc controlling its own native dim d1 and also controlling /delegating responsinbilities to its new nucleus of  dimension d2. Think back to to the indigo-colored ball that we held in our hand.

 When we look at n1, we are looking at the smallest sip in existence remembering that there are another 170 larger sips of different shapes and sizes.

2 3.5 4:6 [4 of 11] N2-SUPREMO 

Denoted by the skin of the pomegranate. Here comes what can prove one of the difficult concepts for many students. For many of you, the question on the tip of your tongue will be how does n1 control a 2nd set of 48 u1’s  – will it not get somewhat confused about which dim its working on. The immortal n1 is now controlling  d1 and outer ark ea2 for d2. In the last section we covered how the d1-native-ark controls n1’s native d1. Now we’re looking at how d2 is controlled via n2.  

2 3.4 1:0 [5 of 11] N2-NATIVE-ARK

Color-coded by the white text in orange background in the top right portion of the sketch. These 49 warks as illustrated effectively control the native d2 realm – the second elder dim in the sequence d1, d2, d3, …. d49. We’ll pause  at this point and just say that our current pattern of
2 steps[d1] +3 steps[d2] +4 steps[d1.1] +2 steps[d1.2] is replacated like this  
2 steps[d2] +3 steps[d3] +4 steps[d2.1] +2 steps[d2.2]
But now back to our current pattern of 2 + 3 + 4 + 2 = 11.

2 34 1:1 [6 of 11] U1-YOUNGER-ARK YA1.1

Fast forward maybe 1+  aeons of time – all the 49 elder nuclei are now humming with activity and it’s time to start building the younger nuclei and globes needed for evolution. Color-coded as the blue-grey region where only 6 of the 48 orbitals are shown. We say the younger ark because these sdims aka [younger dims]  get created such a long time after the pdims. In the meanwhile the [elder dims] are being build outwards to ensure continuous communication between n1 and all its other 48 outer elder pdims that have been built around it.

We can visualize how the unseen  42 warks [in their 1 +6 formations] are spinning around in the blue-grey  space which extends outwards to the perimeter of the blue-grey region. Before this all the 42 elder dimensional nuclei must have been built to form the basis of the cosmos. Then the 2 elder solar dims [d43, d44] are built followed by the 2 planetary elder dims [d45, d46] making possible the 3 outermost elder dims [d47, d48, d49] needed for the evolution of the 3 lower kingdoms and humons.  This completes the build of all 49 elder nuclei.

Building the next outer dim is called the repackaging process and on the sketch we often denote that by using the skeletal shape of the Edwin’s famous wark-shape as given in section 1 3.6 22 as the symbol of enclosure. According to the previous sections,  n1 has already built the n2-nucleus around itself [think back to the analogy of the 55 color-coded balls] .

Consider that n1 has delegated n2 to look after its next outer pdim d2 and in the same fashion it will now delegate another nucleus 1.1 to look after its next secondary dim d1.1 while n1’s native -arc is left holding the original baby on d1 but yet ensuring that all its lines of communications between pdims and its local sdims are always open.  Look at the blue-grey region where we can see 6 warks illustrated and these orbit the n1-supremo. [To avoid clutter, we illustrate only 6 of the 48 orbitals inside the blue-grey sector.]

Again let’s visualize the supremo-wark n1 controlling its younger-innermost shell of 6 as illustrated, then visualize the other central 6 warks controlling their respective 6 shells of 6. So now that gives us our full quota of 48 warks orbitting the central n1 all inside the blue-grey area.  Now we are ready to repackage the younger arc as another secondary nucleus n1.1.

2 3.4 1:2 [7 of 11] N1.1 SUPREMO

Denoted by “n1.1-nucleus”. The n1-younger-ark gets repackaged as a new nucleus in its own right tasked to build a new dim d1.1 and globe around itself. Many are pondering on the level of multi-tasking goin on – to answer that one we must consider the age-old  strategy of delegation. Bear with us until we cover the 11 steps.

2 3.4 1:3 [8 of 11] N1.1 BUILDS ITS FIRST NATIVE ARK NA1.1

Denoted as “u1”. Now it’s time for n1.1 to work its native magic. It must follow in the footsteps of how  its illustrious progenitor n1 created n2. 1stly its builds its own quota of 48 u1.1 atems .. first an inner shell of 6 and then another 6 shells each with its central commander. So again we have 48 u1.1’s in service and acting as commander of all events happening in its native domain d1.1 called the n1.1native-ark. This ark will be  responsible for for all contents of the d1.1-globe that it will build around the nucleus.

2 3.4 1:4 [9 of 11] N1.1 BUILDS ITS SECOND ARK = YA1.2

p Described as “ya1.2” but not shown on the sketch.  Now it’s time for n1.1 to work its expansive magic. It must repeat the previous step and build another quota of 48 u1.1-atems .. first an inner shell of 6 and then another 6 shells each with its central commander. So again we have 48 u2’s in service and these will be repackaged to form the inner nucleus of the next younger dim d1.2.

2 3.4 1:5 [10 of 11] N1.2 SUPREMO

Denoted as n1.2-nucleus. This has been built from “ya1.2” from the last section. The job of n1.2 is to build the outermost younger dim 1.2 and its corresponsing globe but before it can do this it must complete the final step 11.

2 3.4 1:6 [11 of 11] N1.2-NATIVE-ARK = NA1.2

Denoted as “na1.2”. Nucleus n1.2 builds another quota of 48 u1.2-atems. We’re at the outer rim of d1 here so there’s no possibility to keep building outward inside d1. But we will still need the familiar quota of 49 [u1.2] ]warks around which will be built the d1.2-globe. Here we break the familiar building formula cos when n1.2 builds its native arc there is no further repackaging to undertake cos the outer nucleus n1.2 and its native arc define subatomically the outermost  extent of the 3 nuclei on d1, d1.1 and d1.2. Inversely globe 1.2 marks the innermost boundary of the d1 globes where globe 1 marks the outer limits of d1 by enclosing the other 2 globes.  


Now back to that question we posed. There sure is a lot going on inside this d1 space with its 9 local aspects and the 2 aspects of n2. Nucleus is the adept that keeps  tabs on all its creations. We sometimes talk about multi-tasking but this set-up does take multi-tasking to new levels. So now we are able to ponder on one of the erstwhile imponderables. How can the same n1 keep tabs on

  • its immediate n1-native-ark in charge of globe 1.0o while keeping tabs on
  • its n1.1 nucleus in charge of globe 1.1o and at the same time keep tabs on
  • its n1.2 nucleus in charge of globe 1.2o while at the same time keeping tabs on
  • its n2 nucleus in charge of globe 2.0o  

All 4 arks with a different set of 48 warks in orbit u1’s, u1’s, u1.1’s, u1’s respectively. Our immortal wark is sometimes called ubiquitous, all pervasive, all knowing, omnipotent and omnipresent. All terms that are quite justified in the scheme of its 171 arks.

After the build process there will be a neat delegation of duties: in chronological order

step 1. n1 supremo –  a “free spirit” cosmic expert potentially in all possible 171 dims of the cosmos
step 2. n1-native = n1 supremo plus its 48 helpers expert in the motive power aspect [father aspect ]

steps 3 & 4 & 5. u1-elder-ark = n2 supremo looking after d2 and globe o2 and n2-native-ark

steps 6, 7, 8 & 9. u1-younger-ark = n1.1 supremo  – expert in the agap’e-love aspect [ mother aspect]and n2-native-ark with its quota of 48 atems in charge of its d2 domain

steps 10 & 11. u1.1-ark-for-n1.2 = n1.2 supremo –  expert in the knowledge of cosmic law [child aspect u12]and n1.2-native  
Let’s not miss the elegance of the maths – one wark for each possible pdim.

For the first 43 primary dims we have 2 younger dims for each elder dim –– that’s super efficient – one dim for each of the 3 aspects [ we cover that in the next building block bb#3]. So what we see is a clear division of expertise …  all inextricably interlinked and interdependent rather like , head, heart and throat chakras. We just could not operate any one of them without the other two. Once we get to d44 of the solar system we have a sudden expansion of 6 younger dims per primary instead of 2. That signals we are coming closer to the denser human dimensions 5.3d thru 3.6d.
In the upcoming bb#4 we will show you visuals of nuclei and globes but before that we have to cover bb#3 the fascinating concept that spells out how the 3 aspects tie in together to form a  cohesive harmony. Before that we’re gonna renovate 2 more apples from Granada.


Yep even though your humon inner self is very much active, that doesn’t mean that it’s very self-conscious about what’s going on inside its immortal monad-atem.
At  the center of this “peeled pomegranate” is the symbol for our[ immortal self] shown as 5.0x residing at the center of 5d in the diagram. 5.0x is humon – the human monad linked all the way back to the [pgk]  source on d1. In the upper left corner we note that the 6d nucleus aka 6.0g shares its space with 5.0x atem.


Before we begin we need to define these 3 grades of motivation:

stoh[To humanity]Service to self, family, soul-family, humons, animal, vegetable, mineral and 6d kingdoms
stos[To self+]Service to self, fam, extended family and [increasingly] to tribe/ community, class, nation, race
sots[Only to self]Service only to self and aligned selfish bloodlines organized by specialized secret societies since 1875

The 3 lower nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3-10n gravitate around 5.0x while waiting for the next mission as a surface dweller. Before operating as a surface dweller, bodies  #5, #4 and #3 are build around nuclei 5.3n, 4n and 3n respectively and body #2 becomes a clone of the soul’s 5.210 so it can take charge of keeping tabs and co-ordinating the 3 lower bodies. Humon, 5.0x has to navigate thru the 4 temporary bodies while for each new life spent on the surfaceit must try to make contact or renew contact with body #1 the soul which is under the auspices of humon’s nearest and dearest angelgod 6.0g.

The atem n1 is at the center of 5.0x and has long ago evolved through stages 1 to 213 as illustrated in APPENDIX 2.1. As it becomes a surface dweller once again 5.0x becomes busy again self-identifying with its favorite bodies – sometimes with the 3d-body, sometimes with its 4d-body and at other times with one of its three 5d-bodies. Monads who are advanced on the 4d path have attained a high nez level -either 4.1z or a blend of 4.1z and 4.2z and are committed to upgrading  motivation stos or maintaining the highest intent stoh. That means it is possible for 5.0x to avail of  2-way comms with his/her designated angelgod even if it’s only sporadic at first. The more advanced souls along 5d who have attained 5.4z together with the all-important stoh motivation have the opportunity to establishing 2-way comms with the 5.2 sector of the soul which again will be only sporadic at first.

Here are the 2 bottom lines  when it comes to quantum-leaps in dez.

#1. bottom line #1 is that once 5.0j can identify with 4.2z the realm of attraction and as soon as motive is [stos or stoh] then a sporadic contact with 6.0g is opened up and the feeling of a more encompassing love is tapped into. As 5.0j finds a self-identification with 4.1z and maintains a motivation that takes the greater good into consideration then contact with  [supernez] from 5.1z  can move out of the sporadic zone and become a regular occurrence.  Remember we can choose the uplifting emotions to focus and we can work methodically to further the reach of our love further through the levels of family, clan, nation, race, humanity, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms and humons’ angelgods on 6d. With many of you agap’e music will be one of your fav methods.

#2. Bottom line #2 The second task usually undertaken many lives later is to identify with 5.4z – the realm of learning to control the higher emotions and the realm of discovering more and more about cosmic law as it refers to the humon experience. As that happens 6.0g will switch on some supernez from soul-5.211z in order to further enhance our discovery of cosmic law and as long as we are able to maintain the upper 2 levels of motivation and the upper 2 levels 4.1z and 4.2z. Those still stuck on the lowest motivation sots will find themselves blocked from contact with the soul. Those master  magicians of dark [magick] can decide to sever contact with their soul so as to avoid any pangs of conscience. This task is connected to the secret oaths they must take to off-planet entities before getting the secret  occult knowledge that gives them power to manipulate vulnerable humons. These oaths must be kept secret under pain of death and this entails a certain leap of faith even though fathers, mothers and mentors will have prepared them of what they might be face with.  

It’s reasonable to speculate that delegating duties to the 48 orbitting atems is as follows.

  • the inner 46 orbitals are designated for 2-way comms with the 48 nuclei and their globes called n1-n46 and o1-46.
  • the 2 remaining orbitals will be designated for 2-way comms between 5.0x and the the nuclei and globes of 4d and 3d.

That leave 5.0x to look after its native domain on 5d.
Here is a pic of the humon soul on loan from nearest and dearest god that we call angelgod 6.0g


One angelgod has volunteered  to donate a causal body for each new arrival into the humon kingdom and signed up to take responsibility of the entanglement between both monads and their joint sovereignty over the shared causal body. If an angelgod hadn’t volunteered to be the donor and guardian of his/her protégé, then it’s a good guess to say that 6.0g would focus exclusively on the affairs of her native 6d or 7d. The following process might be considered to be the process of angelgod building a causal body for use by its upcoming protégé a newbie to the human kingdom.   

[1 of 8] 5n

The humon soul is denoted as the mostly black globe with the nucleus indicated in green. The central atem on display is 5n  atem that is built up around angelgod’s 6n aka 6.0g..

[2 of 8] SOUL’S NATIVE-ARK = 5.0NA

Color-coded in the the green region with only 2 atems sketched in. Here we have the usual quota of 48 helper atems taking overall responsibility of all events in the outer  layers and for building its 5.0d-globe.

[3 of 8] SOUL’S  5.0-YA

Color coded as the blue-grey region. Together with its 48 colleagues [only 6 are shown] 5n forms another  quota of 48 which make up the younger arc 5.0ya. That is packaged to become the nucleus called 5.1n.

[4 of 8] 5.1-NUCLEUS = 5.1N

5.1n is in charge of its 5.1 domain the realm of agap’e love fueled by its donor 6.0g.
[5 of 8] 5.1-NATIVE-ARK = 5.1NA

5.1n attracts to itself the usual quota of forty-eight 5.1u’s that are in charge of looking after 5.1d affairs and building its 5.1o-globe the home of agap’e-love and wisdom.

[6 of 8] 5.1YA FOR 5.2N

Not shown but implied by “52-nucleus”. Just like for 5.1-native-ark in the previous section, 5.1n builds another quota of 48 5.1u’s around itself and this time repackages them to form the new nucleus 5.2n. 

[7 of 8] 5.2N NUCLEUS OF 5.2D

Denoted as “52-nucleus” [52n]. 52-supremo is the commander of all happenings inside its 5.2d sphere of influence which relates to how the laws of causality are handled and to the discovery of cosmic law as it pertains to the human experience.  We have reached the outermost local nucleus – the outermost sdim of pdim 5.0d and this means there is only one more ark to build to complete the sequence for completing the soul.

[8 of 8] 5.2-NATIVE-ARK

Color coded as the black region with only 12 atems illustrated.We have reached the outer limits of the soul. As usual the 5.2 supremo will have its band of 48 forming the 5.2-native-ark – to keep tabs on all events within its realm of responsibility and be responsibility for building its 5.2-globe.

As we can imagine that  area in the sketch is a pretty crowded place. At the time of incarnation, 6.0g will clone the 5.210 sector of the soul to act as the temporary body #2 whose job is to keep tabs on how all 3 lower bodies interact. 6.0g also supervises the building of the the 3 lower bodies around nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3-10. As the new human baby takes its first breath in its new life, all 5 bodies are operational the 4 temporary ones along with the soul that we are describing and angelgod 6.0g must decided whether to consolidate the connection to persona..

2 3.4 2:3 SUMMARY

 To summarize we have 3 closely interconnected nuclei, arks and globes as follows:

nucleus             arks                                                # of orbitals                   5d-globes        
5n                       5.0-native, 5.0-ark-for-5.1n     96 [innermost]               outermost 5.0-globe                
5.1n                    5.1-native, 5.1-ark-for-5.2n     96 mid                             mid 5.1-globe               

5.2n                    5.2-native                                     48 [outermost]              innermost 5.2-globe   

The contents of this soul will be light-weight for the typical human who has minimal contact with his/ her soul. While out of incarnation 5.0x keeps the 3 nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3n in tow. When the next incarnation is immanent, all of these 3 nuclei 3n, 4n and 5.3n will have built around them – their respective 3 lower bodies 3d-body #5, 4d-body #4 and the mental body #3. Temporary body #2 is called the persona and one of the best analogies we have is the tripod. See sections 6 3.0 2:0 and 2:0b for the sketches.  Also see Plato’s chariot analogy  in section 8 4.6 2:0 to see how bodies #3 and #4 evolve. Current estimates are that after around 70k human lives the 3d-body should have become subservient to the 4d-body and after another 20k lives mastery of the full 6 grades of the 4d-emotional  body should have been attained but not yet under the control of 5d-classified levels 5.4 and 5.3. That elusive control will take typically around another 20k lifetimes with no guarantee that pdez motivation has been sustained [total 110k lives].

On this image we can zoom in on the 4 main sectors of the soul as follows:

  • 5.0                                     mind#0                            realm of divine will
  • 5.1                                     mind#1                            realm of agap’e love and wisdom
  • 5.2-11 – 5.2-47              mind#2                            realm of discovery & understanding of cosmic law
  • 5.2-10                               mind#3 [cloned]           cloned from the outer sliceof 5.2 for body #2                                                                     

Now it’s time to renovate one more apple from Grenada.


 At the center of this  pomegranate specially renovated for our everyday 4d-nucleus,  the symbol for the 5d-nucleus is shown as 5n on 5d in the diagram.  This nucleus can be the nucleus of so many forms, not least  of which could be

1. the nucleus 5n inside the 4d-nucleus of our 4d-emotional body
2. the nuclei of 5.3n thru 5.6n of our 5d-mental-body with dez levels 5.6-5.3
3. the nucleus 5n inside 4d-nucleus inside the 3d-nucleus of our etheric body and of our 3.4x body

4. The nucleus 5n of a public-opinion thought-form
5. The nucleus 5n of a cosmic, solar or planetary thoughtform
6. The nucleus 5n of one of our self-initiated thoughtforms.

5.0 atem, 5.0 wark, 5.0 sip, 5w [generic]
5u = orbital; 5n = nucleus for 5d form
5.0x = humon – the immortal human monad may be
5.0i [no soul contact yet]  or
5.0j [soul contacted, one-time only, sporadic or sustained]
5.0| master dark magician deliberately disconnects from soul

ARCS x 3
NATIVE 1 + 48 not repackaged as another nucleus 
ELDER can be repackaged as next outer primary nucleus except for outmost 49n
YOUNGER can be repackaged as the first  adjacent  nucleus on the same elder dim

The layers break down as follows:

[1 of 23:  pink region denoted as “6n” the nucleus on 6d]
5n = nucleus of native arc
[2 of 23:  green  region]
5n = nucleus of native arc
native 5.0a = native 1+48 quota for 5d

[3 of 23  [black region ]

[4 of 23:  pomegranate skin]
4n nucleus of 4d encloses 5.0-elder-wark
[5 of 22:  white text on orange background “4.0-native-ark”]
the native ark for 4n-supremo


[6 of 23: blue-grey region]  
5.0-younger-ark  [packaged as 5.1n]

[7,8,9  of 23: denoted  “5.1n”]
nucleus of dim 5.1, its native 5.1-ark, 5.1-ark-for-5.2


[10,11,12  of 23  “5.2n”]
5.2n, 5.2-native-ark, 5.2-ark-for-5.3

[13,14,15 of 23:  denoted “5.3n ]

 5.3n, 5.3-native-ark, 5.3-ark-for-5.4

[16,17,18 of 23: denoted “5.4n ]
 5.4n, 5.4-native-ark, 5.4-ark-for 5.5


[19,20,21 of 23:  denoted “5.5n ]

 5.5n, 5.5-native-ark, 5.5-ark-for-5.6

[22,23 of 23:  denoted “56n ]
5.6n, 5.6-native-ark


Already we’ve seen the Caribbean apple giving us insights into the structure of atoms within an atom, dimensions within a dimension. Now we get to see its prototype for just one of those dimensions.  This is the cross-section we get when we slice it as the crown aligns on the horizontal axis. In this specimen we have a beautiful symmetry showing us how we  we arrive at the analogy for the 42 orbitals around 7 centers.

Here is the notation
3n = nucleus of 3d
3d-bluprint  = etheric dims [3.1d, 3.2d, 3.3d] and
3d-replica of blueprint = 3.4=gas, 3.5=liquid, 3.6=solid

3.6n = nucleus of the 3.6 dim aka solid matter
3.6u = one of the orbitals around 3.6n
3.6na = team in charge of d3.6 = config of 49 3.6u’s –  7 shells of 6 around nucleus and 6 centers

Now with this notation we can peek inside and outside to see what we find.


Here are the 2 nuclei 3n and 4n of the elder dims 3d and 4d respectively where we break 3n – the 3d-nucleus down into its 49 constituent parts.


In the righthand sketch we show you the perspectives from outside nucleus 3n. 3n aka n49 is the outermost elder nucleus  in the series n1 thru n49. But before we reach the outermost realms of the cosmic/ solar/ planetary / human/ animal/ vegetable and mineral nuclei we have to explore 6 more younger nuclei. Earlier we reviewed how n1.1 gets built around n1 [2 3.5 40] and how 5.1n gets built around 5n in sections 2 3.4 16 and 2 3.4 22  and that is exactly how 3n and  its 48 3u’s get repackaged as another nucleus that expands outwards.  In turn 3.1n goes on to build 3.2n around it all the way to the outermost end of the subatomic cosmos – 3.6n and its 3.6 arc. the outermost arc 3.6a is something to behold  – in truth we’re talking “outermost edges of the subatomic universe”


In the lefthand sketch we show you the perspective from inside 3n. We break open 3n and find 49 atems of type 4w in the usual config of 4n and its 48 orbitals. We coul break all 48 orbitals of 3n and find the same config. We are viewing the outermost series of the elder nuclei in the series n1 thru n49. We can follow this same structure all the way back until we arrive at the source dimension d1 all the way to the innermost source dimension of the subatomic cosmos. This is d1 where omnipotence, omnipresence is defined at a cosmic level.

Before we introduce you to bb#3,  we’ll give you  a short overview of the series of involution then evolution. Building the 49 elder nuclei and then building the 122 younger nuclei is part of the involutionary process that whorls on and on in the subatomic realms.


Notice the light yellow background color denotes the primordial matter swirling about all around us. In the center left we see a primordial wark n47 with has evolved into a humon 5.0x on 5d. we also see its internal 6n. We do not have space to show its  donor and sponsor called angelgod 6.0g. On center right, we see a series of concentric globes all built from their corresponding nuclei.   Also notice how the angelic globe of 6d encompasses the 3 smaller globes o47, o48 and innermost globe o49. Notice how nuclei n47 and n46  of the humon correspond to their respective globes d47-globe and d46-globe. That outermost d44-globe has n44 as its nucleus [not shown].  

The blue circular blobs denote the [involutionary] process of dez involving the robotic elemental entities which is the preparation of the cosmos for the green blobs denoting the [evolutionary] process of dez involving the mineral, vegetable, animal, human and higher kingdoms.

Before the break here’s an appropriate song to celebrate how these atems are very much livin’ things and when we advance sufficiently along the path of dez as to have made a first sporadic contact with our nearest & dearest god6.0g [donor of our human soul], it would be a terrible thing to lose sight of ever more and more, closer and more sustained contact with that expert of agap’e love and knower of the basic laws of causality, the nearest and dearest angelgod  who has facilitated her protégé to get this far along the journey.

2 3.4 3:2 LIVIN THING #8

∞ There’s an interlude from the presemtaion to remind our Earth viewers, listeners and readersabout the nez of atems from the album “a new world record” from 1976 by Jeff and ELO 2.4.
Jeff has said this song was initially inspired by a loss of well-being while on holiday due to a bout of food poisoning. That strikes a chord with us cos  it’s such a human trait to take the synchronization of our 60+ trillion cells – for granted not to mention the destruction of 1 billion cells detected to be cancerous, defective, infected  of just worn out and all these on a daily basis2.5.   
As usual we’ve revamped the lyrics into a dialog.. here it is

5.0j-humon: Sailin’ away on the crest of a wave It’s like magic Oh, rollin’ and ridin’ and slippin’ and slidin’ It’s magic

6.0g-soul-donor: [oh yeah indeedy]And [all because of ]you, and your sweet desire [to reach agap’e love]

5.0j-humon: You took me higher and higher, baby
It’s a livin’ thing and It’s
[it would be]a terrible thing to lose [that contact with you]
It’s a given thing What a terrible thing to lose Making believe this is what you conceived From your worst day
Moving in line then you look back in time To the first day
6.0g-donor: And you, and your [not so] sweet desire [sometimes I must warn you]Don’t you do it, don’t you do it

5.0j-humon: [Yes dear, I often hear your words of warning but nearly always ]You took me, oh higher and higher, baby It’s a livin’ thing It’s a terrible thing to lose It’s a given thing What a terrible thing to lose
6.0g-soul-donor: [You’re] Takin’ a dive ‘cos you can’t halt the slide Floating downstream

So let her go don’t start spoiling the show It’s a bad dream [but now]And you, and your sweet desire [of agap’e]is back [ center stage]

5.0j-humon: [oh yeah sweet donor]You took me higher and higher, baby
It’s a livin’ thing
It’s [it would be]a terrible thing to lose It’s a given thing What a terrible thing to lose It’s a livin’ thing It’s a terrible thing to lose [Thank u 60g dear so much for being there just at the right moments]

George beckons us to introduce you to building block bb#3 – the 3 inseparable aspects in our world as he showcases aspect #3 the child aspect of agap’e-love & wisdom.