March 28, 2018

Chapter 1



 The term [monad] was introduced to us by Pythagoras and really needs a type qualifier  to tell us what It is. The full spectrum is from the newly birthed atem as d1sip with nez level z#1.0 from the fully developed d1sip with nez z#4 – [g1.0, k1.0 or p1.0]  – the gods who are at the center of his/her cosmos and who can go on to create another cosmos. The 3 branches of gods are indicated as prefix / suffix g for the angelgod branch, prefix/ suffix k for the formerly humon branch and prefix p for the power of motivation and propulsion branch. This begs the question how strange both d1sips are the same density  but opposite ends of the nez spectrum. Our best theory is that the d1sip newly birthed is empty of memory whereas the d1sip who has attained the highest cosmic godhood on one of the 3 branches g1, p1 or k1, that highest god on each branch has a memory of all stages it has evolved through the nez types. Let me say the best theory to explain this paradox is that for g1 to have command of his/her cosmos, each of the 14 billion components of his/her d1-atem must be like the most powerful super computer not even imaginable to our solar brain and to your human brains. For reference later on you can find a full itinerary of nez in APPENDIX 1.0 which also delineates the 253 types of consciousnez.  

Here is a glimpse into some of the steps along the series of developments over aeons and beons.
the newly birthed d1sip with only potential nez on dim d1.0
the primary atems with only potential nez on dims d2.0 thru d49.0
the  [molekules] of matter from d1.1 thru d49.6 [122 levels]
the causal elementals on d47.1z and 47.2z
the mental elementals on d47.3z  thru 47.6z
the emotional elementals on 48.1z thru 4.6z
the mineral group monad 3.0m
the vegetable group monad 4.0m
animal group monad 5.0m
the humonpod of 60 billion humons based on dim 42 so they can be transported from 1 solar sys to another.
single human monad 5.0x on d47.0 aka 5.0d – 5.0j has made contact with soul ; 5.0i no soul contact yet
the humon’s angelgod on d46.0
the highest omnipotent and omnipresent cosmic gods on d1; angegod g1.0; kgod = formerly humon;  pgod in charge of motivational will-power and propulsion of the atem

In APPENDIX 1.0, you can refer to all 5 nez types with a comprehensive overview of the 253 stages in the evolutionary process from newly birthed  “empty” atem on d1.0 to an omnipotent-god-atem of the same structure and size also on d1.0

Monad alludes to #1 cos it remains always in the same condition–that is, separate from the multitude.  It is called Jupiter or Zeus, because s/he is head of the gods; Vesta, the fire of the home, because it is located in the midst of the universe and remains there inclining to no side as a dot in a circle; form, because it circumscribes, comprehends, and terminates; love, concord, and piety, because it is no longer visible.1.0.

Up until 1968, humons used “atom” in common parlance to describe what was then thought to be the smallest independent particle [sip] . Then scientists discovered the [quark] as predicted 4 years earlier [1964], where a neutron or a proton each were seen to fragment into 3 quarks. In this conference we keep the traditional name of atom to mean the cluster of neutrons, protons and electrons in the chemical atom and we will introduce you shortly to a bevy of synonyms  for our current understanding of what it means to be on of the 171 varieties of sip.


Today we can robustly confirm that there are 3 sips inside each quark and we propose to call them [warks] or [atems] interchangably following in the footsteps of the ancient greeks who used “atom” and also in the footsteps of  the proposer of the quark, Murray Gell-Mann  who gave the credit of the new word to one famous Irishman, James Joyce writer of  Finnegan’s Wake”1.1
Murray Gell-Mann1.2 took the term “quark” from James even though the sound Murray had in mind was “quork”. We would like to mirror that transmutation so that our new name of wark can be freely pronounced as “work” if so desired. In fact that’s the very meaning of the word as used in Scotland. By using a suitable prefix or suffix, warks and atems also double up as electrons. For example the 3.5d-atem acts as the [electron] for the larger quark on 3.6d denoting the outermost nucleus of the innermost [o1-globe]


As often is the case the simplest axioms have a habit of veiling the greatest truths. So please let not this segment be lost on any of you. On our advanced humon planets, this is one of the first axioms [warks within wark] taught to our fledgling children as their emotional body starts to appear on their radar screens around age 6 or 7 and soon after your lectures do the rounds on your home-planets starting in approximately 9 months time, your education systems will also be moving in that direction.

Those crucial definitions, I now reiterate. Yep introduced at age 7, but they must be constantly repeated until the seeming paradox of warks within wark and globes within globe must be firmly grasped which means it becomes obvious to see that the innermost wark of a series is the nucleus of the corresponding outermost globe of the series. And vice versa the outermost wark of a series is the nucleus that corresponds to the innermost globe of that series. We’ll show you a visual on this later. //

/∞  I’m gonna take you on another detour before we return to dynamics between our famous inventor of words [James] and our famous inventor of subatomic particles [Murray]. I now chart some  recent progress made in some of our school textbooks on the enigmatic world of subatomics.                                                                                  



Description automatically generated
I wonder why our students are never told about the best theories available to explain why we supposedly have so much “empty” space inside our atoms. Each generation sends out the message that they have figured it out – no need to look at competing theories. One such theory is the theory of hylozoics first proposed by Pythagoras in 700 BCE. He posits that the solid 3d atom is actually filled up with 55  ever decreasing sizes of atems one shape and size nested inside the “adjacent” one like nested Chinese or Russian dolls. This would give us a supremely dense outermost atem. Mainstream scientists have so far discovered 3 quarks inside each neutron or proton of their so called chemical atom e.g the hydrogen atom comprises 1 proton, 1 neutron and 1 electron Since their instruments cannot penetrate further than the fuzzy quark that view of the atom will appear quite empty.

In the 1970 school textbooks, children were given the atomic analogy of clouds of gnats swirling around a tennis ball1.3 and filling up the surrounding albert hall in London which can seat 5,000 people. The hall is a model of the atom, the ball is supposed to represent the nucleus but they never tell the bemused children why all the seemingly empty space. Today we are stretching the analogy even further.

Today 49 years later, that empty space has grown dramatically. Now children and adults are being told that if the Earth surface is a model of the atem’s surface then look inside an imaginary football at the center of Earth and we’re looking into the fuzzy world of warks. 1.4 1.5. Yikes, even more empty space to explain. Shortly we’re not just going to explode those  ad-hoc analogies, but we will conceptually also explode 1 or 2 warks for your benefit.

Back in the days when Pythagoras, Theano and their 400 international students consolidated the foundations of  western civilization, the secret knowledge of the subatomic structure had to be kept confined well inside the mystery schools and there were 3 or 4 well hidden sets of manuscripts so as to protect that knowledge. Since EDB published his book on “Principles of Light and Color”0.8, that knowledge was at last released in drip feed mode with a further drip-feed made available in 1950 with the book “Philosopher’s Stone” 0.10  by HTL.Shortly, you’re  gonna see how the theory of hylozoics easily fills up that seemingly empty space.


We’re getting our message across to you during the next few days and we expect that your training period goes well and and that in around 9 months time,  the 60+ teachers here will be more than ready to spread this message on your own home planets. In that process, it will be so vital to help your students overcome the powerful discomfort of [cognitive dissonance]1.6.
Here we explore the many faces of reacting to conspiracy theories.


TRUE                                                those who know the conspiracy to be mostly fact
FALSE                                               those who know the alleged conspiracy to be mostly untrue

FALSE FLAG                                     those who know/ believe the alleged conspiracy to be a false flag
RIDICULE                                         those who ridicule the false flag theory

OPEN                                                unsure but open to looking at honest investigation
CLOSED                             closed to honest debate and analysis [cognitive dissonance]

if conspiracy theory is known to be factually TRUE
DECEIVE                                          deliberately deceiving the listeners
TRUTHER                                         proclaiming the conspiracy is true

if conspiracy theory is known to be factually FALSE
DECEIVE                                          deliberately deceiving the listeners that it’s true
TRUTHER                                         proclaiming the conspiracy is false

Many students will be reticent to dive into the center of the sip so early on, so we propose you use some material that is more familiar to them in order to soften up the cognitive dissonance that could otherwise jeopardize their progress. Exposing the lies and deception inherent within the legends that they have grown up with since childhood will have a powerful effect at dismantling some of that cognitive dissonance that is sure to crop up in the early stages of discovery.

For example we will now show how to defuse a lot of that the psychological discomfort by showing you how we interpret these 2 of those stuperfamous legends – the legend about the most protected golden apples of the 3rd labor of Hercules and the most censured apple of the Eden legend.


First let’s review chapter 3 verse 4 of genesis in the official church version of your hebrew bible. Here is my paraphrase of the translation that has been handed down to us:

The chief of the school of magic in the garden of eden has 2 faces and 2 voices the serpent face and the lordgodface

And the woman said unto the serpent face of the chief of the school of magic, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

But of the fruit of the pomegranate tree which is in the midst of the garden, your lordgod face has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, unless you have gone through the proper initiation rites of our school, lest ye die.

And the serpent face said unto the woman. your 5d-humon self shall surely never die:

For my lordgod face doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be able to become demigods like us, knowing good and evil. However it is critical to successfully perform the initiation rites of the school if you want to continue to operate in your 4d-emotional garments.

And when the woman saw that the pomegranate tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, forgetting about the warning from the chief of the school of magic, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

And the eyes of them both were opened when seeing and understanding the internal structure of the fruit

However they had behaved unlawfully ‘cos they did not take seriously the need to undergo the tests of initiation and for this serious mistake they would have to wear 3d-coats of skin which are programmed to die within 3 generations.

21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the chief make 3d-coats of skins and clothed them.

22 And the lordgod face said, Behold, these humons has become as one of us having to navigate flimsy 3d-skins like us, to be tested in their discernment of good [pro-dez] and evil [anti-dez] : and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the fig tree of life unlawfully, and eat, they must be banished to the less hospitabale hinterlands beyond Babylonia and Chaldea so that they may truly be tested in the ways of dez.

23 Therefore the lordgodface of the chief highpriest of the school spoke and  sent them forth from the garden of Eden

This is my liberal paraphrase of what the original text looked like before Eusebios invented his perverted inversions & redactions.

As part of the testing how to discern pro-dez from anti-dez, humons who have not yet discovered agap’e love are vulnerable to the manipulation and mind-control [MK] by the adels. That manipulation is not something that they will easily give up.

Now I skip to verse 22 with another paraphrase: 
[And after Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and began to understand the symbology therein, angelgod g46.0, the sponsor of Eve to talk to them
Angelgod 6.0g:  “behold, Adam & Eve, now that you have woken up to the possibility to attain the  secret knowledge like the initiates of the school do, and attain the powers of  manifestation, we must caution you as follows:  as you learn control of the 4d-emotions and upgrade your emotions to exclusively [4.1z and 4.2z],  practice constant contact with us and we’ll  teach you in the ways of agap’e love.

With practice and loyalty to  us, you will learn to attain sustained contact with us and so you will see beyond their temptations and false promises of the adels. These falsegods will continue to attempt to manipulate those who are stuck on the lower emotional regions. Your learning process is long and arduous and for that you must leave the garden. Outside the garden, you can learn by your prescribed method which is trial and error, continuous effort and toil – sorry but that’s the way of dez but know that once you reach the higher emotional levels you will be able to make conscious contact with us. Until then we must keep a low profile.

Once out of the garden you will forget this conversation until you reach those high grades 4.1 and 4.2.

But even when you do reach the higher emotional realm, still beware –  the falsegods will continue to attempt to trick and trap you just like they confused you about whether to taste and decode the interior  of the pomegranate. ”]        

  • sayings from Christos – the world teacher [mentor of Yashua/ Jesus]
  • sayings of Yashua [Jesus]
  • original text from the authors
  • true sayings quoted from the Gnostic Orders
  • inversions and perversions from Eusebios
  • esoteric interpretations of the hidden symbology
  • esoteric interpretations of the parables for the masses

And to celebrate the great forgery, one of the most nefarious and most secret fraternities called  the Skull and Bones – adopted [# 322] as its piracy symbol  yep that infamous chapter 3 verse 22 of genesis of the bible  – poking fun at the the general population who have not yet cottoned on to the fact that they are telling us in plain sight how they have meticulously perpetuated the deception executed by their hero Eusebios. The adels have managed to fool the greater part of public opinion into considering that the serpent gods are one size fits all and always work against humanity. In fact serpent gods have the knowledge how to manifest and this can be used for good or bad – the crunch issue is is what intention is being used. We are told the “lordgod” who advises against tasting the fruit is a jealous god and we must ask jealous of who or of what? Jealous of the superior reach of their pdel adversaries who enjoy sustained contact with the 6d realm of agap’e and wisdom. In the cosmic rule book [chapter 8]  we see that one of the 6 universal duties of the humon on the right path is to explicitly avoid avarice, envy and jealousy.  

Here I take this opportunity to engage your musical ears by taking the cue again from the antics of the Christian forger in chief. Here’s the link. I invite you to listen along with me while visualizing my paraphrases and revamped 3-way dialog between 5.0j-George talking to 5.0iBill aka macca2 [successor to Paul One 1947-1966] and 6.0g George’s angelgod and sponsor.
click here for the the background story1.7

click here for1.8 While My Guitar Gently Weeps By George and Eric Clapton

Here’s an extract from the magazine GUITAR LOVER in 1964
1964 George says “ While John and Paul are making up new tunes I can thoroughly enjoy myself just doodling around with a guitar for a whole evening. I’m fascinated by new sounds I can get from different instruments I try out. Just call me a guitar fanatic…and I’ll be satisfied.”

George explains: “I had a copy of the ‘I Ching – The Book Of Changes.‘ In the West we think of coincidence as being something that just happens – it just happens that I am sitting here and the wind is blowing my hair, and so on. But the Eastern concept is that whatever happens is all meant to be, and that there’s no such thing as coincidence – every little item that’s going down has a purpose….The idea was in my head when I visited my parents’ home in the North of England. I decided to write a song based on the first thing I saw upon opening any book – as it would be relative to that moment, at that time. I picked up a book at random, opened it – saw ‘gently weeps’ – then laid the book down again and started the song.

The original lyrics that were later dropped….are denoted by these brackets < >
I’ve revamped the lyrics into a 3-way dialog.

Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: I look at you all, see the love there that’s sleeping [ waiting to be awakened ]

5.0j-George: [oh yeah angelgod dear and ] While my guitar gently weeps [for Paul One who is now over on your side]
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping [
the chores and our earthly duties must be done ]

Still my guitar gently weeps
I don’t know why nobody told you
[earnest seeking is a necessary part of the process ]
How to unfold your love
[ unfold the 12 petals of the lotus chakra1.9]
[addressed to Bill aka Paul McCartney-2] I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you
[indoctrination by self-proclaimed-authorities, parents and educators]

Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: I look at the world and I know it’s turning [via the immutable laws of life and laws of nature ]
5.0j-George: While my guitar gently weeps

Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: < “Problems we sow are the troubles we’re reaping,” >  [ trial and mostly error]
<“I look at the trouble and hate that is raging ”> 

5.0j-George: With every mistake we must surely be learning [ indeed trial & mostly error and tabs are kept via the immutable cosmic law ]
Still my guitar gently weeps

[addressed to Bill:  Well Bill = Macca2]…I don’t know how you were diverted [ the allure of the false promise of lasting fame, glory and wealth ] You were perverted too [ fame, glory and wealth bring us great temptations ]  
I don’t know how you were inverted [ disconnecting from one’s conscience is a tragedy ] No one alerted you  

Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: I look at you all, see the love there that’s sleeping [just requires the correct nudge to awaken it ]<LOVE version: I look from the wings at the play you are staging.>

5.0j-George: While my guitar gently weeps

Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: Look at you all Still my guitar gently weeps [losing loved ones is always painful]                                                             
5.0j-George &
Angelgod 6.0g sponsor of George: Oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, ooh

The great deception goes on but with the ramping up of ray 7, that ray of discernment that so helps us with methodology and the ability to think in systems, we are at last making big inroads into their layers of deceipt and skullduggery. Almost 1700 years after the greatest forgery of all time, the annual crop of 10,000 initiates continues from the secret societies of Skull & Bones & their affiliates. Those intiates and their billionaire friends still seek to maintain their possibility to manipulate and exploit the masses.  So that’s why I say the most “censured” legend of Eden.//


/p Now let’s look at that other famous legend called “the 12 labors of Hercules”. In his 3rd labor undertaken in the sign of Gemini. H was tasked to seek out the golden apples from the paradise-like garden of Hesperides. These golden apples would  afford him the secret knowledge of dez. On the way he has to undergo 5 challenges – to symbolize the needed mastery over our 5 bodies as the path of dez dictates.
1) [3d-body] Nereus [the legendary spouse of Doris] was tracking H’s progress and dropped an obscure hint about how to find the apples  but H was not able to decipher the code. The analogy is that most hints and clues come to us via 3d, for example “chance” meetings, chance books turning up in our vicinity, messages and synchronicities that are meant to get noticed but ofttimes go unnoticed as new contacts appear out of the blue.

 2) [4d-body] emotional: H met an adversary in the shape of a serpent and successfully overcame it by lifting it high up into the air away from its familiar earth. The analogy is the mastery of the glamor of 4d-illusion by exposing it to the light.

3) 5d-lowest-body [intellect & classified]: H met Busiris the great mentalist1.10 who had control over 4d matter via the highest mental body level 5.3. H was mesmerized by this power and needed over a year of reflection to realize that he was being duped by the master dark magician of the [dark magick Lodge [darklodge aka DML].

4) 5d-[body#2] controlling the lower 3 bodies; H came across the plight of Prometheus whose etheric liver was being continually damaged by vultures. He contemplated well on figuring out how to drive the vultures away. This lesson is about helping out a friend in need. This is a practice for the more challenging next test.

5) 5d-[causal-body]: Aka soul, this body has been donated by angelgod and remains under angelgod’s charge until such time as humon has gained enough knowledge, agap’e and wisdom to construct a soul of their own. H met Atlas [nephew of Doris] travelling under a stupendous burden on his shoulders. H was filled with so much compassion that he forgot his mission of seeking the apples and  rather became focussed on how he could alleviate the burden and so allow Atlas a much needed rest.  Here we have the punchline of the lesson. The act of forgetting his own personality issues and rather helping in what appears to be an emergency situation was actually solving H’s challenge  in the right way and showed H how this solution freed Atlas up so that with the superior knowledge of Atlas about where the golden apples could be found, Atlas went off in the direction of Hesperides and soon was back with H giving him the unexpected gift of the most elusive of apples. That’s gotta be an example of instant plus-karma payback.

This analogy is one of the important paradoxes of dez: by releasing and letting go of our atttachments actually causes certain conditions to be met that enables some of our forsaken desires to become satisfied in an unexpected way when beneficial to our dez. It’s the old adage that the process of letting go actually puts the pivotal wheels in motion to allow unexpected gifts to land onto our lap. It seems like the more we focus on a 3d-desire or 4d-desire, some kind of dynamic is set up that actually repels that desire from manifesting. But as soon as we can drop the strong  attachment to that desire and instead trust more the universe to bring us what we need, the magnetics of the situation can easily shift from propel to attract mode. All of us here at the conference have personally experienced at least 4 or 5 significant events over our lifetimes were this dynamic could be clearly observed.  

In the legend of Hesperides, the special tree of knowledge was guarded by the 3 singing goddesses of the evening, Aegle [ “dazzling light”], Hesperia [“sunset glow”] and Arethusa all with angelic voices. The lesson is meant to show us that we can gain access to the causal body when we have sufficiently proved that our motives are tuned into the welfare of others we come in contact with and are able to help.

Now that we’ve challenged some dearly held illusions, we are ready to unveil more about bb#1.

1 3.6 2:1 PLATIMUM ATOMS X 27,000

When the d1sip is birthed from the oceanic unconscious matter, it becomes the smallest form and we are part of that world of forms. In fact everything, galaxies, solar systems, planets and humons are built around the universal prototype of nucleus aka d1wark aka d1atem aka d1sip.

Here is the best 3d-model of atoms scientists can come up with in the year 2013. This is a model of how 27,000 atoms behave like a co-ordinated swarms of bees or starlings.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has long been used to image dislocations in materials and high-resolution electron microscopy can reveal dislocation core structures in high detail particularly in annular dark-field mode. A TEM image, however, represents a two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional (3D) object. X-ray topography can image dislocations in three dimensions, but with reduced resolution. Using weak-beam dark-field TEM and scanning TEM, electron tomography has been used to image 3D dislocations at a resolution of about five nanometres. In this movie clip 1.11 we can see the cluster of 27,000 platinum atems gyrating in the same fashion as Stephen Phillips shows in his animation of the singular atem 1.12 as viewed by EDB, AB and CWL. We cover EDB’s sketch in the next segment and we cover the sketch of AB and CWL in segment 15 5.4 3:6.  The picture in the platinum animation expands to 37.9 million atems. [156 * 9 *27,000]
Now for 3 versions of the most under-rated sketch in existence on all 6 of your planets.


Notice the sketch of edition 1 with the conical funnel running down the center. The more solid an atom is, the more pronounced will be the funnel keeping it in shape. Sketch from edition 2 denotes 14 color codes across the 10 strings. The middle  version is very exact showing how the 2 sets of whorls exactly turn at the bottom – also the heart shape is very clear.

Yes PY please. //


/PY: Question 1) Why is it that on Earth, we know so little about the lives of 2 of the people who have published  most info about hylozoics and the nature of reality. I’m speaking about HTL and EDB and question 2) why so many years of a gap between the 2nd edition of 1896 and the publication of the english edition of “Philosopher’s Stone” in 1985  – in other words 89 years and counting.//

[Edwin]: Are you kidding me PY, the renaissance had to wait for 2000 years before picking up on the PY101 manuscripts – parden the pun but yes I know that you expect action as one epoch morphs into the next. We know that HTL was well aware how the great causal souls get ridiculed and their personal lives are intruded upon – in an attempt to discredit them and so distract people from their knowledge of reality. In 1896, it was much easier for EDB to maintain a level of privacy that would be so difficult in today’s world of the paparazzi or even in the 60’s when HTL’s books were in limited circulation.  Another point to consider is that those causal selves with superior knowledge about reality function much more efficiently when out of the public glare.

On the 2nd question, you well know that HTL published in Swedish in January of 1950, the year that the aquarian age officially started – that was so symbolic  – it was a clear message that we do everything possible to keep to the timetables of the 2,500 year epochs. Notice how symbolic was the timing of the Swedish version of HTL’s Philosopher’s Stone being published in Jan 1950 and then 11 years later with its less heavily esoteric sister “Knowledge of Reality” published in Swedish in 1961. Those were like 2 trial balloons. Fast forward another 18 years and it was decided to publish the lesser of the duet in English in 1979 and HTL did not live to see that event from his 3d-vantage point.

But I can tell you HTL sat up and took notice with his characteristic Swedish reserve when his flagship  print-copy offering “PhS” exploded onto the English speaking world in 1985 a full 35 years after its Swedish unveiling. I suppose he could have predicted the same silent treatment from the libraries in the english speaking world as he had encountered all those years ago in Sweden, the entrenched hostility among librarians that kept his flagship safely hidden from public eyes. And yes indeed in the english libraries it was considered the norm to have PhS sitting on the librarian’s book shelf waiting to be processed and it’s no exaggeration to say that sometimes that wait would be 29+ years before PhS would move on from that private archive in the library or be bought up by an admirer.  

Fast forward to today and we witness desperate statements by desperate TV and press editors to continue their policies of deception, still unaware that the 7th ray is relentlessly ramping up its gifts of discernment and the 6th ray is fast losing its grip to keep people indoctrinated into staying loyal to news outlets that will give only the globalist establishment  side of the story. These desperate measures to blatantly bamboozle and deceive can only end with desperate results for those still ensnared by the fading 6th ray that used to ensure lifelong loyalty to childhood indocrinations.

But back to the question PY about the 89 year gap. The bottom line is that EDB and HTL are both gratified as so are we to see their flagship bodies of work are both freely available on the internet and no longer dependent on the whims of the librarians to move them into the public domain out of their “waiting to process” bookshelf. Now let’s see what traction the artifacts of EDB and HTL get in the coming months and years not to mention how you 60+ teachers will disseminate the 2021 version of the ancient knowledge..

In section 0 10 we covered the quantum leaps that got us to the current interation of the theory of nez 3.101. We suggest our latest theory 3.101 is the best available so far and that means it should explain the highest number of previously inexplicable concepts. One of these is the double slit experiment covered in 0 9 but we invite other competing theories to do a better job. 

 What I’m trying to show you here is that humOns have great flexibility to make serious mistakes in large chunks of the epoch but when it comes to the changing of the [zodiac] guard, we can operate with military precision. Even though the books of Edwin and Heinrik flew mostly under the radar, they were noticed by sufficiently enough people to keep us on track with the changeover timetable. Let’s see how we can gather up some more momentum as the knock-on effects of the conference play out.

The changing of the zodiac guard I talk about is the 7th ray of methods, systems, discernment taking over from the 6th ray of blind faith in religious and scientific dogmas. Here’s a summary of key events in the epochal transition from our perspective of incoming cosmic energies.

The 1st overlap period prior to official switch:

                   1888: the 7th ray enters slowly at first until

                   1950[January] : the tipping point where the delicate balance has been reached
The 2nd overlap period:

                   1950 [February] until

                   2013: the 7th ray has pipped its nose out in front demonstrated by the loss of monopoly
                                experienced by the mockin stream media1.13.

This means every 7 years, 2020, 2027, etc,  we have a noticeable ramp up of the predominance of the 7th over the 6th. Last year on 3rd November we had another considerable ramp up of ray 7 in the form of a sting operation called the USA presidential selection. So in fact this conference builds on that ramp up and is a portend for the next ramp up which will help the ongoing  weakening of the mesmerism of the mockingbird media, TV, press 7 social,  over a critical mass of humons. As the cosmic controllers tweak the relative strengths of the 6th and 7th rays, so too are tweaked the all important ratios of the incoming souls – the clans of  optimistic pdez types like all of you here – against the clans of pessimistic adez vandal types who are aggressive hostile to humanity and their fakegods from the darklodge of the adez persuasion who are eager to destroy the old structures led by figures who also show so little appreciation for and so much disregard for the all-important process of dez. Those under the sway of the darklodge are waiting in the wings with their plans to suggest their order-out-of-chaos-program hiding the fact that they have largely engineered the chaos in the first place. In this, we have much work to do in helping large clans to overcome their cognitive dissonance and see through the desperate attempts of national tv stations and 95% of national press to cover up for the deception and subterfuge..

 It reminds me of the old theory of repeated cycles every 3 or 4 generations [approx. 100 – 150 years] where the revolutionaries and monarchs of the French revolution of the 1790’s were destined to swop roles in the current yellow vest movement where the former revolutionaries who took control but abused their power are now back in the reigns of power and this time having to fight the new crop of revolutionary yellow vests.This is called the cycles of life where we keep getting to swop roles but so often in combat mode. So in one life we get to be the insensitive bosses oppressing the workers and then fast forward 3 or 4 generations to the next life when we get to play the workers attempting to overthrow the insensitive bosses.  At some point in time the actor will get bored playing the same kind of combat role and instead become a force that can tap into the divine plan and align to that plan as shown. Typically an actor will play each part many times before becoming bored with the repetition. When that happens he will move towards the Socratic method of trying to reconcile the polar opposites instead of playing one pole and then its opposite.//

/PY: Thank you Edwin the mill of god grinds slowly outside of epoch changes – it looks like we’re operating on 2 overlap periods of 100 years on either side of the official cut.//

/Ø:  Yep PY I would say that’s a good tally for the transition pisces to aquarius 3 gens of 35.7 years  equals 107 years. //

1 3.6 2:4 WARK=ATEM=SIP

/p Thank you Edwin, I see that you tied up a lot of loose ends for PY. Now I press on ..When we introduce new concepts we love to use familiar terms and analogies as an entry point. Now we leverage the word subquark which is the constituent of the quark  that was discovered in 1968. So we invite you to join us with James Joyce in the process whereby I came up with the word wark as one of our favorite synonyms for the sip aka subquark.  There are 3 quarks in a neutron or proton and there are 3 subquarks in a quark. We take our cue from JJ again,  the inventor of 100’s of new words often based on the strong Dublin/ Irish  accent.
The  verse that captured Murray’s  attention way back in 1964 when he postulated the new particle and toyed with the new name of quork for it  was …
 Three quarks for Muster Mark1.14

Murray liked this verse ‘cos it was so close to his 1st choice of word “quork”. When he saw that James juxtaposed the # 3 beside quarks , well that probably clinched the 1 letter change and James can now get most of the credit and acclaim. In actual fact JJ may have had in his mind 3 quarts of beer. We can guess that Mister [“Muster” in the Dublin dialect] Mark was ordering another 3 quarts for himself and his 2 mates at the bar. When speech  gets a bit slurred it’s possible James heard quark instead of  quart. Everything ties in logically as it’s not too unlikely that everyday Irish serious beer-drinkers are almost on a par [quart = 95% of a liter] with their Oktoberfest German cousins who for one month a year like to use 1-liter steins.

Now let’s dissect the next piece of JJ’s unorthodox prose which equally lets us transfer acclaim over to JJ.  
 Hohoho ho, moulty Mark; You’re the rummest old rooster ever flopped out of Noah’s ark
And you think you’re cock of the wark1.14

Well moult is the skin that the snake sheds  to unveil his new skin, rather like the way a wark will shed its old skin and reveal another skin – an envelope for its smaller inner warks.

Rum as well as referring to the sailor’s favorite drink also means strange and sure enough that ties in to the names of the 6 quarks – up, down, top, bottom strange and charmed and by implication for every strange quark we also have 3 strange warks.

Flip-flop means to change suddenly just like when 1 wark transmutes to another as we shall soon see
cock of the wark sounds like Cock of the walk [sounds like wark] means someone who is over confident with a sense of superiority lording it over others also cock of the hoop]. Well indeed we could say that inner 60-wark lords it over its outer 50-wark which exists purely because of 60g’s goodwill that it should exist.
and we can also say that this is one of a humon’s biggest lessons to learn.

We like to use the runners’ and joggers’ jargon of [pb and sb] where pb is the their personal best time from all runs so far and sb if their seasonal  best time so far this season. In the world of dez a season is a lifetime. For those of us who are not yet  [causal-selves] – nez levels 5.2 11- 5.0 10], looking at someones circumstances can be so misleading in that homeless person’s apparent sb may be 2 nezlevels below his pb, and someone born into a privileged environment and seems blessed may have  badly misused his/her gifts and also may be  2 nedev levels below their pb. Indeed outward appearances can be deceptive. So we caution you all , those of you who not yet causal selves – of being able to judge a person’s pb within 2 or 3 levels which can equate to a series of 100+ lifetimes. 


Let’s look at 3 terms that we use interchangeably for the smallest independent particle before we leave the subject of James Joyce’s penchant for dealing with the limitations of the sparse vocab that we moderns must contend with. Atem is the most intuitive synonym for wark. So many scientists and philosophers have used the chemical atom to indicate what they thought to be the sip so it’s only fitting that that the real sip should have phoenetical affinity to the long-vaunted atom.


Here we give you more context and examples of what function a wark can serve. In  the sequence d1.0 to d49.6
u denotes orbital wark, n denotes a u-wark serving as nucleus.

d1: smallest sip [u1, n1], primordial d1-wark, multi-purpose for every form in the cosmos

d43.0 – 44.0:  realm of solar experts
d43.0: home base for evolutionary monads

d46.0 aka 6d realm of 6d-angelgods, 6d kgods and 6d pgods
5.0x [5.0i, 5.0j]: human monad aka j47.0, i47.0 or x47.0
5.0m  = group animal-monad

4.0m = group vegetable-monad
3.0m = group mineral-monad
3.6u largest densest atem orbital around 3.6n

3.6n largest densest atem as nucleus with 48 orbitals

You might agree with us that up until today in this part of the solar system, the subject of sips is a highly neglected one and shows us the importance of qualification if we are gonna make ourselves understood. Many of these will be covered shortly.

1 3.6 2:6 HYLOZOICS

Now that we’ve covered the origin of “wark”, we can now get a feel for its versatility with some visuals. Soon we will show you what 5.0x looks like in its pomegranate atire. Pythagoras was the first one in recent times to use the word monad to denote the primordial monads centered on one of the 49 pdims  primary dims that form an unbroken chain from d1 thru d49. Those 49 atems are called primary dims. The first 43 of those monads may be expanded outwards to build 2 secondary molekular nuclei for example the nucleus n1 expands to build nuclei n1.1 and n1.2 around itself.  [see APPENDIX 0.3].

Our immortal humon-self weighs in on dims d1.0 thru  d47.0. This knowledge was called hylozoics 1.15 practised by hylozoistsand was kept very much under wraps inside the Pythagorean schools until 1950 when the Aquarian epoch burst on the scene with its powerful 7th ray which triggers a much higher level of discernment and organizational skills. That was the same year that hylozoics gained a fillip albeit only in the swedish speaking worlds. The english speaking world had to wait a full generational period of 36 years before that fillip could be shared to the wider world outside Scandanavia. Nowadays for espousing hylozoics, instead of being ridiculed or worse, we can expect to get the silent treatment and to be banned from many social media forums. These unfamiliar concepts have a way of causing much discomfort for many social media admins who are unwilling to hold up their vested interests to the light of competing theories.


So we are becoming well acquainted with the enigmatic sip aka wark in its 171 shapes and sizes. It’s shaped like a heart. In the case of solid and liquid atoms, it breathes in though the central conical funnel [nose and spleen] as it keeps its 10 strings in shape around that central cone. In the other atems  we could consider a virtual type of cone that has most elastic properies.

The pdims 1.0 thru 43.0 and their 2 secondary dims 1.1+1.2 etc correspond to the 3 major whorls of the respective nucleus.

The pdims 44.0 thru 49.0 and their respective first secondary dims 44.1, 44.2 etc correspond to the 3 major whorls and the first of the minor whorls.

The pdims 44.1 thru 44.6 all the way to 49.1 thru 49.6 correspond to the other 6 minor whorls of each respective atem.

Each atem breathes in cosmic-chi, solar-stimuli and planetary- prana through
a)  its major 3 tubes aka major [major-whorls]
b) its 6 lower tubes are dealing with intra dimensional issues [intra cellular]
c) it’s 4th string – a clean-up function similar to our lymphatic systems.
d) along its 4 spiral ducts wrapped around each tube – flows our human type of nez analogous to our thinking and emotional apparatus.

Now I’ll splash a close-up and my hybrid edit of the 2 famous sketches that Edwin commissioned for his first edition in 1878 and then again commissioned again for his second edition published 18 years later in 1896.



  • there  are 7 electrical colors.
    [ EDB defines 6 grades of electricity 1) frictional, 2) chemico, 3) galvano, 4) magneto, 5) chromo and 6) psycho] 1.16
  • first tendril-like duct #1 that spirals around a string as being analogous to the galaxy’s movement around its center,  then
  • duct #2 that spirals around duct #1 as mimicking our sun and the solar system around the pleiades,
  • duct #3 that spirals around duct #2 as a mimic to our very own planet in our spiralling orbit around the sun.
  • duct #4 [the finest]  that spirals around duct #3 and that would mimic  our moon around us.

Because we are progressing on the 4th planet through the 4th round of the 4th aeon in the 4th kingdom, only those 4 ducts as so far available to the majority of humons.  However as the race #5 engineers already kick started race #5, 77,000 years ago, we can expect that in due course duct 5 will open up for humons with a whole host of new possibilities but first you surely have our hands full into getting to grips with the appropriate selection of the 4 ducts.

The usage of the whorls and ducts are spelt out as follows:

On 3d: All of us are engaged in navigating all 4 bottom whorls and all 4 ducts that spiral around them
On 4d-[emotions]: Most of us are engaged in the 2 minor whorls [whorls #7 and #8] of the 4d-warks and the 4th duct that spirals around them. Perhaps 20% of us are working to attain nez level on the whorls #6  and #5 that will allow contact with the 5.1z which can link to agap’e on 6d providing the motivation is aligned to 5.1.
On 5d [intellect, classified]: Most of us are engaged in the bottom 2 minor whorls of the 5d-warks and a mix of all ducts that spiral around them. This sums it up.

Humons are furthest advance along the path of developing our 3d-body and least advanced on the path of developing our lowest 5d-body. In fact the 3d-body has already been perfected over the period 4  million years ago up til 20,000 years ago when subraces #4 n #5 settled along respective sides of the caucausus mountain range. Around 5% are learning or have learnt to dominate 4d by 5.3z or 5.4z. The top echelon of this 1% make up the two opposing humon elites – the adels and the pdels -the forces working to keep dez on track [the pdez forces] and those adez forces working to counteract dez by most easily manipulating those humons on the low and grossest band of 4d – 4.3z – 4.6z. Those adels are in the same business of manipulate those who have progressed to 5.4 and 5.3 but are still stuck on operating on the full spectrum of emotions.

You probably have guessed by now that most of your challenges and experience are centered around strings #7 and #8 of the emotional whorls corresponding to nez levels 4.4z and 4.3z.

Because we are progressing through the 4th round of  7 rounds where each round takes an aeon, the majority of humons have access only to 4 spirals around the appropriate whorls. So far you are approx. 320 million years through the allocation of one aeon aka 617 million years.

Every upgrade that we can make to the light [color] quality of the atems flowing inside our atomic tubes and ducts increases our capacity to upgrade the sound [vibration] of the atems in those same tubes and ducts leading to an upgrade in self-consciousnez of those atems – helping us to cooperate with the cosmic plan.
Here’s another analogy with how the fluid circulate in the blood vessels.


On the left we see how the 3d cellular fluid moves around the body.
On the right we see how the smaller subatomic atoms enter the tubes and ducts of the larger atems from the outside. What we do not see is the smaller subatomic atems flowing inside the ducts and tubes but we ask you to visualize that as well.

Every upgrade made to the light and color quality of the atems flowing inside the tubes and ducts gives the owner a corresponding ability to upgrade the neZ of those atems. In segment 3 we’ll show you how light, color and neZ form an inseparable unity in the cosmos , each with their distinct functionalities.


As  with everything we can gain insight by breaking the subject matter into 3 parts and so for the om symbol that gives us

  • greek letter #3 alpha = first cause = motive power to keep the matrix of matter alive
  • greek letter #5 epsilon = birds eye view of the wark in rotation = matrix of matter – the 10 tubes are supplied via cosmic chi, solar chi from the sun and planetary chi from earth – see the animation in the 2nd clip in the next section.
  • greek #3 letter gamma = the ducts that spiral around the 10 closed loops / strings carrying humon nez

See segment
17 5.3 3:5  for the significance of 153


Here’s an interesting juxtaposition of heart-shaped wark and wark-shaped heart.
A picture containing animal, photo, sitting, table

Description automatically generated

Here’s the first clip showing an x ray-animation of the structure of a cow heart 1.17.
We’ll skip to 11 mins for the 2 min segment.

Now we’ll show an animation of the helical movements of a 3.6-wark 1.18.

So now let’s please take 5 mins or so to review the 2 clips.
Notice the similarities and then we can begin to realize how all models naturally avail of the intrinsic structure and movements of the sip.

On the second clip, you may be able to see or visualize the first major whorl of the 3 major whorls [seen in the thick white strings] bend at the bottom into the uppermost curve before it spirals upwards within the central caduceus formed by 2½ complete twists in opposite directions of the set of seven minor [thinner] whorls and the set of three major whorls. I suggest that for most of you here today that insight will take more than 30+ intense observation and visualizations to accomplish. The middle sketch in section 1 3.6 2:2 gives a clear view of how the major and minor whorls wrap around the central axis.

OK, your 5 minutes are up. Any questions?//

/CJ: Am I right in thinking that the primordial matter inside and outside the cosmos, in which the wark moves, also moves a bit like how the oceans and seas move in tidal fashion.//

/Ø: Indeed CJ, the primordial motion or dynamis as Pythagoras called it, can on demand birth more quarks of each of the 49 pdim types and also of the other 122 sdim types. Just as as every day our human bodies must recycle 1% of cells that become worn out, abnormal or cancerous, so too must 1% of our atomic warks be recycled from the inexhaustible store. That means in 100 days we have rebuilt from the bottom up.  Now it’s time to unfold our 3rd building-block concept and for that the apple from Grenada is key.//