June 26, 2018

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/∞ Here  begins my report on the 1st ever galactic conference [North West Quadrant] covered live by a reporting team from Earth. It took place over the 3 days Sat, Sun, Monday, 6th , 7th and 8th November 2021 starting at 11am on Saturday, Florida Time and 9pm Krygyzstan time. I give reference to the small central Asian state wedged in between Ubkistan to the west , XinJiang [the home of the Uyghurs] on the east , Kazakhstan to the north and Tajikistan to the south because it plays such a central role in our story. The fact that such a small country  can survive in the proximity to 2 such giant neigbours tells us a lot and we will explore this more in chapter 3 section 3.4 3:6. This report is written in such a way that it gives the reader an inkling of the atmosphere of the event as it was in realtime. I do this by interspersing my comments with the live action. When you see the paragraph-prefix /∞ – then you know it’s my commentary as I interject along the way. When the conference goes into realtime again, I will  end one conversation with // and prefix the relevant  identifier on the next paragraph following until I announce a change of speaker by // and the new identifier as dfollows:

/p Renata: Master of Ceremonies

/Ø  Edwin: chief architect of solar-build team

Earth team

/Dorit, me, myself and I: narrator and reporter of conference – protégé of Edwin

/D   Theo:  my sponsor and agelgod, expert of substance and matter
Heinrik: my video sound & camerman
/CJ: member of the media-technical interface for transmission of the conference relayed back to Earth.

/PY: member of themedia-technical interface for transmission of the conference relayed back to Earth.

Quotations are given in italics.
My paraphrases are indicated by these brackets [paraphrase]
The first time we introduce you to an unfamiliar term we highlight it in bold like this [aka].  For their definitions, please refer to appendix 0.0 listed in alphabetic order.

My 1st choice name since age 35 has been and still is Dorit (Hebrew – derived from the Greek Doris and the Hebrew dor meaning generation). I’m a current resident on our blue-green planet known as Earth with a passport that gets me into 4 other neighboring planets. My current home is also known as Gaia, aka Terra aka planet #4 [of 10] of our local solar system and is currently center stage in this part of our compact solar system. I bear a variation of the name as the goddess of Greek fame, along with Electra and Europa, we’re  elder daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. Doris of old married Nereus and was aunt to Atlas.  My name from the Greek root is connected with twowords: Dôron meaning “gift” or “abundance,” and Zôros, meaning the “pure” and “unmixed”, so in line with Greek tradition, my job is to bring you the pure unjumbled message about the how and why of our galaxy and solar system build from “Oceanus” or in todays’ vernacular – from the inexhaustible oceanic primordial matter [stuff-of-zero = stuff0] and how the [humons] in our human family [humonpod] fit in as a strategic player in the overall plan.  My name from the Hebrew root is connected with “Dor” [male], Dorit [female] the word for generation a word that so symbolizes the measurement of consciousness development aka [devnez = dez] as we traverse thru our many series of lifetimes. We measure race and subrace building in 10,000 year chunks and we measure nation and empire building across epochs of 2500 years that’s 70 generations of approx. 36 years each.

In this narrative we will also meet some of the erstwhile characters related to my name from the Greek legends, notably Nereus and Atlas, not forgetting dear Electra when we cover the 7 electrical colors and the 7 thermal colors   of the 10 swirling [wherls]  within the smallest independent particle [d1sip] aka sip on dimension 1 [d1].
In the upcoming conference, the Master of Ceremonies [MC] will be presenting to us  over these 3 days – insights into how our humonpod is strategic in the cosmic plan for [dez] the development of consciousnez.  In segment 9 4.6 2:4 we wil take a look at the parallels between the birth of a human with the birth of a sip on dimension 1 out of the stuff0 the ocean of zero-nez matter. Our planets have been diligently prepared for us and we must learn to “swim” in our 4 temporary humon suits, learn how to contact our permanent suit – the soul  and we must also learn to navigate our way around this fast-swirling ocean of undifferentiated matter.

 It’s my privilege to have been selected to be one of the 24 media personel who are reporting on this first of a kind inter-planetary conference on galaxy-and-solar-building. I’m considered to be a media educator specialist part of the team of 120 delegates -scientists, educators and media specialists, [hylozoists] and historians invited to the conference – 20 delegates each from Earth and 5 of our sister planets. My expertise is on how to step-down the rarified info for general consumption back home on Gaia. There are many unfamiliar concepts that Renata, the MC will unveil  and that means a lot of unfamiliar0.1terms will be introduced into the narrative as she introduces the new concepts in a series of building-block-concepts [bb’s]. To make your life easy as you encounter the dez 3.01 vocab, refer to APPENDIX 0.1 for a full list of dez terms in alphabetical order. APPENDIX 0.0 contains the index of appendices. My job is to give you a  running commentary as the conference proceeds so you the reader, listener and-or viewer can partake in this history making event with your own grandstand seat. I have been  tasked with presenting you with a very ancient thought-form dressed up in modern garb and invite you to share in the live atmosphere of the conference where you get to witness our on the spot interactions. This edited report will give you many insights into our efforts to make the technical contents more understandable. See APPENDIX 0.2 for the full list of 17 building-block-concepts.

The end game of this project is to explain what dez is all about and that means along the way Renata, the MC will be explaining the concept of the galaxy and solar system build showing us how our humonpod plays a strategic role in the plan of dez.  Yep this is indeed an ambitious project and to give us the best chance of success, I’m going to weave this narrative into a many-layered serving with many of my favorite props as toppings. Over the course of the next  3 days, you will notice that 5 of my favorite props are

  • introducing some famous tunes with my paraphrased lyrics,
  • decoding 2 special pyramids of numbers,
  • giving you my spin on some of the ancient Greek legends,
  • decodes of the mayan day symbols and
  • talking about the [godeau effect] covered in segment 16 5.3 2:5.

 You will also notice there is substantial overlap between these and Renata’s favorite props which include

  • the so-called apple from Grenada, Caribbean,
  • the tree of life,
  • peeping into past events from the planetary memories,
  • creating many new words with their precise definitions for new and unfamiliar concepts and
  • decodes of the giza monument

∞ Oops, the conference is about to start in around 5 minutes, so I take this opportunity to paint a picture of what will be on offer. The MC will be taking us through a series of bb’s as we build up the bigger picture block by block starting with “building block zero”, bb#0. The MC and her team were the original creators and maintainers of our modest solar system created 4.6  [beons] ago but have since handed over responsibility  to new bosses around one [aeon] ago so that they could travel around giving conferences like this one.

Even though Renata and the solar team have had no first hand experience  of galaxy creation themselves, they have been well versed on the subject and will indeed be shortly giving us a glimpse into the world of cosmic creation. Heinrik, my camera and audio specialist and myself are part of the media team tasked with covering the conference for the audiences back home. Altogether we are the 120 specialists have been invited to attend from 3 local solar sytems, all with compatible levels of nez. This is a most historical event where we get to be the first batch of public beneficiaries from the selected 6 planets to hear this material much of which has up til now been under wraps in this part of the solar system.

Heinrik and myself are “embedded”  with 2 special humons among the 120 invited attendees, all four of us representing our precious planet #4 aka Earth or Gaia. Thank you CJ and PY for co-operating and letting us tag around both of you for the next 3 days. My speciality is making scientific jargon appealing to the non-specialist and my inter-planetary travels have given me much practise in this respect and I like to do this by interspersing the more technical sections with some up tempo musical gems and other such low-tech offerings. I reassure the readers that when you encounter some deep tech material, some prose narrative and low tech material is not far away, so feel free to jump over high-tech sections if it gets too far down the rabbit hole and continue with our our varios low-tech offerings such as songs and visual analogies.  

It’s such a treat to be be able to give my readers and viewers those speciality-insights that you both have acquired over many lifetimes on earth and elsewhere … now  I morph into recording mode… we’re live …

“Welcome surface dwellers from spaceship Earth, we’re here at the first one of a kind conference with our own Earth reps and reps from 5 of our sister planets – the conference is just about to start in a few minutes…
“CJ and PY  – please introduce yourselves to my audience who are eager to hear more.” //

/CJ: Well Dorit, I’m glad to be part of our 20-person-team helping to get this message back to our home-planet. My background is in sequencing of storylines so as to maximally capture the short attention span of the average reader and viewer and I’ll be sure glad to help you with the final edit.//

/PY: Yep Dorit dear, you found us via our pioneering work on headspace terminology; that’s still very much an ongoing project, but I think over these 3 days we will have our headspaces full of building blocks.//

/∞ Thank you CJ and PY, for the brief intros for my audience back home. The official name of the conference is “humonpod as a strategic player in the cosmic dez project”, and many of our listeners are sure psyched up for the upcoming mega download and yes with the  specialized talents of you – my 2 buddies here –  we will be able to latch many of these unfamiliar concepts onto some  established notions.  It’s so nice to see all attendees have their name badges with their 2 predominant   planets of origin indicated, so we’ll be be able to catch up on the latest from some of our favorite ancestral homes. CJ, I haven’t yet visited your #2 planet of residence  Mars, but PY we will have a lot to talk about as we share Arcturus as our #1 planet of origin. //

/PY: Indeed Dorit I can already sense we’ve shared many other missions way back when.//

/∞  So true, PY. CJ and PY – have you had any previews of the material for today‘s event?//

Nope, we were working right up to the last minute on the seamless headspace project, so it will take super focus to get up to speed on the upcoming presentations. Thankfully the format is 3 hours on 2 hours off, so we will avail of those gaps to confer and assimilate.//

/PY: I did some research on the 2 main presenters Renata and Edwin  and was gratified to find out that they both have both strong mathematical pedigrees in as much as like me they claim that thinking in strings of numeric text and corresponding visuals is considered to be more innate and precise than using words and that was 432 Hz music to my ears when I heard it.//

/∞ That reminds me PY, please nudge me at an appropriate slot where we can insert George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord somehwere in the next 3 days. //

/PY: Of course dear //

/∞ All of a sudden there’s a kind of hush all over the auditorium, and we notice that the master solar  builders are walking on stage flanked by their deputies. I recognize Renata as the Master of Ceremonies [MC], together with her chief architect Edwin. Now we all sit quietly and defer attentively to the master builders. Here comes the Sun blurts out and we 4 Earthlings blush with a tincture of pride as we hadn’t realized that well known English-language tunes are so well known across these 3  solar systems represented here..
I exchange glances with Heinrik, CJ and PY and a sense of belonging gushes through the cheeks of the 4 of us as we tune in to the prophetic words. It’s endearing for the 4 of us to see that one of our Earth songs from our home-planet is still widely respected in solar circles although we don’t know for sure if the song originated from another planet.
To get the most out of this 3-day briefing, we need to invoke our strong connection with our [angelgod aka g46.0 aka 6.0g], our progenitor and a great way to do this is via these 2 songs from the light side of the equation. I’m going to paraphase George’s Give me Love as an intimate dialog between us and our 6.0g soul-donor  with the underlying request to protect us from being swayed by the dark narrative that we cover in upcoming topics.

Written by George Harrison in 1969 02
Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)- Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right Little darling, it’s been a long cold
lonely winter
Little darling, it
feels like years since it’s been here – Here comes the sun Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces – Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
comes the sun Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right – Sun, sun, sun, here it comes x 5

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting- Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear
comes the sun Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right – Here comes the sun Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right x2

 George wrote this song in April while in Eric Clapton’s garden and thinking how great to welcome the spring sun after a typically dreary English winter.There are the 4 seasons of birth, growth, decline and demise just as we witness in the human lifespan or in the lifespan of a nation or empire.The sun births the solar system [chapter 16] just as the son/ daughter births his or her life mission. How underestimated is the healing power of the sun and we’ll revisit this idea in chapter 15. Now here’s the second part of the mashup.


The alternative title for this is “Give me peace on Earth” so appropriate for the 20 earth delegates at this conference 0.3

George comments about this song: “This song is a prayer and personal statement between me, the Lord, and whoever likes it.”
Here’s my paraphrase as a dialog between me  and my entangled self and sponsor [angelgod] Theo.

me – Theo’s protégé:
Well, there was no reason to believe she’d always be there
Give me [agap’e] love Give me peace on earth – Give me light, Give me life – Keep me free from birth, Give me hope

Theo my angelgod & sponsor:  [of course dear the more agap’e you radiate outwards, the more I can fill you with the same]me – Theo’s protégé: thank you so much , it’s so much appreciated- Help me cope, with this heavy load
[always] Trying to, touch and reach you with – Heart and soul -Om m m m m m m m m m m m m m
M m m my lord . .
[ my generous donor of my humon soul]
Please take hold of my hand, that – I might understand you – Won’t you please, Oh won’t you

Theo my angelgod & sponsor:  But [of course dear as your hand-nez stretches out so too mine goes to meet yours] me – Theo’s protégé: [ I can feel  such agap’e flowing thru that connection]
Give me love, Give me love – Give me peace on earth, Give me light
Give me life, Keep me free from birth
[free from needless and wasted births]

Theo my angelgod & sponsor:  [But well not just yet dear, you have a sequence of missions mapped out for down here but next time around I’m sure that you can jog many more of your agap’e and causal memories.

 I can help u to understand cause and effect and agap’e love from your big heart] 

me – Theo’s protégé: Give me hope, Help me cope, with this heavy load – Trying to, touch and reach you with
Heart and soul
[ via my 50j-immortal-self]
Om m m m m m m m m m m m m m – M m m my lord .
. [ my precious donor of my humon soul]
Please take hold of my hand, that – I might understand you

Theo my angelgod & sponsor:  [But oh yep it’s done .. we’re truly pioneering over the next   days]

/∞  Now back to the meeting – Renata starts her address: //

/p Welcome illustrious humons, this is a first of its kind in this solar system the one so dear to our hearts – the one we created with so much [agap’e] love all those 100’s of aeons ago. We trust that this week’s conference will trigger you to make many presentations of this material when you get back home. We invite you, to tune into the heightened vibrations and visualize yourselves giving similar lectures in around 9 months time back on your home planets after you complete your intensive training program in how to present the material which will be relatively new to your students.

 Our plan of presentation is that we’re gonna be introducing you to a series of building-block concepts [bb’s] all to be built into your nez one block at at a time.  A short time before we embarked on building this solar system, our best scientists perfected recording technology capable of capturing key events in the build process of a solar- atem and from those movie clips we’ve built some great animation clips to illustrate the birth process [covered in segment 9]. We sure relish this opportunity at the time, ‘cos normally we would have to expend great visualization skills in explaining the process, but today all 96 of you scientific reps and all 24 of  you media reps, are witnessing history as we will later play for you these animations that explain intricate concepts like the birth of an [atem]. These animations sure make our life so much easier and your visual cortex-processors will surely avail of the visuals as well.We know all of you tech-reps in the theatre are visual and numeric-friendly types so we have tried to live up the the old adage that a picture is worth a 1001 carefully-chosen words, and a 1-minute replayable movie clip is worth 101 [no-graphics] lectures. This means that we have condensed your conference notes into 63 pages and not the 999 pages that we would otherwise have needed without our prolific use of graphics. So at frequent intervals we will pause the movie clips and leave the pivotal slides on the big  screen for you to also ponder on, and also on your small personally tailored screens controlled by you. In the next 3 decades all eyes in the 3 solar systems represented today will be on Earth since these 3 upcoming decades will usher in a rare quantum leap of Earth nez which will reverberate across all 3 of the solar systems represented here, so most of our material will be specifically related to Earth and earthlings but for those of you from the other 5 planets we will give you close analogies from your own planet wherever possible. These will appear on your 4G cellphones.

Today, is going to be mentally intense so I’m sure you will appreciate the 3 hours-on 2 hours-off tempo. That will give us plenty of time to get to know each other and firm up on any concepts that are bit fuzzy. Also as most of us have had long inter-planetary journeys yesterday our day one program will last only 6 hours. The conference is due to finish at 6.30pm on Monday Florida time and then Tuesday through Saturday have been designated as 5 days of holiday for all of us involved in the 3-day event so we  can all chill and enjoy 5 days of assimilating and hanging out together.  

 Edwin is here beside me, he’s our chief architect and over the next 3 days, he will keep us on track and will  field most of the incoming questions that are sure to spring up. Thank you Edwin. All of you in attendance hail from 6 different planets so indeed your personal screens have been tailored for your special planets and  native languages when we need to switch from the common solar language. I know all of you , as a prerequisite for being here have grasped a proficient  understanding of our common galactic language called [senzar] but even though I speak in sensor, all of you will have the subtitles in your native language on your personal screens in case you encounter some unfamiliar words from me from time to time.

Writing was refined by the atlanteans around 2 million years ago in the form of senzar. The original senzar commentaries on the Book of [Dzan aka Dzyan] were translated into Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan and extracts were translated into a european language [english] for the first time in 1888 when HPB published the secret
docrine. 0.3b Dzyan was written in senzar and inspired

  • the most ancient Hebrew text the Sepher Yetzirah,
  • the most most ancient Chinese bible, the Shu-king,
  • the sacred volumes of the egyptian and arabian bible of Thoth-Hermes,
  • the indian bible, the Puranas,
  • the chaldean Book of Numbers and
  • the 5 books of the Pentateuch aka the Hebrew bible aka the Old Testament
  • many of the esoteric writers post 1888

All these bibles were derived from that one abstruse small parent volume that was dictated around 70k BCE at the very beginning of race #5 while senzar was known to the initites of every nation. The sages of race #3 learnt it directly from angelgods of the race #1 and #3 and in turn sages from race #4 passed it on to race #5. 0.3b
It makes our task so much easier knowing that all of you in attendance are proficiemt in senzar.

So without further ado.. here is the first building block.


Now for our first bb, bb#0. In Greek legend, OCEANUS (Ôkeanos) is the god of the river Oceanus, which surrounded  the  whole planet. In the Homeric poems he appears as a mighty god, who yields to none save Zeus. The wife of Oceanus was Tethys, who gave birth not only to the mighty rivers including the Nile and the Gediz [aka Hermos] in Turkey but she also gave birth to a race apart of beautiful daughters [aka Oceanids] including Doris, Electra, Pluto and Europa. Indeed for the conference we are honoured to have Dorit from Gaia with us reporting on the conference, where are you Dorit?  Ah Hello Dorit, thank you for bearing such a famous name with such poise and aplomb. //

/∞ I stand up at this point and take a bow to our esteemed presenters and audience. I  had the pleasure of meeting Renata and Edwin some months ago when they interviewed me for the reporter’s job to relay the conference sessions back home on Earth. At the interview, we soon found out there was a strong telepathic rapport between all 3 of us. //

/p Thank you Dorit. Well it’s a small step from the Greek idea of Oceanus surrounding the entire Earth to the Ocean of unconscious primordial matter, the stuff-of-zero which fills all of space where our own cosmos is like a bubble on dims 1 through 49 formed out of that space. Indeed you all are tasked to learn how to “swim” around this stuff of dims d47, d48 and d49 maintaining your sustained contact into the realm of the angelgods on 6d aka d46. You swim around in your suite of 5 humon-suits. Stuff-zero is the name we give to the primordial matter on  dimension zero ‘cos you humons and also we former humons who have now attained the god level of dimension 42 – all of us have next to zero knowledge of the duality of dimension zero. Before I explain have a look at these definitions for the duality of [mother-father god-zero aka godzero] as mentioned in John 1:1 [paraphrase]
“in the beginning was the word and the word was with godzero and the word was godzero”.
We give you these 7 synonyms  for godzero.

Abba [Hebrew] Father, motivational forceMutter [German], matrix of matter
FatherHoly Ghost
Thay’os [Greek] dynamisΧάος [Greek] “kah’os” chaos
Shiva [destroyer]Brahma [ creator]
Dynamis, Motivator, Giver of MotionChaos

In dimension zero we still have not found the trinity. That has to wait for dimension 1 where we give you the 7 terms for the 3rd part of the trinitized gods as follows:
Child [Kind in German, Yelad in Hebrew]; Son, Tammuz; Kosmos [Greek]; Nez;  Vishnu; Cosmos.

 So you might say that we are justified in saying [d0] is the dimension of zero nez ‘cos we birth nez in d1 but more of this we will explain in chapter 17 when you have had a chance to assimilate all preceding 17 building blocks.

Think that a fish was created out of the components of water and moves around inside its unseen “bubble” in that water which exists 2 centimeters all around the visible body of the fish . Now think that the smallest sip is likewise born out of stuff-0 and acts like a bubble inside the ocean of stuff0. That smallest sip in d1 is robotic with only potential nez but in the course of beons and aeons of evolution it can become the central sip of a cosmos, of a solar system, of a planet or of a humon. Here we give you an insight into the end result of that birthing process.


Now think how you humons could sense that your individualized immortal d1.0 monad inside your 5.0x atem swims around the cosmos feeling itself separate with an identifiable boundary between human body and the outside. But for all you attendees, I know what you’re thinking just now ‘cos  all of you in the amphitheatre have gone beyond that phase of separateness. We all experience that seamless boundary between skull and our outside headspace, where we can move to and fro at will, without any loss of our sense of individuality. In fact that ability of yours  is one of the prerequisites why all of you got invited along for this 3 day event.

It’s a bit like how the unawakened fish only is conscious of its visible body , whereas the awakened fish identifies  itself with its aura around the visible body and this allows it to sense an oncoming rock even with closed eyes before immanent contact, so there is ample  time for evasive action to prevent crashing into that rock. In our case it’s like when in proximity to others, we can detect not just the 3d-heat that they emanate but also the energies meaning from some of their other 4 bodies.  
Sometimes we wonder how to explain that our world appears so solid to us. Well this picture on your screens now suggests an explanation of how a d1sip full of vibrating strings being birthed out of the “oceanus” can sense itself to be a solid entity. That’s because whichever way it tries to vibrate it’s rigidly bounded on all sides by the stuff of zero that fills and surrounds our cosmos. There is literally no place to escape from the medium in which we swim.

Notice in the sketch the “solid” type of membrane formed from the “water” medium encompassing the d1sip. Later we will show you how that single atem can grow into a cosmos. We can then extrapolate how another atem on dim 43 can grow into a solar system-monad, another atem on d46 can grow into a planet-monad and another atem on d47 can grow into humon-monad but more of that evolution later.  Those on  higher dims  actually occupy the same space as we do and our famous apple from Grenada will teach us how that can be  – in a little while.

We need to take a slight sidestep to introduce some more notation to you


Here we give you a reference chart to indicate our two types of notation the god count and the humon count.
When we use a prefix or suffix with a letter we generate 2 meanings.
When we use a numeric [prefixed] with a letter we indicate we are using the god count to count from highest least dense [dim] d1.0 through to lowest d49.6.
When we use a numeric [suffixed] with the same letter we indicate that we count upward, inwardly [subatomically] or outwardly in respect to globes from our human perspective like this


3d = 3rd densityvisible and 3d-astral3.6d – 3.0dd49.0 – d49.6
4d = 4th densityemotional [4d-astral]4.6d – 4.0dd48.0 – d48.6
5d = 5th densitysoul & mental  realm5.6d – 5.0dd47.0 – d47.6
6d = 6th densityAgap’e & wisdom6.6d – 6.0dd46.0 – d46.6
7d = 7th densityknower of divine will7.6d – 7.0dd45.0  – d45.6
8th, 9th, d44-d3  d44.0 – d3.2
d2Next to highest cosmic godd2.0 – d2.2d2.0  – d2.2
d1Highest cosmic godSame as god countd1.0  – d1.2

Each letter of the alphabet is an identifier used as a prefix when referring to the god count of dimensions and using a suffix when referring to the humon count. First we deal with these identifiers: 

d for dimension or density
g for our nearest and dearest angelgods
i for the human essence who has not yet made contact with his/her soul, is in denial of the existence of a soul or has deliberately disconnected from the soul.
j for the human immortal sip on 5d who had made contact with his/ her soul albeit if only sporadic
[z] for nez levels  and [z#] for the 7 nez types

 APPENDIX 0.3 has the full cross-reference of dims with both counting notations and APPENDIX  0.4 has the full prefix / suffix table.

So far we’ve introduced nez-zero of the type zero  [z#0] which means we have next to zero knowledge about the god nez in this dimension zero.
Nez type z#1 is potential nez which the newly born sip has as has all [sips] that serve as nuclei of the other 170 dims.  

We are are looking at the transition from primordial unconscious matter, the stuff of 0 on dimension zero [d0]  to potentially conscious matter on d1.0 the least dense dimension. When we look at that bubble on the screen, we are now looking at an analogy for the simplest form in the full range of 171 dimensions . You as humons operate as a self from your home base on d47.0 aka 5.0d and identify typically somewhere in the nez range of

  • mental [5.6d – 5.3d]
  • 4d-astral/ emotional [4.6d – 4.1d]
  • 3d-astral[3.3d – 3.1d]
  • 5.1 agap’e
  • 5.2 discovery of cosmic law
  • 5.0 divine motive

Our 3d-visible bodies are on 3.6d – 3.4d. In chapter 9 we will cover the birth of the sip from d0 to d1.0.

Imagine in our dream world of 4d, we sometimes see our friends walking through walls or sometimes, we ourselves manage to  walk through solid walls. Well we can expand that principle to considering that a form on a certain dim [eg. 3d-astral ] contains inside it atems of density 4d so while dreaming if we can focus inside the 4d atem, we are actually inside the 3d-astral world which is  blueprint for the 3d-visible world. Both spaces of 3d and 4d atems overlap, so the idea of the 4d atem “walking thru” the 3d-astral atom is not so far-fetched. More precisely, subatomically 4d space is inside 3d space and in reference to globes and forms, 3d globe occupies space inside the 4d-globe.i

For example a mental form on 5d can walk through a 4d form and so on because they both occupy the same space. Life can get very crowded in space for those on higher dims, but for most of your compatriots back on your home planets, they are typically [objectively] conscious only in the 3 dims of solids [3.6d], liquids [3.5d] and gaseous [3.4d] substances meaning that those 3 dims feel and are are completely recognizable  to us. In our terminology we use 3rd density to include the so-called dimensions of 1d [dot] and  2d [line]. APPENDIX 0.5 has the full list of nez types.


These are bench marks by which our theory of nez should be measured. Does it explain these previously inexplicable facts beter than any competing theory.
1) Allocation of 60 billion humons [see 7 3.0 3:1]
2) “empty” “unused” space inside atom [ see segment 3]
3) the ebb and flow of races, nations, empires [see 3 3.2 1:5]
4) double slit experiment [see 0 9]


The best analogy I can think of – for 2 forms occupying the same space is in the famous [double slit experiment] 0.4 that continues to puzzle so many of your scientists back on your home planets. So many of your scientists feel more comfortable talking about the supposed nez of the photon rather than talking about their own nez and they are especially uncomfortable talking about how our human nez can affect the results of the experiment. The explanation goes like this – the particle beam  acts simultaneously  as a

We could consider that the particle beam rides on the wave of particles. So many of your scientists back home are used to thinking in “either or” fashion because their current abilities to perceive are indeed limited to seeing one of those formats at any one time. What most don’t realize is that this is how the cosmos is built and that our thought-particle [tp] gets projected simultaneously as a straight-line 5d-beam to its intended target and at the same time as a beam of particles radiating out in all directions as a 5d wave pattern. So many scientists are uncomfortable with the situation where the act of humon observation seemingly influences the results of the experiment ‘cos they have been threatedned with dismissal or removal of funding if they stray off their designates topics which preclude examining the best theories of reality on the planet.   

So we have 2 results from this

1) the targeted beam of tp’s will hover over the intended target waiting for that person to notice them some time later –  if they sufficiently resonate with it.
2) the beam of thought is sent out as a wave pattern and can be intercepted by some one within range who is sufficiently resonant with the contents of the thought.

Now returning to the puzzle of the double slit experiment, we explain as follows:

1) the photon package is a collection of 49 atems of type 3.3, 48 atems of type 3.3 orbitting a central nucleus 3.3n.
2) when the wave separates the photon package riding on that wave also separates by creating a cloned nucleus to take charge of 24 of the 3.2atems leaving the original nucleus with the remaining 24 of 3.2atems.
Undisturbed by humon mind both half-photons are carried by their respective waves to set up the interference pattern.
3) when hum0n enters the scene with an electronic eye [not dog nez , not baby nez] then the cloned nucleus is discarded and all original atems of type 3.3 recombine around the original nucleus 3.3n.  So no interfenece pattern is possible pattern.

By way of analogy, the 3.6 solid atem contains 49 of atems of type  3.5 liquid and the 3.5 atem contains 49 atems type 3.4 gaseous atems.


We build our theory on the efforts of those brave humons who have gone before us. We pay tribute to 19 “bibles” that inspire the latest iteration of the theory – 2 stone bibles and 17 paper bibles. For now we will just give you 12 of those 19 quantum leaps undergone over the years. For the full list all 19 see APPENDIX 0.6.

This secret knowledge has undergone a long incubation period inside the mystery schools from 45,000 BCE until 1878. That disclosure conveniently coincided with the internet. ARPANET adopted TCP/IP on January 1, 1983, and from there researchers began to assemble the “network of networks” that became the modern Internet. The online world then took on a more recognizable form in 1990, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. So today we are almost 30 years into this new dynamic. Here we give you a taste of the quantum leaps that got us to the theory of nez 3.101 that we present to you today and over the next 2 days.

dez 0.01              100k BCE            Mayans                            20 day glyphs etch into stone 0.5     
dez 0.02                80k BCE            Giza architects                giza pyramid model of dez  0.6

dez 1.1a               50k BCE             Pantanjali                         [paraphrase in 1934] The 175 Yogasutras 0.7
dez 1.1b               700 BCE             [AAB] [DK]                       Treatise of White Magic 0.8

dez 2.0                 700  BCE            Pythagoras                        The 71 golden verses 0.9 0.10   
dez 2.1                105-61 BCE        Christos / Yashua            the new testament KJV, Pistis Sophia

dez 3.01              1876:                   [EDB]                                 “Principles of Light & Color” 2nd edition in 1896 11the atem
dez 3.02              1878                    [HPB]                                 Secret Docrine 0.12

dez 3.04              aeon                    [AB] [CWL]                       Man Whence, How, Whither

dez 3.1                Jan 1950:            [HTL]                                 “Philosophers Stone” in Swedish – atems within an atem
dez 3.10              1985:                   HTL                                    “Philosophers Stone” in English – atems within an atem
dez 3.100           2006:                   HTL                                    2,500 page manuscript appears on the internet 0.13
dez 3.101            Nov 2021:           Here and now                  giza decode, 55 dims of the fruits from the garden of eden

Abbreviations used here and in APPENDIX 0.2 are:
EDB                     Edwin D Babbitt born in New York 1828 – 1905 age 77
Alice A Bailey born in Manchester, England 1880 – 1949  [New York] age 69
DK                        The Tibetan, mentor to AAB, assistant to KA101 and PY101
[KA101]              god k42.0 [formerly humon] appeared as [Ara] 750 – 702 BCE and King Arthur 400 – 448 CE

[PY101]               god k42.0 [formerly humon] appeared as Pythagoras 758 – 674 BCE and Koot Hoomi, co- founder of

                                                                                                                                                  the Theosophical Society 1875. 
Heinrik [Henry] T Laurency born Asbo, Sweden 1882-1971 age 89
Annie Besant born London, England 1847-1933 [India] age 86

CWL                     Charles W Leadbeater born Stockport, England 1854 – 1934 [Australia] age 80 [Australia]

HPB                     Helen P Blavatsky born Ukraine 1831 – 1891 [London] age 60

Before the publication of “Principles of Light and Color”, the knowledge could only be revealed inside the secret societies. This involved a leap of faith ‘cos the would be candidate would have to take an oath of secrecy under pain of death never to reveal the sectret knowledge that was available. However the candidate did not know what this secret knowledge was before the oath was taken. That could leave many in a bind. If the knowledge did not resonate and was deemed to be destructive then the candidate was a dead man walking if he were to reveal the secret knowledge. If he had qualms about the sinister aspect of the knowledge his life would be a walking misery. After 1878 it was doubly dangerous for a well-intentioned novice to seek admission by taking the oath of secrecy to the faceless and often nameless secret entities, ‘cos it could no longer be assumed that the [pdez] elites [pdels] would be around to provide divine protection from the [adez] elites [adels].

Up until 1878 this was not such a problem since the pdels were active in the admission rites. However after 1878, there was no longer any need for the pdels to seek entrance into the secret societies cos the secret knowledge of the atem etc was available in Edwin Babbitt’s book. Today, the book is out of print but is thankfully available on the internet 0.12. Also there is photocopied version available from India and I recommend you to urge you and your students to order that printed version of the masterpiece. We will see later on how HTL also received the silent treatment for bringing to humanity dez version 3.1.

The downside of the new status was that the secret societies became taken over by the adez forces  since the pdels were no longer there to look over the shoulders of the adze members and could not serve to rein them in. Today we see the result of that laissez faire in that the skull and bones fraternities have edged ever closer to the maximum threshold of evil permitted – perilously close the same levels of degradation seen in the last days of Atlantis. That is the reason we hold the conference today so we can help waken up a critical mass of the pdez humons to prevent the unthinkable. This leads us on to our 2nd building block bb#1.