May 26, 2018

The ocean of matter consists of indivisible particles called  0-warks or unconscious primordial matter.

At some point millions of years ago, the first aspect Purpose decides to energize a swathe of unconscious primordial matter and transform it into several billion 1-warks aka 510-warks depending if you count from primary dimension to the teh outermost hum,man dimension that we call 3d in the series 1,2,3………………..49[3d], or like most of us you will feel more humble and comfortable of counting in the series od 3d,4d,5d,…..51d which translates into our numerical notation as 30,40,50,…..510. Each of the these 1-warks is now called a 1-monad and is endowed with passive consciousness.


These several billion 1-warks are all earmarked to become first 90-monads on the 9th dimension and findind their way to the status of 50-monad which is where most of reading this will be.
The first task was to get each newly-formed 1-wark registered and named as one of the chosen [to-be-human] 51-dimensional monads – consisting of just a single 510-wark [aka 1-wark]  alone but fully primed. Next it must gather to itself another 48 1-warks and form a 50d monad, then that 50d-monad must gather another 48 50d-warks and form a 49d-monad and so on all the way up to becoming a 3d-monad. Here it becomes poised to become a mineral-monad as it gets its quantum leap into the the mineral kingdom. As a mineral-monad it must do battle with 4d-emotional-elemental monads evolving downwards and when it wins that battle the time is ripe for its entry into the vegetable kingdom as a 4d-vegetable monad. [we humans play a great part in this transition as we ennoble mineral matter with our emotions during the digestive process]

The onward struggle ensues against both 4d-elemental-monads and also some 5d-elemental-monads. Success finally signals the entry into the animal kingdom as an animal-monad. Evolution doesn’t take a rest, instead the animal monad must do battle with 5d-mental-elementals and 4d-emotional- elementals that  relentlessly pursue their own independent agenda on the journey downwards.

For the most highly evolved of the 5 highest animal species, every 10 or 20 million years approximately opportunities come to enter the human kingdom as an individual soul. Assuming the total human monads are fixed, that means for every human monad moving onto the higher demi-god kingdoms slots become available for that creme de la creme of the animal kingdom to get their first taste a fully-fledged human-monad.

And so the battle of good versus evil continues as the 2 diametrically opposed directions of evolution play out: emotional elementals just want to feel all extremes in the gamut of emotions regardless of the consequences for their human host. And yes it’s so easy for us – unsuspecting human-monads to get carried away in the emotional impulse of the moment. For us the consequences of giving into that momematary impulse will typically last 48 hours until we can retun to our calm equilibrium.

Caution is advised when confronting negative emotions and thoughts for the first time. The expert entities working against human evolution can so easily manipulate the most selfish members of the human family, and unfortunately up until recently [2017] , these most selfish specimens have had near-monoplies in the higher echelons of governments and media.