October 16, 2018

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3+4+3 maps to the 10 strings

The challenge was how to map the central dimensional wark and it 6 sub-dimensions to the 10 strings. We have the major 3 with their positive [lower] and negative [higher] aspects, their mirrors the minor-major 3 and the minor 4. The major 3 fit in nicely with the 3 aspects of reality and with the inter dimensional aspects. The minor aspects of the 3 major tie in nicely with the intra-dimensional aspects. The minor 4 tie into the lower 4 levels of each dimension. The major 3 strings protrude outwards and facilitate the joining of warks together. 


The color codes of the stone courses denote the relative thicknesses of the stones on that particular level.
We can describe some notable color codes as follows:

1) in 3d we are most keenly focussed on 36-33 [all pink]

2) in 4d , the high levels 42,41 are coded pink in contrast to the lower 4 astral levels [red] exactly corresponding to the thickest stone level [46], showing us a most telling  message from the supremo encoders, telling us that not only has the lowest astral level been the main battlefield of humanity for the previous  million years, but it also points to the greatest possibility for us to accelerate our consciousness progression, once we learn how to gain control over those would-be-if-given-the-chance-mischievous-46-devas. Conversely it affords any would-dance-with-the vampire-53-elites ample opportunity to severely interfere with others’ free will and retard their consciousness progress. 

3)  in 5d, the entangled soul-suits are coded light green.

4) 55 is the single blue in the set of 4 and signifies that’s were the main mental battleground is, wedged between the lower and highest mental levels.

5) 50-52 the designation of the current soul reside just below the King’s chamber and symbolically are brought up into the initiation chamber  care off the devic supervisor and donor. 

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