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DECODE 96 Climate Change 1 of 4
14-mar-21 [+7 days]

Today my Gleesons map arrived so i could see the small font at last so I could make my first climate change map. I use 4 legends
1. atlantis post flood \\\\\
2. submerged lands pre & post flood ////////
3. atlantis submerged post flood \\\\\\\
4. new lands pushed out of the water as atlantis submerges ///////

It will be interesting to look for the patterns once climate change 4 of 4 is complete. In the meantime we see that there was a lot of activity around Kyrgystan and the enormous Gobi sea in preparation for the new root race 5 that would start incubating 5,000 years before flood 3 of 4 in 75,025 BCE.
Notice the triangular shape where the 3 areas pushed up out of the ocean are at the 3 points of the triangle where the portion of Atlantis sunk is adjacent to one of theose points – the american mid-western land mass that poped up.

The earth’s soil can get depleted after 600,000 years of intensive farming by 1 billion hum0ns. – that’s the time before the next flood in 200k BCE and it will be interesting to see which lands pop up to be readied for repopulation. Here’s the first map

In fact we can see clearly how the divine planners are planning 720k years ahead. In 800k BCE after the flood we see how the area known today as Krygyzstan was pushed up to become new land in the middle of the still huge Gobi Sea that looked more like a small ocean. Exactly 725k years later taht part of the worls woul be the prime slice of real estate chosen to incubate root race 5.

5,000 years before that flood, In 80k BCE, 9,000 of race 4.5 were evacuated from Atlantis and shipped off to the Nile Delta and then they made their way northwards through Palestine and the Lebanon to the Mecca area in Saudi. After 3,000 years the nation grew to several millions and then around 5 years before the flood in 75,025 BCE , around 700 of the nation were led off to the new incubation valleys just north of the Gobi Sea just mentioned. In the 2 or 3 years years before the flood the 700 pioneers had grown to 1,000 but then climatic conditions were so harsh that only 300 managed to survive the terible year in the aftermath of the earth’s gyrations.

5 that were ec


7 days since the previous decode is a good start since we are dealing with 7 groups of ever-changing continents for the 7 root races to span 7 aeons.

ROOTRACE #1 around the continent of the small self-contained Artic pole aka Hyperborea
ROOTRACE #2 a bit further south towards Mesopotamia aka garden of eden
ROOTRACE #3 the massive continent of Lemuria occupying a large part of the pacific ocean and beyond
ROOTRACE #4 we can see Atlantis firmly anchored in the atlantic ocean on the above map and spreading all over the landmass of the globe including California, Oregon, Missisipi, Peru, Mexico, Mesopotamia, Egypt and much of lower central and eastern Asia.
ROOTRACE #5 incubated in Krygystan and colonizing first the continent of Europe and onwards to the Americas, Autralia and South Africa.
SUBRACE #5.6 incubating as we speak in the vicinity of mar a lago, FL
ROOTRACE #6 will wait for a new climate change

based on the existing intervals of 600k, 125k, 65k, we can guess the next one is due in around 50k years.if we use the sequence 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 based on teh 4 floods taking place as follows
800k BCE; 200K BCE; 75,025 BCE, 9654 BCE.

Let looks at the mayan date : day 135 for some clues – that is the 5th day of the artisan’s wave the center of the calendar. Day 15 is the day of the eagle eye and sure enough we are looking down on the artic circle with an eagle eye.

Converting 135 to greek gives us 135. ainigma which means riddle or enigma and methinks our current state of knowledge cannot argue with this greek verdict on godeau.