March 6, 2021

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12-apr-21 [+26 DAYS]

The last version of this xref did not include the 23 rules from the Pistis Sophia cos i just finished reading it yesterday. On this chart, we can see how how Buddha in around 600k BCE gave humanity the priceless yogasutras and then aligned his noble 8-fold path to both the 71 verses and his yogasutras encompassing the 8 means of yoga and we can see how  the hebrew scholars in around 200 BCE sliced and diced a selection from the 31 golden verses and many commands and rules from other diverse traditions that they studied while in Babylon as an inspiration to compile their famous 10  commandments. See below where we cross reference all 31 cosmic rules with the 23 rules from the Pistis Sophia, all the 31 golden precepts, all 10 commandments from the Torah and the 8 means of yoga from the yogasutras.

The “X” in the column alongside the rules from the Pistis Sophis are these 7 rules are not explicitly mentioned in the cosmic rule book, in the 31 golden precepts or in the 8 means of yoga but we can say that they are nevertheless implied. Christos was talking to a most select band of 19 initiates [12 male and 7 female] initiated into the higher mysteries and so he could afford to be more explicit and stringent than in the golden verses or in the yogasutras.



Sophia as the mother, should not be confused with Barbelo, the perfect mother. Whereas Barbelo was known as “Forethought”, Sophia was equated “Afterthought”. Here we see the text is influenced with these names (Forethought/Afterthought), which can be found in Greek mythology, where the Titan Prometheus or Forethought, hero of mankind, was different from his brother Epimetheus or Afterthought, who married Pandora, the first woman who brought suffering to mankind, ending the Golden Age. 8.8

The Pistis Sophia [PS] , was written down around 270 BCE just before the gnostics were driven underground. It details Q&A sessions between the risen Christos and his 12 men-apostles and 7 female apostles taking place  either at the mount of Olives in Jerusalem on Mount Tabor in Galilee, in Northern Israel. Christos had already been instructing his 17  apostles for 11 years after the resurrection and most of the Q&A sessions reported took place in the final `12th year. The scenes if this instruction were not confined to the 2 mountanous regions  mentioned but the apostles are shown scenes from the invisible regions of the inward subatomic regions and also from the corresponding spheres of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. Like much of the secret knowledge within the gnostic sects, the PS was not intended to be accessible to the public. The version i have was translated by GRS Mead in 1896 and i read the impression from 1947 published by Watkins bookshop in Cecil court London. [last page is numbered 325]
325 in greek is anadidómi which means to deliver. The discourses between Christos and his 19 apostles was delivered to the english speaking public in 1896 and again in 1947.


26 days since the previous decode on the cosmic rule book is a good start since 26 is the greek # for agap’e -love and that really rencompasses the irst 2 rules of th rulebook. There is onkly one decode with a previous value of 26 and that was to do with notation 0 which is alive and well as precept 0 of the 31 golden precepts.

17-mar-21 [+55 DAYS]

Feedback i got on decode 88.1 was that there were just way too many numbers and now that i see the new chart i must agree. Added in to the chart is
1) HTL Laurency who replaces the Torah entry for daily / weekly review and
2) The Baha’i entry replaces the Lemurean entry for refining the inner and outer bodies. Baha’i recommends 19 days of a sunrise to sunset fast. Personally i prefer between 3 to 5 times 2-day- fasts and that work out pretty much the same. The Baha’i fast runs 19 days mostly march which equates to 19*12 hours = 228 hours . I fast on avg 4 times a year each time 59 hours for food with the exception of one chia drink with one fig inside soaked for several hours.

Breaking one of the 6 universal commands is like failing an important exam. We get to take many resits until we get it right spread across on average 153k lifetimes. So here is new chart.


55 days since the last decode 88.1 on this topic. That points us to precept 5 and verse 5 from the 71 verses of Pythagoras. That points me to 6-mar just gone which was the 3rd annivesary since my best friend passed over to 5/4d. On that day in my 5/4d dream , 5 or 10 mins earlier i predicted we would see each other very soon and sure enough just 5 or 10 mins later, we ended up on the same bus. My friend was siiting a few seats in front of me and we were both looking around for 2 empty seats so we could sit together. The lady sitting next to her rose as if to get up but the dream froze at that point – i guess i’m not supposed to see too far into the future but when the time is appointed i will transition too and we’ll find an empty double seat so we can continue our journey together assuming both our angelgods give us the green light.

21-JAN-2021 [+6 DAYS]

The revised list cross-references the 31 rules and the 12 essential qualities – one quality for each of the zodiac signs. Now we have 11 religious founders showcased as follows

Yogasutras=9; Pythagoras= 6; Torah=4; Buddha = 3, Christos=2, Altlantean=2; 1 each from Lemurian, Hermes=Thoth, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu, Mohammed – giving us a total of 31 rules.

Here is the cross reference in 2 charts the 31 rules and the 12 qualities…


Today is my birthday 83 – the 5th day of the storm wave which gives me pause and cause to look at the crossreference between the qualities and the rules more closely. 6 days since the 1st version points us to the mirror halves of the zodiac signs and also to the 6 rules out of the 71 verses showcased for Pythagoras. 83 in the greek gematria = uncertain. It leads us to this salient passgae from Timothy 1:6-1

 17 Demand from the rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; 

18 That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate:

To paraphrase Timothy, to keep the 31 rules while being born into or while having acquired great wealth is one of life’s greatest challenges.