October 6, 2018

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DECODE-2: 8th CHAKRA [decode-1 + 6088]

28th april 2015

On this day, i got another example of the godeau effect,  when i decoded that the extra 8 mentioned above denoted the mysterious 8th chakra which should have 8 spokes –  but which chakra is it? …the spleen or the sacral ?  For now it must remain a moot point, but this can wait for another day. The godeau formula worked out as follows: elapsed time since the first breakthrough was 16 years 8 months (6088 days). There were three 8’s in that number-pyramid to be accounted for,  way back in 1998, the throat chakra had accounted for 2 of them  (16 petals)  and now the 3rd eight was decoded to my satisfaction, ie it represented the 8th chakra either the spleen or the sacral – as yet to be determined…..

However we could give the total petals across all 8 chakras as 1124 and so solving the enigma of the extra  8 in the number-pyramid of 6th aug

Today is the 27th may 2017, it’s 18:52 and it’s the first day i’m seriously looking at this number 6088…. let’s see what i can find. I look it up and find this under “strongs list”: εσχατος eschatos {es’-khat-os} it means ultimate or last in a series. This could be said to refer to the “ultimate” chakra discovered in the series of 8.
[time is now 19:05]

DECODE-3: ALFOBETIC v1.0  [decode-2 + 2.03 yr]

7 May 2017

On this day, 2.03 years after decode-2, i worked out the ALFOBETIC theory of evolution [version 1.0] including self-9 residing inside  atom-9 [as a potentially part of dim-9] but actually self-conscious only much lower down somewhere on dimension 5.

i was keen to check out the formula. First i calculated the elapsed time in days as 8159 counting from 4-jan-95, but that didn’t easily compute so i recalculated the duration as 22 years 4 months and 3 days – that is , since i started work on my first pyramid.

And that did compute as follows… in the alfobetic theory our core essence is called 95z and it starts its human evolution on course human-school-21-22  analagous to stone-course-22 of giza and as part of our human phase of evolution, we are invited to navigate our way through the next 18 levels where each course is further subdivided into 28 steps.

The correlation of the “43” is very obvious when i divulge that 95z also relates both to dimension 43 in the pythagorean notation and also our familiar 3rd dimension with it focus on class 4 and dim 4 where  d4  denotes dimension 4 on each gradient.


DECODE-4: ALFO-BEDIC v 2.0  [4-jan-95 + 8169 days]

17-may-17 = 2013 spin-6.38 [mayan]

On this day i updated the name to include D instead of T to reflect the great importance of D, our devic angel and supervisor who considers us to be its protege stumbling along through many incarnations.

From the myth of Persephone and the pomegranate, i was able to work out the significance of 4 and 6, denoting the divisions of mental and astral IQ’s and also from the significance of our being in the 4th round  with its 5th root race, i connected the extra 4 calibrations of stone-courses / sub-planes of dimensions / strands / subgrades of the atom strings as follows:

stone-course 37 starts at 370, 371, 372, 373… then we have a quantum leap in mental IQ

stone-course 32 starts at 320, 321, 322, 323, then we have a quantum leap in astral IQ.

see up-the-ladder-of evolution and  lesson-3-4 on the main menu.

The godeau formula was easy to work out in this case: the 4 selves making human evolution happen are “native” to  dimensions 8,6 and 9 see table below, with the “1”  in the middle being considered as the oneness and teamwork of this star cast of 4 selves.

DECODE-5: TABLE OF 4 SELVES [decode-1 + 6880 days]

28-june-17 = 2013 spin-6.80 [mayan]

On this day i upgraded the theory to version 3.0 to include the sequence 8d69 = 8669 = “8169”   which denotes the core dimension of each of the 4 selves involved. In the following table, the 2nd digit of the pair denotes the typical dimension of  aspiration.

table of 4 selves updated 31-aug-17

For a more comprehensive notation see overview of a-z notation

self-76  = highest self aka collective elder planetary selves
self-d4  = solar angel aka angel of the Presence aka guardian / supervisor of the 5 vehicles of the human-self
self-74 = higher self aka our collective elder planetary selves
self-73 = our human-self aka  our core essence aka “my-real-self” residing on z40, typically focused somewhere along the spectrum : z3237…….z34z38

[astral-IQ= z32 rules astro-mental-IQ= z37]
[mental-astro -IQ= z38 rules high-astral -IQ= z34]


This paragraph  {…} is now superceded, it remains only  for historical context and can be ignored.
It was a small step for me to equate 8d69 with “8169”  where 1 represents the oneness of our designated angelic deva, and 869 represents the 3 other selves in the drama, so i didn’t need to stretch creativity to see how the formula worked on this one.

It turns out, i’m satisfied with  the formula as follows: 6880 and spin-6.80 remind of the 6088 earlier on and the 8669 or 8d69 remind me of the 8169 [6 weeks earlier]
The new notation springs from decode-8, see below.

DECODE-6 : ALFO-THEORY v 4.0 [11-7-17 = 11 JULY 2017]

11-july-17 = 2013 spin-6.93 [MAYAN] full moon+ 2 days

The name change of the theory was prompted by the glaring omission of the etheric realm = N. This is the master-etheric-being that creates its replica and robot called by us our organism – so called because we can consider it to be naked without its human organism constructed from the 3 grades: solid / liquid / gas. So N had to be incorporated into the new name. The obvious choice was alfonumeric which meant  i had to incorporate 4 new letters and jettison 2 of my favorites.


N: the trigger for this rename in the first place and our first and closest interface with the super-physical worlds.

U for the department of the personality-being (dweller on the threshold)

M for the lowest sector of the astral.

R for the quality of matter, so much of it robotic and sub-divided into 4 types:.

R1 =  for the quality of matter, so much of it robotic. R1 = primary matter without conciousness but potentially R2.

R2 = activated from within and without but has only passive / receptive consciousness

R3 = matter with incipent self-consciousness, developing the attributes to become R4.

R4 = evolutionary matter, capable of  self-acquiring self-consciousness.


I wasn’t happy about having to remove my favorite D denoting both our angelic presence and our higher spiritual self.
However i consoled myself in that D is conspicuous by its absence and it still plays the most central role in the pictorial format.

I wasn’t so happy to remove B, but B retains a significant presence in the diagram as it should do.


This paragraph  {…} is now superceded, it remains only  for historical context and can be ignored.

I also took this opportunity to standardize the numeric notation across human and devic selves as follows

SELF-D46 = angelic presence occupied on level z46 when dealing with us – its human protege.

SELF-D53 = our higher self  reaching up towards level z53 while reaching downwards towards us on z42

SELF-A40z = Av40z  = our human core essence inside atom-9 (realm a) residing in vehicle gv on level z40 (dimension 5).

SELF-B67 = our highest self reaching upwards  to the solar levels of z67 while reaching downwards  to our higher self on z56.
The new notation springs from decode-8, see below.


So, now it remains to check out the operation of the godeau effect.

Looking at the date we see 7-11-17  which is the fundamental ration of the Giza pyramid where its height: side ratio is 7:11

Also we can see that the new name of alfonumeric has 11 characters and we can also see that our human essence A40z  is mostly engrossed on the bottom 7 realms seen on the left hand side of the diagram.

DECODE-7:  SACRAL=6   [decode-1 +6899]


Today the tussle between the sacral and the spleen chakra for the 6-slot has been finally been resolved. Sacral =6 petals and spleen =8.

I found this most surprising because for seveal years, i had been guessed it was the other way around because of 3 reasons

a) the sacral bone has 8 holes in it

b) in Charles W Leadbeater’s book “chakras”, he implies the spleen chakra has 6 petals,

c) the sacral maps to the throat chakra so 8 petals would give an elegant 2:1 ratio.

Ah well, life is full of surprises, but i still need to investigate the  godeau effect to see if we can get come confirmation on this issue.

05:52am Now i’ll look at the elapsed time. Well it’s 6899 days since the decode-3. The sequence of 68 points back to date of the origian pyramid-2 message and suggests that because 6 is  first, it so deserves to be tagged with the sacral chakra which is most of the time the first-choice chakra to be included in the sacred 7.
9 is the number of completion so that’s a plus.

It’s also the 6th day after the last decode so that’s looks like an opportune day to decide the fate of which chakra gets the reserved slot of 6 petals. Also since the job of the spleen is to supply itself and the other 7 chakras with the required cosmic electrical energy and the solar-prana, having 8 petals sure seems to fit in with this scheme of things.

It’d now 6:01 am on the 17th-July-17 so i will conclude this analysis on the godeau-effect and the 6-petalled sacral-chakra firmly fixed in the formation of 8.

DECODE-8 “AGE OF THE 4”  [decode-1 +6944]

We can call this a major upgrade ver 4.0. Here the notation for dimensions takes a reshuffle. Previously dim or dimension was taken to be synonymous with planes starting on 3d and running up to 9d the home of the selves on the human branch of evolution.

Now I realize that “dimension” has a dual meaning, as well as the familiar 3d, 4d connotations it can also mean the slice of the dimension that is currently in focus for this time period. Let’s call it inf for the subdimension in focus.

Currently we are more than half way through the 4th round and we could logical expect that we are focussed on mostly the 4th subdimension.
The 3rd round was the round where the lemurians perfected the 3d-body around 13million years ago and they held center until the 4th round when it became the turn of the atlanteans to “perfect” the bottom four grades of the 4d-emotional body. Then around 1 million years ago the indo-europeans appeared on the scene with the mission to perfect the lowest 2 grades of the 5d-body, and that is pretty much where we are stuck today [2018]. Atlanteans and indo-euros both working on the twin-process in the emotional and mental bodies.

With the the help of the internet since 1999, we are doing our best to shake off the mesmerism of the mockin’ stream media and to start using our use our capacity for analytical-emotional thinking to discern between the lies, disinfo and false-flags of state-propaganda machines from the pearls of wisdom and truth steadily streaming out from the 1000’s of independent sites and forums on the internet.

 Here we can see how the mathematical notations play out.

DIM DIMENSION NAME  notation of INF [count from top] name for INF count from bottom
3d=30-36 physical-etheric 33:1-49 4th etheric [quark] 4th
4d=40-46 astral-emotional 43:1-49 transitional low to high 4th
5d=50-56 mental-causal 55:15-49  56:1-14 analytical -emotional- thinking 2nd/3rd
6d=60-66 a’ga’pe-wisdom  66 love & wisdom 1st [bottom]

 We progress from lower to higher [outer to inner], even though the sub-dimensions are usually notated from higher to lower as they are built outwards from higher to lower ie from the nucleus outwards.

So here we can see [counting from the outermost subdim] we are mostly focussed on the 4th subdim of 3d and 4d, but we lag behind on 5d [2nd & 3rd subdim] and we lag even further behind as expected on 6d where we are seeking contact with its lowest subdim.          


22:12pm ….now i’ll look at the godeau effect. The theme of this presentation is the challenge of the 4th subdimension brought into especial focus because we’re now engrossed in navigating  our way thru the 4th chain on the 4th planet of our chain (earth)  considerably along the way on round-4  as our 4th and 5th root-races do our best to activate the 4d-spirilla on the first 4 planes. ….so  first i see that

today is 31st august giving a 4,
august gives us 4+4 ,
tonight we enter the 8th day of Hurricane Harvey,
the 17th year of the millennium gives us 4+4,

the mayan date gives us day 144 of the spin,
44 full days since last decode 
 and finally
it’s 6944 days since decode-1.

Closing this analysis of the godeau effect at 22:40pm .
The godeau effect is alive and well.



My first job as a programmer was working on a 5-month project working on  barclaycard in the city of London. There followed another 11+ years as a computer programmer,  then 11+ years as a consultant/contractor mostly in the UK. I discovered the godeau effect while on one such contract  which involved working out elapsed days that a group of international  lawyers spent in different taxation zones throughout the fiscal year.

Intermittently over the course of 3 years as a hobby, i gave lectures in Israel and the UK  on the mayan 20-13 calendar.

In Israel / Palestine, i spent 7 years working  in the field of packaging and marketing super-foods including cyanobacteria, chia, coral calcium and astaxanthin.

I’ve made 3 visits inside the cheops pyramid, one including the subterranean chamber.

Over the last 18 months i’ve been researching the process of human evolution based on the giza design.


peleg yagen

2017 month 7.4 = 2013 spin 6.86 [mayan calendar reset 1st jan 2013]

67th year of  the Aquarian age