January 25, 2019

the ups and downs of evolution

Here we see the intricate dance between mentality and emotionality.
For the previous 2,800+ years, we have been stuck in our emotion-centric world where it was easy to dominate public-opinion with the agenda of those controlling the so-called mainstream media. For example in the USA, Operation Mockingbird is a large-scale CIA program that began in the early 1950s in order to manipulate news media for the propaganda purposes of the globalist-private-bankers [central cabal of banks in Basle, Zurich, London, Vatican, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, New York, San Francisco]. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as unsuspected front-organizations for the CIA.

So for the previous 7 decades, the mockin stream media would receive their talking points for the day in the early hours of the morning usually around 4am and for 66+ years those talking points pushed the agenda of those globalist bankers. For example currently the 4am talking points are pushing open borders, no audit for the Fed Reserve, transgender, standardised education to push historical perspectives that favor the bankers, climate change, vaccines, overthrow of sovereign states that push against the bankers etc.

Since 2016, the erstwhile mainstream media aka mockin-stream media have been steadily losing ground to the citizen journalists on mewe, bitchute, patreon, gb.ai, youtube and twitter.

As the table shows, when our rules and rulers applaud high mental IQ without a corresponding high emotional-IQ, our rulers will have the vested interest to dumb-down humanity in order to prolong their ponzi banking schemes. Thankfully, today 1000’s of patriots broadcast on the internet to challenge the mockin-stream media and we-the-people are having great success in pushing back against the propaganda and lies of the globalist-private bankers.

As long as we keep electing rulers with extremely high mental-IQ’s and extremely low emotional-IQ’s, public opinion will continue to be ruthlessly dumbed-down and the public will continue to be haplessly led into the pathways that serve the interests of the plutocracy.