October 16, 2018

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3+4+3 maps to the 10 strings

The challenge was how to map the central dimensional wark and it 6 sub-dimensions to the 10 strings. We have the major 3 and the minor 7. The major 3 fit in nicely with the 3 aspects of reality, but what about the extra 3 strings that seem extra to the equation. I’m still not 100% clear about how the bottom 3 strings are used, but my best guess is that they are used as INTRA-dimensional reflections of the major 3 which we could call the INTER-dimensional 3, since they protrude outwards and facilitate the joining of warks together. The elegant part is that the major string representing the core [x0] is adjacent to the corresponding minor reflection [x30x] of the primary major string.

The color codes of the stone courses denote the relative thicknesses of the stones on that particular level.
For clarity let’s call the strings x0, x1,….x6 as indicated in the diagram. So we can describe some notable color codes as follows:

1) in 3d we are most keenly focussed on 36-33 [all pink]

2) in 4d , the high levels 42,41 are coded blue in contrast to the lower 7 astral levels [violet]

3) level 40 is the astral supremo level and shows up as the thickest stone, a most telling  message from the supremo encoders, telling us that not only has the astral dimension been the main battlefield of humanity for the previous  million years, but it holds the greatest possibility for us to accelerate our consciousness progression, once we learn how to gain control over those would-be-if-given-the-chance-mischievous-45-devas.  Conversely it affords any would-dance-with-the vampire-53-elites ample opportunity to severely retard their consciousness progress, if they insist on manipulating the vampire-devas on 46 to the detriment of their fellow humans.

4)  in 5d, the entangled soul-suits are coded pink

5) 50, 51 as the  innermost petals of the causal lotus chakra are coded violet

6) the central level of 6d is blue just like the 42-41, the 2 eligible 4d astral levels that can make contact with 6d.

7) the coffer sits on levels 72,73 … this is the self-and-suit-place-holder for those who undertake the highest initiations and represent the highest levels at which our twin demigods DDS and DFH are still sovereign. In other words, the demigods experience both objective-matter and subjective-consciousness. By contrast, the average human can experience objectively and subjectively only on 36-34.


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