October 6, 2018

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DECODE 32 ver 36 the full visual of the 210 stone courses in 7 parts

23-dec-18 Decode32 = decode28 + 56 days [first discovery of 210 map]

Decode 32 = decode 31 + 9 days

This map of the upper 129 courses needed a lot of focus cos of the very small thicknesses involved. I started off counting downwards, but that didn’t work so well cos I was adrift 2 or 3 courses from where I should have been, so I started to count upwards from by last base point of level 85 of 8d and after a few attempts I found my way to the top. On the way up, I found that the easiest way to work my way up was to divide the stone courses into groups of 21 – mapping to 7 g-levels [gradient levels aka dimensions]. I further divided the 21 levels into the upper 9 [3 dimensions] and the lower 12 stone courses [4 dimensions]
Since on the upper 43 levels only 3 stone courses are needed to map the 3 strings of those warks. This is because the other 7 strings are only needed starting from level g44 downward.

Here is the visual.

So let’s zoom in on the point of transition from 3 to 10 strings….

… the wark of g42 is also called the 100-wark with 3 major strings. Next it builds around itself 48 extra 100-warks and those 49 get enclosed to form the 90-wark which will form the nucleus of g43 aka 90-wark

… the 90wark is a nucleus of the solar system, there is a 90-wark allocated as the nucleus of each protogod, demigod, human, animal monad, vegetable-monad, mineral monad.
Now notice the transition in building method. Up to this point each g level had just to concern itself with the next outer level ie 100-wark aka g42-wark builds g43-wark aka 90-wark which then builds 80-wark which will form the nucleus of the 8th dimension.

.. now unlike 100-wark, 90-wark is tasked with building the solar system and that means it will need 6 subdivisions within its home-base the 9th dimension. It has already created the 8-wark from building another 48 90-warks around it, and all these warks could be of the lowest 9th dimensional quality.
Now the 90-wark has to perform a similar building process, by attracting another 48 90-warks, but this time the consciousness level needs to be of the 91-level. See here for visual. Notice the similar building process for the 80-wark and the 91-wark.

Once the 91-wark is built, the parallel building method is over and the sub-divisional building does not need any 90-warks. Instead it proceeds as follows..
When building the 6 subdivisions, those warks with the corresponding quality of consciousness will be used for each subdimension.

Eg the 91-wark will comprise of 90-warks at the 91 level, the 92-wark will be comprised of 91-warks at the 92-quality and so on.

The central 91-wark [90.1] must attract 48 other 91warks [90:2-49] to itself, then when these 49 are enclosed into a discrete envelope, we call it the 92-wark [92.1], the nucleus for 92-ark …. The sequence continues until the 96-wark is built. We have almost reached the outer extremities of the solar system.. the 96-wark [96.1] needs to attract another 48 96-warks [96:2-49] around it, but it does not need to form the nucleus of another outer level… We have now reached the outer limits to 9th dimension.

This process will be repeated for dimensions 8d, 7d, 6d, 5d, 4d and lastly 3d.

Here’s a copy of how 6d is built.


1) Today is the 12th day of the 13-day blueprint trek [period]. It was 9 days since the last decode, so I have the 2 numbers that I used to map out the 129 upper levels. The 9 and 12 each are multiples of the the 3 and 4 – the subdivsions represented in each diamond shape in intro 5 of 7

2) It’s been 56 days since I first realized how the 129 [43 x 3] stone course map to the 43 g-levels, and it’s taken me all this time to chart it out visually. Well the 56 is interesting, cos it gives us the full reach of the 210 levels as follows

The 49 g-levels take up 129 for the first 43 and then 60 [6 X 10] for the lower 6 g-levels ie 189.
That leaves us with the 21 levels used to explain the downward path of evolution as shown in intro 6 of 7. Allow me the poetic license to divide these lower 21 stone courses into 7 stages and hey presto  that‘s our 56 ie 43 [x3] + 6 [x10] + 7 [x3]  making the grand total of 210

3) I finished the exact mapping of the 43 g-levels at exactly 43 mins and 1 second past midnight on the 22nd… it’s  taken me another day to finish the visuals for the website.

DECODE-31 subatomic [wark] design in giza
14-dec-18 [decode 30 + 11 days]

14-dec-18 [decode 28 + 60days]
This is a revisit of decode 28 and decode 29. In decode 28 i talked about the conundrum of how to denote the 10 strings.

Visually we know there are 10 strings, 3 major and 7 minor but when we lok at the central part of the wark we see the 7 minor strings sandwiched between the 3 major-negative strings on the top and the 3 major-positive strings on the bottom. In decode 28 i tried to work with the 3:4:3 formation which gave me the 3 major on the top, the 4 minor just underneath and then the 3 minor which were to mirror the 3 major. However at that time i laboured under the illusion that i had only 7 stone courses to play with.

In decode 29 i expanded the giza mapping to have 10 stone levels mapped to 10 strings, but i didn’t revise decode 28 in the light of this new illumination.

So today i finally got the answer how to do it… it means that  instead of considering the bottom 3 minors as the 3 reflections of the 3 majors, i will now consider the top 3 minors as being those reflections. This makes much more sense because the 7 minors stay intact as a unit and instead i have to be content with the 3:3:4:3 formula rather that the 3:4:3 formula that i liked so much.

so to summarize…
3major-negative:4minor:3 minor reflections  now become
3major-negative:3 refections of them:4minors:3major-positive
… even more elegant that the 3:4:3 even if i say so myself…

here we see the visual

At first i struggled to see how the 11 days could fit, then i noticed it was exactly 60 days since i outlined my first attempt to map the strings to the giza stone level and that’s a perfect fit cos the human spectrum has just been expanded to become 30 instead of 27 and that means the 6 solar planes comprise 60 stone courses instead of the previous 54.

DECODE-30 the 36 golden precepts of pythagoras
03-dec-18 [decode 29 + 36 days]
These golden verses of pythagoras aka the world teacher come with the commentaries of Hierocles and have been handed down to us from the french and latin via the original greek.

Hierocles gave us lucid commentaries on the 71 verses. He studied under Plutarch  at Athens in the early 5th century and later went to Alexandria and from there to Constantinople [Istanbul]

in 1707 N. Rowe made an english translation of the Golden Verses from the greek and of the commentaries from the french of Andre Dacier [Paris 1706].
Dacier used J Courtier’s Latin version [Paris 1583], which he cross-referenced with several greek MSS. And here, i’ve updated yet again those translations into modern english with the mathematical format of the alfo theory.

Now they get revamped into modern english with a mathematical terminology from the alfo theory. Pythagoras had to veil a lot of his mathematical knowledge for the general public of the day , but thankfully today we can unveil many of the esoteric aspects.
Theories are all fine and dandy but without practical application, the theories can turn into dormant pages kept under one”s pillow in hope of a better sleep but that’s not the gist of what pythagoras had intended for his readers.

The godeau effect.
Well the 71 verses fit neatly into 36 precepts, so the 36 days of gestation since decode 29 turns out to be an auspicious sync for godeau .

And let’s not forget our parisian connection of 1583 [latin version] syncing with today’s mayan date 83 of spin 8. Well that was an unexpected turn of the godeau, “waiting for godot” was premiered in Paris in 1953.

And then for the doubters there’s 3-dec giving us 3 * 12 and 2018 giving us 2 * 18.

The first 46 verses are very much focused on the day to day practical virtues that we should attend to and the pythagorean oath is taken on verse 47.
Verses 48-71 are focused on the contemplative virtues that can take hold once we have mastered the first 47 practical virtues…

In the hierarchy of dimensions/ gradients, these 3 numbers g46-g48 aka 4d, 5d, 6d are especially significant:

g46=6d=60-66 is the realm of our guardian angel aka our demi-god and supervisor g46.1 [devic branch]

g47=5d=50-56 is the busy realm of the mental and causal, the 2 sectors of the causal soul as it splits into 2 parts for the purposes of incarnation metaphorically speaking: castor the lesser [53-56, 41-46, 31-36] and pollux the greater [50-52] , the gemini twins.

g48=4d=40-56 is the battle ground for most of us comprising the astral-emotional realm.
The 2 lower mental levels are ruled by the unruly emotions, our target is to reach beyond 56/55 in order to start practicing control of those unruly emotions. Once we’ve achieved mastery over them, the big choice comes … are we going to work for the false-god of 53 or establish contact with our demigod on realm 46 aka 6d=60-66 who can show us how to navigate our way around the lofty realms of 51-52.

I found these precepts about 2 years ago, and reading them was then and still is now, a slow process in light of the 435-year old latin translation that formed the basis for the french then english. Many translators like to retain some of the 16th century lingo of the day but not me. But not until now have i made a modern english rendition [alfo-style].

here are the first 14 verses in modern vernacular

DECODE-29 [ver 35.10] change to scale 1:10
28-oct-2018 [decode 28 + 13 days]
I started scaling the giza stone courses around the beginning of 2015.. and that scale was 1:7. With that scale i didn’t venture much into the cosmic realms above stone course 70 [the lower 21 for mineral/ plant/ animal evolution and the 7 * 7 levels for the solar system] ….  those 70 gave me plenty to deal with … and going beyond that to venture into the cosmic levels seemed a bit too daunting until ….

i posed this question to myself on the 28th october 2018
“if the giza builders are so exact, then what is their reason for stopping at course 210 ? “

[actually giza stops at course 203 but we don’t forget about the tantalizing 7 levels that are vacant because of the famous but missing capstone ]..

…. so I went for a hot soak to ponder on the question and around 45 minutes later eureka i had an answer that dovetails into what i know so far…

here’s what i came up with .. to explain the full spectrum of 210 … i had to dispense with the scale of 1:7 that had served me well for 3+  years and instead  i formulated  a mixture of scales 1:3 and 1:10.

What had thrown me off the scent for so long was not really understanding how the 10 strings of the wark are mapped to the 7 subplanes of each gradient/plane/dimension. The insight that provided the key for this decode was realizing that the 3 major whorls/tubes  of the wark have their 3 “minor” reflections [whorls / tubes] among the 7 minor whorls. The word “minor” was the decoy that fooled me for so long … now i don’t see the reflections as “minor” at all… instead i see them as looking after the very important intra-gradient communications, while the 3 major whorls look after the inter-gradient communications. Ok relative to the major they may be “minor”, but still we could argue that in the human realms , the major whorls directing comms with other gradients and their so called “minor” reflections that direct intra-gradient comms – are both equally important in the grand scheme of things.

the so-called “minor” reflections of the 3 major whorls are a central feature of our communication going on within each of the 3 human gradients.. 3d physical, 4d-astral and 5d-mental-causal gradients… and so ended my dismissal of the “extra” 3 strings …. no longer were they at a loose end…

stone courses ….. description …….scale

4 mineral
6 vegetable
11 animal
24 human persona [this incarnation]
5 human cumulative personality
1 human-self
20 demigods … scale 1:10
10 protogods … scale 1:10
3 solargods … scale 1: 3
21 cosmic astral gods … scale 1:3
21 cosmic mental gods … scale 1:3
21 cosmic etheric#4 gods … scale 1:3
60 proteges of cosmic gods … scale 1:3
3 cosmicgods  … scale 1:3

… making a grand total of 210 bingo

to satisfy the optics i had to come with new correlations, hopefully more compelling than the previous correlations steming from the 1:7 scale…
here they are
1) the thickest course #35 = the coarest, basest most emotional level
2) lower astral correlates with extenders on the astral chamber roof
3) low / high emotions color coded
4) intitaition chamber fits into 6d
5) the atomic level of each gradient [top] is colored blue or indigo
6) 3d astral fits inside the astral chamber
7) solar system correlates with top of sound chambers over the initiation chambers
that’s enough to satisfy me for the moment..
now let’s look at the

the 13 day gestation process doesnt speak loudly except for the fact it encompasses 2 of the principle numbers of the decode 10 and 3 …
much more striking is the numerical content of the date
28-oct gives the 10 for oct and another 10 2+8.

calculating the elapsed days since the original message gives 8484 days and this fits in very nicely with the distribution of 210 and the correlation to the tetraktys of pythagoras
21+42+63+84 =210

denoted also like…
84 = solar system
63 = galactic-and-solar-gods
60 = cosmic proteges
3 = cosmic gods

also 210 gives us 3 * 7 * 10 which throws up the 3 principle #’s of the decode.

on the mayan calendar it’s day 47 which is the festival of unity  and gradient 47 [counting from 1] aka 5d=50 [counting upwards from 3d] denotes the highest human level in the hierarchy
so allow me to say the new scaling factors have unified the system to correlate with all 3 * 7 * 10 courses…

the godeau effect also point us back to part of the decode process..
the 3-7-10 sequence mirrors the 10-7-3 sequence as follows

involution process [matter and elemental essence are built outwards]
3 strings of the wark are built outwards to become 7
the 7 are built out to become 10

evolution process [as we outgrow our outer forms and move back inwards]
10 strings get unified into 7
the 7 get unified into the 3

DECODE-28 [ver 34.3] 3+4+3 maps to the 10 strings
15-oct-2018 [decode 27 + 10 days]
Multiple variations of this chart have teased and waylaid me multiple times, from the outset of the alfo-theory. The challenge was how to map the central dimensional wark and its 6 outer sub-dimensions to the intrinsic 10 strings. We have the major 3 strings [outer] and the minor 7 [inner]. The major 3 fit in nicely with the 3 aspects of reality, PXQ [see concept #3] but what about the extra 3 strings that seem extra to the equation. I’m still not 100% clear about how the bottom 3 strings are used, but my best guess is that they are used as INTRA-dimensional reflections of the major 3 which we could call the INTER-dimensional 3, since they protrude outwards and facilitate the joining of warks [of the same dimension] together. The elegant part is that as shown in the diagram below, the first of the major strings on the positive end of the wark [#0] is adjacent to the corresponding minor reflection [#0x] of the primary major string.

Why elegant? well …
string #0 [aspect #1=P] carries the energies of instinct [30], intent [40], identifier [50] , guardianship [60],

string #1 [aspect#2=X] carries the energies of unifier of cells [31], attraction to unity [41], unifier of lotus chakra [51], wisdom+agap’e-love [61],

string #2 [aspect #3=Q]  carries robotic skills [32], empathy, affection [42], synthesizer of 3 lower soul-suits [52] and agap’e-love+wisdom [62].

And even though all 3 are inseparable and mutually interdependent, aspect #1 [P] does hold a certain pre-eminence in the pecking order within PXQ as we ascend upwards or travel inwards along the dimensions.

Here it is…

The color codes of the stone courses denote the relative thicknesses of the stones on that particular level.
For clarity let’s call the strings x0, x1,….x6 as indicated in the diagram. So we can describe some notable color codes as follows:

1) in 3d we are most keenly focussed on 36-33 [all pink]

2) in 4d , the high levels 42,41 are coded blue in contrast to the lower 7 astral levels [violet]

3) level 40 is the astral supremo level and shows up as the thickest stone, a most telling  message from the supremo encoders, telling us that not only has the astral dimension been the main battlefield of humanity for the previous  million years, but it holds the greatest possibility for us to accelerate our consciousness progression, once we learn how to gain control over those would-be-if-given-the-chance-mischievous-45-devas.  Conversely it affords any would-dance-with-the vampire-53-elites ample opportunity to severely retard their consciousness progress, if they insist on manipulating the vampire-devas on 46 to the detriment of their fellow humans.

4)  in 5d, the entangled soul-suits are coded pink

5) 50, 51 as the  innermost petals of the causal lotus chakra are coded violet

6) the central level of 6d is blue just like the 42-41, the 2 eligible 4d astral levels that can make contact with 6d.

7) the coffer sits on levels 72,73 … this is the self-and-suit-place-holder for those who undertake the highest initiations and represent the highest levels at which our twin demigods DDS and DFH are still sovereign. In other words, the demigods experience both objective-matter and subjective-consciousness. By contrast, the average human can experience objectively and subjectively only on 36-34.


Let’s look at the godeau effect. Well a most auspicious start cos it’s taken 10 days since the previous decode as we are decoding how the 10 strings are mapped.
343 might figure in this it’s the 7 dimensions x 7 subplanes x 7 grades within each subplane and also gives us the demarcation of the 10 as 3 major, 4 minor and 3 minor as reflections of the 3 major;

The day [15-oct-18] on the mayan calendar is 34 of the 3rd trek [manik=deer] , so great we have another 343. So now I will step back in time 343 days and see what was happening… that gives us 6th nov ’17… well the nearest I can see is on the 8th nov , 2 days later … that’s when I discovered Van Morrison’s “transformation” which was released in September ’17 as track #2 on his new album “roll with the punches”

”Gonna be a transformation In your heart and soul Gonna be a transformation, baby
Now that you know Get used to righteousness, when it makes you feel whole
Gonna be a transformation, baby Down in your soul
‘Member when we were downhearted Didn’t have nowhere to go
And the wisdom of insecurity Just knowin’ that we know Then something starts happenin’ Feel like you’re on a roll Gonna be a transformation, baby Down in your soul
But like a river keeps on wantin’ to flow Keeps on advancing with the wisdom you know Time has a rhythm when the love is the love Love is forever, baby
Down in your soul Gonna be a transformation, baby Down in your soul
Gonna be a transformation Now that you know Get used to righteousness,
‘Cause it makes you feel whole
Gonna be a transformation Down in your soul Gonna be a transformation Down in your soul Gonna be a transformation, baby Now that you know
Get used to righteousness, ‘Cause it makes you feel whole Gonna be a transformation Right down in your soul

Thank you Van, you are still rolling out the mystical verses. You must have a world record of a new album on average every year over 40+ years.
This deserves a new version # 34.3 will do nicely.

DECODE-27 [ver 34] 777 levels [decode 26 + 7 days]

This chart has eluded me for over a year, but now i’ve made a connection between the 42 warks of each subdimension to the levels within that dimension.

The # of steps are worked out as a fraction or multiple of the 42 warks contained in each of the corresponding sub-dimensions.  For example for the mystical stage, there is a 1 to1 correspondance for the 2 subdims of 4d and also a 1 to 1 correspondance for 3d [1 step for each of the 14 warks allocated from subdim 33]

Let’s look at the godeau effect.
Well 7 days since the previous decode is an excellent start.
I go back in time 777 days and look at what’s been happening on that timeline.

this brings me back to 17-august-18. That day i discovered this song

Eros Ramazotti & Andrea Bocelli – Musica è 

which leads me  to this website which highlights the 7 colors of music and leads us right back to Pythagoras, the first musical theorist that we know of and mentor and inspiration of this alfo-theory.

here’s an extract

Pythagoras of Samos, with all his great fame as a philosopher, is one of many conspicuous for having taken up music as no mere hobby; on the contrary he explains the very being of the universe as bound together by musical principles.” Pythagoras was a philosopher/mathematician, living around 500 BC, and he was probably the world’s first music theorist

Pythagoras discovered the mathematical basis of musical intervals: that harmonic intervals are small whole number frequency ratios, such as 3:2 and 4:3. An octave is 2:1 ; the high note vibrates twice as fast as the lower note. He found that a musical scale could be constructed using seven notes, in a way that pleasing harmonies could be made from groups of those notes, and he explained how it worked mathematically.

Confirmation deemed adequate…

[DECODE 25 + 10 days]

The visual of how the subdimensions are tucked into the dimensional space of 5d.
Ther outermost subdimension  [56] does not form the nucleus for another outer level so does not need to be enclosed since rthere is no need for a 57wark.
This visual has eluded me for a long time so for that reason i give it a notable version upgrade.

40wark encloses 50ark to become the new nucleus of 4d
50ark [the outermost ring of 5d dimension] encloses 56ark – 51wark, the 6 subdimensions under its jurisdiction.

Let’s look at the godeau effect. Well we’re off to a good start with 10 as the # of elapsed days, the # of strings of each wark.
there’s something special about that 14 billion figure for the # of 50 warks inside 5d, cos that the same figure of parts calculated to be inside the smallest wark [1-wark=1-dash-wark, aka 51d-wark aka 510wark].

today is the 28th september which gives us both the 14’s.

DECODE-25 [ver 32.2] DECODING GENESIS 3.22/3 [decode24 +19 days]

These verses are a central key in decoding the inner knowledge. In its redacted format it reads
22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever
23 Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

This is my best guess about how it read before being heavily redacted.

The voice of the higher PTB speaking…
My dearest protégés, Eve and Adam, we see you have tasted our delicious fig from the banyan tree. This is our way of saying that we have just installed 3 chakras systems into your structure, the set of 8 major 3d-astral-etheric chakras, the set of 7 4d-astral-emotional chakras and the the 5d-chakra aka the 12-petalled lotus chakra with its outer ring of 972 petals. Because of these modifications, you must now discern good from evil. Your mode of discernment will be for long epochs one of trial and error as you do your best to decode clues and hints coming from your devic guardians on 6d.

However we cannot leave you in this garden with all the temptations of the tree of knowledge with its 4 types of pomegranate. For many long epochs, you and your descendents must struggle on outside the garden, until you become ready to enter again and begin to decode the fruit of the central tree.

For the sake of transparency, we can give you an appetizer for what awaits you and your descendents. The knowledge tree has 3 sizes of pomegranate to be decoded by you in the distant future. Size #1 comes in 2 colors, the reddish-purple and the more purple than red. The reddish-purple one comprises 47 dimensions and encodes the 4 mental levels  of 5d [56-53]. The more purple than red one also comprises 47 dimensions and encodes the upper 3 levels [52-50]. Size #2 comprises 45 dimensions and encodes the 6d [66-61] and 7d [76-74] realm of agap’e-love and wisdom. Size #4 comprises 43 dimensions and encodes the 8d [73-71,86-81] and 9d [96-94] knowlwdge of the purpose of evolution.

But my dears enough of transparency for now. It’s time for you to leave your creature comforts of the garden and begin your long and arduous adventutes in gaining experience of how to discern what’s good only for yourselves at the expense of fellow creatures and what works for the greater good of all.

I look forward to welcoming you and your descendents back into the garden when you have attained the requisite emotional and mental qualities and abililities. Before that temptations in the garden would only cause you to press on recklessly in the pursuit of mental knowledge and so become a menace not only to your fellow humans, but also to your other fellow creatures that share our beautiful planet with you.

Remember when you have managed to contact 42 on 4d and 52 on 5d and 66 on 6d, your devic supervisor will sit up to attention and begin to take a special interest in your progress and from that time onward, the mode of trial and error learning will give way to a more methodical approach allowing you the possibility of rapid progress. 

Bye for now, my dears, our devic helpers are always listening and watching for their favorite colors from the vantage point of their 6d-realm of agap’e-love and wisdom….


Let’s look at the godeau effect. Well 19 for me has always been the symbol of entering down the rabbit hole of esoteric knowledge as symbolized as the enry point down into the giza pyramid  on course level 19. Also the greek gematria of 19 has an important message. It occurs 4 times in the new testament defined as  intrinsic goodness, especially as a personal quality, with stress on the kindly (rather than the righteous) side of goodness. This ties in beautifully with the 4 types of pomegranate on the tree of knowledge and the kind words spoken to Eve and Adam about their impending predicament of having to leave the garden, they are so familiar with. And let’s not ignore the synchronicity of the version ## of the alfo theory together with the verse # of genesis!!

Also when counting from zero 19 denotes the 20th amino acid which along with the start and stop codons comprise the building blocks of cellular life and 20 together with 13 are the 2 foremost numbers used when investigating time cycles eg the interlocking cycles of 20 and 13 days, 260 days of the mayan calendar, 273 days of gestation, 2,600 year epochs, 26,000 years of the precession, the 26 million year cycle of mamallian life, the 260million cycle of vegetable matter and the 2.6 billion cycle of cynao-bacterial life.

DECODE-24 [ver 32.1]THEORY OF THE BEST THEORY [decode23 + 5 days]

30 aug 2018  … decode 23+ 5 days
This decode explores why this alfo theory could be the best one available to us so far. As you go thru the concepts in ark>overview , does it explain the reality we see around us better than any other theory you have come across.

We have a pretty good idea h
ow the earth fits into the solar system, we have a modicum of understanding of how the atom operates, and a fair idea of how the solar system fits in the cosmos so with these 3 starting points we make the case that if all these designs work with faultless  precision, why should the cosmos make an exception for us humans who fit in the midst between the world of atoms and the world of celestial mechanics.

So as an introduction for the western mind I paint some pictures to that effect – see here

My objective is to show how the same structure for all forms is the means how the cosmic laws operate faultlessly. Of course we humans have been granted teh freedom to choose between 2 actions, one that will propell usinto the fast lane of consciousness evolution and the other that will even temporarily impede us from continuing along the normal slow jog-trot of nexdev [development of consciousness].

The obvious question to ask is how can a tiny wark control a vast planet, a vast solar system or a not so vast human? Well let’s consider how small the diameter of the sun is compared to its action at a distance of 92 million miles from its orbital planet called earth. could we imagine taht teh ratio of the diameter of the the size of our 90.1 wark inside our 50.1 wark  to the distance to our outer skin extremities be the same ratio that we brought up in the previous sentence?.

Let’s look at the godeau effect. Another 5 days, and a new name for the immutable self 50.1 on 5d with a potential link all the way inside to 90.1.  We have been searching for a elegant descripter for the essential self  and so far 50.1 seems to be the most elegant that we’ve found and with that said, let’s award this decode with a new version # 32.1.

Today is day 248 on the mayan calendar that kicks of the last trek of the calendar , the symbol for venus, [arcturus] star and agap’e love. What an auspicious day to be talking about the 50.1 the center of agap’e love and wisdom, even though most of us are still stuck on the lower levels , the 55’s and the 54’s [see bottom right of the picture above]

DECODE-23 [ver 32.0] ANALOGY for the 3 ASPECTS PXQ [decode 22 + 3 days]

25 aug 2018
This symbol PXQ was prominent in the last decode and stirred up the obvious question what could be the analogy, since analogies are the integral part of the intro that i’m now working on for noobs.  First i though about the trusty pomegranate again, maybe the yellow pulp could symbolize X for nez [consciousness]. But then i read where every kind of matter is paralleled by by its own kind of consciousness, so that more or less ruled out the pulp. The next obvious try is to have the juice of the fruit as the X-apect which could be considered to be parallel to the the seed as the Q-aspect.

That’s a big improvement on the pulp, but lacks a certain symmetry.

I now read the sentence in a book called “chakras” that gave me 2 major clues. i read on 2 separate chapters, where energies were mingled in the same flow.
1) the vitality from the sun and the magnetism produced in  the chakras are mingled in the cerebro-spinal fluid running thru the spinal chord

2) “the serpent-current which normally flows up the 3 channels as portrayed in caduceus is specialized during this upward passage, and that in 2 ways. There is in it a curious mingling of positive and negative qualities which might almost be described as male and female

Well that was the clincher. It gave me the idea that i need 3 distinct analogies for this intricate understanding.

analogy 1 using the pomegranate for a general overview

analogy 2 will give the 3d analogy using the cerebro-spinal fluid

analogy 3 will portray the analogy appropriate for the 4d and higher currents emanating from the base chakra.

On this decode it feels like i’ve done some kind of full circle because this same book was the one i picked up in 1995 that sent me on my way to complete decode-1 some 3 years later.

This time, the godeau effect must be the easiest one to fathom o far… presenting 3 analogies for the 3 aspects all completed in 3 days since the last decode.

Because of the full circle mentioned above i calculated the elapsed days since the original message and got 8420 days [23 years 19 days].
That number shows me a geometric progression which does seem to have happened over the last year or so and could also lead to be believe that this decode is an important breakthru on one othe most elusive and abtuse elements of the theory. Let’s see how well these 3 analogies will stand the test of time. But at any rate todays decode deserves a version # upgrade to 32.0 and 32 is the number of foundation  … the 2 halves of teh i ching, the 2 halves of the central mayan calendar.

see here for greek 32 giving Definition: a messenger, generally a (supernatural) messenger from God, an angel, conveying news or behests from God to men 

DECODE-22 the PYTHAGOREAN TETRAKTYS [decode 21 = 30 days]

22 aug 2018
This was the sacred symbol of Pythagoras, so sacred that his team all swore an oath to it. So we can assume that it holds such deep secrets as to warrant such a reverence. Well today i was thinking how to introduce the western mind to the sub-atomic theory of Babbitt and Laurency and i decided to go back to the history page i had last worked on 25th aug 2017, almost a year ago. It’s giving a short summary of the sub-atomic theory starting with Pythagoras and jumping to Edwin Babbitt in 1876.

The first thing i saw was the tetractys and it struck me that it resembles the orbit of the sub-atomic particles. A year ago i would not have made that connection, since i figured out the 7 particles in a shell just some months ago.
So for the first analogy i duplicated the symbol twice and fiited one hexagonal shape inside another hexagon to denote 2 shells around a central nucleus, each shell consisting of 7 particles.

Then i could see the other fundamental principle of the 3 apects denoted by the 3 outermost  dotss and here you can see the result.

On the left you can see the structure of the smallest indivisible particle  called a wark together with the next innermost 13 particles making up 2 shells.

This case is a very special one cos the 50ark is home to our essential self which is care of our devic demigod whose home is the 60ark and the nucleus of our home 50:1 [the central wark] contains the 60ark which is home to the aformenetioned personage, our guardian angel.

On the right hand side we see the principle of the 3 aspects that comprise every atom, molecule, form, planet, solar system, etc.  in fact  everything equal to or bigger than the smallest indivisibale particle [wark]

So we’re talking about 2 of the most fundamental props of the whole theory … well this decode deserves a version number all of its own …version 31.1

Let’s take a look at the godeau effect to see if it’s alive and kicking. Well the gestation time for this decode has been 30 days. At first glance, that would seem to fit in very nicely with 3 primary pictures of the tetracys. Each original symbol has 10 dots making a total of 30. However at second glance shows that’s not as keen as i would like, because in the composite picture i can count 33 dots. This is not the usual kind of confirmation so i need to try harder…

30 is the numerical notation of the wark and ark that is teh building block of our 3d reality.  That’s neat , good try but let’s keep trying …

30 reminds me of the search for truth as told in The Conference of the Birds which is one of the definitive masterpieces of Persian literature. This 213-page poem is a symbolic story of the soul’s search for truth.

The poem begins with the birds of the world gathering together to seek a king. The wisest of them, the hoopoe, suggests they undertake a journey to the court of the great Simorgh (a mythical Persian bird roughly equivalent to the Western phoenix), where they can achieve enlightenment. The birds elect the hoopoe as their leader for the quest. Each bird has specific faults, the sort of shortcomings that generally prevent humans from attaining enlightenment.

The hawk, for example, says that he would not wish to continue his journey because working for the great earthly king he serves is good enough for him; the nightingale suddenly decides that he cannot leave his lover, and so on. The hoopoe answers each bird with allegorical stories and great wisdom. The birds eventually decide to continue and throughout the journey ask questions, which the hoopoe answers with wise anecdotes. The last question concerns the length of the journey, to which the hoopoe describes seven valleys that must be crossed before reaching the abode of the great Simorgh. In Persian, si means 30, and morgh means bird. Hence, Simorgh can be read as “30 birds”, and in the end only thirty birds make it to their destination. There they find that they themselves, collectively, have become the great Simorgh.

Well this ties in so well with the sphinx as seen on the home page,  where i have grouped man-lion, simorgh and phoenix all in the same vein. So eureka, this confirmation is so satisfying, i do not wish to look any further, even though we can’t say for certain that Pythagoras used 30 to denote the outermost reality. I don’t want to be presumptious so i will say if he didn’t then it must mean he had a better notation.

Todays decode #22 is taking place on 22nd aug 2018 and  i’m writing this at 5:27 just 30 minutes before the sunrise at 5:56 – oh my gosh that’s another 30 and i ‘ll be expecting to hear the birds chirp soon outside my window.
[update it’s now 5:46 and there’s a few muffled sounds of a bird trying to waken up the others and sure enough seconds later, just 10 minutes before official sunrise, that muffled sound seems to have wakened up 2 more birds…and yes 3 * 10 makes 30! 


23 jul 2018 … decode 20+ 10days

The riddle of the relationship between 35ark and 36wark in the microcosm and the relationship between ark36 in the cosmos and ark36 in the solar system has been very elusive, but today i have at last got a graphic to shed light on these 2 riddles.

This decode deserves a special version # so it will be 31.1 to celebrate one of the main clues received.

Let’s look at the godeau effect.
1) 10 days to decode and the main picture in all of this is the 10 strings of the wark.
2) today is 210 of spin 7 denoting the top of the giza pyramid including the capstone. Could this insight be that much of a breakthrough?
3) part of the clue to finding this graphic was the number 31 and indeed 31 features very prominently in the decoding  as solar 31 is built out of the cosmic 30.

4) the other notable insight is the symmmetry between the ark31 of the macrtocosm and the 31ark of the microcosm tying in with the clue of 31 minutes 31 seconds.

here is a sample of the macrocosm.

here is an example of the microcosm.

DECODE-20 SPHINX SPEAKS [decode 19+19 days]

13 jul 2018

The riddle is “What goes on fours in the morning, on twos in the
afternoon and on threes at night?”
Well since we are on the subject of evolution, the transition from a quadraped to biped is obviously the transmigration from sharing a group soul of one of the top 5 aniamal species to having our own individual soul as a human  which teaches us to stand on our own 2 feet.

The transition from 2 to three is the great realization to know that we are not alone but that when we have a sense of unity, then we realize we are part of 3 member team consisting of our human self, our devic guardian self and our human mentor self. At night our feet are resting so we might say all 3 selves co-operate as 3 individuals and yet as part of 3 collectives – all 3 standing strong as 3 self-reliant individuals.

The defining update on version 14.1 is the definition of PTB’s – the powers that be. The hierarchies are very well defined, where each epoch and each nation proceeds along 4 stages, the golden, silver, bronze and iron ages according to this general theme

500 years of the golden building phase:
PTB5’S AND PTB6’S are highly engaged while the old epoch is being dismantled by a flood of vandals under the control of PTB4’s and PTB53z’s
400 years as avatar genetic influence wanes
the avatars have mostly disengaged and the newcomers learn to run the show largely through trial and error

1300 years of steady decline
as the avatar genetics have mostly faded
400 years  of accelerated decline
again the parallel building and destructive phases of the new and the old epochs come into play

There is an overlap of around 400 years [200 on each side of the dividing point] – first around 200 years as preparions for the new epoch are underway and then another overlap of 200 years as the old epoch steadily fades away with the ramping  up of the new energies.

Let’s look at the godeau effect
18 days of gestation… well 18 denotes the 18 levels of the human experience, let’s see how the PTB’s weigh in over that spectrum…
emotional 36-31; 3d  will be tuned into the mental and emotional states mental 56-55; easily controlled by PTB4/53z
emotional 46-41; mental 56-55  ; easily controlled by PTB4/53z
emotional 46-43; mental = 54 : the 2 sets of PTB’s vie for influence
emotional 42-41; mental 54: PTB5/6 have a slight advantage
mental 53; the mental elite must choose which PTB they wish to work for
causal 52-50; disconnect for PTB4/53z

Here we have an illustration of the ding-dong battle going on behind the scenes.


25 june 2018 … decode 18 + 14 days

Well the previous label lasted for 14 days, it’s time again to install a new name, this time “PXQ of nezdev”. At first sight it does seem unsightly, but bear with me as i explain. PXQ is one of the central tenets of the mathematical formulation that is mostly unfamiliar. It stands for the 3 unified aspects of reality which are arranged in a hierarchial sequence which can be seen on the 2 introductory maps.

P= force / energy/ will power / purpose
X = mind as the eye of the soul
Q = the master particle of matter in any form. Our human immortal self essence resides in our special personal 50wark and for most people is usually centered in the 40wark or emotional master wark.
It flits between the 3 centers in junior causal soul, our master physical wark 30wark, our emotional 40wark and our mental center, as it gives its attention to one of them at a atime.

I always thought consciousness was unnecessarily longwinded so here my chance to abbreviate it to “nez” and dev is intuitivee enough to indicate development.

see here for the main insight today which is how the 7 levels of emotionality delicately balance with the 7 levels of mentality. For our human experience most of us are focussed on just 4 of each; 42-45 and 53-56.

Here you can see the interaction between the 2 realms. On the menu , it appears on godeau > PTB5/6  v. PTB53/4 and the cutdown version is under godeau > PTB5/6 for the more faint-hearted.

Let’s look at the godeau effect.
14 days since the last drop of information.

414 days since the inauguration of the alfo theory.

14 levels in the spotlight and a revised version of the crossreference showing all 6 notations. The max number reached of indivisible warks inside a single  30wark in our 3d comes out at 18.6 followed by 100 zeroes.

Each indivisible wark has around 14 billion integrated parts – that makes the number of parts in a single 30wark coming out as 260 followed by 109 zeroes and then we can multiple that again by 49 to get us the number of integrated parts in a quorum of 30 warks – the outermost matter we know about.

So that gives me enough 14’s to satisy my godeau effect.


11 june 2018 = decode 17 + 16 days

the mathematical theory has been handed down in a causal chain of at least 11 great personalities … from Pythagoras and Theano via a long illustrious chain .. Kleinias > Archyas > Plato/Socrates >  Saccas > Plotinus > Hypatia … now the trail goes cold until we pick it up again with Edwin Babbit who published his masterpiece in 1878  followed by  Henry Laurency in 1950 [swedish] and 1985 in english…

I’m still searching  for a name to do the theory justice. I suspect most of the 11 would be satisfied with the greek term hylozoics, but then greek was in those days much more mainstream in the intellectual circles. Today that sounds a little too grandiose, so i toy with the idea of “alfo theory” ….Ah well, this can serve as a temporary place holder until a more suitable one comes along.

In version 12 part 2 the evolve-downwards progress is broken down into the various monad stages where monad represents the special wark of ours where our immortal essence resides… starting with …..

primary monad [unconscious primary matter]
then we have 8 quantum leaps…
1. molecular monad [unconscious wark controls molecular matter]
2. causal elemental monad [passive  robotic  matter]
3. mental elemental monad [robotic]
4. emotional elemental monad [robotic]
5. mineral monad [robotic matter has been activated]
6. vegetable monad – take 2 bows [emotional matter has been activated]
7. animal monad – take 3 bows [mental matter has been activated]
8. human monad – take 4 bows – we’ve reached the familiar 4th kingdom with our individual but isolated soul… gone are the days when we had ease of telepathic contact with the other elephants/ cats etc sharing our group soul!

Let’s look at the godeau effect … well it’s been 16 days since the last drop of info. It’s also 11th june [116] which is meaningful for me as meaning “the lotus” in hebrew. The lotus chakra is the ancient name for the human soul residing in 50-52:1-49.

The 16 highlights the throat chakra which is the creative chakra and the 7 archetypal chakras add up to 1,116 – the 1000-petal lotus plus the 116 – swell !

The 16 also figures in trying to reconcile the quorum of 48 warks spinning around a central wark – equating to 1 + 16 quarks. So with 6 quarks making up a hydrogen atom that leaves us with an extra 10 quarks that i’m sure are being made good use of.

Also we’ve highlighted 8 quantum leaps starting from the initial primary monad needed to get us into the human kingdom and symbolically that’s makes a great 8th initiation.

So the 8, 16, 116 and 1,116 surely satisfies me that the godeau effect is alive and well.

DECODE-17 “EVOLVE-INVOLVE – the conundrum of good-evil”

26 may 2018 = decode 16 + 19 days

evolution of the super-physical [alfo-theory ver 11]. Evolution comes in 2 parallel aspects: evolutionary downwards [involve] and evolutionary upwards, both working at loggerheads withn each other.

The ocean of matter consists of indivisible particles called 51-dimensional  warks [aka anoos] on dimension 52. Several billion of those may have been earmarked to embark on a long journey to become human monads and beyond. Their first task was to gather to itself another 48 anoos and form a 50d monad, then that 50d-monad must gather another 48 50d-anoos and form a 49d-monad and so on all the way up to becoming an unconscious 3d-monad.

At this point evolution proceeds downwards. pick up the trail with a causal elemental robot and we can trace the descent on diagram2 on the home page.

At the bottom-most point as an emotional elemental robot, it becomes poised to become a mineral-monad as it gets its quantum leap into the the mineral kingdom. As a mineral-monad now evolving upwards, it must do battle with some of the 4d-emotional-elemental monads that are evolving downwards and when it wins that battle the time is ripe for its entry into the vegetable kingdom as a 4d-vegetable monad. [we humans play a great part in this transition as we ennoble mineral matter with our emotions during the digestive process]

The onward struggle ensues against both 4d-elemental-monads and also some 5d-elemental-monads. Success finally signals the entry into the animal kingdom as an animal-monad. Evolution doesn’t take a rest, instead the animal monad must do battle with 5d-mental-elementals and 4d-emotional- elementals taht relentlessly pursue their own independent agenda on the journey downwards.

For the most highly evolved of the 5 highest animal species, every 10+ million years approximately opportunities come to enter the human kingdom as an individual soul. Assuming the total human monads are fixed, that means for every human monad moving onto the higher demi-god kingdoms space become available for that creme de la creme of the animal kingdom to get their first taste a fully-fledged human-monad.

And so the battle of good versus evil continues as the 2 diametrically opposed directions of evolution play out: emotional elementals just want to feel all extremes in the gamut of emotions regardless of the consequences for their human host. And yes it’s so easy for us – unsuspecting human-monads to get carried away in the emotional impulse of the moment. For us the consequences of giving into that momematary impulse will typically last 48 hours until we can retun to our calm equilibrium. Caution is advised when confronting negative emotions and thoughts for the first time. The expert entities working against human evolution can so easily manipulate the most selfish members of the human family, and unfortunately up until recently, these most selfish specimens have had near-monoplies in the higher echelons of governments and media.

Let’s visit the The godeau effect:

well 19 days since the previous decode sure fits the bill as the downward slope of the pyramid starts on stone course 19 and so denotes the # par excellence of the entry to the hidden / “forbidden”  knowledge and it also defines the range 0-19 of the mayan glyphs.   It also fits in nicely with the building blocks of life

7 Hydrophobic Amino Acids  mirrors the 7 levels where hatred is dominant: 36-34, 46-44 and 56.

12 Hydrophilic Amino Acids : denotes the 12 levels of challenge to overcome the dominant hatred until we reach level 53 which is for most humans the max level at the current stage of development.

3 Punctuation groups (2 stop groups, 1 start group [Methionine]) symbolizes the last 3 levels of the human journey where brave souls have acquired the knowledge of reality and made a decisive contact with 6d 

DECODE-16 “NOTATIONS ALFO-G [decode-15 + 25 days]

7 may 2018 Version 10 of the alfo theory aka the theory of material super-physics

NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: caution! this text has been superceded !

This addresses the anomoly of someone being on level 3d0 – offset zero conundrum.
We get around this in 3 ways…
1) default 3d0 means somewhere between the bottom[zero] position and the bottom position of the next level 3d1
2) by using the explicit notation 3d0-1

3) by using the exact notation of 3d0[49], 3d11[49], ….. up to 3d61[49] where there are 49 grades within dimension 3d 0-7, one grade relating to each one of the 49 warks for that granite  eg 3d41.23 refers to the 23rd wark inside q41wark, 3d51.25 refers to the 25th wark inside q51wark [q=quorum of 49]

Looking at the godeau effect i see it’s 25 days since the previous decode – exactly half way along the 49 grades within each granite. Well i can condsider that to be a certain elegence within the exactitude of measurement and it’s day 133 of the mayan calendar – that’s one day after the central 4 day period of the mayan calendar – the point of equilibrium betweenn male and female aspects.

so yes i’ll accept that as confirmation to arriving at a more exact and consistent notation.

This means that alfo-G from the last decode is now renamed as alfo K for khufu pyramis stone courses and the new alfo G notation is now for gradients.


decode-14 + 6 days

11-apr 2018 Version 9 of the alfo theory aka the theory of material super-physics. 

This seem like another revamp of the alfo-theory with 6 different notations to choose from as follows:
alfo-D = dimensions starting with our familiar 3d
alfo-K = based on the granite stone courses of  the khufu pyramid starting on z21 [human spectrum]
alfo-G = based on gradients where g-zero = z21

alfo-B = alphabetic model where the letters A-O represent the full solar spectrum of consciousness levels

alfo-Q based on the sub-atomic model
alfo-T based on the primordial [a]toms which are building blocks of matter.

These 6 notations are divided into 3 groupings which can be found on the main menu under these headings:

Alfo-N = the 3 alphanumeric notations alfo-D / alfo-K / alfo-G 

alfo-B = the alphabetic notation

alfo-Q = the sub atomic [quark/warks/arks] anD

ALFO-W = primordial [smallest] warks

see here for the cross-reference.

The godeau effect:
well 6 days to achieve 6 notations is a good start. Today is the 3rd day of the serpent wave which is the symbol of how we are triggered to make order out of chaos, and so I hope i have moved in that direction by correlating all 6 notations.. 

DECODE-14 “SOUL x 8” [decode-13 + 8 days]


NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: caution! this terminology has been superceded!!

Here is ver 8 of the series. The new features are
1) 8 designations for soul
2) the tetraktys features in the delt-chain
3) “we are here” locator
4) the 4th notation as 3d, 4d, ………………..9d, where  6d, 7d and 8d is the residence of our demigods.

It was elusive seeing how self3g has to act as the deputy chief of soul2p which is the senior sector of the partitioned soul.  It was also elusive to see how the ladder for self2 connects 6wark of self2 all the way up to the outer wark on g0.       see here for the macro and micro versions of the illustrations

The godeau effgect is alive and well. 8 days since the last decode and 8278 days since the eventful pyramid of chakra numbers appeared on the scene. The 27 describes very well the constituents of 3 protons or 3 neutrons i.e 27 warks. That points us to the lightest element lithium which is used in treating bipolar disorder. All in all this update ties up some major loose ends in the theory.

Thank you self3g, deputy supervisor of [my] soul2p, a function which had been so hidden in plain sight up to this point.
Also 8 is the number of initiation, and it sure seems as if these updates  could be considered as a type of initiation.


decode-3 + 326 days

This new visual is version 7, just 2 or 3 days after version6.
The 3 extenders over the roof of the astral chamber are very striking. I’m taking them to mean how far the astral can pervade the mental sector and still keep control. The picture suggests that threshold point is 37.25 i.e half way along the stone level z37-38. See the horizontal arrows on z37-38.


Looking at the godeau effect,

3 days of gestation and 3 extenders
Greek 326: phonetic Spelling: (an-ad-zah’-o)  Definition: I come to life again, revive

The visual of giza sure has been revived … it shows the Quantum Leaps visually keeping in alignment with the gradient of the grand gallery

DECODE-12 using offset 0 in the notation

decode-11 +5 days


This is version 6 of the theory where the teminology starts from base zero rather than 1. It’s taking  quite a bit to get used to it, old habits die hard, and this one has taken years to give up. I used to like that gradient 3 equated to our familiar 3d, but now g2-3 equates to 3d. That gives us more precision and so instead of having gradients take the topmost value, the new notation gives the bottom value as a default but all makes perfect sense when we use the range value.

For example our 3d reality is in the range g2-g3 and z21 until z42.

gradient 0-2 gives way to the notation 30 for 3d, 40 for 4d, 50 for 5d.

Let’s say the intellect is callibrated from 56-53, where 53 is the herd mentality , consuming other’s thoughts … 55 is the intellectual /analytical/researcher… 54 is multi-perspective thinking …53 is thinking in top down fashion, controlling our emotions.

Emotional intelligence is defined as 46 service to self… 45 service to family & loved ones …44 service to club, fraternity…43 service to country …42 love of beauty , nature , people …41 love of beauty, nature, humanity, service.

So what about the godeau effect on this one?

I think it’s got something to do with how the  lines above the roof of the astral chamber reach exactly to the point where the astral-emotional can extend its rule of the the lower mental levels. It’s 323 days since the first version of the alfo theory.

If we notate  323 as 3…2-3, then that explains exactly what the change is.. that is instead of referring to g2 , we are now referring to g2-3.
Likewise g1-3 now becomes g0-3. All in all this is a very significant change and i will have to recallibrate a lot of pages to align with the new convention.So i hope in about 2 or 3 days i will have the introductory pagers revised. Thank you dear selves 3g and 3m for showing me the beautiful mayan symbol of the artisan reaching up to the sky for inspiration.

However i’m still not convinced, it’s seems a bit like clutchinh at straws .. so i may need to revisit this at a later time to see if i can discover a more convincing godeau effect. For now let’s make this the lone [ so far] exception to the rule.

DECODE-11 “minds x 11”

decode-10 +11 days


This upgrade is version 5.0 of the theory where the alfonumeric aspect comes into its own. Gone is the emphasis on letters of the alphabet and in comes the rule of the suffix. We’re going to be using the most  abused names of all time and giving them a numeric suffix. Ambiguous words like self, mind, soul, heart, astral, intuition, inspiration, will, gradient aka realm/plane, genius, common-sense and last but not least a’ga’pe aka love of beauty, nature & humanity.

Words so bandied about in the vast reems of lierature and pseudo-science as to make them meaningless and so it has been an effective way to dumb down the intellectuals and masses alike.
On top of that we’re going to apply the suffix principle to new words and acronyms like

delta aka triangle of 3 warks aka 1 quark

vahn aka vehicle, merkabah or container for ther soul

z# aka stone course#of gizeh [to be suoperceded later on as k for khufu]

pxq aka the 3 aspects in unity where
q = the matter aspect,
x = the mind as the eye of the soul and
p = the aspect of will-power / energy / motion.

Here is the resultant full sketch of giza for decode-11:

This time the godeau effect is tuned into eleven: the 11 suffices of mind, the 11th  day since the last decode as we are just over 12 hours away from day 88 of the mayan calendar. I look up 87 on the greek numeric system and find this
Phonetic Spelling: (ad-ee-ak’-ree-tos),  definition: unambiguous.
I’ll take that as confirmation affirmed. Thank you for that.

DECODE-10 “777 & 18” [decode-9 +18 days]

This upgrade is a high level summary about the transient but ongoing human experience. This is prompted by the passing over of the g1-veil of my best &  dearest friend.. a harsh and severe lesson about the attachments to our oved ones. Dorit passed over on day 71 of the mayan calendar, which is the 6th day of the 6th wave of the glyph called skull that has a numerical value of 66.

Today is the 7th day since her transition and also significantly, it’s 777 on the mayan calendar, that is day 77 of spin 7.  Dorit was my greatest inspiration in the matters of friendship, unconditional love and in the matters of recognizing the hidden beauty in people, nature and especially music.

I dedicate this decoding to that most precious essence called Dorit in her latest incarnation.

The 777 denotes the series of 777 life themes that we are schooled in as we evolve through the 18 grades of the human experience.

See here for a breakdown of the 18 levels and here for a breakdown of the 777 life themes.

See here for a mapping of the giza interior.


The godeau effect is again so evident..
1) 18 days since the last decode.
2) day 777 of the mayan calendar bringing the reincarnation process into sharp focus.
3) 6,6,66 : Dorit transitioned on the 6th march 2018 = the 6th day of the 6th wave called skull [cimi] which has a numerical value of 66 on the mayan calendar.

Notice also the many twin designations in the giza diagram:

twin souls= castor + pollux
twin personas = persona1 + persona2
twin minds = mind1 + mind2
twin astrals = astral1 + astral2
twin upper human selves = higher-self + highest-self
twin 3d-vehicles = etheric + organism
twin buddhis = [devic] buddhi1 + [human higher -self] buddhi2
twin inter-dependents= [devic] buddhi1 + [human] myself


DECODE-9 “4421” [decode-8 +176]


This decode is somewhat untypical because the godeau effect is so evident from the outset, rather than the usual situation where i have to work out the confirmation after describing the insight. Here the insight is using 4421 as a marker to describe the consciousness levels of a typical earth-dweller as of 2018.  See here for an illustration of what i mean.

4-4-2-1 denotes the subplanes of each of the first 4 gradients. I’ve given 2 interchangable formats depending on your preferences.

If u like the relative offset notation best then we can say 4421.

If you prefer the absolute stone course levels then we can say 2434-3134-3634-4311 translated as follows:

2434 = course 24 subplane 4 middle of dimension 4. Counting in sevens and fours takes a bit of getting used to  because the sequence is like this

2637 = top of course 26 = bottom of course 25 = 2500
2637 = max possible for the 4th round of evolution
2637 = top of third subgrade = 2640 = bot of 4th subgrade
2634 = middle of third grade [7 subdivisions]
2620 = top of second subgrade
2610  = top of first subgrade
2600 = bottom of course 26

i u like the offset notation the u say

We are now playing out the 4th round where we are focussed on the 4th dimension in each of our 3 gradients whicever subplane we are working on.

many of us, perhaps most of us are  focussed on gradient -1 between 2400 and 2437 or subplanes 400 and 440

on gradient-2 the emotional/astral between 3100 and 3137 or  300 and 337=340

on gradient 3- the mental between 3700 and 3737 or 200 and 237 = 240

and some are in contact with our guardian angel between 4300 and 4310

Let’s take a look at the godeau effect on this one.
It’s 176 days since the last decode , that’s 4 x 44.
Most of us are focussed on the 4th planes of gradients 1 and 2 , that’s the 44. and the max we can reach on those 4th subplanes is the 4th dimension, that gives us our 3 fours.

to be more precide the full notation to denote all the subplanes is 442111, the 21 signifies the starting point for the human experience that is the bottom level of stone course 22 which is 2100 also equal mathematically to 2040 the highest level of the 21st stone course.

usually working out the godeau effect is not quite so self-evident so thank you for that.

upper 129 stone levels