April 1, 2021

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31-mar-21 [+7 days since decode ]

Time to take a rain check about where humanity is on the nez ladder.
Here we zoom into the center point of the 4320 million year aeon #4. 7 subrounds of 617 m years make up one aeon. We are 320 m years along subround #4 of round #4 aka aeon #4. That’s a lot of fours in the mix and when we look at the chart we see 50% of humanity is 50% along our 4d ladder of nez. Here’s the chart…

We’ve aligned the three medians with subround #4 aka round #4.4 which started 320m years ago. While we are around 50% along the 4d nez ladder, we are just 25% along body #3 of the the mental intellect & the mental classified. When it comes to contact with our body #5 aka soul, only 20% have set up some kind of regular contact. 10% of the pop are unaccounted for and these may be considered to be spread out between the 4 gaps appearing on each of the 3 lower bodies.

The bottom line is that each kingdom needs at least one aeon to become perfected in that kingdom and maybe up to 7 aeons for those on the slow jog trot. The syllabus looks something like this
current round #4.4 : upgrade from 4.3z to 4.2 and from 5.5z to 5.4z
round #4.5 : half way along subround#5 of round #4 those who have reached 4.2-4.1z and 5.4 with motivation type stoh will be eligible to proceed to the second part of round #4.5 and the elevated subrounds #6 and #7 of aeon #4.

Present, past and future can be considered as
PRESENT = round #4.4 = now [still to develop races 5.6, 5.7 ]
PAST = rounds #4.1 to #4.3 on earth and rounds #1 to #3 on different planets
round #4.5 for race 6 to be engineered from primarily 5.6
round #4.6 new continent for root race #6 on planet Earth
round #4.7 new continent for root race #7 to be built from race 6.7 still on planet Earth.


7 days since the last decode aligns with
7 rounds [aeons = 4320 million years]
7 subrounds on each aeon [617 million years each]
7 kingdoms on each subround
7 kingdoms perfected in 7 aeons for those on fastest track
7 aeons needed for those on the slowest track

our NOW is concerned with
round #4.4 aka subround #4 of round #4
upgrading from 4.3 to 4.2 on 4d
subraces #1 & #2 [black race] , #3 [Incas, Mayans, Aztecs] , #4 Turanian, Turkish, #5 [Berbers, Kabyles, Semites], #6 [Mesopotamian], #7 [Mongolian, Tartar, Finnish, Hungarian]

subraces are
#5.1 Krygyzstan, Indian sub continent, Xinjiang and inland Chinese started 60k BCE
#5.2 Arabian started 40k BCE
#5.3 Persian started 32k BCE
#5.4 Southern Caucasian started 20k BCE Armenia south of Caucasus mountain range
#5. 5 Northern Caucasian also started 20K BCE consisting of #5.5.0 Dagestan, 5.5.1 #1 Polish, 5.5.2 #2 Romania, Austria, Czech republic, Slovakia, #5.5.3 Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, 5.5.4 Teutonic, Germanic, South African, Benelux, 5.5.5 Scandanavian 5.5.6 Anglo-Saxon 5.5.7 North American, Australian
#5.6 Now forming around Florida