May 27, 2018


4-jan-95 is the time stamp of my first encounter with  encrypted messages, 20 years after the first open academic research into cryptography in the mid-1970s.

14-jan-95 is the timestamp of my first encrypted pyramid of numbers. I immediately tried to make sense of this one, but it proved very elusive.
Clues were scarce, but i did use gematria of the hebrew letters, to translate  “116”  at the top of the pyramid as “the lotus”.  I later found out this is a the name for the higher chakras of the soul. Also i used the instances of 4, 2 and 22 to yield 90+ permutations of arriving at “42”. Even so i had to admit an impasse to further progress in decoding until a some friends helped me along.

6-aug-95 is the timestamp of the second number-pyramid  and this proved much  more promising to decode, since the numbers, 4,  8+8, 10,12+12 already matched these chakras respectively: base, throat, solar plexus, heart and inner crown, so that would leave me with the task of figuring out where the remaining chakras: spleen, sacral, brow and outer crown – could fit into the pyramidal scheme of things.
It would be 3+ years later before i was to make any further significant breakthough …
In the meantime, I would spend time on the challenge intermittently,  getting an incremental insight, then reaching an impasse until some days, months or years later when i could make another incremental progress.

Decodes 1 and 2 refer to the more promising  second pyramid of numbers i had beccome tantalizing close to the perfect solutiondated 6-aug-95.


DECODE-1: 6-aug-95 + 1116 days

27th august 1998

On this day, on a secluded beach in Newquay, in the south of  England, i had become so tantalizingly close to the full decoding, that i was finally convinced that i had 99% solved it. I sensed that with one more nudge i could solve it fully.

And sure enough soon after this day, i was visiting a friend in luton, england when someone popped in for 30 minutes and gave me the final 1%. It  was so supremely mathematically elegant and also so poignant that it was solved by a seeming stranger whom i had just seen for 30 minutes and have never seen since.

i had now accounted for all the numbers in the pyramid bar a single eight – as follows:
The other 21 numbers of the pyramid corresponded to a set of these 7 chakras, base (4),  spleen or maybe sacral (6), solar plexus(10), heart (12) , throat (16), brow (96) and finally the crown chakra with 972 petals, the proverbial “1000-petalled lotus”.

That extra 8 was somewhat niggling, but i did not let that detract from the progress made.… this work proceeds in increments and anyway there’s still some confusion over whether we’ve got the sacral or the spleen as a 6.

I  calculated the total petals across 7 of the chakras as 1116.   Some time after that i calculated  the time it took me to decode this part of the message and was blown away to find the answer to be 1116 days or exactly 3 years and 3 weeks – that is the elapsed time since i started working on the decoding process of the second pyramid.

I took, this as my confirmation that i was on the right track. Well,  i though this kind of effect deserves a name if it doesn’t already have one. My first attempt to name it was “time-lock” because the solution seemed to be locked-in to a certain prerequisite. I searched on the net to find that a time-lock is a part of a locking mechanism commonly found in bank vaults.


So i tried again, this time with the godeau effect.  Godeau is a french surname, so i suppose this could be some kind of poetic justice, since my fellow Irishman, Samuel Becket coined the phrase “waiting for godot”  by anglicizing godeau to become godot.

Relating back to the 3 years 3 weeks above as equivalent to 1116 days, in the giza pyramid reaching stone-course z33 symbolizes that we’ve made it to the lowest platform of the “high astral or high emotional” – that is the first quantum leap of consciousness that we are invited to achieve.


Soon after this,  i noticed intervals of 203 days between  notable days when i made substantial progress on the decoding process and when i realized the giza pyramid has 203 course levels, that spiked my interest in the attributes and message of the cheops pyramid on the giza plateau.

Over the years as i would have more incremental insights , i would always try to correlate  my newly-found insights with the elapsed time taken and  sure enough, i could find a correlation, sometimes in days, months, years, decades  or  some permutation thereof.



For the 2018 codes, i will give my decodes in reverse order, because some of the subsequent decodes actually supercede in part some of the earlier ones so please exercise caution when reading decodes #3 through 14!!  Some of the info in the later decodes contradicts some of the earlier decodes as the theory evolved to become more coherent to me.

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