This is the document that accompanies the trilogy report and  it allows you, dear unsuspecting reader to find your way through the report on the 1st ever inter-planetary  conference hosted in our solar system that  was covered  live by a reporting team from Earth. It took place over the 3 days Sat, Sun, Monday, 6th , 7th and 8th November 2021 starting at 11am on Saturday, Florida Time.

We usually point  interested parties first to the trilogy report where they will find a reference in the CONTENTS page to this accompanying book 0.  Dorit the author of the trilogy gave me the task of writing this preamble so  we could help readers to keep pace with her report which  tells us why we humons [human immortal essences on uppermost 5d] – opt to become Terran surface dwellers again and again. Dorit finished the trilogy report on the last day of spin #12 [18 jul 21 thru 3 apr 22 ] and after reading it during the 1st fortnite of spin #13 [4 apr 22 thru 19 dec 22]  I was so pleased she gave me this task of arming you dear critical thinkers with this book 0 to be the raft to buoy you up as you become acclimatized to swimming in the deeper waters of the trilogy. Thank you Dorit for your wonderful accomplishment in preparing the trilogy for Earthlings who are earnest seekers of truth. Dorit knows that the first draft of book 0 will be on her desk [angelgods willing] for proof-reading on winter  solstice, 21st December..

Each book of the trilogy relates the goings-on on each of the 3 days of the conference.  This intro to the trilogy so that you dear perennial seeker of truth will have a soft landing when you jump in the deepend of Dorit’s masterful rendition of the conference. The trilogy, in many circles will easily pass off as a work of fiction and Dorit freely admits that she wrote a large part of chapter #15 as a fictional piece. This is to satisfy the prevailing intellectual climate on Terra that shuns any theories that challenge the official anti-antidez [ant-consciousnez]  narrative. Plausible deniability is the tried and trusted way around this blockade.

For the other 17 chapters, it is up to you dear pensive thinker to discern how much of this 4-book presentation is based on eternal truth or may I say the best truth available at the present time that is consistent with the eternal and foundational truths. I write this on the first day of the Cosmic fortnight called angelgod day #53 of the 260-day cosmical “cosmee’kal”[Cosmic calendar formally known as the Mayan calendar]. 26 may 2022

Spread across the 4 books we serve for your ingestion a list of around 180++ newly coined words and we serve you with 54+ existing words with tighter definitions.


 The unfamiliar words are arranged in the CONTENTS section

The references tell you, dear inquisitive reader where to find more info on each unfamiliar word or phrase.

Book 0 contains segments 00.0  thru 0 0 xxx
Book 1 contains segments 0  thru 343
Book 2 contains segments 345 thru 623
Book 3 contains segments 624 thru xxx