July 16, 2017


The organism and etheric body stand out as a special case, that is the bottom 6 levels 22-27.

In the organism, the 3 grades solid / liquid / gas are closely related.

In the sub-grades 22 – 24 each has 4 strands, and each strand has 100 divisions.

where 22.000 is the lowest possible quality and 22.399 is the highest quality possible.

Let’s take an example of solid matter in sub-grade 0 of atom-3

(3rd dimension)

The possible levels are

first strand: 22.000 – 22.099 or

2nd strand: 22.100 – 22.199 or

3rd strand: 22.200 – 22.299 or

4th strand: 22.300 – 22.399.

This numbering system gives us 400 grades of solid, 400 of liquid and 400 for gas.

So let’s say the quality of our solid matter is 2.234, then there will be a very close correlation between that quality and the other 2 qualities liquid and gas.
So we could speculate that our liquid quality will be somewhere close to 22.240 and gas quality will be somewhere around 22.250.


When we study the legend (see legend on main menu) we will see that there is no need to have this correlation between the 6 different sub-grades of molecular matter within the other 3 dimension / atom-types that are illustrated.