March 24, 2021

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24-mar-21 [+ 3 days]

[nezdev = consciousnez development]
Discovering cosmic law is elusive but it’s the essence of nezdev. As we discover them, we understand how advantageous it is to adhere to them. More often that not in the early stages of discovery, it’s by trial and error that we begin to understand how sensible it is to align ourselves with those laws that are immutable.

Each law has a certain duality about it just like dimension zero from whence they originte.
Pythagoras tells us to worship the god hierarchy that has been established and ordained by agents of cosmic law i.e. the duality of the mother-facther god on dimension zero so-called cos we know next to zero about the type of nez therein. However we can come to know know a lot about the laws ordained by this unknown type of nez.


cosmic law #2 CAUSALITY [PLUS & MINUS]



Well 3 days since the last decode is a good start. Of course all 3 laws are inseparable and interconnected. We know all things cosmic comes in their 3 inseparable and distinct aspects. aspects
mother aspect of matrix of matter
father aspect of motion and motive power and
child aspect of nez.

LAW #3 TEACHES US about how hum0ns on dims 3, 4 and 5 are inextricable entangled with angelgods on dim 6.
LAW #2 TEACHES US how the angelic god hierachy administer the 3 accounts each of us has in the cosmic ledger – our personl page, our page relating to our part in the nations we enter, and the page 3 which keeps tabs on how we platy our debts to humnity
LAW #1 TEACHES US how free will and nez are inetricably linked in so much each expression of nez is a result of our free will and that same expression is adjudicated as to whether it aligns with or breaks the immutable law of freedom and diversity.

The mayan day is 145 which means day symbol 5 which ids the 2nd day of the wave called “seed”
The sign for the “seed” is the symbol for law # 3
The sign for day 5 is the spiral energy which signifies the transition of an atem from potential nez into passive or robotic energy and beyond.
As i write this we are moving into day #6 which symbolizes the skull and series of incarnations that is needed to make all 3 laws tick.