December 4, 2018

the 36 precepts in 71 verses from the world teacher

in 1707 N. Rowe made an english translation of the Golden Verses from the greek and of the commentary from the french of Andre Dacier [Paris 1706]
Dacier used J Courtier’s Latin version [Paris 1583], which he cross-referenced with several greek MSS. And here, i’ve updated yet again those translations into modern english with the mathematical format of the alfo theory.

eg g1-g49 are the 49 gradients aka dimensions.
g43 -49 are also counted from our familiar 3d as follows
3d=30-36=g49, 4d=40-46=g48, 5d=50-56=g47,…..9d=90-96=g43, each dimension is divided into 49 segments as follows g1:1-49, …. =30:1-49

precepts 1-10