August 31, 2017

Here we see how the alfo-theory of evolution is itself evolving…

in reverse chronological order

28-sep-18 VERSION 33.0 5d subdims inside 5d

13-jul-2018 ver 14.1 PXQ of NEZDEV

2013 mayan 7 spin 200


PXQ of NEZDEV  ver 13

25 jun 2018 = 2013 mayan 7 spin 182



11 jun 2018 = 2013 mayan 7 spin 168


26 may 2018 jun 2018 = 2013 mayan 7 spin 152


ALFO-THEORIES ver 4.0 / decode-8

The term dimension takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of relating dimensions to the planes themselves, it makes much more sense to reserve the term for the sub-planes instead.
The clincher for this modification lies in the one-to-one correspondence between the number of subplane and the number of spirillae.
The current trending of evolution is firmly focused on the 4d-spirillae of the lower 6 subplanes., and small minority of us are busy activating on the 5th spirillae of the 5th subplanes.
The wark on each of the highest subplanes need all 7 spirillae activated since they are the supremo-warks  overseeing all subplanes.

ALFONUMERIC ver 3.0 / decode-6

A new level of mathematical notation is introduced as inspired by the number of pomegranate seeds (4 and 6) mention in the greek and roman myths. So this website will have a more detailed exposure to the mathematical notation.
This picture is now out of date and numerical notation can be ignored see the new one here.


Here we see our human essence fighting on 4 fronts  with 4 challenges attempting to:

  1. discriminate between the angel presence using energies from realms b, d, e, f, g  on levels z40-z67 and the dweller on the threshold  somewhere  between levels z25 – z39. The resultant maya is a combination / integration of the next 3 localized challenges.
  2. devitalize the  problematic instincts on the etheric levels z25-z27
  3. dissipate the glamor and illusions on the astral levels z29-z34
  4. dispel the illusions and fictions on mental levels z36-z39

We are being activated from below on our etheric level N and from above via realms e, f, g = levels z40-z42

ALFOBEDIC ver 2.0 / decode-4

The solar angel gets her rightful place in the title.

ALFOBETIC ver 1.0 / decode-3

I was inspired by the 9 points of the 3 triads of diagram up.
One glitch was that letter d is missing and is instead replaced by “t” for triad.