October 18, 2018

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Here we show the full human spectrum comprising of the 18 levels.

However sorry to say that the full spectrum for the majority of us reaches only as far as level 16, unless we have managed to take the initiation that gets us to level 42 where we can also make a sporadic contact with 6d via 51. Or maybe we’ve gone way beyond that stage and we’ve reached 54:25 [half-way along 54] or 53 and also we have been able to make contact with 52. Either way congratulations to any of us who have managed to blast our way thru those daunting challenges. However if one of us has made such a progression but sadly has had a regression, whereby preference is made to show allegiance to the lower PTB [PTB53], then sorry congratulations are not in order, and such a one will have to learn by some needlessly painful experiences. In due course these experiences are designed  to rectify this unfortunate attitude to life where one succumbs to the attraction of using special powers to manipulate the vampire 46 devas in order to take advantage of our fellow humans.